Chapter 141: To Capture the Spear Hero

Chapter 141: To Capture the Spear Hero

“Elena! Thank god. You’re alive!” (Motoyasu)

Upon hearing of The Spear’s companion’s discovery, we head to her location only to Find Motoyasu hugging Woman 1 and shouting in a loud voice over the counter of the receptions desk of a store. It seems that Woman 1 is manning the desk. It gives off a feeling of a parent being reunited with their child.
Elena? did she have a name like that?
I don’t recall asking for her or Woman 2’s names back on Cal Mira.

“Ah, if it isn’t the Hero of the Spear.” (Woman 1)

Woman 1 takes on an oppressive attitude and answers Motoyasu indifferently.
Motoyasu lets out a bewildered voice.

“W-what’s wrong?” (Motoyasu)
“Wrong? Now what could possibly be wrong?” (Woman 1)
“You know, I was really worried.” (Motoyasu)
“I did nothing warranting your worry. I’m more surprised that you managed to survive.” (Woman 1)
“Isn’t it obvious? There’s no way I would die with you guys there to support me.” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu answers with quite a bit of enthusiasm.
However, the aura around Woman 1 only seems to get colder.
Her gaze is apathetic. It’s as if she is staring at a pile of garbage.

“Naofumi-sama, are you not going to capture them?” (Rafatalia)
“Wait, let’s observe the situation.” (Naofumi)

I think something interesting is about to happen.
And as long as Motoyasu hasn’t noticed us, we have the upper hand.

“-?” (Firo)

Firo would stand out in her monster form, so she is currently assuming her human one.
We are observing the affair from an alley outside the store.

“Let’s once again team up to save the world!” (Motoyasu)
“I’m sorry. It seems I will be inheriting my father’s business. I can’t go with you any longer.” (Woman 1)

Her voice is quite indifferent.
It seems she has no intention of listening to Motoyasu at all.
Motoyasu seems to understand this as well. He looks quite confused.
I bet everything had gone his way up until this point.

I envy him in that aspect.
Even though I’ve become a count and acquired some land, for some reason I’ve been stuck cooking and babysitting for my slaves.
I feel as if I’m their mother.

I can hear the soldiers calling me the Hero of the Kitchen behind my back.
(TL: He actually says this, I’m not taking it from the comments)
To be more specific:

“As expected, the Hero of the Kitchen’s food really is magnificent.” (Soldier)
“You’re being rude, he’s the Hero of the Shield… right?” (Other Soldier)
“Ah, right… But recently, his shield has started to look like a pot lid to me…” (Soldier)
“I think you need medical attention.” (Other Soldier)
“Hahaha” (Soldier)

To hell with Pot Lids.
Remember this. I’ll work you especially hard when building gets under way.
… well that doesn’t really matter now.
I need to focus on Motoyasu

“Hey, really, what happened? You’re different from the usual Elena.” (Motoyasu)
“Even if you ask me that… You know this is a good time. Let me say it.” (Woman 1)
“What?” (Motoyasu)
“Motoyasu… No, Hero of the Spear-sama. I’m at my limit. I can no longer work with you.” (Woman 1)
“W-what are you saying?” (Motoyasu)
“At the start, you had a good reputation, and quite a bit of money. Look at you now. What do you have?” (Woman 1)
“Hm? I’m still a hero…” (Motoyasu)
“Honestly, I’m tired of being your comrade. Sick of it.” (Woman 1)
“W-what part of me is the problem?” (Motoyasu)
“You always try to hit on women, you don’t understand a female’s heart, and you only focus on your strength parameters.” (Woman 1)

Motoyasu’s hot-blooded personality has diminished.
Has he never been dumped before?
This is bad. I’m starting to smile at his misfortune.

