The Christmas of the Shield Hero Part 5

A shorter chapter, so I will release it early. For once, there are no new introductions. Oh yes, before I forget, don’t read if you want spoilers, though not many in this chapter.


“Well then… I’m sure you all understand this, but Santa doesn’t visit kids that try to stay up and capture him. Go to sleep.” (Naofumi)

“Niichan is the only one who would try something like that.” (Kiel)

“Fine, just go to sleep!” (Naofumi)


After the Feast I had prepared, the villagers began going off to their beds.

The time is… Around 9:00 p.m. If I don’t get them to sleep soon, it will be troublesome for me.

I wonder how Ren’s night went.

He said something about eliminating monsters and never came back but… Female Knight was present at the feast. Taniko was as well.

I wonder what he’s doing now.

“Now then. Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)

“W-What is it?” (Raphtalia)

“Good children should go to sleep early.” (Naofumi)

“Are you trying to imply that I am still a child?” (Raphtalia)

Well, yeah. That’s what I’m implying.

Anyways, aren’t you still a child?

Raphtalia is still a child in age.

I have already read her request on the wish slips I had collected. I have already prepared all of the presents

“What will you do?” (Raphtalia)

“I’ll also sleep.” (Naofumi)

And so, we turned in early.

As if. As soon as I confirmed Raphtalia was asleep, I got out of the bed and took out the sack I had prepared.

(TL: … They are still sleeping in the same bed… Also, that was phrased quite wrongly, but I don’t know how else to say it)

When I think of what the adults would do to me if I lost it, I sigh.

“Well then.” (Naofumi)

I take up the bag and leave the house, and find Firo cosplaying as a reindeer. Her eyes are shining as she watches me. She seems to be quite prepared.

On her chest, a bell is attached. On her feet, even bigger bells are attatched.

What is up with her appearance.

“………….” (Naofumi)

“I’ve been expecting you…” (Firo)

“Ah. Yes. Yes.” (Naofumi)

I wonder how the fans would see if they saw the world’s idol dressed as this…

It seems she has tied a fancy sled to her back.

The sled is covered in red, ornate decorations. Where could she have possibly acquired it?

“Rafu~“ (Rafu)

Rafu pops his head out of the sled.

“Ah, This is a ship.” (Naofumi)

“Rafu~” (Rafu)

Rafu looks at me with pride.

I see.

Sleds can be labelled as ships as well.

This sled definitely has the right atmosphere, at least.

“Master, get on. Quick!” (Firo)

“Yes. Yes. I understand.” (Naofumi)

It seems that she has prioritized authenticity.

I get on the sled thinking to myself, ‘This is going to be troublesome’

“Then, Were Off!” (Firo)

Firo starts running and flapping her wings.

Does she realize that she is still pulling the sled… The sled begins to float.

Oy! This girl actually managed to prepare a flying sled!

Shan Shan Shan Shan Shan!

The bells attached to Firo begin to sound.

“It’s too loud! The kids will wake up!” (Naofumi)

“But Imya’s uncle told me this is how Santa is supposed to travel” (Firo)

“Well… You’re correct, but it’s loud, so take them off.” (Naofumi)

“Are you sure?” (Firo)

“Rafu~” (Rafu)

These two seem to be having the time of their lives.

As we fly, an Aurora-esque trail is left in the sky behind us. (Google Aurora Borealis)

This was supposed to be a village-limited event. The scale is way too large.

“Rafu~~!” (Rafu)

As Rafu barks, the Aurora-esqu trail turns into a cloud that begins showering the village with snow.

Yes, mood is important. But this snow is a nuisance. I can barely see.

“Let’s start around Kiel’s house.” (Naofumi)

She wanted food, so I made some candy and for her.

She loves Crepes, so I assumed she would like other sweet things.

Should I just put it next to her pillow.

Firo stops in the airspace above Kiel’s house. (TL: My physics sense is tingling)

“Why did you stop?” (Naofumi)

“Eh? Aren’t you going in through the chimney?”

“I can walk right through Bioplant houses. Stop at the door.”

(TL: As he grew them, they cannot stop him as he is their master)

“Eh~…” (Firo)

After some argument, Firo parks next to Kiel’s house.

「Emergency Exit」

On my command, a door appears on the Bioplant wall.

And that’s how I infiltrated Kiel’s house. Making sure to be quiet, I left the candy by her pillow.

“Alright, on to the next house.” (Naofumi)

“Bu~“ (Firo)

Firo lets out an unsatisfied voice.

I’d be annoying if I had to go through the chimney every time.

If Santa existed, I would applaud his patience.

Now, next is…

I look at the house next to Kiels.

…It’s not made of Bioplant.

I take out the spare key the parents gave me, infiltrate the house and leave a present.

