The Christmas of the Shield Hero Part 4

Do not read this if you want to keep the main series spoiler free. This chapter was more difficult, but more fun to translate then the previous one. I’m changing Kiil to Kiel, as it seems more like a name. Motoyasu has been reduced to a gag character… Oh, and all 4 original heroes are assembled.


Two days before Christmas

“Niichan, Niichan!” (Kiel)

I hide the evidence that I am preparing presents as Kiel rushes towards me with a worried look on her face.

“What is it Kiel? Do you want to try to stack up some good deeds to cover up you usual mischievous behavior for Christmas?” (Naofumi)

“What do you think I am?! That’s not it! I noticed something about the houses in the village.” (Kiel)

“… What is it?” (Naofumi)

“We don’t have many chimneys.” (Kiel)

Well, now that I think about it, she is correct

Quite a few of the houses in the village are made of Bioplant.

I set it so the plants had self-heating functions, so very few houses actually need fireplaces.

Though a chimney would be needed for cooking as well, most people just used the dining hall I built in the center of the village.

And for these reasons, the amount of houses with chimneys is scarce.

“How will Santa get it?!” (Kiel)

“It’s fine.” (Naofumi)

“What is?” (Kiel)

“Santa can pick locks. He’ll just break in through the fromt door.” (Naofumi)

“I don’t want that kind of Santa!” (Kiel)

This person is being quite selfish.

But it seems that the villagers agree with her.

“What are you discussing?” (Firo)

“Ah, we’re discussing how the village doesn’t have enough chimneys for Santa to go down. Kiel is worried.” (Naofumi)

“That’s it? We should be fine” (Firo)

? What is Firo trying to say?

“Santa you know, he’s mast~” (Firo)  (TL: Firo is trying to say Santa is master)

“Firo, Don’t say any more than that.” (Naofumi)

“Eh?” (Firo)

For the love of… If you say that, it will only become more troublesome!

This talking bird only ever says unnecessary things.

Anyways, why did she know?

“Kiel. I understand your request. You want me to install chimneys into the houses of the village.” (Naofumi)

“Yeah!” (Kiel)

*Sigh* she’s signing me up for quite a strenuous job.

But I guess this is also Santa’s duty. There’s no choice.

It’s a pain. I want to quit. But this is also my duty as Archduke.

I need to help the hardworking villagers celebrate this event that only happens once a year.

And that’s how I began going around installing chimneys into the houses made of Bioplant.

Well, it’s not that difficult. All I have to do is edit the attributes of each individual plant. It’s still quite tedious.

“Oh yes, what are we going to do about Santa’s sled and reindeer?” (Naofumi)

I drove away Kiel, who seemed satisfied, and called a conference for the adults.

…Is it just my imagination, or did the Filo Rials just begin staring at me intently?

Firo is also next to me for some reason.

However, Raphtalia is not attending.

“Master!” (Firo)

“What?” (Naofumi)

“I know that master is Santa, so please let me contribute.” (Firo)

“But that would put you on the side that gives out presents. Are you sure you don’t need anything?” (Naofumi)

“Yeah!” (Firo)

What sort of turnout is this?

I thought Firo would have loved to remain on the receiving end.

“Because this side seems more fun.” (Firo)

I’m not good with impulsive people.

Is what I thought, but as long as she is motivated, it will probably work out.

“Returning to the subject, what are we going to do about the reindeer and sled? Should we order some monsters from the Demon users?” (Naofumi)

I’m pretty sure that these theatrics will be necessary.

“Firo will pull the sled.” (Firo)

“Moreover, do we even have a sled that flies in the sky?” (Naofumi)

“Firo will pull it and fly.” (Firo)

“Please be quiet for a second” (Naofumi)

“Well… The tradition does involve a flying sled and flying Aldirea… but I don’t think you have to go that far.” (Imya’s uncle)

Aldirea? If I remembered correctly, they were a type of monster. So they don’t use reindeer here…

“What sort of monster is an Aldirea” (Naofumi)

Imya’s uncle quickly doodles a picture of a monster.

It looks exactly like a reindeer.

“It looks annoying to capture” (Naofumi)

“Master!!!” (Firo)

“Ah. Yes. Yes.” (Naofumi)

We’re only going to be going around the village. I guess Firo will do.

If they see us capturing these animals, the kids will find out anyways.

Dressing up as Santa is also a no go.

If I just act natural I shouldn’t seem suspicious.