“Naofumi-sama. You’re smiling.” (Rafatalia)
“But… I mean look. Motoyasu’s face has turned blue.” (Naofumi)
“Shouldn’t you be trying to capture them now?” (Rafatalia)
“Wait a second. I want to watch for a bit more.” (Naofumi)

Woman 1 has stopped hiding her thoughts and has begun talking rapidly.

“If you have enough free time to hit on me, then go to the castle and turn yourself in.” (Woman 1)
“Gu…” (Motoyasu)

It seems that he does realize his own crimes. Motoyasu remains silent.

“You’re already finished. If you want me back so badly, then go get some status. Like the Hero of the Shield.” (Woman 1)

Woman 1 gives a rejection reminiscent of a character archetype that I hate.
She’s speaking as if she hasn’t done anything wrong, and that everything is Motoyasu’s fault.
If the Heroine of a Gal-ge did that, the company’s building would be in flames.
But why is it?
When these words are directed at Motoyasu, I feel an extreme rush of happiness.

“Naofumi-sama!” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia is angry.
It seems I cannot observe the situation any longer.

“Then, shall we go?” (Naofumi)

I exit the alley and walk towards Motoyasu.

“W-what happened to you. I was sure you were more of an amiable sort of person.” (Motoyasu)
“Even if you ask me that…” (Woman 1)

Motoyasu is too engrossed in the conversation to notice my approach.
This is my chance.

“Hey, tell me this isn’t so.” (Motoyasu)
“I’m very serious, now leave already.” (Woman 1)

Woman 1 notices me getting closer.
It seems she understands the circumstances to some extent.
Please stall him for just a little bit longer…
When I wonder if my message gets across, she gives a quick wink in my direction. For some reason, it looks quite natural.

“And so, I am absolutely done with you. If you don’t give up already, I’ll report you.” (Woman 1)

It seems Woman 1 truly has had it with Motoyasu.
She’s even assisting in his capture.

Well, if she doesn’t do so, she will probably be treated as a conspirator in breaking the Spirit Turtle’s seal.
For argument’s sake, it seems that the Spirit Turtle was set to awaken at some point during the wave.
But to willingly release it is still quite a crime.

I’m almost there. Just a little bit closer…

Damn… This one’s instincts are not to be underestimated.

“Na-Naofumi!?” (Motoyasu)
“Yo. You understand what me being here means, right?” (Naofumi)
“…Elena, did you sell me out!?” (Motoyasu)
“You say some hurtful things. I am an ally to those with power. I was back then, and I am now.” (Woman 1)

I can hear nothing but a villain.
If I were Motoyasu, I would have forgotten my crimes and stabbed her by now.

“Now, obediently get captured. The Hero of the Shield did that at well. It may be best for you to start from scratch.” (Woman 1)
“E-Elena… You!” (Motoyasu)

I don’t think her intentions are as bad as Bitch. But they’re both still trash in my eyes.

Motoyasu doesn’t intend to give up without a fight. He takes up his spear.
Do you plan on fighting in such a crowded area?

“I want to hear your story. Will you accompany me to the castle?” (Naofumi)
“I’m sorry, but I won’t go with you. I need to go and prove my own innocence.” (Motoyasu)
“Innocence, huh? Well, I don’t have the slightest intention of killing you. Right now, we’re looking for a way to push back the wave, like the time we gained with the Spirit Turtle incident. As I’ve said before, I’m only an expert on defense. I cannot hurt you.” (Naofumi)
“I’m not the culprit!” (Motoyasu)
“Listen to a person when they are talking to you.” (Naofumi)
“I’m going to find my comrades, and save the World!” (Motoyasu)
“And what I’m saying is… Ah, this is a pain!” (Naofumi)

Anyways, the culprit always says that they’re innocent.
But judging from Motoyasu’s reaction, he himself believes that he is not the cause.
Which would make the culprit either Ren or Itsuki.
No, it seems all three of them were in the same place at the time. There’s no way he’s not involved at all.

“Anyways, stop by the castle. If you’re not the culprit,then you have no reason to refuse.” (Naofumi)
“I refuse!” (Motoyasu)
“You know, you did the same thing to me right? But now that our positions are switched, you act like that? Is there some sort of reason preventing you from going like there was in my case?” (Naofumi)
“Nope!” (Motoyasu)
“You…” (Naofumi)
“But there’s no way I can let myself get captured here!” (Motoyasu)

I can’t talk with this man. For now, it seems I must restrain him by force.
Can I defeat him with my stats reduced to this level?
No, Rafatalia and Firo are here. It should be fine.
From what I see, Motoyasu is alone.

“Please turn yourself in.” (Rafatalia)
“Wha-?” (Motoyasu)

The ones who appeared are Rafatalia, and Firo in her monster form.
It’s 3 on 1… What will Woman 1 do?

“Shall I join you?” (Woman 1)

It seems she will assist us in capturing Motoyasu.
Her level should probably be around 70-80.
Her skills should be more than enough.

“Now then. It’s time for you to pay the Piper, Motoyasu.” (Naofumi)
(TL: Literally, Time to pay the land tax, Time to reap what you sow.)
“Don’t rampage too much. It will be troublesome if we break the store’s merchandise.” (Woman 1)

As we approach, Motoyasu begins to Spin his Spear in a large circle.

「Portal Spear!」

Motoyasu’s figure seems to bend in space.
What the hell!?
And in an instant, he vanishes completely.

Is it a skill? It probably teleported him to a set location.
Damn, I miscalculated.
In MMOs, Items that allowed you to teleport to a saved location or town usually existed.
And Motoyasu had found the skill to do it.

“He Ran!” (Naofumi)

Damn… It seems that capturing a hero will be more difficult that it seems.
I’ll have to do something before he uses the skill, or find some place or magic that will interfere with its activation.

“H-he vanished… Where could he have gone?” (Rafatalia)
“Who knows.” (Naofumi)

If it’s to a set location, he’s probably at the Dragon’s hourglass, but if he himself can set the location, then the possibilities are endless.
How convenient. Teach it to me.
I don’t know how effective it is, but a warp skill will be priceless while peddling.

I don’t know if the effect is limited to me, or if I can take along comrades, but either way it seems really useful.
If I set my village as the warp point, it will make movement easier, and if any trouble arises I can be there in an instant.
I should probably ask Woman 1 if Motoyasu told her anything about it later.

“Well then, it’s been quite a while.” (Naofumi)
“It sure has.” (Woman 1)

I address Woman 1. Her real name was Elena… I think.

“You’ve probably already told the people at the castle, but would you mind sharing your story with me?” (Naofumi)
“I understand.” (Woman 1)

Elena takes a deep sigh, and begins speaking.

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300 Responses to Chapter 141: To Capture the Spear Hero

  1. Mark says:

    Thank you once again for the translation!
    My only complaint is that Shieldbro is being too lenient with those three hero stooges. I’d just capture Motofool by force and listen to his story while dragging his sorry ass back to the castle. Break his arms while at it. Though that is just me being a spiteful entity :(


    • Yoraikun says:

      He doesn’t have the strength stat to do it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • masadeer says:

        his shield is made of nerf foam(when used to attack in any form other than rage III).


      • Mark says:

        Yeah I figured his stats down is keeping him from ‘returning’ the favor of punishment on those three. Though I’d probably let Rafia or Firo at them… considering how those three manage to anger Rafatalia during Cal Island… oh well I can dream.

        Once more, thank you again Yoraikun for the translation and please rest up and watch your health.


      • Pyro says:

        Honestly I would have thought one of his girls could sneak up & knock them out cold followed by the use of the rope shield to prevent escape once they regain consciousness.

        BTW Thank you for all your hard work on this series.


    • Don’t forget, Shieldbro can’t even wrestle someone without the shield restriction kicking in, so add in the fact that he is down to 30% of his normal power, and I don’t think there’s any possibility of him just dragging the spear idiot anywhere, though I don’t deny, it would be nice to see Motoyasu get a bit of a reality check.


