Chapter 97: Lies

Oh God, Rafatalia is scary…


“Eh?” (Naofumi)

At that time, Rafatalia was explaining things to me. I felt an unexpected aura coming from her.
Firo also has some aptitude for sensing presences, and she backs away.
Well, it’s more like she lives by her instincts, she can interpret subtle signs.
Rafatalia was able to link all the unfortunate events that occurred until now, and make deductions based on that.

“W-what could you be talking about?” (Itsuki)

This is that, isn’t it?
Itsuki did nothing until Rafatalia and Firo were in trouble. It’s like that…
In action anime, when the hero’s comrades were mere millimeters from death, the main character would make a flashy entrance and rescue them. That situation comes to mind.
I was an Otaku before I came to this world, I did think those scenes were cool
But those scenes don’t really exist in reality.

“Do you think Firo didn’t realize it? From the start, the bow person was watching without doing anything wasn’t he?” (Firo)
“I’m asking what you mean by doing nothing.” (Itsuki)
“The spear guy, the sword guy and master have relaxed before, but the bow guy was wa~y more relaxed. But whenever we were about to get hit, the arrow would come flying out.” (Firo)

Firo extends her wings and gestures to show a rain of arrows.
So Itsuki was loafing around waiting for the moment to act cool.

“I’m saying, I wasn’t doing nothing!” (Itsuki)
“Then why didn’t you use the skill you used before again?” (Firo)
“T-that’s because of my SP and the cool-down time…” (Itsuki)
“Shouldn’t you have thought of that beforehand? I think that would make fighting easier.” (Firo)

Firo’s inquisition began.
Rafatalia, who had pretty much reached the same conclusion, does not stop Firo.

“Firo knows. Bow person, you didn’t prepare any arrows until Rafatalia-oneechan was getting into a pinch.” (Firo)
“Wait, what?” (Rafatalia)
“You’re wrong. There’s no way I would do that.” (Itsuki)
“Then why didn’t you fire any arrows?” (Firo)
(TL: Firo is asking questions like a child, you know when small children just ask long series of questions without visible animosity.)
“No, I did fire them” (Itsuki)
“No, the gap between your skills this time was longer than the gap between the previous skills” (Firo)

Firo corners Itsuki with a barrage of questions.
And from Firo’s mouth, complaints come one after the other.

“At first I thought that it was just that sort of weapon, but back then, I realized I was wrong. Hey, hey, why is Bow Person holding back?” (Firo)
“And I’m saying that I wasn’t holding back!” (Itsuki)
“And whenever Oneechan seemed like she was going to get hit, why did you look a little happy?” (Firo)
“…W-what?” (Itsuki)

I was getting close to my boiling point, and was about to release my frustration. I think Rafatalia sensed this.
Firo’s childish inquisition shows no signs of stopping.

“You’re wrong. Why is this child saying such things?” (Itsuki)
“Hey, Hey, why won’t you tell Firo?” (Firo)

Firo continues to pressure Itsuki, while tilting her head with a face full of curiosity
Finally, Rafatalia, who has also had enough, joins Firo in her questioning.

“… If you could shoot attacks that powerful, why didn’t you do that from the beginning?” (Rafatalia)
“And I’m saying there was a problem with my SP and cool-down time so…” (Itsuki)
“We had bought you plenty of time to recover SP. If you had shot an arrow at the beginning, the previous battle would have been much easier. Also, if you are that strong, why don’t you shoot your arrows, do you have any intention of winning?” (Rafatalia)
“I-I have my reasons. Every time I use my bow, I lose SP.” (Itsuki)
“Hey, Hey, why won’t you tell us the truth? The Bow Person is lying. Firo can tell.” (Firo)
“… Is what she says. What do you have to say for yourself?” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia is so angry that I can sense Magic power seeping out of her.
I think Itsuki could sense Rafatalia’s anger as well.

“When you shoot your bow, do you really lose something?” (Rafatalia)
“Y-yes” (Itsuki)
“Well, if something is draining it should also replenish. Naofumi told me that SP recovers quite quickly” (Rafatalia)

Even if it drains that quickly, there should be a limit.
He should have enough SP to fire off consecutive skills to some extent. But there’s no reason for him to hold back at this point.

“Hey, Hey, are you possibly trying to act cool like the Spear guy?” (Firo)
“Y-you’re wrong. Do I look like someone who would show off like Motoyasu” (Itsuki)

Itsuki’s proud demeanor has vanished, and he is desperately denying the accusations.
But the perceptive Rafatalia only saw confirmation of her statements.

