Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

This is the final battle the arc deserved, but not the one that many people want to read. None too dramatic. As for why he didn’t increase the trap size or go for the heart instead, it is my theory that if he increased the Trap size, he would die before the attack could take effect, and Neither Rafatalia or Firo can completely destroy the head in the time it takes for the heart to regenerate. Oh Well. The Turtle gives off a Sort of Fate from Negima vibe in his intentions.

Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

… I guess I can’t waste any more time.

Now that I think about it, we spent way too much of it inside of the turtle.

It seems that due to our nervousness, we hadn’t noticed just how much time had passed.

If I don’t leave to help out now, many deaths will result.

“There is something I would like to test.” (Naofumi)

I pull out all of the medicine I have on hand and give it to Rafatalia and Firo.

“Naofumi-sama?” (Rafatalia)

“Master?” (Firo)

“Go back to the turtle’s heart. I think I figured something out.” (Naofumi)

It will probably take everything these two have to stop the heart again.

I know this, but there is no other option.

“Master?” (Firo)

“There’s something I must do outside.” (Naofumi)

“Outside?” (Firo)

“Yeah, I can only do it once, so I’ll have to retreat after that, though. Rishia, please come support me.” (Naofumi)

“Fueee… I understand.” (Rishia)

“You couldn’t be…” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia is staring at me.

I’d like to speak with her more, but she probably already knows my intentions.

Rafatalia was there as well.

“If this plan fails, we have nothing left. At that time, please assist in the army’s retreat.” (Naofumi)

“I can’t! What about Naofumi!?” (Rafatalia)

“I understand the danger. If I can’t defeat it here, please return with the Seven Star heroes and try to hold it off.” (Naofumi)

The number on the blue hourglass was most likely the Spirit Turtle’s life span.

And the number never went down no matter how many times we killed it.

“If we do nothing here, many more innocents will die. Rafatalia, you understand that, right?” (Naofumi)

“…Yes, but…” (Rafatalia)

I put my hand on Rafatalia’s shoulder and pat it gently.

“It’s fine. I won’t die. Even if the mission fails, I will do my best to allow the people to evacuate.” (Naofumi)

“but…” (Rafatalia)

“I know I am acting out of character, but if we can’t stop it now, then our journey will just get much, much harder from here on out.” (Naofumi)

I mean a lot when I say this.

I plan to take on the crimes the other heroes have committed. Even after we deal with this turtle, the wave will continue.

The Blue sand and the Red sand. The message from Keiichi has made me certain this Turtle and the Wave are related.

The things I hadn’t even thought about before are now coming together in my mind.

There are four heroes, and their weapons can be strengthened with no visible limit. That means that unbelievably strong enemies were set to appear where these bonuses were needed.

If I can’t beat this monster here, stronger enemies will appear alongside it.

I want to avoid that at all costs.

“I understand, but still I wish to stand by Naofumi-sa-” (Rafatalia)

“Have you ever seen me hurt by an enemy attack?” (Naofumi)

“N-no…” (Rafatalia)

“Then worry not. I’ll say it again, but I’m not the kind of Good Samaritan that will sacrifice his life here. I will live and return to my old world.” (Naofumi)

“……” (Rafatalia)

“Regardless, after I use that skill, I will be left unable to battle. Then Rishia can help drag me out.” (Naofumi)

If they launch a surprise attack on the heart, it shouldn’t have enough time to retaliate.

All I need to do is match the timing.

This is a last resort. If this does nothing, then this mission has had no meaning from the start.

I’ll put my hope on the small fragments of information I have gathered.

The risk is high… but worse comes to worst the Seven Star Heroes can take over battling the wave.

I am a little worried about the heart’s energy blast but Firo should be able to avoid it.

“The problem is getting back to that room.” (Naofumi)

“”I got there using an underhanded method, but for these two…

“Leave that to me-gojaru.” (Shadow)

“Do you have something?” (Naofumi)

“I prepared something just in case we had to reach the heart again.-gojaru” (Shadow)

“Thank You. I’ll leave those two in your care.” (Naofumi)

“Understood-gojaru.” (Shadow)

“Now then, Rafatalia, Firo and also Shadow, Go take out the heart! Rishia, please back me up. This is the plan-” (Naofumi)

Rishia and Shadow show clear disapproval of my plan.

Rishia also witnessed my fight with the pope. She didn’t know the long-term effect it had on my body, but she did witness the immediate effects.

“Fuee… You’ll die!” (Rishia)

“Isn’t that a bit much-gojaru?” (Shadow)

“This is something I must do. Rafatalia and Firo don’t have attacks large enough to finish off a monster of that size. I have to do this.” (Naofumi)

“If the Hero of the Shield retires here, it will greatly affect troop morale-gojaru.” (Shadow)

“If I was sure of the Seven Hero’s prowess, I might have been able to back down, but when there’s a city that is about to be attacked right before my eyes, how can I stop?” (Naofumi)

“…understood-gojaru. I apologize for making the recuperation you did on Cal Mira meaningless-gojaru.” (Shadow)

“Likewise, I apologize for always relying on you like this.” (Naofumi)

I somehow managed to convince the other two, and I give Rafatalia and Firo the orders to assault the heart.

“I’m sorry for sending you back after we just escaped.” (Naofumi)

“Don’t worry about it.” (Rafatalai)

“No Problem~” (Firo)

“I’ll leaving the attack timing to you. It will be difficult, but I trust you can do it.” (Naofumi)

“I understand.” (Rafatalia)

The Turtle’s is almost at the city’s gates.

Even if the plan fails, I must fight the beast to bide for time.

