Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

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Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

After Shadow told us that Itsuki had departed, we get off the boat.

After that, we use the carriage and comfortably proceed towards the castle town.

There seemed to be an event going on at the gate. I’m about to enter the city when-

I see something that makes me doubt my eyes.

Trash is wearing nothing but his mantle and some pants. He is walking around in a comical manner.

The Queen is watching from a lavish carriage parked behind him.

“Welcome back Iwatani.” (Queen)

“…………….?” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia tilts her head in confusion at the spectacle. Firo cranes her head to see better, and Rishia is making troubled arm gestures. By the way, she is still in the penguin suit.

“What… is that?” (Naofumi)

“It’s the king dancing around in clothes only stupid people can see of course.” (Queen)

… The Emperor’s new Clothes? Clothes only stupid people can see? The person wearing them looks quite stupid already.

Right now I am experiencing two spectacles.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to see a man dancing around half naked, or a man dancing around in stupid clothing.

Well, it doesn’t really matter to me.

“Is something weird?” (Firo)

Firo seems puzzled.

Ah… Firo is also an idiot.

Perhaps she can actually see all his clothes. (TL: Emperor’s New Clothes Fairy Tale Reference)

“That person is naked, is there a party?” (Firo)

… or not.

I occasionally treat Firo like a child, or a bird-brained fool.

However, I realize that she can sometimes be surprisingly sharp.

“I dread asking, but Why?” (Naofumi)

“Are you asking because you can see the clothes?” (Queen)

Which is it?

My head hurts.

Is he wearing them or not?

“Wisdomless Darling, where do you think you are going?” (Queen)

“gunununu…” (Trash)

The Queen watches over Trash with a sadistic expression.

Trash notices me and starts staring at me as if I was the boyfriend his daughter suddenly brought home.

But if he tries to do anything to me, he will only be punished further.

Why is it? For some reason, I am starting to pity the man. Perhaps I just question the Queen’s punishment methods.

I approach Trash and ask…

“Trash, why must you follow all of the Queesn’s orders?” (Naofumi)

“you bastard-!” (Trash)

Trash looks like he is about to lash out, but then he senses the Queen’s stares and calms down.

“Please talk with the Shield.” (Queen)

“gu…” (Trash)

The Queen orders Trash around.

I really wonder why he is obligated to obey.

Is he in love? Nah, love should wither after a hundred years.

(TL: He’s saying they’ve been married a long time.)

“Do you want me to raise your punishment?” (Queen)

“If you will.” (Naofumi)

“Gu… I will listen to my wife, but definitely not you!” (Trash)

“Exactly. I want to see you suffer.” (Queen)

Is this the Queen’s fetish? Could she simply be a Sadist? Does that make Trash a Masochist?

The world of fetishes is quite wide.

I won’t pursue this matter any further.

“But seriously, why?” (Naofumi)

“You’ll never understand.” (Trash)

And Trash runs off by himself.

I can’t understand him, but he probably has his own reasons.

The people of the town watch Trash leave with troubled expressions.

This country is done for isn’t it. In multiple ways.

“… That person understands that he is at fault. But his emotions do not allow him to forgive you.” (Queen)

“*sigh*…” (Naofumi)

Is this something that only his wife can understand?

But for the king of a country to act like that… I can understand it if no one is watching, but to run off down the central shopping district…

I’m surprised the Queen is able to understand this person. What does she see in him?

“Iwatani, please go ahead to the castle. I still have many things I must prepare.” (Queen)

“Understood… Wait, you’re not making another set of ‘Clothes only Idiots can see’, are you?” (Naofumi)

“I wonder. Well, it’s something I had ordered before you set out to Cal Mira.” (Queen)

“Understood” (Naofumi)

In a few hours

I was lead in front of the throne.

It seems that Motoyasu’s party has just arrived here.

They took their time. I wonder what happened.

“I’ve been expecting you.” (Queen)

The Queen says whilst looking at Bitch. Trash is… absent.

