Chapter 153: Even Though You Already Understand…

Chapter 153: Even Though You Already Understand…

Ren and his comrades successfully cleared the Wave of another country, and then headed to the town the Spirit Turtle was sleeping in to search for greater strength.
He’s exactly the same as Motoyasu, or so I want to retort.
According to Ren, the Spirit Turtle was going to be the mastermind behind an even greater calamity, so it was best to kill him off early.

“In the near future, a plague would have struck that land. The people would fall one after the other… And the cause of that would be the Spirit Turtle. He would manipulate their corpses and create an undead army with his powers of mind control.” (Rem)

Apparently, in the games Ren played, if he didn’t act fast a large calamity would befall this land. This event was big enough in scale to cause the fall of nations and the formation of several counter-measure organizations.
That’s why Ren’s main goal was the prevention of this disaster.
The boss was supposed to be beatable at level 60. Since Ren was over 80, he thought it wouldn’t be difficult.
…It’s the same as with Motoyasu.

“Can I ask something?” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Ren)

I interrupt Ren.

“In your Net Game, were you able to visit that area before? Or was it a new area that became unlocked with the event?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see. I think it happened in Update: Episode 7, The Assault of the Spirit Turtle. Before that, it was a normal town and hunting ground. But after the update, you needed permission to enter the area. I read it on the internet.” (Ren)

…Update: Episode 7?
The blue hourglass in the turtle read 7, but… it’s a coincidence, right?

“Please continue.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah.” (Ren)

The reason he acted without the country’s consent was that in the game he played, the Turtle’s mind control was affecting the actions of the leaders of countries as well.
It seems that it was being treated as a sort of quest.
And that’s why negotiations were pointless.
My head hurts. If you were under the assumption that the country’s leader was being brainwashed, why the hell didn’t you actually go check?
Like Motoyasu, Ren infiltrated a temple slightly outside of the village.

“Um, Ren-sama, are you sure we should be doing this?” (Ren Party)
“What are you talking about. The monster sleeping here has already infiltrated the upper echelon of government. Sitting around and waiting for negotiations to finish is pointless.” (Ren)
“Oy, you people! Name yourselves!” (Monk)

As he was about to destroy the Buddhist statue that would awaken the turtle, a group of monks surrounded him.
Because they had appeared in the basement of an abandoned temple, Ren was able to conclude that they were under the Turtle’s influence. He hurries to destroy the statue.

“Please stall them. For the people who still have their sanity, we must press onwards!” (Ren)
“Yes!” (Ren Party Plural)

Ren’s comrades assist in the destruction of the statue.

“H-how could you… That was a priceless historic…” (Monk)

The monks shout out. They raise their weapons.
I thought he had done the same as Motoyasu, but it seems all he did was destroy a priceless artifact.
Well… It was probably a memento of the past Four Heroes or Seven Star Heroes.
I don’t really know this world’s history, so I can’t say what would be valuable or not.

“Mu.. That Sword… Could you be the Hero of the Sword!?” (Monk)
“If you already know, then I guess there’s no harm in telling you. I’m the Hero of the Sword, and I have come to vanquish the darkness that sleeps beneath these lands.” (Ren)

As they were saying that, the ground begins to rumble beneath them.

“Okay! The Spirit Turtle has shown itself. Let’s go!” (Ren)

Ren carefully knocks the monks out and runs in the direction of the rumbling sound.

“It’s big… Can we really fight something that large!?” (Ren Party)
“We can win! We have become strong!” (Ren)

With confidence, Ren rushes towards the Turtle.
While closing in, he thought he saw someone use a skill on the head, but he just assumed it was one of the adventurers fighting it.
Thinking that this world’s adventurers wouldn’t be enough, Ren raises his sword towards the Turtle.

「Handlet Sword!」 (Ren)

It’s a skill that takes a while to activate. He stacks on another attack.

「Thunder Blade! 」 (Ren)

But the Spirit Turtle is largely unaffected.
What happened afterwards was just like with Motoyasu, so I’ll abridge it.
Ren feels something is off, but he keeps fighting.
Without giving up, he fights for the people in danger of the beast.


And when he was aware of his situation, The Spirit Turtle was already walking away without paying him any mind. Ren was surrounded by corpses… the bodies of his comrades.
They were cruelly mangled bodies. Destroyed so badly even Ren couldn’t identify them.
The only thing he could understand was that his party members were all dead.

“W-what the hell is this… It’s a lie… All of them were over level 80, yet…” (Ren)

Ren’s brain could not comprehend the events that had just happened.
And Ren’s mind shut down for a period of time. He prayed for the slight chance that, like a game, he would be able to revive them.
But no gods would hear his wish, and Ren understood that from the beginning.

After that, Ren rushed through the swarm of Spirit Turtle Familiars, and tried to save as many people as he could, but he eventually lost consciousness.
When he regained consciousness, the Spirit Turtle’s reign of terror had already ended.

“I lost because they were weak… And because they were weak they died. If only we had worked together more, then winning would have been easy.” (Ren)

He’s in complete denial.
… There’s no helping him. His companions must be turning in their graves.

“I’m not at fault. They were weaker than I had ever imagined. I’m not wrong. I’m not!” (Ren)

And he’s running from his own crimes.
I don’t even need to pity this one.
However a kind word isn’t what he needs right now.

“You are wrong. Don’t think this will always be a game. What you did was clearly rash, and even your comrades saw that.” (Naofumi)
“What!?” (Ren)

Ren looks at me angrily.

“If that’s all you can say about the people who trusted in you and followed you to the end… then you don’t only fail as a Hero. You fail as a Human Being” (Naofumi)

If you went to me for warm words, then you’re very mistaken.
Saying that you’re not at fault.
This one… Just as I thought, the only think he ever did was act as a selfish guild leader.
He fought an enemy out of his league, and as a result his party was annihilated. And in the end, he blamed them for being too weak. His conduct is just as Rafatalia said.

“This world is not a game. If you keep believeing that, then more people will suffer.” (Naofumi)
“S-shut up!” (Ren)
“No matter how much you scream, no matter how much you regret, until the wave is over we will never be able to go back home. We were summoned selfishly by the stuck-up leaders of this world, and given the pretentious title of Hero.  In most worlds, that would be considered kidnapping. But if we want to do anything. If we want to change anything. Then the only thing that we can do is fight.”
“Ku….!” (Ren)
“A while ago, you told me, ