Chapter 101: Hero Conference (Start)

An annoyingly long chapter. I don’t really know what is going on with the translations at this point. Do not read yet if 99 and 100 are not up yet, but by the titles, you can guess what happened… Also if you want to have a long discussion about the characters, please find a relevant forum and do it on that. The heroes finally get to mouth off at each other. Motoyasu seems to be the most accepting of his faults.


“Now then, it’s about time to head to the meeting.” (Naofumi)

After eating at the inn, I proceed to the conference hall.

I go there following Shadow’s instructions.

“Well, I’m off.” (Naofumi)

“Good luck.” (Rafatalia)

“Luck~!” (Firo)

After a quick word, Rafatalia and Firo take their leaves.

I went outside of the large inn and go up a long spiral staircase.

The view of the island through the windows on the staircase is breathtaking.


What is that? There seems to be a bridge of red light descending on the adjacent island.

It isn’t my imagination… right?

Was that there yesterday?

“It’s here-gojaru” (Shadow)

We had climbed a tower-like structure and reached the top floor of it.

I enter the room. In the center is a table with documents distributed in intervals around the edge.

Ren and Itsuki are already seated.

“Thank you for earlier” (Itsuki)

“Do you enjoy spying on others?” (Naofumi)

“You jest, do you think that we are actually having fun?” (Itsuki)

He seems to be making a bored face now, but just a few moments ago he seemed to be having the time of his life.

What convenient Justice.

“You were also there, so you are an accomplice.” (Naofumi)

“…fuun. It seems that an unnecessary charge has been placed on me.” (Ren)

“Then you should have just gotten out quickly.” (Naofumi)

I am accusing him because he stayed in the bath for a pointlessly long amount of time.

These perverts.

“So, where is the ever-so-important head pervert?” (Naofumi)

“Ah! Sorry. I’m late.” (Motoyasu)

As we were talking, Motoyasu enters the room while laughing.

For now, we all sit in the seats prepared. The arrangement of the room gives off the feeling of knights sitting around a round table.

“From here on, the Four Heroes will begin their Information Exchange Meeting.I, Shadow, will serve as Moderator and Guide for this meeting.” (Shadow)

Shadow gives a short introduction.

“From tomorrow onwards, Cal Mira Island will truly awaken, so we have called the heroes together to share information on greater methods of training to prepare for the next wave-gojaru. Please keep that in mind as you discuss-gojaru.” (Shadow)

“Wait a second!” (Naofumi and Itsuki)

Me and Itsuki chime in at the same time

Wait wait wait… what do you mean by ‘truly awaken’?

What does that mean we have been doing until now?

“What is it, Heroes of the Shield and Bow-jaru?” (Shadow)

“Are you saying the Island hasn’t awakened yet?” (Itsuki)

“It has started-gojaru. But the greatest awakening effects come starting tomorrow-gojaru.” (Shadow)


I still don’t understand.

“What are you so confused about? It’s obvious isn’t it?” (Motoyasu)

“I agree.” (Ren)

Ren and Motoyasu act as if this sort of thing is common sense.

“Of course, the awakening comes in stages and the greatest prizes come at the end.” (Motoyasu)

“Yes, yes.” (Ren)

“How should I have known that! Please explain from the beginning.” (Naofumi)

“The Earl should have already explained it-gojaru” (Shadow)


Now that I think about it… he did say something about powerful monsters appearing at the center of the islands once they were awakened… something about how those monsters held the greatest EXP or something…

I thought he meant the monsters we had been dealing with every day.

Was the red glow a sign that the islands were awakening?

“I didn’t hear anything about this!” (Itsuki)

Itsuki responds with a shout.

Ah, right. Itsuki’s sense of this world comes from computer games.

Did his games not have events that raised gained exp in stages?

He may have ignored tht Count’s speech because he assumed he knew everything already.

“Anyways, from tomorrow onwards, stronger boss-like monsters will begin to appear?” (Naofumi)

“Correct, It’s the perfect place for raising levels.” (Motoyasu)

“I can’t wait” (Ren)

“And that’s why the Hero Information Exchange is happening today-gojaru.” (Shadow)

Instead of heading forward without any information, I guess sharing info now would be best.

Fumu… I guess there’s no choice.

It should be fine


You people… what is that“ (Naofumi)

I point to the strap that the other three heroes have attached to their weapons.

“Oh, this? It’s an item famous on this island that speeds up leveling.” (Motoyasu)

“Yes, if you have this equipped, it increases the EXP gained.”(Itsuki)

“You didn’t know?” (Ren)

…I’ll check it just in case.

