The Christmas of the Shield Hero Conclusion

Okay, it’s finally over. I guess the moral of the story is that people can change. Oh yes, this one contains some MAJOR spoilers,so be prepared as you read. A nice ending for a side story


The flying sled is on a coarse set for Melomark Castle.

“Wow… how unexpected.” (Queen) (TL: Note, not dead)

Trash and the Queen are on the Castle’s terrace. They seemed to have set up a romantic aura.

I guess even Royalty spends Christmas like this.

I feel bad for ruining the mood and turn to leave, but they call me back.

“I’m sorry for bothering you so late at night.” (Naofumi)

“Were you distributing presents to the villagers?” (Queen)

“Well, I had almost finished, but there someone who wished to corrupt the holy night, and…” (Naofumi)

“I see…” (Trash)

Trash nods with a knowing face. Well, his perceptiveness is his only good quality.

He had guessed the situation from looking at our faces.

“We’ll return by portal in a little bit.” (Naofumi)

“No, no, take your time. Melty is already asleep, but you can at least look at her sleeping face.” (Trash)

“Ah. I understand.” (Naofumi)

Trash has changed a lot from back then. For some reason, he is trying to get me and Melty together.

“That’s right Iwatani, take your time.” (Queen)

The queen also receives us warmly.

“Do you plan to give Melty a Christmas Present?” (Trash)

What is this person saying.

I have no idea what sort of present to give her.

“Wait, Aren’t you, Trash, more fit to play the role of Santa for her?” (Naofumi)

I mean, he has a beard and he’s around the correct age.

It seems he will look good in a Santa Suit.

“Your worry is undue.” (Trash)

“I’m saying it’s ironic. Don’t salute me!” (Naofumi)

I don’t really feel like dealing with Trash.

“And I’m not brash enough to take away the joy of a parent giving their daughter a present.” (Naofumi)

“Well then, we have prepared a present to give her, so why don’t you and my husband put it by her pillow together?” (Queen)

The Queen starts nudging Trash as if she had said a good idea.

It was a terrible idea.

And why do I have to help give it anyways?

“Firo wants to give Melty a present too.” (Firo)

“……” (Naofumi)

Perfect. This bird can go give Melty a Present, and I can make my leave.

I’ll leave this one to Firo.

“Wait. Master~?” (Firo)

The queen effectively seals off Firo’s movements with a ribbon.

The Queen lifts up Firo, and begins to carry her off.

“Ok, Trash, you go give your present with that Hero. I’ll prepare my own present.” (Queen)

“Eh?!” (Firo)

Firo is looking to me for help.

I didn’t see anything.

“su~…….” (Melty)

She’s sleeping quite peacefully.  But if I make a wrong move and wake her up, it will be troublesome.

She works quite hard for her age.

I lightly stroke her forehead, and leave the box along with the Queen’s present.

“See you Firo. Play nicely with Melty” (Naofumi)

“Yes!” (Firo)

“Okay, let’s go, Trash.” (Naofumi)

“Iwatani, why don’t you sleep with them as well” (Trash)

“Surely you jest” (Naofumi)

Why do I have to sleep with Melty?

I can imagine what sort of face she will make when she gets up

“But if Iwatani doesn’t sleep in the same bed as Melty, what meaning does Christmas hold?” (Trash)

…Trash. It seems he has no plans of backing off.

Ku…Even here, there are people trying to corrupt my holy night.

But you have made some grave errors on your calculations.

Those would be the fact that I am a Hero that holds special power, and the fact that Rafu is here.

“Rafu!” (Naofumi)

“What are you doing, Iwatani?” (Trash)

I suddenly take out Rafu, who had been hiding. Trash is speechless.

“If you go any further, then your princess just might wake up…” (Naofumi)

“GU…” (Trash)

I stare at Trash in silence.

I don’t know if he gave up, but Trash left the room.

… or not.

“If you say that much, I will give up for now, but next time… I will have other plans.” (Trash)

…As expected of a king. This much isn’t enough to make him give up.

“See ya, Firo” (Naofumi)

“Cya, Good Night!” (Firo)

Me and Rafu went outside, and used the Portal to return home.

(TL: It’s a bit late, but this seems to be the equivalent of Teleport, Warp, Mr. Gency, Return Door, you get the point)

“Ah… I’m tired.” (Naofumi)

Rafu and I, who had warped back to my house, sit down and sigh.

Sadina? She was drunk and collapsed at the village entrance.

I look to the sky, and wonder if she’ll be okay… No, she’ll be just fine, let’s leave her be.

I mean, she’s really, REALLY strong against the cold.

“Good work.” (Rafatalia)

The door to my room opens, and Rafatalia comes out.

“You should go to sleep. Santa won’t visit you.” (Naofumi)

I have the last few present inside of my sack.