      • Seanna says:

        Elena? did she have a name like that?
        I don’t recall asking for her or Woman 2’s names back on Cal Mira.

        Yes she did. Woman 1 was named Elena is a very early chapter in one of the encounters.


    • Seanna says:

      Just create an anti-magic zone.


  2. Someone says:

    “but still is very astonishing that so many people give up the principles that underpin the modern society” You said it yourself, “Modern society”. Sure, Naofumi is a modern people, but 99.999% of that world’s population aren’t. So, do not see this issue from modern view, but from medieval ones. Slaves were practically a necessity back then. So, it is pretty impossible for the slavery to be abolished at that kind of time period(unless youre Hajime). And Naofumi is a practical person first and foremost. Heck, the only reason he took slaves was because slaves will grow much much better under him than normal people, due to his shield’s abilities. Morals changed over years.Today, would be condemned upon if someone before his/her teen to get married, whether it is consensual or not. A long time ago? Underage marriage is common. Part of it due to necessity since the life expectancy were quite low.


    • wizard172 says:

      here some notes about relationship between the slaves and naofumi.

      looks like some kind of Paternalism.
      Paternalism was the predominant underlying ideology towards slaves in the Roman, embraces the parent/child model, The slave owner is the parent and the slave is perceived as being the child, or childlike thus slave owners believed it was in the slaves best interests. Essentially this argument is presenting the idea that slaves lacked the ability to run their own lives and thus they were better off in the system of slavery where their lives were run by others.

      in europe the slave system end thanks to the rise of mercantilism and the capitalism economics system,
      the reaseon. its that was cheaper to pay someone to do the work than own a slave.


    • Anonymous says:

      … because the argues where emitted by the readers not by the character, also slavery remains today, is that an argument for give up on human rights?, if you going to some place where is not forbidden to have slaves will you buy them just because is the costume there, even when you have been rises under the modern society principles?… my point wasn’t mean to argue against the novel plot, but to take care of what you argue. i agree slavery was a part of the antiques societies economic system, but to defend it just because the master was nice, or because there wasn’t any better alternative nowadays is something that (at least) must make noise when you hear it.


    • R says:

      Critical analysis. Pretty critical and good observation. So I guess that is why the Light Novels deviates from the WebNovel. I haven’t read the Light Novels though.


    • Leightjim says:

      Well, Noafumi’s take is more of a benevolent Slave-master. That is quite rare in the slave-master mindset. His mindset is “I have an objective, and I’ll use any means in my reach to get it.” He gives them a goal, instead of “Hey, you mess up, you will be whipped.” Instead of fear, he uses promise, that is like giving a person with no light, a light down the end of a dark tunnel. They run for it, and they run for it hard. However, he uses promise both ways, “mess up big time and your out” “Follow my goal, and you get a village to call home.”

      It’s just like today’s world, slavery is present but it’s called employment, and a middle-man is included called money. But it’s only when we know how to use it is when it no longer becomes a burden, it becomes a tool.


  3. wesley says:

    Very good chapter! Thanks Yoraikun!

    Is always good to see spear noob on bad position like shildbro was on first volume…
    I just wanna see Firo chan kicking him a few times again


  4. aluvery says:

    cannt stop this excitement….what do i doo lol…141 and 142 is TOO GOOD just one moree….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_______________T ….sry just


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    I will forever regret for reading the Christmas Specia because i didnt know that it was after the main story had ended. I only read a few chapters so far but my head now is full of spoiler. Ugh! I wish i could delete my memory about it. T-T


    • I’m normally terrible for reading spoilers, but I got a few chapters into reading the christmas special and couldn’t do it, far too spoilerific, and I enjoy Shieldbro too much.


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    //////// TRANSLATOR’s/EDITOR’s FANTASY START /////////////////


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