I am looking for a new banner to use for the site (Note: The current one is not my work) so if anyone wants to take the time to make/submit one,  I would appreciate it.

The old one and new one are pictured below




If you really want to do it, the specifics are as follow:

Size: 940px × 198px (If it’s larger, wordpress auto-crops it to that size)

Design: Whatever you want relating to the story/characters


About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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162 Responses to THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER: Header Design

  1. sandmanny says:

    I love the new header!


  2. kne says:

    man the new header are so cool.


  3. lee shong says:

    that header looks better than the orginal


  4. Uz3r013 says:

    lol I completely forgot about the comments section for the request post. I thought no one was making a header, now I see there were a few others making some. Glad you guys like it (^_^)


  5. madmann135 says:

    Is Naofumi wearing a crown and looking like an evil king!?


    • Saint says:

      No it’s just the accessory around the party, but it is nice to see coincidences like this.


    • Uz3r013 says:

      Crown no… 3rd person to think that tho. It is just the top of the “border” I did make a design that removed the “sword” and showed more, but it felt wrong to only have 3 of the 4 weapons in the pic. wanted either only the shield or all of them.

      He is not so much evil… Only half of him is “evil” it is a picture that represents his normal side and his “Cursed” side.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Magnifique, j’adore love love love.


  7. Hikao says:

    aw, do you still accept more banner? cause I’m not done with mine, since I’m not using photshoped images
    the current banne is awesome though


  8. nckeo says:

    Who make these banners!? They are so nicely edit!


  9. Android 21 3/7 says:

    Finally finished and allow me to be the first to say… I went too crazy on Firo’s feathers and she looks really cluttered now. Also, it didn’t look quite so dark in Photoshop. What happened, I wonder. O_o


  10. Hikao says:

    I was supposed to finish the raphtalia set today, but I don’t have enough time, I’ll do Kid raphtalia next time, I got tons of exam that i haven’t studied yet


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