Chapter 142: The Day the Game Ended

Not as exciting as I thought it would be.

Chapter 142: The Day the Game Ended.

After returning from Cal Mira and returning to the castle, the party managed to successfully defend against the wave of another country without issue. After that…

“Will we heading back to Melromark Castle after this?” (Bitch)
“No, there’s somewhere I want to stop to power up first.” (Motoyasu)
“What do you mean?” (Bitch)

And like that, Motoyasu took a detour, and travelled to the town where the Spirit Turtle was resting.

“It’ll be fine if we’re over level 60, and the materials and weapons that drop off of the guy that sleeps here are amazing.” (Motoyasu)

With that extremely light attitude, Motoyasu steps into the abandoned temple in the Spirit Turtle’s town. He’s being too easy-going.
Though it’s been abandoned, it is usually under surveillance by some monks.
For some reason, Motoyasu knew all of the traps and puzzles in the temple, and solved them with ease.

Elena wasn’t really watching too closely, so she isn’t knowledgeable about how he did it.

So Motoyasu solved all of the puzzles and headed towards the statue hidden under the temple, when the monks on surveillance tried to stop him.

“Oy, what do you think you’re doing!?” (Monk)

As they were holding weapons, we assumed that they weren’t simple residents of the temple.

“You’re being quite rude. The one who stands before you is none other than the Hero of the Spear, Motoyasu-sama, you know.” (Bitch)

Bitch goes ahead and names us.

“Wha… The Hero of the Spear!?” (Monk)
“Sorry for the intrusion. There’s just a little event I have to go and clear, you see.” (Motoyasu)
“I sure am unlucky today. To have a Hero invade this place as well…” (Monk)

These words left a great impression on Elena.
So someone’s causing a commotion at somewhere other than this?
Looking back on it, it was most likely Ren or Itsuki’s party.

“Anyways, hurry and get out of here.” (Monk)
“I won’t be doing that. If I don’t defeat the boss here, then something bad will happen later.” (Motoyasu)

And Motoyasu casually destroys the statue.

“H-how could you!” (Monk)

The monks are enraged.
Well, if someone claiming to be a hero intrudes on a historic place, and rudely destroys an ancient artifact then I guess anyone would be mad.
“Now then, to defeat the boss.” (Motoyasu)

………Nothing’s happening.

“Hmm?” (Motoyasu)
“Anyways, can you please come with us?” (Monk)

The monks try to apprehend Motoyasu and party.

“Insolent Peasants!” (Bitch)

Bitch cries out.
Motoyasu looks confused at her outburst, and restrains her. He begins to explain his intentions.

“I was under the impression that this statue was a seal, and if I didn’t hurry, something bad would…” (Motoyasu)

And then the ground began to shake.

“W-what is it now!?” (Monk)
“Yeah! It’s finally showed up!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu starts running out of the Temple.
But those tremors had been the Spirit Turtle standing up from its long rest. The ground beneath us moved, and the entire mountain, town and all lifted up.
Bitch and Elena were at a loss for words.
How were they supposed to fight that monster?

“It may look like that, but it’s strength is nothing special. Just fight it like usual! Let’s go!” (Motoyasu)
“Yes!” (Elena)
“Here I come!” (Woman 2)

We all began to charge the Spirit Turtle.
And that’s where everything began to fall apart.
The Spirit Turtle began summoning familiars, and killing innocent people left and right.
But ignoring that, Bitch and Motoyasu keep on running.
They eventually reach the Turtle’s head.

“Let’s go! 「Lightning Spear」” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu unleashes a strong move right off the bat.
But… The turtle lets out a grunt, and comes out of the attack with nothing but a scratch.
And what’s more, that scratch begins to heal in an instant.

“W-what the!?” (Motoyasu)

The Spirit Turtle’s familiars swarm us, and we have to drive them off.
But at this point, I don’t see any way of defeating the Turtle.

“Hey…” (Elena)
“It can’t be…” (Bitch)
“No, no, no…” (Woman 2)

Bitch, Elena and Woman 2 begin whispering amongst themselves.
They had noticed that the Spirit Turtle had begun walking without minding Motoyasu’s attacks. It didn’t even consider us as a threat.
Back when I fought it, it had been forced to stop and use it’s strongest attacks.
But these people were even troubled by the familiars.
I guess it was like stabbing a human with a toothpick. I’m surprised Rafatalia and Firo were able to wound it to that extent. (TL: Ginnoji, Push the end of it!)

“O-okay! Everyone, I’m going to try and draw it’s attention, so cast support magic on me.” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu starts screaming and running at the beast. It was then that Elena made her decision. She left the party then and there.
She left without looking back, abandoning Bitch and Woman 2.
And after getting far away from the Turtle, she hid until the commotion died down. Then she returned to her parent’s home.

