Chapter 129: Social Standing

Really… Each and every one of you… Is it REALLY that hard to wait for 128 to be posted? Anyways, I’m posting this now, because some people were getting passively aggressive with me.

Chapter 129: Social Standing

“Can you grant me some land?” (Naofumi)

“Land? That will probably be fine, but can you explain your reasons? I thought Iwatani was indifferent to the state of this world.” (Queen)

“I understand I am asking for quite a bit.” (Naofumi)

Staying in the same city as the army is something I would like to avoid…

The Queen probably understands this.

“When we were inside the Spirit Turtle, I noticed something. To put it frankly, this world’s army is weak. If I do nothing about this, we will not be able to reduce casualties during the wave.” (Naofumi)

“You Bastar-” (Country Leader)

The one who spoke up is a commanding officer, but the soldiers around him restrain him.

I knew this would happen. That’s why I wanted to remain silent.

“Iwatani has made a rational analysis, let’s hear him out.” (Queen)

“We also have testimony from some soldiers. According to them, the Shield’s companions had super-human strength and preformed magnificently. Compared to that, we…” (Another Leader)

The other leaders hang their heads and say nothing.

I have worked with various branches of the military, including the fighters, mages and assassins. This is my analysis of them so far.

“I’ll concede that if the army wasn’t there, we would have been destroyed by the turtle. But that is exactly why.” (Naofumi)

“Muu…” (Country Leader)

The commander that spoke up lets out a sound of defeat and sits back down.

These people are annoying because of their pride, however they can be quite easy to deal with.

“When I say they were weak, I’m talking about the entire army’s attack power as a whole. As we have not established the exact connection between the Turtle and the wave, there is a possibility that even stronger enemies will manifest as the wave progresses. That’s why I want to raise a fighting force to combat these disasters. I’ll also need some money, but that is secondary. For now, I would like to request for some land to set up a base.” (Naofumi)

“I see where Iwatani is coming from. We have also yet to reward him for his efforts, so I guess this will be a good opportunity.” (Queen)

“Then my country can-!” (Leader Person)

“No, my country will-!” (Another Leader)

“I apologize, but I have already decided upon a location. I understand what you all are trying to say and am grateful, but I must ask you to stand down for now.” (Naofumi)

It will be troublesome to build a base in a country I know nothing about.

And you people just had your towns destroyed by the Turtle. Your people are still suffering.

This isn’t the time for you to be giving away money, land, or man-power.

“Someone please get a map.” (Naofumi)

The Queen takes a map from Shadow and spreads it on the table.

“… I would prefer it to be close to the Castle Town, but what location does Iwatani wish for?” (Queen)

“Here.” (Naofumi)

Without hesitation, I point to a spot near the harbor we went visited to get to Cal Mira. It is on the coast.

“…!” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia has a shocked expression, but she doesn’t speak up.

“I see… That land was the location of the first wave. It faced heavily casualties and has now been abandoned. Is that alright with you?” (Queen)

“I plan to start from scratch anyways. Instead of being close to the Castle, I think it is best to choose a location that fits my preferences.” (Naofumi)

“I understand. But for you to own such land, I must present you with some sort of nobility.” (Queen)

“I plan to return to my world after this. I don’t think I need a permanent title or anything.” (Naofumi)

“I shall present this land to you along with the title of Count.” (Queen)

“Hey…” (Naofumi)

If I were to become a count, then I would have to deal with troublesome things like land disputes and inheritance.

If this was a light novel, wouldn’t I have to work my way up from knight?

I know about the title hierarchy from a manga I read a while ago.

Though that manga was set in recent times instead of the medieval times.

(TL: I don’t know what manga this is)

Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron.

These are known as the five ranks of nobility, and the higher you go up, the more prestige you get.

Titles can be based on either Family or Land ownership rights. In my world… in Europe, nobility was decided by the amount of land one was given to control…

I think.

This gave birth to many different conquests for land and many different nobles arising.

And many people controlled more than ten-thousand acres of land.

But I don’t know if that applies here as well.

“Iwatani might have a child in the near future, so we must prepare for that.” (Queen)

“Hell no.” (Naofumi)

Her intentions are being revealed quite casually.

Do you really want me to marry Melty that badly?

“Whatever. If it is completely necessary, I will take the title of count.” (Naofumi)

“Please wait for a moment, there are rituals we must go through to bestow the title unto you.” (Queen)

“That sounds like a pain.” (Naofumi)

“However, you have really helped us this time around. I would like for you to properly receive the title as a reward for your efforts.” (Queen)

I guess if a hero defeats a monster of that caliber, then simply handing over some money isn’t enough.