“Um, you know.  I thought that because whenever me or Oneechan seem to get into a pinch, your eyes seem to sparkle.” (Firo)

Firo points her finger at Itsuki and strikes a pose. Her eyes are also sparkling
(TL: They describe what seems to be the OBJECTION! Pose here)
Rafatalia is staring holes into Itsuki.

“And when we get out of pinches by ourselves, you seem to make a sad face and you put down your bow.” (Firo)
“There’s no way I would do that, I’m a hero, you know!” (Itsuki)
“Then tell me, how much SP does each skill take, how much cool-down time do you need?” (Rafatalia)
“Um… Each shot takes around half of my SP, and the refill time is 15 minutes” (Itsuki)
“Your eyes are looking down. Bow Person, that’s the same face you were making when you were lying.” (Firo)

Rafatalia’s hate is only growing.
It seems she will cut him down if he lies again.
Well, Rafatalia probably won’t go that far…

“I-it’s not a lie! What could this child be saying?” (Itsuki)
“… Then the next time we meet that enemy, please shoot it in the beginning. It’s already been 15 minutes, so you should be able to do it. We’ll watch over you.”
“What the hell are you saying?!” (Itsuki)
“I want to check if you’re telling the truth. I believe in you. Please use your arrows until your SP runs out. After that, retreat to a safe area, and we’ll help you.” (Firo)
“D-do you plan on making me fight alone!?” (Itsuki)
“There’s no problem, we want to see just how strong the Hero of the Bow really is. The Hero of the Spear did this too.” (Rafatalia)

And so, Rafatalia pressured Itsuki into fighting.
And, as if on command, another Karma Squirrel Famillia appeared.
Rafatalia went into hiding and began counting with her own heart rate.
The Karma Squirrel Familia Charged, and Itsuki fared quite well… He unleashed a large rain of arrow on the incoming enemy. It dealt a lot of damage.

“That attack was much more potent than any of the ones he used when fighting with us.” (Rafatalia)
“T-twas a coincidence… how strange.” (Itsuki)
“Your arrows had much more power behind them than before.” (Firo)

Firo continued to corner Itsuki
And then…


In one shot, every single one of the Karma Squirrel Familia lay down dead.
Itsuki wipes off his sweat.

“You’re out.” (Rafatalia)
“Hah?” (Itsuki)
“It has only been 6 minutes since you last attacked. Even for exaggeration, this is too much.” (Rafatalia)
“A-are you sure it’s not your imagination?” (Itsuki)
“That’s enough. I can no longer trust a liar like you.” (Rafatalia)

And with that, Rafatalia left the party.

“Wha- Are you just going to leave like that?” (Itsuki)
“As long as you lie, I cannot leave the back line to you, and I cannot fight in the front to protect you.” (Rafatalia)

The road back had little danger, and Rafatalia was easily able to return by herself.
Firo was still curios about why Itsuki was holding back, so she stayed in the party and kept pestering him.

“Oneechan, Firo will fight with the Bow Person.” (Firo)
“Yes, that will probably bring less trouble to Naofumi. But you shouldn’t trust that man.” (Rafatalia)
“Understood!” (Firo)

And that’s how, in just the first day, Rafatalia left the party and went to level on her own.
She vented all her anger on the poor monsters, and eventually calmed down.
It seems she hates lies.
And Rafatalia is a warrior, she hates people who hold back.

“In just an hour, you lied to your comrades. I can’t believe you. I have no desire to leave my back to your bow.” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia confronts Itsuki and says as such.
Her gaze is colder than ice.
To be more specific, her eyes are dead. (TL: imagine Yandere stare)
This is the first time I have seen Rafatalia like this.

“Itsuki-sama! What do you think you are saying to Itsuki-sama!? I won’t allow this!” (Armor)

An angry Armor tries to go after Rafatalia
Rafatalia stares at him expressionlessly.

“I hate people who care for nothing but their pride.” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia grabs Armor’s extended arm and squeezes it tightly.
His gauntlets are letting out a metallic creaking sound.
I am honestly afraid right now.
That’s just how angry Rafatalia is right now.

“The hell, this girl is ridiculously strong.” (Armor)

Despite her looks, Rafatalia does possess high strength.
If you take away her self-control, this is what will happen.

“Please leave it at that.” (Naofumi)

At my command, Rafatalia stares at Itsuki for one last time, and finally lets go.

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