I planned to put one by Rafatalia’s pillow, but…

“Of course I know Santa isn’t real, Naofumi was doing Santa’s role this year, correct?” (Rafatalia)

“Say what?” (Naofumi)

“There’s no way I wouldn’t know” (Rafatalia)

“Hmm… That’s true, but I still hoped you hadn’t figured it out.” (Naofumi)

I wanted Rafatalia to remain as a dream-filled child.

Like Female Knight.

“Your actual age is quite low, isn’t it? Act your age, dream more.” (Naofumi)

“What sort of logic is that…” (Rafatalia)

“Rafu~” (Rafu)

“Oh I have one for you too, Rafu” (Naofumi)

I take out Rafu’s present from the sack and hand it to him.

By the way, Firo’s present was the dinner and the task of delivering presents in itself.

Rafu didn’t really want anything, so I arbitrarily picked something out for him.

“Rafu~!” (Rafu)

Rafu, who had already opened his present, was admiring the Plush animal I had made of him.

Yes, Pets should behave cutely like this.

“And for Rafatalia is this.” (Naofumi)

And with that I have given away the last present.

Inside is clothing. I thought Rafatalia would look good in Japanese clothes, so I had them made.

I had placed the order a long time ago, but this and that happened, so I was only able to pick them up recently.

Which is why I am presenting them to her now.

“Ah, thank you” (Rafatalia)

“Then, should we go to sleep?” (Naofumi)

“What about you?” (Rafatalia)

“Me? Why would I give a present to myself?” (Naofumi)

“I see… then…” (Rafatalia)

And Rafatalia hands me two boxes.

The first one is quite big.

“This is…?” (Naofumi)

“It’s a present from everyone, and a present from me.” (Rafatalia)

The big one contained a letter, and materials used to repair and upgrade equipment

I guess the villagers had noticed. Recently my equipment had been getting worn down, and I was divided on whether or not to send them in for repairs.

The letter contained words of thanks towards me.

As for Rafatalia’s… It’s a plush doll of Rafatalia and me. It is the perfect scale to go as a set with Rafu’s plushy.

“Thank you very-.” (Naofumi)

I honestly thanked her.

Before I noticed it I had spoken my mind.  I force a smile

“Now then, Let us go to sleep. There’s still the Christmas present I have to prepare for tomorrow.”

It’s the monster’s requests of ‘Play with me’  that I still have to fulfill.

“Okay.” (Rafatalia)

“Rafu~!” (Rafu)

“Tonight is cold, so let’s sleep together” (Naofumi) (TL: ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°))

“Y-yes!” (Rafatalia)

“However, we won’t be corrupting this holy night, or the perverted women will take me away.” (Naofumi)

(TL: I think the other women have come to agreement to be second in line.)


When I get up, I find something on my pillow.

I start to get up to check its identity.

Lying there is a present I don’t remember seeing when I went to sleep.

Who could it be from?

I look inside to make sure it isn’t a present I forgot to deliver.

Inside is a single photograph.

It’s a photo of my former world. I am in the center and around me are Rafatalia, Atlas, my family and my old friends.

It’s quite a lively scene.

There aren’t many people who would be able to obtain such an item

For me to be able to make this sort of face… I guess this a present from myself.

It’s probably from the me in that world to the me in this world.

It looks like I’m having fun over there as well.

It’s not like I have any intentions of returning

I had long thrown away such ambitions.

“Niichan, Niichan!” (Kiel)

I hear the sound of the children running around with their new toys.

That’s right, right now I’m living a happy enough life that the me over there would be jealous.

Is what I think as I get out of bed.

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  3. Apathy says:

    Ah, a fitting end. Quite a nice side story indeed, but Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere!

    Like in this simple line alone (TL: Note, not dead) You had implied 1.)That person died 2.) Didn’t stay dead 3.)The possible Hows & Why’s of such.

    We truly thankful once again. Alas, this may become a blessing & a curse. Like the unready/unworthy having ‘foresight’ some people are spoiled of future events, and now some of those people will spread those knowledge consciously or carelessly when most simply don’t know what happened in between & further spread misinformation or worst.


  4. Anonymous says:

    No mention of Brosmith?…I have a bad feeling…fuuuuckkkk…


  5. anone says:

    Thank you so much for translating.

    Shielbro built an unwanted harem at the end but i still support Raftalia.

    Will you be translating the one during valentine ? I hope you would. I dont really mind spoilers or new characters, it would be nice to read what happens during his valentine(i think it would be him trying to escape his harem).


  6. Anonymous says:

    thank you for this translation and concerning the queen look at some spoilers on animesuki cause she is dead but also undead in a sense if what they said on this forum is true ….


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    Thanks for the release!!

    What’s your plans now Yoraikun?


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    does somebody know who is rafu?


