The Christmas of the Shield Hero Part 2

So many spoilers, so little time. It seems that Naofumi calls Eclaire, Female Knight and Windea, Taniko. This may be because Taniko means Valley Child, and… well… she lived in a valley. Well, as I am doing this out of context I can’t really say who is correct. For all we know, her name might actually be Taniko. Oh, and it seems Taniko was raised by the Dragon Ren killed, if that helps.


“That’s how it is, Sadina. Please tell me about this world’s Christmas.” (Naofumi)

“Ara~? Naofumi, you don’t know Christmas?” (Sadina)

“It’s probably a different Christmas from the one in my world.” (Naofumi)

I decided to question Sadina, Imya and the other adults of the Village.

I have to tread carefully in the customs of this world. There may be different customs across races as well.

Well then, the one to first answer my question was Sadina.

“For adults, Christmas is the outlet for one’s carnal lust.  Rather than the holy night, it’s more of the unholy night. It’s also a night to drink a cup of Sake. Even I can have fun on it.” (Sadina)
(TL: This is bad pun, Christmas eve is 聖夜の夜 (Seiya no Yoru) while Sex Night is 性夜の夜 (Seiyoru no yoru which can also be read a Seiya no yoru)).

“Can you explain it in greater detail?” (Naofumi)

Ignoring Sadina, I go to ask Imya’s uncle and the rest of the townsfolk.

“Christmas huh? Well, it’s the adult’s job to deliver presents to the children while they are asleep. We also cook large feasts in the evenings.” (Misc Townsfolk)

Fumu… It seems that they follow Japanese Tradition.

Most of the adults are telling me the same thing.

“Hey, Naofumi-chan” (Atlas)

“Shut up. Be quiet. Silence.” (Sadina …?)

This Woman is saying similar things to Atlas.

The only strange thing is that Atlas can understand with only his eyes.

I have to act as a moderator. Since the world has achieved peace, how does indulging in Sexual Harassment sound. (TL: I know. This does not make sense. This trial does not make sense. Can anyone translate 世界が平和になってからセクハラ三昧なのはどうなんだ)

“The problem is whether or not this village should take part in a Christmas celebration” (Naofumi)

“As the subjects of the Shield hero, that decision is left up to you.” (Villager)

Says an old villager as he averts his eyes from me.

It seems that they are hoping for my approval.


“So who will gather and distribute the gifts?” (Naofumi)

“Well…” (villagers)

Everyone’s gaze is directed at me.

*Sigh*… I guess there’s no choice.

Even though I am these peoples’ overlord it seems that I have to do it.

“I understand. The people of the village are working hard, I guess I can prepare some presents.” (Naofumi)

“Many thanks” (Villagers)

As the villagers are now lowering their heads in respect towards me, I can’t really refuse.

But there will surely be a mountain of issues pertaining to my new job.

First, I must investigate what sort of toys the children would like.

“The problem is finding out what to get. It would be troublesome to go around town investigating, and what’s more, there is a high probability we will be found out. ” (Naofumi)

“Ha?!” (everyone in unison)

Everyone in the vicinity suddenly raised their heads and stared at me.

Did I say something funny?

“What’s wrong?” (Naofumi)

“Can’t you just find out from the wishes hung on the Christmas Tree?” (Villager)


Aren’t they thinking of that? Those things that people hang on bamboo stalks to make wishes to the gods?

“Children who cannot write ask their parents to write and hang it for them. They write their names and what they want and hang it on the Christmas tree for Santa to read. That’s why the adults can see these wishes and prepare the presents.”

… Why the hell is Tanabata getting mixed into this?… Is what I wanted to retort.

However, it would be too troublesome to explain.

This is probably the product of people mixing up the events made by the previous heroes.

Now that I think about it, these events had quite good compatibility from the start…

“Okay, then please get your children to write the wish slips, and tell me which tree you want to make the Christmas tree.” (Naofumi)

“Understood!” (Villagers)

And that’s how Christmas kicked off in my village.

“… Why did you people choose a Crepe tree of all things.” (Naofumi) (TL: not a crepe myrtle, which is a real tree, this crepe tree seems to grow actual crepes)

The next day, the people of the village had gotten their children to write down their desired items. and they had decided upon a Christmas Tree, however…

For some reason they had selected a Crepe tree for that role.

The villagers all enthusiastically started hanging up their wishes on the tree.

That ominous tree was still bearing fruit even in the middle of winter.

In the summer, it mostly produced Chocolate-Banana Crepes, but recently it had started to bear Strawberry Cream-like crepes as well.

The villagers seem to eat from it a lot, but I do not find it very appetizing.

Kiel says that its fruit changes with soil conditions and temperature.

I don’t know. I really don’t care.

That Crepe Tree, now covered in decorations and wish sheets can only be described as bizarre.

“Are you celebrating Christmas?” (Ren)

As I was getting Bored, Ren started towards me.

