The Christmas of the Shield Hero Part 1

I didn’t want to interfere with normal translation, so I started the side stories, but I found that not only does it happen after the main story, I contains so many unintroduced characters that I have no Idea what is going on. The gender of these people is also pretty ambiguous as they are speaking in a gender-neutral manner. I have a slight suspicion that Atlas is a girl.

Oh Well, here goes



On that day, I had just finished my job and was in the middle of returning to the village.
It’s also fine to return through the portal, but the moment I reached the village I had work to do
It seems that I can only rest when riding the carriage.

It’s been about half a year since the end of the last of the waves
I look to the sky and see it covered in thick clouds.
The temperature is dropping by the day, and it seems that even colder days are coming.

My breath has also turned white
So Melromark also has four seasons.
It seems the climate had been in disarray during the wave.

“Ah… ” (Naofumi)
“What’s wrong?” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia asks me from outside the carriage.
I hold up my hand, and look to the sky in silence.

“Ah…” (Naofumi)

Raphtalia follows my lead and stares at the sky.

“It’s snowing.” (Raphtalia)
“So it falls in Melromark too.” (Naofumi)
“The summer is hot, and the winter gets this cold.” (Naofumi)

It’s not like we’re in the tropics, but the summer was still pretty hot.
But the winter gets cold enough for it to snow.

“Naofumi, do you hate the cold?” (Raphtalia)
“I don’t hate it, I just thought it would be a pain to put spikes on the carriage’s wheels.” (Naofumi)
“…. Should the hero who became an archduke and saved the world be saying such things?” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia words are correct
But when I think of the money and labor wasted, it still seems like a pain.

“It seems that you are still trying to increase our wealth, but what do you plan to use it for?” (Raphtalia)
“Nothing in particular, if I were to use it, it would go towards decreasing the aftereffects of the wave” (Naofumi)

And it never hurts to have extra
My experiences till now have made saving money a habit deeply rooted in my psych.
Well, this habit had helped us out quite a bit.
But as an Archduke, I was granted a large sum of wealth and an estate.

“And having money is better than not having it.” (Naofumi)
“As expected of Naofumi” (Atlas)

Atlas left the shield and floated in the winter sky
What do you mean by ‘as expected’.

Well then, half a year has passed since the wave, but even now, it’s effects are still clear
Melromark’s castle town still has the mountain of the Spirit Turtle occupying much of the town, and the casualties of the countries that had the dragon’s hourglasses was very high.
Though we may have achieved peace, the everyday lives of the civilians is still harsh.
There’s no way that reconstruction could have finished in a mere half-year.
That’s why our current job is to go around the world and sell supplies to the troubled populace, while helping the unfortunate.
Well, we are gaining a small profit from this enterprise…

As expected, this job is quite tiring and in order to take a well-deserved break, we are proceeding towards the village at a leisurely rate.
Well, I did return to the village by portal yesterday.

“Don’t worry about it. The snow’s picking up, isn’t it?” (Naofumi)
“KUE!” (Filo Rial)

Oh, by the way, the bird pulling the carriage right now isn’t Firo, but her number one follower Piyo.
Firo is currently travelling the world with Melty, so she got Piyo to pull the cart for us.
Piyo is staring intently at the falling snowflakes while walking.

“It sure is.” (Raphtalia)
“How much snow does Melromark usually get?” (Naofumi)

No matter how many meters of snow cover we get, it will still be troublesome
We may even be troubled further by winter-specific monsters.

“It depends on the year, but every year we get enough to dye the landscape white” (Raphtalia)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

Based on Raphtalia, we will be getting quite a bit of snow.
Well, we don’t have to be that worried…
We survived fighting that bitch goddess. We should be fine whatever comes our way.

