Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner

I did absolutely nothing yesterday, and Bakahou released 3 chapters. I feel a little guilty.

Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner

The next few days passed without issue.

We went out every day to prepare for the wave. Sometimes we would go to the mine and search for rare materials, and other times we would fight monsters to raise our levels.

In the mine, I would feed all the gems we acquired into the shield and we would also eliminate any nearby monsters.

For Firo’s legs, it doesn’t even take a day to return to the castle.

At the castle, I would mix medicines or learn magic.  Rafatalia and Rishia are also studying magic under the court magician.

For some reason, after the class-up Rafatalia has begun to be able to use magic other than Illusion. She has started absorbing new types of magic into her fighting style like a sponge.

But even for her, there is not much she can learn in 2-3 days.

The court mage says that in 2 weeks, she will be able to utilize Dreifach Class magic. I am waiting expectantly.

(TL: Apparently a magic level, if anyone has a better translation of ドライファ be my guest)

This will be useful in the future.

I was unable to save the people of the plagued village on my own, so I am studying medicine. For some reason the Medicine Shop owner went to the trouble of personally teaching me.

This world’s medicine is very effective, however only a select few actually studied and sold it.

They seemed to make up a sort of Apothecary Guild.

However the Church and Apothecaries were constantly fighting over treatment methods, and there are very few skilled people among either of their members.

The Church is putting its resources towards researching Healing Magic. This magic can heal extremely severe injuries, however it is not effective on disease.

The Apothecaries are putting their efforts towards mixing medicine. They are making progress towards eliminating diseases, however are unable to heal severe physical wounds.

Both sides have few advanced equipment and skilled individuals, the Medicine shop owner complains.

I wonder what field I should direct Rishia towards for support.

In order to make her stronger, I have a lot to learn.

By the way, Firo is spending her time playing with Melty.

The Wave will come in 4 days.

I go to the Weapon Shop to check on the old man’s progress.

“Oh, it’s you kids.” (Old Man)

“Are there any new developments?” (Naofumi)

“Let’s see… The Bird Girl stopped by with her friend to play.” (Old Man)

Friend?… He’s probably talking about Melty

She’s the princess set to take over the country, you know. Wait, for now she is the only princess.

He should already know as he saw my wanted poster.

And Melty is being too carefree, playing outside after all that stuff happened.

“You brought some mysterious ingredients, boy. I used the Black rabbit materials you gave me to try to reinforce the sword, and it immediately turned white.” (Old Man)

“Ho-…“ (Naofumi)

“I applied a Blood Deterring Charm to the sword. It’s not as effective as the coating, but it should work for your purposes.” (Old Man)

Blood Deterring Charm?

Is it a level below Coating?

“Ah, it somehow gives off a better feeling than before.” (Naofumi)

“I sharpened the edge, and put some light enchantments on it. The process went well.” (Old Man)

“This is incredible.” (Naofumi)

“I tried to do the same on the Bird Girl’s claws and it went well. For this one, I used the Black Dog Materials.”

“Wow…” (Naofumi)

For some reason, Firo’s claws have turned white as well.

It looks like a curse was lifted from them.

I inspect these two items.

Usauni Sword, Quality High (TL: Rabbit is Usa)

Item Effects: Agility Up, Magic Up, Pierce Power Up, Blood Deterrent

Inulut Claw, Quality High (TL: Dog is Inu)

Item Effects: Agility Up, Magic Up, Pierce Power Up, Blood Deterrent

“You do good work.” (Naofumi)

“Thanks” (Old Man)

These weapons have increased in quality considerably. They will be a major asset.  I wonder if they already had preset names, or if the Old Man named them.

Usauni… Inulut… I believe they were the legendary monsters of the islands.

“I also finished this spear.” (Old Man)

Speckle Spear

… Effects pretty much the same as the others.

“Who here can wield a spear? Also where did you get that spear from?” (Naofumi)

From that name, was it made from the Penguin Ingredients?

“I thought it was odd, but when I started using some of the remaining ingredients, this was the result. The ingredients almost ran out, it was difficult.” (Old Man)

“That was unnecessary…” (Naofumi)

Well, I guess there’s no harm. Worst comes to worse, I’ll give it to Rishia. She’s even wearing the Penguin suit, It will be quite fitting.

“This is still under construction. Try giving it to the Lady in the Costume.” (Old Man)

“Keep up the good work.” (Naofumi)

“Sure. But… The problem is the modification of the Penguin Suit that you ordered…” (Old Man)

With a sorry face, the old man goes into the back of the shop and pulls out what used to be the penguin suit.

“Oy… It’s slightly different, but it’s definitely still a costume.” (Naofumi)

The whole suit has turned white.