But if he were here, he would just complicate things more.

“Now then, how did you find Cal Mira?” (Queen)

“Couldn’t you have just invited all four heroes to ask?” (Naofumi)

“That is a plan for another day.” (Queen)

I think Itsuki and Ren were invited to come in a weeks’ time.

“Queen, isn’t it cruel to leave the King in such a state?” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu asks the Queen with a slightly worried face.

So he saw the spectacle as well.

That might be the reason they are so late.

“That is the severity of the crimes my husband committed, Kitamura. Even if you are a hero, this is not a matter you should interfere with.” (Queen)

“But still-!” (Motoyasu)

“And there was a reason for that festival. We must somehow reclaim the valuable funds that that father-daughter combo frivolously spent.” (Queen)

“ku…” (Motoyasu)

“Kitamura, please continue to oversee Bitch’s punishment as well.” (Queen)

“Moth- Queen! I was only doing what was necessary for the sake of the world.” (Bitch)

Bitch realizes that Parental sympathy will not come. She tries to use logic


“The bills came for Expensive Accessories, Precious Metals, Clothes. A luxury rental estate and several visits to numerous expensive night clubs. Is that what you call the sake of the world?” (Queen)

So the Queen was tracking Bitch’s spending… Also that women seems to be ridiculously loose with money.

I would have fired her on the spot.

“Also, you also attempted to attack Iwatani during the personnel exchange. For that, the length of your sentence is increased.” (Queen)

“You Can’t!” (Bitch)

“If you are travelling with Bitch, you must shoulder her debt to some extent.” (Queen)

“gu…” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu looks angry. His fists are clenched.

How has he been handling Bitch’s spending before?

“I will transfer some of her debt to Kitamura. Please be prepared to receive reduced rewards from missions for a while.” (Queen)

“…Fine. But if I pay off the debt, then let her go! Change her name back as well.” (Motoyasu)

It seems Motoyasu is misunderstanding something.

“This and that are separate matters. Unless she puts an honest effort towards saving the world, she will not regain her freedom.” (Queen)

“Aren’t you being too cold.” (Motoyasu)

“For a princess of a country to frame a hero, and try to assassinate her sister this punishment is still too light. Does Kitamura wish for something more severe?” (Queen)

If this continues, Bitch’s punishment will only increase. Motoyasu senses this and stays quiet.

“Let’s turn the conversation back a bit.” (Queen)

The queen raises her arms, and Shadow appears carrying a plate full of Lucor Fruits.

“Bitch, you said before that Iwatani got drunk and tried to violate you, correct?” (Queen)

“O-of course!” (Bitch)

“That is odd. My report stated that Iwatani was a god of all liquor. That he doesn’t get drunk no matter what.” (Queen)

Motoyasu’s face turns blue at the sight of the Lucor.

Will this act truly prove my innocence? But… Where the hell did you get information on my alcohol constitution?

“Doesn’t get drunk? What are you saying. That was just a trick to make a fool out of Motoyasu.” (Bitch)

“Then have a bite.” (Queen)

Shadow presents the Lucor fruit to Bitch.

“Why must I eat it?!” (Bitch)

“There’s no choice… Iwatani, please taste test the Lucor Fruit.” (Queen)

“? If you’ll let me eat it.”(Naofumi)

This fruit is slowly becoming my favorite food.

However, it is quite expensive so I don’t think I will be able to eat it often.

I eat the Lucor Fruit presented to me.

Yep, this thing is delicious.

“u….” (Everyone)

Shadow, and everyone else in the room stares at me with their mouthes open in amazement.

Is it that deadly?

“Now then, please eat one as well.” (Queen)

“T-the one you gave him just now was definitely fake.” (Bitch)

“Fine… Iwatani, only eat half of it this time.” (Queen)

“Yes Sir.” (Naofumi)

The thought of having an indirect kiss with Bitch sickens me. But if I follow the Queen’s orders, I will be able to see something nice.

I bite off half of the Lucor and give it back to shadow.