Her mother was quite happy that she had survived. She told her that being an adventurer was too dangerous, and that she should take over her father’s company.
Her mother decided that she would talk her father into it. That Elena’s safety was their top priority.
They used her Father’s connection to prevent her from being turned in to the country and executed. It was negotiated that instead of putting her on trial, they would use her as bait to lure Motoyasu out.

“If that story is true, then there are several baffling points in it.” (Naofumi)

First of all, what did he mean by, ‘If the boss isn’t defeated, something bad will happen’?
Was something worse than the Turtle itself set to happen?
Anyways, it is probably quite impossible to defeat that monster at level 60.

This seems to be quite similar to that case with the Bioplants.

Motoyasu rushed to save a starving village with Bioplant seeds, but in the end he caused nothing but grief.
Is this Motoyasu’s supposed innocence?

Could Motoyasu possibly know anything about the Blue Hourglass inside of the Turtle?
I also wonder what Ren and Itsuki were doing at the scene.
All three of them have knowledge from the games of their world. For all of them to move at once, something important must be happening.

The problem is that Motoyasu didn’t tell his party much information.
Both Ren and Itsuki have a habit of acting aloof. Their party members probably have very little information as well.

…There’s still too little information for me to make any assumptions.

“I can’t believe he actually survived fighting that Monster.” (Elena)
“You know, you’re saying that to the person that actually defeated it.” (Naofumi)
“Ah right, so you were the one who defeated it? You really are quite something. To get to this point from the very bottom… I chose the wrong person to follow.” (Elena)

And Elena lets out a deep sigh.
If she was my party member, I would want to smack her.
It’s surprising that I’m not mad after listening to her for so long.

“Well anyways, Motoyasu-sama has given me quite a few goods, and my level did rise thanks to him. I guess I can stand the boring task of doing my father’s work for a while.” (Elena)
“You…” (Naofumi)
“It’s gotten quite cold. I thought I would feel warmer when I met that man again…” (Elena)
“Hmm~?” (Firo)

What was that?
It seems that Firo has been developing a strange speaking habit as of late.

“And so that’s how it is. If he comes again, I’ll report him but I don’t think he will be coming again.” (Elena)
“Most likely. By the way, do you have any idea where Bitch may be right now?” (Naofumi)
“No idea. But people like her tend to live unnervingly long lives.” (Elena)

It will be difficult to capture Motoyasu, and Bitch’s whereabouts are unknown.
And this one wants nothing to do with the spear anymore.
I can imagine the other women saying something like, ‘we were just following the Hero, we had nothing to do with it’ or something.
They’ll probably receive some punishment, but the Queen isn’t that evil.

“I understand.” (Naofumi)
“Now, you’ll have to deal with that annoying ability.” (Elena)

Warping… how bothersome.
If he can warp, then there’s no point in throwing him in prison.
If this were a game, we would have to afflict him with Silence to seal it off. And if we didn’t do it continuously he would run off the second it wore off.
Judging him will be difficult.

“He occasionally used it.” (Elena)
“Do you know what sort of skill it is?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see… He was able to use it on all members of his party at once without a problem.” (Elena)

4 people at once? It’s starting to sound like even more of a pain.
He might be able to take an entire army regiment with him.
But there’s probably a cool-down time. If we know where it sends him, then…

“Location. Did he tell you where he could go with it?” (Naofumi)
“How should I know? He didn’t say that much. But we travelled by carriage quite a bit, so it’s not all powerful.” (Elena)

Can he warp to any town he’s been to before? No, that would be cheating.
But by Elena’s testimony, it seems the location isn’t set. For now, I should report to the Queen.

“Thanks for your cooperation.” (Naofumi)
“It’s fine. It’s not like… Ah, now that I think about it, you’ve started some sort of business, haven’t you? I’ve heard the rumors.” (Elena)
“Yeah, I need to procure funding in some way.” (Naofumi)
“Though it’s troublesome, I may start trading with you at some point.” (Elena)
“Well, that depends on your goods. And you really are quite lazy.” (Naofumi)
“I know. I just want to live the easy life.” (Elena)

I can’t see what Motoyasu saw in this woman… It’s the same with Bitch.

“He’s quite an amazing person.” (Rafatalia)

From Elena’s conversation, Rafatalia somehow comes to this conclusion.

“Don’t ever fall for someone like that, Rafatalia.” (Naofumi)
“I won’t!” (Rafatalia)
“Firo wants to run.” (Firo)

What is she saying all of a sudden?
Firo has begun acting more oblivious as of late.
I guess she is getting bored.

“Well, see you around.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, good bye.” (Elena)

Elena sighs once more. She sits down at the reception desk with a bored expression.
She’s really quite an easy-going person.
And so I have failed to capture Motoyasu for now.

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