“I think I am going crazy. When the Bird Girl came over to play, I got inspired to try something, and it turned out like this.” (Old Man)

“… I have a really bad feeling about this. What sort of inspiration was that!” (Naofumi)

“What is that?” (Rishia)

“Come on, Rishia!” (Naofumi)

Rishia touches the suit. She is shaking.

“Hey, Old Man. No matter how you look at it, this is impossible.” (Naofumi)

“I also think that it turned out wrong.” (Old Man)

The Old Man looks like he is going to cry.

That’s right… What was once a Penguin Suit is now a Filo Rial Suit.

(TL: Rishia OP, she will get, Demon, Slave and Filo Rial Shield Bonuses)

And no matter how you look at it, Firo was the Model.

It is pretty much a Firo Suit.

Firo Plushy

Defense Up,

Agility Up (Large),

Impact Resist (Small),

Wind Resistance (Large),

Darkness Resistance (Small),

HP Restoration (Weak),

Magic Amplify (Medium)

Autonomous Repair,

Pulling Skills Increased,

Carrying Capacity Increased,

Size Correction,

Race Change- Monster (When Equiped)

… Both me and the Old Man avert our eyes from the Costume.

“Wa- Is this imitating Firo?” (Firo)

“It definitely looks like you.” (Rafatalia)

“What a wonderful Costume!” (Rishia)

“Hey! Don’t just equip it by yourself!” (Naofumi)

Rishia immediately puts on the suit.

“How do I look? Kue! Kue!”

… There is now a bird-form Firo next to the human-form Firo.

Well compared to the real thing, it is a bit smaller.

It’s quite a sorry sight.

I go and check Rishia’s status.

High! Is this the effect of the shield?

What was once 1/5 of Rafatalia’s stats is now 1/3!

For an equipment to be this effective… The Race change also gave her Filo Rial Shield Bonuses.

Well, as long as it’s effective, I guess it’s fine.

“Yes. Apart from the appearance, it is fine.” (Naofumi)

“How cruel.” (Firo)

Rishia seems happy with the Firo Suit.

However Firo seems to be protesting.

“This is all I can do for now. Next time, I’ll make some actual equipment for the girl.” (Old Man)

“How about me?” (Naofumi)

“I can make it, but I don’t think it will be ready in time for the wave.” (Old Man)

“I see.” (Naofumi)

Well, with the defense of the Shield, my armor has taken very little damage to begin with. I guess I can leave it as it is for now.

“I’ll pop by later. Thank you for your work.” (Naofumi)

“Sure. Oh yes, boy?” (Old Man)

“What is it?” (Naofumi)

“I can also make you new shields.” (Old Man)

That’s right. With these strange ingredients, he can also forge new shields that I have yet to acquire.

Feeding materials to the Shield will not necessarily guarantee a new shield, it will be more efficient to have the Old Man forge shields out of the drops.

Should I leave some materials from the next wave’s boss to the Old Man?

“If I run into some interesting materials, I might ask for that. Please wait ‘til then.” (Naofumi)

“I’ll be waiting, boy.” (Old Man)

And as such, we prepared for the wave.

I have been using the methods the other heroes gave me to strengthen the shields already in my possession as well.

Soul Eater Shield (Awakened) +6 35/35 SR (TL: Super Rare)

Ability Bonus

Equipment Bonus

Skill: Second Shield

Soul Resistance (Medium)

Psychological Attack Resist (Small)


Passive: Soul Eater

Sp Recovery (Weak),

Drain Effect,


Undead Control

Proficiency 67

Enchantment Level 7, SP +10%

Bonus against Undead (Defense +50)

Status Enchant (Endurance +30)

I am currently raising my proficiency. For some reason, upon strengthening, this shields stats went higher than the Chimera Viper Shield.

I guess this is because this is from the boss that came after the Chimera. It’s abilities’ effectiveness also went up with reinforcement.

The abilities Drain, Intangibility, and Undead Control appeared after awakening the shield.

Just as its name implies, Intangibility allows me to pass through solid objects… But going through a single wall takes up all of my SP. And that was quite a thin wall at that. I wonder what will happen if I solidify inside a wall. (TL: The Wizardry generation knows)

Undead Control allows me to manipulate undead monsters to some extent. I tried using it on some Skeletons, but it immediately dried up my SP.

I don’t think I can use these functions.

But by stats alone, my Defense is now 4 times what is was when I got back to the castle.

Yesterday, I let myself get attacked by all sorts of monsters, and I didn’t even feel anything.

… However, I myself never let damage get through to me to begin with.

After leaving the Old Man’s store, I go the Castle’s courtyard to experiment.

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