“Anyways, the cold-resistant goods we prepared seem to be working fine.” (Naofumi)
“You’re right… By the way, Naofumi, do you need anything?” (Raphtalia)

Both me and Raphtalia have learned to use the power of gods… no let’s call them spirits… to some extent
But in order to use it, we must offer our own power to them.
Anyways, we both gave up a majority of our godly powers, so we were pretty much indistinguishable from humans.
Well, we could use them to some extent…
We became a somewhat half-assed existence and we were still affected by the heat and the cold. All’s well with the world.
Anyways, the armor I had equipped was quite useful, as it was temperature resistant.

“I’m not cold at all” (Atlas)
“Well that’s because you’re… By the way, Atlas, this conversation isn’t getting anywhere, can you please be quiet.”

Atlas was always like this. She would always interrupt the conversation and take it in a weird direction.
You’re not cold because you became a spirit.

“I’ll have to make sure no one in the village catches a cold.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, it seems that Kiel would run around, even in this weather.” (Raphtalia)

Would the Loin-clothed dog be circling the village in joy now?

“She seems like the type that would get excited in snow.” (Naofumi)

Yes, is seems she would be the type to roll around in the snow.
Even though she is the hero of the Scythe, you know.

“KUE!” (Piyo)

Piyo cried out.
We could see the village that was our destination.
We had finally arrived huh…

“Niichan, Niichan! It’s Snow! It’s snowing!” (Kiel)

Kiel, who had been excitedly running around the village ran in front of me.
I get off the Carriage and start towards the Village.
There doesn’t seem to be any noticeable change.
The Bioplant forest seems to be strong against the cold, and some tomato-esque fruits are growing

And, as expected, Kiel is extremely excited.
What a simple fellow.

“Yes, yes, it’s snowing” (Naofumi)

What about it?
Is what I wanted to say, but dealing with her would be a pain.
And the happy feeling derived from snow was something that I could kinda understand.
But seeing my home covered in snow gave off a slight melancholical feeling.

“Welcome back, Hero of the Shield” (Imya)
“I’m Back” (Naofumi)

Imya, who had been chasing Kiel, arrived
As always, these two seem to come as a set.
Oh yeah, that’s right.

“Imya” (Naofumi)
“Yes” (Imya)
“It’s getting cold, so could you start making some cold-resistant gear?” (Naofumi)
“I’ve already made enough for the villagers, do you want more?” (Imya)

How considerate.
To be ready even before I asked.

“If you find any free time, could you make some more?” (Naofumi)
“Leave it to me” (Imya)

I praise Imya and pat her head, then I start cooking.
Today will be cold, so I’ll cook something warm

“Oh yeah, Niichan!” (Kiel)
“What is it Kiel, you’re not running around in circles any more.” (Naofumi)
“What do you take me for… never mind… Anyways, it’s almost Christmas right? What will you ask Santa Claus for?” (Kiel)
“Well you are a dog… Wait, Christmas?”

Are you meaning to tell me that an alternate world also has Christmas?

“There is a Christmas here?” (Naofumi)

I’ll ask Raphtalia later.
As it’s Kiel, she may have just heard it from the other heroes.

“Of course there’s a Christmas.” (Raphtalia)

My question was reflected quite smoothly.

“Originally, it was a tradition spread by the former heroes. Melty told me about it.” (Raphtalia)
“To see this Christian holy festival in another world…” (Naofumi)
“Holy Festival?” (Raphtalia)

Isn’t Christmas supposed to celebrate the birth of Christ?
Wait, the former heroes were Japanese weren’t they
They may have spread Japanese Christmas customs.

“What sort of day is Christmas?” (Naofumi)
“Isn’t Christmas just Christmas?” (Raphtalia)

I didn’t get anything from that.
These people simply might not know the origin of the holiday.

“Do you know anything about this Atlas?” (Naofumi)
“Oh, the former Heroes simply said that Christmas was a day to give presents, and never explained its purpose.” (Atlas)

The former Hero’s probably wanted an opportunity to celebrate with their party members so they had just given a general outline of the event.
It doesn’t seem these people care about the birth of a holy man.

“And, who is this Santa Fellow?” (Naofumi)
“He gives presents to all the good boys and girls when they are asleep.” (Atlas)

I see. So they only shared the fun parts of Christmas
They completely left out its religious aspects.