If I can just slow it down a little…

“Naofumi-sama, We’re off. I wish you luck.” (Rafatalia)

“Master, fight!” (Firo)

“Remember to escape as soon as you destroy the heart!” (Naofumi)

“Yes.” (Rafatalia)

“Yep!” (Firo)

In truth, I also don’t wish to fight.

But to defeat this thing with the smallest amount of casualties possible, I must do this.

I don’t think I am wrong.

Rafatalia rides Firo, and disappears into the Cave we just came out of. With Firo’s legs, they should be there soon.

“Men, protect yourselves and follow my lead! Let’s go!” (Naofumi)

“Sir, Yes Sir!” (Army people)

“Y-yes!” (Rishia)

Before Rafatalia can make it to the heart, we must reach the head.

“Meteor Shield! Come on Rishia, I’m counting on you too. Fight on!” (Naofumi)

“Yes!” (Rishia)

Rishia clenches her fists tight and follows close.

On the way, we run into a Yeti-like familiar.

「Zveit Aura!」 (Naofumi)

I cast support magic on Rishia.

“Amazing, my body feels light.” (Rishia)

Rishia quickly takes out the Familiar’s eyes and pierces it’s heart.

Though her base stats are low, due to the bonuses from the Firo Plushy and my support magic, her attacks have become quite potent.

She developed a knack for observing the situation when studying under Itsuki.

For her, seeing through a monster’s weakness is quite easy. I don’t have to protect her against monsters of this caliber.

The Yeti dies bofore it can even realize it has been hit.

“I-I did it!” (Rishia)

“There are more coming, don’t falter!” (Naofumi)

“Yes!” (Rishia)

Nice response, it seems she has gained some confidence.

We eventually get out of the town, and head into the mountainous area.

… The city is right at the Turtle’s feet.


“Isn’t that Melromark?!” (Naofumi)

I see a Lo~t of familiar buildings.

The Turtle moves slowly for its size, but its stride length and lack of rest itself makes up for this

The Spirit turtle has crossed the Melromark national border. That’s right, it was going for places with high population densities. Of course, Melromark’s castle town is an obvious choice.

The Queen’s predictions were quite off.

I can see people evacuating in every direction.

If they just run like that, who’s going to help those who can’t run?

Not yet…!?

The Spirit Turtle steps into the city. The buildings collapse like toys beneath its feet.

(TL: It was then that Melromark received a grim reminder. They had lived in fear of the Turtles)

Some attack spells are shot from the Castle’s direction.

But this monster withstands it without even getting a scratch.

Its magical resistance is too high.

When we first fought the Spirit Turtle, the Queen’s army tried to back us up with support fire, but it had had no effect.

Gu… The Turtle is headed directly for the castle.

Rafatalia, Firo, are you there yet?

Suddenly, the Turtle’s body clenches, as if it had been hit by a heavy blow.

I can’t see its full facial expression, but its eyes show that it is in great pain.

Good, the heart has stopped.

Wrath Shield!

A number appears in my field of vision.

30 Seconds Left. But 30 Seconds is more than enough.

“Rishia, I leave the army’s safety to you! If something bad happens, call for an immediate retreat!” (Naofumi)

“U-Understood!” (Rishia)

The Target is the head.

It still hasn’t noticed my presence, so I must act fast.


If I stop here, Melromark will fall into ruin.

How much grief have these people put me through?

I will never be able to forget the humiliation this country made me feel.

This is my chance to get back at this country isn’t it?


There are many kind people here as well.

Old man, Melty, Apothecary, the Volunteer Soldiers, The magic shop… Even though he doesn’t really count, the slave dealer is there too

I still haven’t thanked these people for the kindness they showed me.

Now isn’t the time for vengeance. Now I can finally repay my debt.


Blood erupts from all over my body. My flesh rips apart and my bones creak.

The pain is even stronger than last time. My head is throbbing.

Is it because I strengthened the Shield of Wrath?

But I knew what was coming this time. I was mentally prepared.

I wonder if my body will hold up…

“*Hack*…” (Naofumi) (TL:Cough sound, throwing up blood)

Please endure, I can’t fall just yet.

I’ve paid the price. Under the Turtle’s head, an unbelievably large Bear Trap manefests from the ground.

The Spirit Turtle is still concentrating on healing its heart, so its reaction speed has dropped.

“______________!?” (Spirit Turtle)

A faint scream escapes its lips. The ground below my feet is shaking.

Then a loud metallic bang is heard. The trap closes, digging into the Turtle’s flesh.

With a creek, the trap opens again and once more…

“!!!!!!!??????????” (Spirit Turtle)

The Turtle lets out an unbelievable scream that echoes throughout the area. It tries to rampage

It’s too late.

You… Are already dead!

(TL: He really says Omae wa mou… Owarida!)

Bang! The Bear trap closes for a final time. There is not a shred of the Turtle’s head left.

Having finished its purpose, the Giant Bear Trap is swallowed by the ground.

…Will it regenerate again?

My conscious is fading. I change my shield to the Soul Eater Shield.

Wait! What about the Familiars?

When I turn around, the Army is rushing at me whilst cheering.

“The Spirit Turtle and its familiars have stopped moving entirely!” (Soldier)

As I hear this, my vision slowly fades to darkness…

(TL: The world is red… no the one that is red is me…)

“____mi-sama!” (Rishia)

I hear Rishia’s shocked Voice. I think she caught me. She’s wearing the Firo Plushy so it’s hard to tell, but it’s probably Rishia.

Firo… never calls my name, anyways.

Anyways… I can’t stay conscious any longer.

Did I act too rashly…?

“Rishia, please… Rafatalia… Queen… Report…” (Naofumi)

I’m sleepy. I pray I’m still alive when I open my eyes.

I wonder what death is like. I’m a bit scared.

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