Ah…Rafatalia and Firo are now making very weird faces.

I can’t tell Rishia’s expression as she is still in the penguin suit, but she seems to be facing a wall and putting her head against it in anguish.

Is this food really that disgusting?

“N-no! There’s no way I’m eating it! There’s no-” (Bitch)

“Just eat it already!” (Queen)

“S-stop it!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu steps in front of bitch and reaches toward the lucor.

Not happening.

I approach Motoyasu and look him in the eye.

“Oh yes, about that matter with Rishia…” (Naofumi)

“Why are you bringing that up at this time!?” (Motoyasu)

“She was deeply impacted by Motoyasu, who is a nicer person than me. She was always watching from afar. That’s right… Broken under the Bow’s oppressive regime she found solace in your kindness. She is now infatuated with you, she wants to monopolize you. She is now waiting for you behind every corner, sharpening her knife.” (Naofumi)

(TL: If you didn’t get it, he is awakening Motoyasu’s Yandere Trauma)

“Wha………..t……!?” (Motoyasu)

“He?” (Rishia)

Rishia lets out a surprised voice.

She is still wearing the suit so Motoyasu doesn’t recognize her.

“Where could she be watching you from? She might be staring at you even now…” (Naofumi)

“Now that I think about it, I can feel a stare!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu, you’re imagining it.

Rishia is definitely here, but I don’t think she is staring at you.

Is Rishia even a Yandere?

As long as she only likes Itsuki, I don’t have to be afraid.

“U….wa…” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu is looking around frantically and moaning under his breath.

How scared can he be right now?

Motoyasu really REALLY hates Yanderes.

I seem to have found a good weakness. I’ll try it next time as well.

This is even more effective than Firo’s Groin Kicks.

“M-Motoyasu!?” (Bitch)

Motoyasu has frozen up, and Bitch gives an expression of surprise.


Shadow once again advances on Bitch with the lucor.

“Why do I have to- Mugu!?” (Bitch)

It was quite a surreal experience. I saw Woman one trying her hardest to hold back her laughter.

With perfect aim and timing, Shadow had tossed the lucor into Bitch’s mouth as she was speaking and forced her to eat it.

“Oh, also we have testimony from the innkeeper that you were seen taking the key to Iwatani’s room that day. I bet you used your authority to silence him, but mine is greater than yours.” (Queen)

The second after the Queen says this, Bitch’s face turns red and she collapses.

“Bitch!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu recovers and catches Bitch before she hits the ground.

“Please take her to the Infirmary. She will be fine.” (Queen)

That was a surprisingly satisfying event.

“Naofumi, you are laughing darkly again.” (Rafatalia)

“Sorry, there’s no way I can’t laugh here.” (Naofumi)

“a ha ha~” (Firo)

“… Firo, why are you laughing?” (Naofumi)

“Going with the flow.” (Firo)

“You know, um…” (Rishia)

Rishia waddles over. She seems troubled.

She should relax more…

“There’s a mountain of other evidence. For example, let’s examine Kitamura’s old chain mail.” (Queen)

“W-what are you doing?!” (Motoyasu)

“I won’t do anything. But can you please confirm the inscription on that chain mail?” (Queen)

“There’s nothing like that!”(Motoyasu)

“Every blacksmith puts an inscription, a sort of magical signature on their creations. In this city, it is considered to be a sort of obligation to inscribe them.” (Queen)

“Really?…” (Motoyasu)

“They are usually made so that the Merchants guild can identify when where and by whom they were made quite easily.” (Queen)

I didn’t realize it. So the items I got from the old man also have inscriptions?

“By Iwatani’s testimony, the Chain Mail he bought was stolen. So I will just need to verify the inscription on it.” (Queen)

“T-this was a gift that Bitch saved up for and gave to me.” (Motoyasu)

“Yes, I understand and believe you. But to clear all doubt, let’s get it checked up just in case.” (Queen)

Old Man… So you are even helping me here.