There is no door I cannot open!

“Hey, Master.” (Firo)

“Yes?” (Naofumi)

“You’re acting like a burglar.” (Firo)

“Santa’s pretty much a kind burglar isn’t he? The only one who would walk up to a kid’s pillow would be a parent, or a burglar. And the child gets a toy and is happy, right?”

“Eh~…” (Firo)

“Dreams are dreams because you don’t know the reality. I guess this is one more step towards adulthood for you” (Naofumi)

“Firo doesn’t want to become an adult!” (Firo)

“I see” (Naofumi)

Well having dreams is better than having none.

I think this as well.

“Now then… Next is Fohl and Atlas, huh.” (Naofumi)

Atlas is currently taking up residence inside of my shield, but she usually sleeps inside of Fohl’s house.

Well, she doesn’t actually sleep.

I told her that Santa won’t come if she doesn’t sleep, so she is probably putting her best effort into trying to sleeping.

I’ll do Atlas first.

I quietly enter her room.

She’s doing a very obvious fake sleep.

If Rafu or Raphtalia did it, it would probably appear cute.

“Yep, This child is definitely sleeping.” (Naofumi)

I say in a deep voice, as I take the prepared items out of my sack and approach her. I take out another sack

I don’t think I can get any closer, or Atlas will drag me into the bed with her.

That’s why I came prepared.

Atlas cannot see, so she operates by sensing presences.

I prepare my present is one hand and the sack in the other

“Naofu-” (Atlas)

I quickly cover Atlas with my specially prepared sack. (TL: This is going in many bad directions on my mind)

“Wa, what is this!” (Atlas)

“Oh, I used materials specially so even spirits can’t pass through them. Atlas, I had already realized you were just fake sleeping. I’ll be capturing you now.” (Naofumi)

“Oh no, Naofumi has captured me! Is this what you call Kidnapping?” (Atlas)

I tie the bag containing Atlas closed, and leave the room without doing anything.

This has proven the effect of the ‘spirit capturing’ material.

Even Atlas cannot escape it.

Her heart full of the expectation that I will kidnap her, Atlas remains silent.

“Now then…”

I go down the hall and arrive at Fohl’s room.


Fohl is still in a bear-like hibernation.

I quietly take an accessory that increases resistance to cold, and carefully put it around his neck. I can feel the bed warm up as I put it on him. I had put all sorts of useful charms on this accessory, making it quit valuable.

This is because out of the villagers, he has been working especially hard.

I have especially made his present a useful one… no, I’m just compensating for the share of presents that he would never receive from his parents.


His sleeping sounds became slightly more peaceful.

After that…

I leave the bag that Atlas was in alone, and put on top of it a pair of gloves I specially made so that spirits cannot pass through them.

This way, Fohl can now hold her hands.

I’m planning to make more equipment like this for her later,

“Ah, Naofumi-sama! Please open me up quickly” (Atlas)

“Fine, Fine. Well, see you later.” (Naofumi)

“Could this be the so-called Abandonment Play? I’ll wait for you forever!” (Atlas)

(TL: SM stuff, I will not elaborate)

Good luck with that.

By the way, for Atlas, who wished for 「A steamy night with Naofumi」, I have gotten Imya to make a doll in my likeness.

Imya said he put a special material inside of the stuffed animal, but I wonder what it does.

“T-this item! It gives off the same presence as Naofumi! How wonderful.” (Atlas)

Atlas seems happy as she hugs the doll.

(TL: the word used for hug here is not hug. It has a lewder intonation)

It seems this doll is a suitable replacement for me.

Now she can spend the entire night with ‘me’.

Is what I think as I leave more presents for the two of them and leave the house.

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  1. ikamores says:

    So this Santa kidnap kids to do SM play with them! This is an awesome Santa. The firoreinder a new cute race of firorial, btw. The rumo or lumo race are demihuman or beast species that have a body more beast like. Raph Chan is 5% tanuki, while imia is 70% mole.

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  2. Apathy says:

    Little mistake, “Making sure to be quite” should be “quiet” right?

    I think Imya is once again female. Yes, a lot of the name ones around Nao are girls (which oddly enough it still hardly feels like a harem story at all), And…oh wow, now that I can understand all of it, I can really see how spunky Atlas has become. Also, damn it Sadina, stop teaching her such stuff!


  3. pinkhearts says:

    “Dreams are dreams because you don’t know the reality. I guess this is one more step towards adulthood for you” (Naofumi)
    Naofumi is harsh.
    Thank you for the chapter. It was actually really tender despite Naofumi’s pragmatic sayings.


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    Firodeer or Firodere?


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    i want to ask what will u do after finish all part of Christmas of Shield Hero ? will u translate another short story or not ?


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    “I got out of the bad”? thats just looooowww


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