“Then Firo, you will take on the Reindeer’s… Aldirea’s job.” (Naofumi)

“Yay~” (Firo)

“Now what should we do for the Sleigh…” (Naofumi)

“Leave it to Firo.” (Firo)

“Do you have an idea?” (Naofumi)

“Yes!” (Firo)

“I see. I’ll leave it to you.” (Naofumi)

“Yes~!” (Firo)

“I’ve left it to you. Don’t forget to do it.” (Naofumi)

I’m a bit worried, so I tell Imya’s uncle to watch over Firo.

And with that, the day before Christmas eve was over.

“Merry~ Christmaaaaaaas~!!1!!!” (Motoyasu)

It’s early in the morning, Motoyasu is circling the village riding on his Filo Rials shouting.

Does he really like Christmas that much?

Motoyasu seems to be distributing something among the Filo Rials.

“Niichan! Niichan! Someone picked all of the crepes off of my Crepe tree. Help me find the culprit.” (Kiel)

Kiel runs towards me shouting this.

Of course, I point my finger at Motoyasu

While he was going around announcing the start of Christmas, he was also distributing Crepes.


Kiel gets seriously angry.

「I, who has understood the source of strength, The Hero of the Scythe Commands! Once again manifest before me, my Scythe! 」 (Kiel)

With a bang, a large Scythe appears before Kiel.

After the wave, it seems that the legendary weapons have gained the ability to appear and disappear on command.

But it seems… that I cannot do this… T.T

Kiel begins to spin her Scythe and approaches Motoyasu menacingly. The wind is acting up.

So this is the power of the Scythe Hero.


Motoyasu is still distributing crepes in unnervingly high spirits. Kiel quickly appears behind him.

「Soul Reaper X」(Kiel)

All of the light in the area is absorbed into the Scythe. Kiel slashes a single time, and then starts spinning the Scythe. The light disperses and she strikes a cool pose.

“Enemy Eliminated” (Kiel)

… What sort of game is this.

Like a marionette that got its strings cut, Motoyasu falls off the Filo Rial.




The three Filo Rials shout out into the winter sky.

“What the hell are you doing!?” (Filo Rial)

“That’s my line!” (Kiel)

And the death match between the Filo Rials and Kiel began.

The result: Kiel eventually abated the anger she had attained from losing her Crepes, and the three Filo Rials left Motoyasu and went off somewhere.

“Really. What the hell are these people doing so early in the morning…”

I feel surprisingly worn out.

Motoyasu being Motoyasu, I can’t believe that he didn’t think of the consequences of plundering Kiel’s food supply.

“Uu… I wanted to give them to everyone for Christmas and yet…” (Kiel)

“So you were planning such things as well.” (Naofumi)

“Of Course Niichan. But that spear guy… he…” (Kiel)

“He was definitely in the wrong, but you already got your revenge. Were you trying to kill him?” (Naofumi)

“Naofumi, you shouldn’t overexert yourself either.” (Raphtalia)

“I understand” (Naofumi)

Raphtalia mutters with the same weary expression as me.

Well it’s not as if I don’t understand.

Why did Motoyasu do such a stupid act… I don’t get him.

“Oh well. What should I make for the Christmas Feast?” (Naofumi)

“Yay, Niichan’s cooking. Santa granted my wish!” (Kiel)

The villagers are also in high spirits.

As expected of Christmas Eve

It feels more festive than the Christmas of my old world.

Are these people really just that pure? (TL: as in childish)

“If we’re talking about Christmas, maybe I should prepare Turkey. At least that’s what we did in Japan…” (Naofumi)

“Bird?!?” (Firo)


The Filo Rials that noticed me staring at them run away as if their lives depended on it.

I guess there’s no choice. I am used to catching fleeing prey.

“Wait! Raphtalia, don’t let them escape!” (Naofumi)

“Why should I do that?!” (Raphtalia)

“For Christmas, you obviously need some sort of Bird Meat” (Naofumi)

“But why do we need to use Filo Rial?! Even Firo is running away!” (Raphtalia)

“I see, then let’s settle for Dragon Meat or something. Go catch something bird-like!” (Naofumi)

“Kyua!?” (Gaelion)

At that moment, Taniko, Ratt, Mi and Gaelion returned through the Portal.

My timing was bad wasn’t it.