It did kill many people.

“And I am excited to see the change that happens through the country. If the Shield hero who is worshipped by the demi-humans were to become a noble in the Human-dominated Melromark… I told you about it before, right? About the capable person of this country.” (Queen)

“Hm?” (Naofumi)

Now that I think about it, when Trash’s reign of terror ended I heard something about that. That a capable person of this country had died in the wave. He had helped facilitate Human- Demi-human relations.

The Tanuki-human Rafatalia lived in a province heavily populated by Demi-humans.

I see, the land I am asking for was formerly that person’s?

“The land that Iwatani requested belonged to that person. He was quite popular and trusted by the people.” (Queen)

… The Queen seems to be reading my mind.

The various leaders are listening to the conversation intently.

“This will create a lot of rumors, be they good or bad. Fine, I’ll leave the land to you.” (Queen)

“Don’t expect too much.” (Naofumi)

“Now then, please come to the throne room for the ceremony.” (Queen)

“Understood” (Naofumi)

We are led to the throne room.

The Queen hands me a ceremonial sword.

Unless I have the intent to equip it, the system will not give me a warning, so it is probably fine.

It won’t look good if it shoots out of my hands.

Before reaching the throne, I receive some instruction from Shadow.

I’m supposed to draw the sword and present it to the Queen, after which she will touch both of my shoulders with it and present a title unto me.

“Hero of the Shield, Iwatani Naofumi, has arrived!” (Guard)

The Castle Guards are playing instruments reminiscent of Trumpets.

It’s loud. It’s annoying.

I confidently walk towards the Queen, who is standing in front of the throne.

I take a subservient pose and lower my head, while unsheathing and presenting the sword to the Queen.

The Queen grasps the hilt, and slowly taps both of my shoulders with it.

“Hero, for your valiant efforts, my country courteously bestows unto you the Title of Count.” (Queen)

And the Queen returns the sword to me.

“We expect great things from you.” (Queen)

I return the sword to its scabbard and stand up.

“That’s how it is. It’s supposed to be a more grandiose celebration than this.” (Queen)

“Don’t. That would be a pain.” (Naofumi)

“Is what I thought you would say. However, the populace needs some form of celebration to advertise your newly gained authority.” (Queen)

“I got it.” (Naofumi)

With this, I think I will be unable to walk the Castle Town’s streets anymore.

Is that the Hero of the Shield? Yeah that person. Hmm… Just like the rumors say, he looks like he is up to no good.

Is what I used to hear.

Ah! The Hero of the Shield! The one that defeated that Monster and saved us all!?

People point at me and shout. It is now difficult to walk around for a different reason.

It’s not like I don’t want to be noticed, but this is enervating in itself.

“Now then, I will be talking to representatives of another country for a while. If anything happens, please allow me to help.” (Queen)

Wait, where was Trash during all of this?

… Ah, there he is.

He is staring at me with an irritated expression.

Is he under surveillance, and unable to approach me?

As I think this… I notice he is wearing a collar.  (TL: What sort of play is this?)


Whenever he tries to speak, the collar seems to glow.

It appears to rapidly tighten. Can I laugh?

I think I will laugh.

“_______!!” (Trash)

He seems furious.

But the collar shuts him up whenever he tries to scream.

I give a cynical smile.

“Naofumi-sama…?” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia says in a stern tone.

“I mean, how can I not laugh? Look at him.” (Naofumi)

“Anyways, I also have a lot of things I want to talk to you about.” (Rafatalia)

“I understand, but today I’m tired. Let’s go back to our room and rest.” (Naofumi)

When I woke up today, it had already been past noon. The days are passing by too quickly.

“See ya, Trash of the world. Your bitch of a daughter’s situation is uncertain, and the other heroes are yet to be found. You will be forever remembered as the Foolish King who led 3 of the 4 heroes to their demise. Good for you, you’ll be famous.” (Naofumi)

“_______!!!!” (Trash)

Trash points his finger and tries to advance on us as we leave the throne room.

But the soldiers surrounding him succeed in restraining him.

He can’t even talk to me anymore. The Queen does good work.

Is that man really one of the Seven Star Heroes? That’s definitely a lie.

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    • Anonymous-Kouhai says:

      It’s the queen speaking since there is no indication of Naofumi talking to the other leaders after the condecoration. There is also Trash in a leash so even if he is trash he’s still a seven star hero so it would be unlikely he would be in the leader’s conference room, so naofumi just get promoted to noble then wanders off to his room. I hope Yoraikun-Sempai notice m… I mean, this.


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