“That’s how it is! So what do you wish for Niichan?” (Kiel)

…Kiel’s eyes are shining
She seems to be having a lot of fun.

“Do adults receive presents as well?” (Naofumi)
“Oh right, Niichan was adult” (Kiel)
“What is that supposed to mean?” (Naofumi)

Are you trying to tell me that I’m childish (though I won’t deny it).

“Anyways, Present! It’s going to be fun!” (Kiel)

Does that mean that I am supposed to give out presents? What am I supposed to do
In my world, the role of Santa was usually played by the parents…

“Raphtalia?” (Naofumi)
“Yes?” (Raphtalia)

Hmm… The probability that she believes in Santa is quite high.
I don’t want to break her, or any of the villager’s dreams.

Ok, just in case, I’ll ask someone who seems knowledgeable on the matter
I could go ask Trash or the Queen, but they are probably busy.
Oh well, I guess I’ll have to ask someone else.
Now who would be knowledgeable on such matters?
I don’t really want to, but the one who knows the most about the villagers is probably that person.

“Excuse me, I wish to speak with Sadina.” (Naofumi)
“… Are you alright Naofumi” (Raphtalia)
“………” (Naofumi)

Recently, whenever me or Raphtalia approach her, she asks about our relationship. She seems to be faithful to her turn.
But I am already getting used to that.
By the way, previously Sadina said,

“Oneesan, I’ll definitely teach you some techniques.”

Or some other irresponsible thing and slipped away.
The feeling of fear from being pushed down by her is still embedded in my skull.
I’m sure she’s still aiming for me or something.

In a way, she might be a more troublesome person than Atlas.
For what reason is this person pressuring me to this extent?
It seems that person would act the same regardless of whether I was the Hero of the Shield, or the world’s savior or not…
That’s why dealing with her is an Extremely scary task.

“I’m coming with you.” (Atlas)
“Go away! Raphtalia and Atlas, I don’t need you monitoring us” (Naofumi)
“Yes. Come Atlas, this way” (Raphtalia)

Capturing the spirit Atlas was a task that, for now, only Raphtalia and I were capable of.
And so, I left Atlas to Raphtalia so she would not follow me.

“Ah. It’s Naofumi” (Imya)

For the love of…
Yes, that’s right, it’s like that.

“Imya, your uncle is calling you.”

I don’t want to deal with Sadina and these two at the same time.
These idiots don’t act rationally towards other people.

“I understand” (Imya)
“Kiel, you…” (Naofumi)
“What is it Niichan?” (Kiel)
“Let’s have fun later” (Naofumi)
“YES!” (Kiel)

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51 Responses to The Christmas of the Shield Hero Part 1

  1. Sinon Xyfer says:

    Spoilers spoilers spoilers everywheeere


  2. Yoraikun says:

    I will Likely continue translating the Sidestories, so prepare for more spoilers

    Liked by 1 person

  3. free_kings says:

    Just a minor typo of a homonym.

    “It depends on the year, but every year we get enough to die the landscape white”

    “die” should be “dye”


  4. madmann135 says:

    There are many things funny about this but the one thing I find funny is Firo attending school with Melty. Just thinking about a queen Filo Rial attending school with a princess is comical in implications alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yoraikun says:

      I apologize if I got your hopes up, but that was a mistranslation. The text said Gaikou, which means foreign country, and I read it as Gakkou whick means school. She’s travelling, not in school.


  5. Someone who is Less of an Ass says:

    –Melromark’s castle town still has the mountain of the Spirit Turtle, and the casualties of the countries that had the dragon’s hourglasses was very high.