Miracle Strap

Quality Very Poor

There are no exp increasing abilities. That man is doing well.

“Does it really have that ability?” (Naofumi)

“You really have never heard of it? It’s quite famous.” (Itsuki)

“You need to improve your information gathering skills.” (Ren)

“Yes, Yes, It really works!” (Motoyasu)

… The one who is the origin of the accessory and the rumor is me, but…

Crap. I feel happy.

These people are being tricked.

“Why are you smiling creepily right now?” (Itsuki)

“It’s nothing.” (Naofumi)

“Since you didn’t have this, you might have fallen behind.” (Ren)

“Do you even have any motivation?” (Motoyasu)

“I’ll buy one later.” (Naofumi)

The ones who received them seem happy and they do technically have the genuine goods.

“Maa… *laugh sound* let’s get back on topic.” (Naofumi)

This is bad. My sides are hurting.

Is it possible that… the trust spawned from the lie created a realistic effect.

There is a chance that the games Ren and Motoyasu played had event items like this.

Well, they’re not losing anything by wearing it.

“Well then, Heroes, please begin talking about what you learned about the other heroes’ comrades-gojaru.” (Shadow)

Comrades… huh…

And all of a sudden, my high spirits subside.

“Naofumi, you should train your party properly.” (Ren)

“Right. To just leave the party, what the hell are you teaching them. Firo-san’s inquisition was excruciating.” (Itsuki)

It’s time. They all suddenly turn on me.

Don’t stay silent, Motoyasu. Well I guess Motoyasu can at least understand why he made Rafatalia mad. And he won’t complain about a girl.

“That is my line. Rafatalia isn’t very picky. It seems she couldn’t accept or understand the actions of the other heroes.” (Naofumi)

“What you say?” (Ren)

“I also understand why she was mad. In Ren’s case, it was a lack of direction, and in Itsuki’s case it was lies.” (Naofumi)

“And I’m saying I didn’t tell any lies.” (Itsuki)

He’s still saying that.

He’s been cornered this far and he still doesn’t give in.

Well, as long as he’s next to Ren and Motoyasu, I guess he can act like he is correct and I am deluded.

“Falcon Strike, was it. It was a big skill that used half your SP and had a cool-down of 15 minutes, right?” (Naofumi)

“Really? I don’t remember it being that sort of skill.” (Ren)


“You said something like? That’s a blatant lie, isn’t it?” (Motoyasu)

As I thought.

If he had an amazing skill like that, he would have used it on the pope.

Well if you want to pace yourself in a battle, you wouldn’t use your strongest skills.

“She looks up to all the heroes. She got mad because that very hero turned out to be a snob.” (Naofumi)

“Aren’t you one as well?” (Itsuki)

“Yes, Rafatalia gets mad at me quite often.” (Naofumi)

I don’t plan on helping these people, but I have talked to Rafatalia and convinced her that Heroes are people too.

I guess that’s also an effect of the personnel exchange.

“I have already warned Rafatalia. I believe she acted based on strong emotions. Your Party members left my party as well. Should I point out your party’s shortcomings?” (Naofumi)

“T-try it if you can.” (Itsuki)

Itsuki seems to have no intention of giving up.

Well, I finally get a chance to tell him off.

“Then, Itsuki. What do you think a party is? There is a hierarchy, and they believe themselves to represent absolute justice. Do you plan to start a religion? Those people did nothing but talk of you.” (Naofumi)

“Yeah, I felt that as well. They were polite, but they only talked of you. I was sick of it by the end.” (Motoyasu)

“Yes, they spoke as if you were some sort of Messiah. That is dangerous business. Their hunting etiquette was also terrible.”

Ren and Motoyasu also felt it. They side with me.

So those people acted the same with all the other heroes.

“T-there’s no choice if I want to represent justice. I’m a hero, you know. They all just respect me. There is no Hierarchy.” (Itsuki)

These are harsh accusations.

Ren and Motoyasu also seem to understand this. Itsuki is avoiding the main points

It seems he is afraid of rebuttals.

“They kept on spouting nonsense that sounded like the teachings of the Three hero Church.” (Ren)

“They did not!” (Itsuki)

Is what Itsuki said, but, as the other heroes, including me, said as much so he cannot really refute anything.

“On to Ren. I sensed a large disconnection in your comrades. When they introduced themselves, they asked, ‘So where do you want us to go train’.” (Naofumi)

“That’s right. At first I did not know what they were talking about. Can you really call those comrades?” (Itsuki)

Itsuki, should You really be saying that?