He was the first person to believe me over Trash and Bitch.

“If that armor is proven to have been honestly bought by Bitch, then there is no problem but otherwise…” (Queen)

There’s no doubt about it. I already know the results

“… Understood, let’s check.” (Motoyasu)

“This parchment contains the inscription on the Chain Mail Iwatani purchased earlier. Please compare it to the one on your armor.” (Queen)

The Queen hands the parchment to Motoyasu.

Motoyasu takes out the chainmail and searches for the inscription

… When he finds it, his face turns pale.

“Next up, Naofumi, is this yours?” (Queen)

And she hands me a single set of clothing.

It is clothing I wore upon coming to this world. It gives off a nostalgic feeling.

“It’s something I found in a store in ShieldFreiden. It is Iwatani’s isn’t it?” (Queen)

“… Yes, it’s a bit dirty, but there is no doubt.” (Naofumi)

It might be a difference in culture, but this world’s fashion is completely different from mine.

There’s no mistake. It’s the cheap set I wore as casual clothes.

The pants are even there.

The entire set is around 3000 Yen, but it feels so nostalgic that I want to cry.

($28.10 USD last I checked)

Now that I think about it, was the selling of these clothes the cause of Trash’s current stats?

Is that why he is currently half naked?

I had completely forgotten about them until now. This irritates me for some reason.

I should be angrier right now.

Not only does he summon me against my will, he frames me and leaves me penniless. I even lose all the Items I have on hand.

“Is this clothing from Naofumi’s world?” (Rafatalia)

“Yes. I never thought I would get it back.” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia stares at the clothes with interest.

I got Rafatalia after I already lost these. It’s not unusual that she is curious.

I have a lot of better equipment now, so these clothes are not helpful, but they are still important to me.

Bitch had probably taken them and sold them. They were unique so they might have fetched a high price.

“That’s good. We traced the route this item travelled, and found a merchant who admitted to purchasing it from Bitch.” (Queen)

“This is a lie! You’re just making things up! I won’t believe it!” (Motoyasu)

Well, I expected this.

Motoyasu desperately shouts out these words and then runs off.

What a difficult person.

Where does he even plan on going?

“I told you didn’t I, Kitamura. Please remove this person and take her to the infirmary.” (Queen)

After the Queen confirms that all members of the Motoyasu party have left, she shuts the door.

Quite a few vicious things were said without any thought given to Motoyasu, Woman 1 or Woman 2.

Woman 1 understands, but Woman 2 is on Bitch’s side.

That party is quite scary. I don’t really want to meet them again.

“Well then, let’s leave this matter here and go on to your job.” (Queen)

Did she call Motoyasu’s party over just to issue a punishment?

I find that fact more funny than the situation itself.

“You’re smiling again.” (Rafatalia)

“Ha Ha” (Firo)

“Please don’t laugh.” (Naofumi)

It seems that it will take a long time for my acquired cynicism to go away.

Rishia is also letting out a troubled voice.

By the way, she was saying

“Will the princess be alright?” (Rishia)

“Rishia, don’t misunderstand. That is not a princess. That is just the In-debt Adventurer, Bitch.” (Naofumi)

“Feeee…” (Rishia)

Rishia pops out of the Penguin costume. She is shaking.

It seems her evaluation of me has dropped.

It wasn’t even that high to begin with.

“About her debt, the amount she currently owes is 5000 Gold Coin. I hope she can work it off during the next wave.” (Queen)

5000 Gold! That’s a lot. Last wave, Motoyasu earned 4000 Silver for his efforts. Paying it off will take a while.

Well, what to do next. Should I go to the weapon shop and see what they have?

I believe the Old Man said he would take custom orders.

“You’ll need better Swords, Claws and armor for the next wave. Perhaps the royal Blacksmiths can do something. Please follow me for a second.” (Queen)

“Ah…” (Naofumi)

The Queen leads us to the warehouse building next to the castle.


TL: Excuse my Photoshop Skills

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