    Considering that “turtle” and “tortoise” probably mean the same to you as you translated this (with the side-note that spoilers be ahead) I looked at the titles for some chapters down the line and came across this. I think you now have your answer as to what it comes from as well as the fact that probably isn’t a turtle ;).
    [Web Novel 118] Chapter 118 – VS霊亀、偵察戦 Versus the Spirit Tortoise, Scout Battle
    [Web Novel 124] Chapter 124 – 霊亀の心臓 – Heart of the Spirit Tortoise
    [Web Novel 126] Chapter 126 – VS霊亀 最終決戦 – Versus the Spirit Tortoise, The Final Fight


    • Yoraikun says:

      You are correct, 霊亀, reikame or what they translated as Spirit Tortoise is the exact Kanji that I translated as Spirit Turtle. I will go change it


  6. Someone who is Less of an Ass says:

    Just going through the titles translated and available on Baka-Tsuki I’m coming across a decent amount of references already, most/all of them within the next 130 chapters. Well at least this process will be going on for a while, thank you for your continued work.


  7. Anon7 says:

    I think the one who said “As expected of Naofumi” was Atlas. The rest of the conversations smeems correct. Although I personaliy find it odd to label who’s talking since it usually says who said the last lines (but I guess it’s helpful here since it’s full of spoilers). Well, whatever your comfortable with, we do appreciate the work.

    ふんどし犬 is most likely correct because that’s all she wears apparently (I remember that a lot of the notable village residents are female, a point Nao found baffling. Only 2-3 other named ones are male).

    Hm, I do worry about the foolish people who gets learns of the spoilers here and carelessly spread them around forum threads.


  8. LF says:

    “Anyways, Present! It’s going ti b fun!” (Kiil)

    Correction on the “going to be fun” , or was it a pronunciation of a kid ?


  9. Amplify says:

    Here be some more spoilers about Atlas as I know them.

    Atlas is… basically a blind tiger loli who joins the shield’s party later but gets killed and has Naofumi absorb her soul into his shield so that she “lives on” within him. I won’t go into detail about her so as not to spoil you even more but it’s directly related to why trash hates Naofumi.

    So yeah, you can change any mention of “him” or “he” to “her”.


  10. Ho-Man Yau says:

    Nice to know that Bitch is the final BOSS. Though I’m not sure how she became a goddess.


  11. hikitsu00 says:

    thanks man i don’t really care about the spoilers and such i just love this series and raise up among my LN top list currently this on my second spot favorite


  12. muel says:

    ask trash..
    so trash back to his former self and depenable for some reason


    • raikun56 says:

      I think its moreso that since the world is already saved, the king is obligated to help him at this point


      • muel says:

        noo,, not toward devil shield,,,
        i meean towar his duty to people,,,

        in story state that trash are busy, right..?


        • Yoraikun says:

          It never said we was a bad ruler. He just hated the Demon shield to the point of obsession. The queen said that she would change his name back if he works hard enough, so she is probably working him to the bone right now, as he is still trash


        • muel says:

          hy Yoraikun,
          at first volume stories,,
          trash were not only dislike but fafour spear too right,,

          but,, wow so he can get his former name


        • Android 21 3/7 says:


          Queen dies, so if he changed back at all, he’s likely unable to change his name because he’s probably defacto leader until Melty completes her education and thus does not have the authority to do so. Or perhaps he regrets everything he’s done and how Malty turned out, that he decides he really is trash and deserves that name. Mind you, the only facts I know are that the Queen is dead and apparently Melty is still being educated.

          Hey, anyone know what happens to Itsuki? I know he gets brainwashed, but the lack of any mention of him so far is a bit foreboding.

          END SPOILER!


        • muel says:


          well dunno about queen,,
          well i know bout itsuki a bit,, but my knowledge for kanji are elementary level,,
          so no comment,,

          it’s good that someone translate it,,,,


        • Yoraikun says:

          Don’t worry……….. I don’t know kanji either


        • muel says:

          not know kanji,,
          well, shield bro (used bakahou version) are release in light novel and web novel,,
          it’s good for web novel,, you can try to translate it with machine help,,

          but there many light novel that get good review,, and you need kanji knowledge to read.
          some share it in .jpeg (can’t be copy) and write from top to button. (and i want to read it badly)

          oh yea,, i stop read this side story at chapter 1,,
          waiting for 6 release chapter before continue…. but good job


        • Yoraikun says:

          I don’t machine translate either,I use a software that puts furigana on kanji. There is also one that you can use on images on images, but it is not as accurate.