Well, instead of Christmas, it seems to be some sort of pseudo Japanese-esque variety

There is a high probability that it is something completely different

Perhaps the world that Motoyasu, or the other heroes came from had the holiday attributed to a different person entirely.

“Yeah.” (Naofumi)

“I hope it turns into a fun event. By the way, why are you hanging up wishes?” (Ren)

“It seems that in this world, Christmas and Tanabata have been fused.” (Naofumi)

“… I see…” (Ren)

Ren is currently leading the Monster Extermination Squad. He is watching over people like the Female Knight (TL: Seriously that is what the character is referred to as here) and Taniko.

They are, in a way, helping out the troubled populace as well.

That Female Knight, in order to gain the knowledge of how to lead people from me, has set up base in this village. Taniko is training with a monster user to learn how to fight monsters.  Raht and his squad are at work surveying the area for monsters.

Well Gaelion and Mi are with him, so there is not much to worry about…

(TL: I don’t know any of these people either. I’m just a lowly translator)

In order to get the weapons of the heroes, these people return to the village by portal once night falls.

“How about you?” (Naofumi)

I would have asked him to help out, but Ren has a troubled expression on his face.

“It seems that only during this time of year, certain monsters go on rampages and trouble the people.” (Ren)

“I don’t remember there being such monsters.” (Naofumi)

“In most games I’ve played, certain monsters only show up around Christmas. This seems to be the case here as well” (Ren)

Christmas Monsters?

Certainly many net games did have that feature.

Events where rare holiday monsters and stages appeared were quite common.

Now that I think about such mechanics would be plain weird in a realistic setting.

Anyways, limited time monsters, huh?

Event monsters exist within this world as well.

Though having the entire world be Christmas-ified for an event is strange in its own right.

“…” (Naofumi)

“I understand that these hardships are part of my job. If I find free time, I’ll help out.” (Ren)

“Okay, I’ll wait without expectations. By the way what did you usually do for Christmas?” (Naofumi)

“Hm… doing a light celebration with Eclaire and Winea may be nice.” (Ren)

Since that time, Ren, who felt a still feels a strong sense of responsibility, continues to look over Taniko.

Even though the world is saved, Ren seems to still feel as if he has to continue atoning for his sins, or something like that.

For now, that Taniko is trying to become more independent.

To put it bluntly, Ren is still hated by Taniko.

“Have you returned, Iwatani Naofumi?” (Female Knight)

As we were talking, Female Knight appeared.

She’s the second person Ren cares for. (TL: No, not like that… I think)

Female Knight stares at the wishes hung on the Christmas Tree. Her face seems lost in thought.

“Fumu… So it’s finally Christmas.” (Female Knight)

“It sure is. By the way, Female Knight, what do you plan on doing for Christmas” (Naofumi Probably)

It seems quite a few people will be accompanying Ren in monster hunting.

Though this person said she’d learn how to run a village from me, I don’t see her around a lot.

She would occasionally imitate me and go hunt bandits, or practice my menacing business smile, but that’s about it.

By the way, she is even worse than Kiel in sales.

Well Kiel is an interesting creature, so she has attracted a certain crowd of people.

(TL Note, while I write Interesting creature, the author actually says Masculine Maid Dog. As I do not want to imagine this, I will stick with interesting creature)

Even outside of Melromark, she has some dedicated fans. I’ve heard she even has his own official fan club.

By the way, the one who makes clothes for her is Imya. He does have a certain sense of style.

As a punishment game, we have had Kiel cross-dress… No, it can’t really be called that… Wear some female clothing that she did not personally like.

Well, reaching the level of Firo, who is now a world-wide Idol, is probably impossible.

“Me? I think I’ll try to stay up and wait for Santa.” (Female Knight)

“… What?” (Naofumi)

Santa Claus? How old are you again?

It can’t be…

I get a strange stare from Ren

“Why are you standing there with a perplexed look?” (Ren)

“What do you mean by wait for Santa?” (Naofumi)

“Fumu, well, until last year, I was on the receiving end. But after seeing the smiling faces of all the children I decided that this year, I want to be able to meet the old man and thank him for his work.” (Female Knight)

This is… She really believes in him.

So she does have some surprisingly pure aspects to her.

Fu fu fu. (TL: Laughter. Maybe it should have been hohoho)

“Oy, Naofumi, you couldn’t possibly be…” (Ren)

“Well, Female Knight. No, Eclaire. Santa Clause is-” (Naofumi)

“WAA*#^&@$#@A! Eclaire! Stay Strong!” (Ren)

Ren hurriedly shut my mouth.

Damn. I was going to pound the cruelty of reality into this dreaming adult’s head.

“By the way, do you want to have a party before that?” (Ren)

Ren managed to invite Female Knight within the confusion.