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  11. muel says:

    as i suspect from first chap of this side story,,

    queen alive (shh !!! who the one said she dead)
    “Wow… how unexpected.” (Queen) (TL: Note, not dead)

    after all at part 3 there
    “And so, Melty’s mother said that if I didn’t stay here for Christmas, I would regret it.” (Firo)

    thank yoraikun,,
    it’s end in harem but no much progress for romance… :(


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  16. turtlebeech says:

    Can someone explain the ending to me? Is he alive in the other world along with the others as well? Actually, does that question make sense? O: :O


    • Yoraikun says:

      All the other Heroes died in their previous world. Naofumi is the only one that is technically still alive, so the him in his own world coexists with the him in this world. They revisit his own world later in the novel

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kidd says:

      say, the answer here aren’t really correct either, the main story had already ended today, should i correct the answer? is there still any point to correct it?


      • Carmeops says:

        Just cause i don’t want this comment section to remain unfixed forever:

        Basically at the end Raftalia and Naofumi are elevated to Gods by the spirits of the weapons to fight against the evil goddess Bitch/Witch.

        When they defeated her, all the other 3 saint heros decided to stay on this world, but Raftalia and Naofumi used their god existences to choose all! They left a fragment of their souls in both world, to be returned to their travelling god-selves at the moment of their respective deaths.

        (btw, Atlas is now the spirit of the shield, so she insert herself in the three lives as well, she tempered slightly with Earth so she and Raftalia could fit in in the eyes of everyone as normal humans)

        So it was certainly God-Naofumi taking a picture of Earth-Naofumi’s life as a Christmas gift to Hero-Naofumi, he might have done the same in reverse, who knows?


  17. Sim Yi Shan says:

    OMG~~~ so many spoilers ~~~
    but thanks for the translation , Good JOB =D
    Are you going to translate the valentine parts?


  18. “The queen effectively seals off Firo’s movements with a ribbon.
    The Queen lifts up Firo, and begins to carry her off.”

    This part, I read the Japanese version and think that it’s Naofumi who tied Firo with ribbon. Then he “princess-carry” Firo, with the queen’s present carried by Firo, to Melty’s room.


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  20. Cyltea says:

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    never expect it would go to that kind of ending hahaha
    well its more like a parallel world setting but still two of them continue to exist hahaha and someone mention gantz yeah it feels like it >.<
    haha never underestimate spoilers (learn a new lesson today) :D


  24. Zhajn says:

    Really wish I could have seen Fohl’s reaction to being able to hold atla’s hand. Main story translation has just reached Atla’s death for me.


  25. Alex says:

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  27. LastFighter says:

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  28. lughnoir says:

    So does Raphtalia marry the shield heroe?


    • Carmeops says:

      little late, but yes, however, Raphtalia is his “first” wife, he did live up to the harem legend of heroes a bit (only when she permitted it tho)

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      • lughnoir says:

        Yeah I read already the novel, the ending sucks.


        • Carmeops says:

          really? i quite liked it, he got to live the two lives in the two worlds to the end of both lifetime, then work for all eternity as an evil-god slayer with Raphtalia, triple ending win.

          the only things i didn’t quite appreciate is that he did end up banging whoever wanted to be banged in the fantasy world and that Atlas ruined his perfect wedding in the normal world

          actually i would have preferred if Atlas didn’t become an all powerful ghost/god/spirit of the shield and instead stayed dead, would have being way more meaningful


      • Franz says:

        Super late, people probably already know but meh I just feel like talking (typing).
        From what I get in the epilogue, Naofumi only married 3 women (even though he’s kinda promised to Imya he didn’t actually marry her I guess). These 3 women are Raphtalia, Melty and Sadina.

        From what I get, he married Raphtalia because he truly loves her, but his marriage with the other two is more political, and in Sadina’s case it’s a bit of fulfilling promise too I guess.

        Having hero’s blood is revered in that world so by marrying Sadina, he hoped to protects the village and the were-beasts there (it’s actually explained in the main story if I remember correctly), though I think that reasoning became useless when she became a hero herself, that’s why I said her case is more of fulfilling promise of accepting her love.

        In Melty’s case, it’s more obvious why, and I’m pretty sure it’s also mentioned in the main story. They’re engaged even if it’s accidentally (or not), and she being who she is, it’s not easy to get out of it without it being rude (forgot how to describe it properly), more to the people than to the royal family themselves (since they know how he is).
        The political thing is, the hero of the shield is originated from the were-beast country which is Silt Welt. By marrying the princess/queen of Melormark, they’re trying to form pacts and give “friendly” gesture for both countries that used to be enemies.

        In the end, these marriages is one of the ways for him to get people to get along, the humans and the were- beasts.

        –or at least that’s what I get from the explanation in the main story–


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    After reading this again
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    Thank you very much for translating this great chapters. It is and will be my one of the best WN and again thank you very much the rising of the shield hero for making my days awesome and great and love the rising of the shield hero❤️❤️


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