        • muel says:

          sorry yoraikun,,

          just now i visit your about page,,
          waw,, never think there something like “hiragana megane”
          well,, thank for share,,

          maybe i’ll try to read another side story,,,
          (you’re good,, soo you plant to visit japan..? or already there..?)


  13. You are pretty fast at translating, why not collaborate with bakahou & anontranslator for main story ?


    • Yoraikun says:

      I’m still not nearly as fast as Bakahou. each chapter takes me a good 3-4 hours. I
      ll try to collaborate once I finish this.


  14. Mad says:

    Most of the characters are introduced around chapters 157 -159, when Naofumi buys new slaves for his village ( )


  15. Jairl Aine says:

    If Atlas is always with naofumi’s shield does that means she could peep at naofumi anytime ? Oh wait she is blind. She is still blind, right?


  16. Yurist says:

    how did atla became a spirit? did she die? aw man.. she is one of my favorite character. :(


  17. vagabound says:

    atlas give up of life for became a shield …. WHY GOD WHY!!!!!!!!


  18. Nou Fi Raph says:

    Are these side stories are actually main stories? Because the chapters numbering is like 380++ something like that.. Are these some kind of spoiler?


    • Sodemas says:

      there are three sequels after the main story, the Christmas of the Shild Hero; The valentine of the Shild hero and the White day of the Shild hero, they all take place after the main story and are more on the slice of life side… the rest is an “alternate” history about Motoyasu, as he is killed at the end of the main story and goes back to the time they were summoned, and he is struck in loops until they beat the waves…


  19. Riger says:

    I can finally read these! Yay!


  20. jorgelotr says:

    Well, I’ve started reading these and, once again, I have to scratch my head wondering why the heck Japanese people believe 4 seasons to be such a rare thing when most of the world has them (except the places closest to the equator, that have just sunny and rainy and the places closest to the poles, not evenall of the polar circles, have also 2, night and day). I’d dare say that more than 80% of the Earth has four seasons.


    • Yoraikun says:

      That doesn’t mean all worlds should have them.


      • jorgelotr says:

        All words not… But one of the first things Japanese people ask to foreigners is “does your country have 4 seasons?” and one of the first thind Japanese people abroad seem to notice in awe and wonder and utter amazement is that said country also has 4 seasons, and those four seasons are, lo and behold, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, as if they thought that those seasons were a local product exclusive (or almost exclusive9 of Japan.


        • Yoraikun says:

          Australia has two seasons. Normal, and f*ck you.


        • jorgelotr says:

          I would have thought that, due to its size, it would have several types of climates (mostly desertic in the really big central part, but the outskirts should show some variety).

          According to wikipedia, the north side has dry and wet seasons, which blur southwards until they become Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter at the southmost parts, although mild. Only Tasmania has four distinct seasons. This is so because 1) it is a big territory (Africa and South America also have 2-seasons and 4-seasons regions 2) the oceanic currents surrounding the land (they affect climate).

          Either way, 4-seasons are still more common than 2-seasons, so people from countries with 4-seasons (other than Japanese people) tend to be surprised when they find places with just 2, not when it’s the same as home. Personally, if I ended in a fantasy world with 5-seasons, I would be amazed, but if I were to fall into one with your ol’ 4 regular seasons, I wouldn’t even bat an eye (even less when I had been living there for some time and didn’t find anything wrong with daytime length and found climate to be similar to that from home).


  21. now the story ended i can finally read it…

    “I have a slight suspicion that Atlas is a girl.” fufufufu =D


  22. Mario says:

    Hahaha, i totally forget about this…i am so happy.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  23. lucky says:

    Naofume the DENSE HERO thanks for the chapter


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  25. Kur0_Oni says:

    I decided to re-read this special Arc, after a long while. Thank you for all the hard work that you put in this


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