Is he going to turn this holy night into an unholy one? (TL: They used the same pun as before. See above)

“I’m sorry, but I am not as free as I appear. I also have work to do.” (Female Knight)

“How about…just for dinner…” (Ren)

Ren was shot down as soon as he took flight, but he recovered quite quickly

Good for you, Ren. (TL: Yes, he actually says (thinks) that)

Oh right, after saving the world, he did make quite a grand confession only to be rejected.

But it seems that Ren’s memory of the time is quite hazy.

Or he could just be psychologically blocking the memory…

“I also invited Windea.” (Ren)

“Fumu…” (Female Knight)

Well. This matter doesn’t concern me. Good luck Ren

Is what I thought when Taniko appeared to survey the area.

She was riding Gaelion.

Oh, right. Taniko probably fit into the ‘Child’ category.

I can imagine her saying that Christmas is a waste of time.

“Ah, Taniko. Are you here for Christmas as well” (Female Knight)

Anyways, does the girl who was raised by a dragon even know about Christmas?

“…?” (Taniko)

Taniko showed an extremely pure expression we hadn’t seen since she first arrived at my Village.

… for a split second, after which she adapted a face that screamed, ‘This is a waste of time’

“Yeah, I used to receive presents every year from Santa. My father got them from him.” (Taniko)

I direct a cold glance towards Gaelion

He returns the glance with equal intensity.

Hey, in the wild, did children celebrate Christmas?

I feel that he will say something like, “Like Hell.”

Keep your childish instincts in check.

“Ah perfect, Windea” (Ren)


As Ren approaches Taniko, Gaelion shouts out.

It seems like he is saying, “Don’t worry, Papa will protect you from the scary man”

“What is it” (Taniko)

“Will you eat dinner with us on Christmas?” (Ren)

“Why should I?” (Taniko)

“I’ve decided to take responsibility” (Ren)

“How selfish, don’t go around taking responsibility without other’s consent” (Taniko)

“It’s not like you have any plans, right?” (Ren)

“Well, I am free that day…” (Taniko)

Ren is desperately trying to invite these two women to a Christmas Party.

Their reactions annoyed me a bit.

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  1. Anon7 says:

    Although I am very grateful that you have began translating this stuff…Is it really ok?

    The sidestories are happen after the aftermath of the Main Plot, a “Where are they now/What are they doing now” tales. I assume you’re a fan of ShieldBro and it really contains A LOT of spoilers from future events. (I myself just finished the main storyline of the webnovels as well as the sidestories a few weeks ago).

    So yeah, I’m curious if you yourself are far in the story or know only some spoiler….


  2. Kint says:

    To solve the spoiler problem just make an character introduction page.list all the info on that page and refer to it every chapter


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    More spoilery stuff (Is it really ok.)
    And yes, there is a crepe tree. It was actually Nao who made it but…that’s a long complicated story. And again, yes, Nao usually refers to a lot of people with nicknames he comes up with (even if he remembers their name, nothing personal except for Bitch).

    Gaerion is another…pet he acquires later, is also one of the few males around him. As for Eclair…yes, it’s like that *wink*. Keel/Kiil/Kiel is…hmm, I think she looked tomboy-ish/pretty boy.


    • Apathy says:

      This should be:
      “Hey, Naofumi-chan” (Sadina, she’s like the flirty oneesan type to times) <
      “Shut up. Be quiet. Silence.” (Annoyed Nao) <


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    Good Job, i appreciate your effort! Where can i read in english the novel, i’m using baka tsuki, but so far they only got till chapt 90


    • Yoraikun says:

      No, that’s about it. These are personal translation projects, and there is no company that is actually undertaking the task. Bakahou me, and Anontranslater are the ones making the progress towards translation as far as I can see it. You can’t read it until they progress.


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    Thank and Keep up the good work!


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    “the time” –> to –> “that time” would be better, I think.


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    thanks for the chapter


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    at last i can read this, anyway, thanks for the final main chapter


  19. It’s fun reading the TL notes here, lol. I can sort of imagine Yoraikun showing a “who the fuck are these people” face while TLing this.


  20. jorgelotr says:

    I decided to question Sadina, Imya and the other adults of the Village. <- shouldn't this one be Imya's uncle (at the time, you may have thought that "Imya no ojisan" meant "old man Imya", perhaps)

    The only strange thing is that Atlas can understand with only his eyes. <- I don't understand this as is (also, if last chapter you mentioned you were sure she was a girl, by not stick with it?)

    Since the world has achieved peace, how does indulging in Sexual Harassment sound. (TL: I know. This does not make sense. This trial does not make sense. Can anyone translate 世界が平和になってからセクハラ三昧なのはどうなんだ) <- Since most probably last two sentences have been mistranslated, this one seems the odd one, but since the translation is fairly accurate for this sentence, it seems that the context was lost.

    And since the Crêpe Tree is an unique existence, I believe it should be "the Crepe Tree" and not "a Crepe tree".

    She’s the second person Ren cares for. (TL: No, not like that… I think) <- yet

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