“I got the feeling that they were like the younger members of a guild. You choose what hunting ground they go to, but don’t get involved any further… It’s difficult to call those people comrades. You can pair up with whoever you want, but those people could have paired up with any other hero and nothing would have changed. ” (Naofumi)

I don’t know if I should say anymore, but from here on collaboration is important.

We also need to share information regarding our levels. It will be good information when fighting stronger enemies.

“Those people seem like they could operate even if you didn’t exist.” (Itsuki)

“What are you saying? Isn’t it better if they learn to fight even if I’m not there?” (Ren)

He’s trying to approach this rationally, but I think he shouldn’t deny his own existence.

“Your party seems like a group of adventures from a guild that could break off at any time and form their own guild. If left alone, they might grow without your knowledge” (Naofumi)

Wait, that’s brilliant

That level party. If it grew, we might have an effective army to combat the wave.

It was a random idea, but it might actually be effective.

Now that I think about it, there is no real need for us to do anything. This world’s adventurers can work something out.

“Shadow, that was a brilliant idea. Please report it to the queen.” (Naofumi)

“Don’t go deciding things by yourself!” (Ren)

Ren is quite nervous.

? Shadow whispers something into my ear.

“That will be troublesome-gojaru.” (Shadow)

“Why?” (Naofumi)

“Actually, it is only the summoned heroes that get to hunt freely in this world. If the force gets too big, the environment will…” (Shadow) (TL: Monster Hunter)

I see, so it’s a problem with the amount of available monsters…

Well, it doesn’t happen in games but I guess that here, monster populations can decrease.

“Your comrades, you know. You should get closer to each other. If they get stronger, then they’ll become like Itsuki’s comrades.” (Naofumi)

(TL: He’s implying that if he will become more of a legend than a person if he doesn’t interact more.)

“And I’m telling you you’re wrong.” (Itsuki)

“They Won’t!” (Ren)

“When you’re gone they’ll say… Ren-sama is a wonderful person. Would you like to hear some wonderful stories of his exploits?” (Naofumi)

“Gu…” (Ren)

Ren can’t say any more, so he stays quiet.

Well, there shouldn’t be any more problems with him and my party. I warned Rafatalia, it should be fine.
“What about your places Rafatalia?”(Ren)

“I won’t brag about her. Rafatalia gets mad at me for my behavior as well.” (Naofumi)

I want to believe I’m respected, but I don’t really know.

“What do you want to tell me about Rafatalia?” (Naofumi)

“She… She left my party.” (Itsuki)

“I could say the same.” (Naofumi)

“Then this argument won’t get anywhere.” (Ren)

Understanding that chastisizing my comrades won’t get anywhere, Ren turns to Motoyasu.

“Motoyasu, do you have anything to say about Naofumi’s comrades?” (Ren)

“None. Rafatalia is very diligent, and I was also at fault.” (Motoyasu)

Now then on to Motoyasu…

I didn’t really learn anything new from Rafatalia about Motoyasu.

I can berate his party as well, but it seems Bitch acts differently around the other Heroes, so I don’t think I will get consensus.

If I go about this wrong, I might end up taking damage myself.

“Motoyasu’s party is… does anyone have anything to say about it?” (Naofumi)

“They just cheared me on. I was speechless, is that supposed to be a cheering squad?” (Ren)

“That’s not a party. While I was out fighting, they had returned to the inn” (Itsuki)

Ren and Itsuki say these statements with a bitter face.

So they behaved like that with everyone else as well…

“We’re heroes aren’t we? Shouldn’t we be the ones on the front lines?” (Motoyasu)

“Being the vanguard is fine, but this is completely different. Those people only fought when there was no other option.” (Itsuki)

“To be honest, I think you would be better off without those people. In my case, they said they wanted to watch me fight, and eventually returned to the inn without slaying a single monster.” (Ren)

Even as I stay silent, Ren and Itsuki pile on complaints.

But I am of the same opinion.

It seems those women were at least trying to act supportive in these cases, but I won’t say anything.

“Naofumi, what about you?” (Ren)

“If I say anything, a fight will break out.” (Naofumi)

“I-I see.” (Ren)

Bitch and friends were acting differently with the other heroes. There is a possibility people will rise to their defenses.

There are many things I want to say, but I wanted to hear the others first.

I will let this opportunity slide.

“Now then, let’s end the discussion of comrades at this-gojaru. Please keep these complaints in your heart as we continue the meeting.” (Shadow.)

“Understood.” (Ren)

“…I’m not satisfied, but I’ll leave it here.” (Itsuki)

“Okay.” (Naofumi)

“Yes, Yes.” (Motoyasu)

None of these people are repenting, are they.

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