“What are you talking about?” (Taniko)

“Ah, the perfect entrée has arrived. Gaelion, Change into your dragon form and give me your tail.” (Naofumi)

“Kyuaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!” (Gaelion)

『What the hell are you thinking』(Taniko Party)

“We need some meat for Christmas” (Naofumi)

“And why does that require Gaelion’s meat!” (Taniko)

“I’ve heard that Dragon meat tastes very similar to chicken. If Filo Rial isn’t allowed, then I have no choice but to substitute.” (Naofumi)

I want to prepare something chicken-ish for all of the villagers.

“Naofumi. Please put an end to your bad jokes.” (Raphtalia)

“mu… Fine.” (Naofumi)

I kinda wanted to surprise the villagers.

“Ara? You’re stopping?” (Atlas)

Atlas voice comes out of the shield.

She seems to be trying to defend my position

But in spirit form there is not much that she can do.

If she had a body, I’m pretty sure we could go hunt a Dragon.

“I was just joking. Go buy the ingredients we need for cooking.” (Naofumi)

Everyone gives a relieved sigh and heads off.

“If you don’t find enough, we may have to… substitute…” (Naofumi)

I threaten.

“Let’s go, everyone~!” (Taniko)



“wait, Gaelion?!”


In a cloud of dust, the monsters run off towards the village. This experience will be a good wake up call.

My stance has and will always be ‘Those who do not work do not eat’.

Is what I think when I realize that the scouting team was late in arriving.

“Ah, you can stay at home tomorrow.” (Naofumi)

The representative of said team, Imya, fearfully approaches me

“Are you sure?” (Imya)

“Yeah, you guys helped spice up the event, and anyways it’s Christmas. It’ll probably be more fun to be with everyone.” (Naofumi)

“Naofumi, please make sure you don’t overdo it.” (Raphtalia)

“It’s fine, isn’t it? Events are made to be enjoyed. Hmm… I need to think of a reward for the scouting team as well” (Naofumi)

*Sigh* (Raphtalia)

As I say this, Raphtalia holds her head as if stressed.

“Imya” (Naofumi)

“What is it?” (Imya)

“A while ago, your uncle taught me how to make your home town’s specialty. As a reward, I’ll make it specially for today.” (Naofumi)

“Ah, Thank you” (Imya)

Well it’s quite a strange dish, and I don’t think I can serve it in front of everyone.

So I’ll just make some for the scouting team that worked especially hard this month.

They contributed a lot, so I’ll give them a sort of pre-celebration.

(TL: It says the Scouting team’s Lumo race ルーモ種, but I don’t know how to translate this)

Let’s see the food they like is… well dishes that contain worms and ants. I guess this is what you call a delicacy.

If you have the courage to eat it, it’s apparently delicious. Something like that.

It seems to be popular with the Filo Rials and other monsters who are not caught up on the appearance of food.

“I have just returned” (Itsuki)

“Fueee… What is this?” (Rishia)

Rishia and Itsuki arrive with bad timing.

These two people had gone on a journey to see the world, and had left at the end of the wave.

They stopped back regularly, but no one told me they would be here for Christmas.

Rishia stares at the strange dish in fear. It seems that she is still a scaredy-cat.

These two are surrounded by a lovely aura. I don’t want to approach them.

“Do you plan to turn this Holy night into an unholy one?” (Naofumi)(TL: Again, same pun)

“Or course not. Is there a band around, I would like for some Hymns to be sung.” (Itsuki)

“…” (Naofumi)

Itsuki gives an answer befitting of his character.

“Melty and her subjects aren’t here. You’ll have to make do with the townsfolk. If you want someone to sing, ask Firo.” (Naofumi)

And so the people preparing for Christmas had a light celebration beforehand.

By the way, Fohl is still sleeping in my house.

I mean, he really hates the cold.

As for food, Sadina caught some large fish in the ocean so there is no problem.

On that night, the villagers brought ingredients to the shared kitchen, and I cooked them.

And like that, the day ended.

Oh yes, and Firo did indeed end up singing the Hymns

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    “Santa can pick locks. He’ll just break in through the front door.” (Naofumi)

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    BEST SANTA EVER , The lockpicking santa!


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          Yup. Definitely a girl. As you can probably see from the way she talks, she’s very forward & lively and not very girly at all (like how she hated being dressed as a girl).

          She’s also grew rather fond of Fohl cus’ she found him cool. As for the Hero weapons…well do you remember the legends of the Seven Star Heroes?


        • Yoraikun says:

          *Sigh* Ok, I’ll change all of the male pronouns to female ones.


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    I am pretty sure it is refering to frostbite on his nose which occurs easily in cold areas. People who are unaccustomed to cold weather are particularly more affected by it


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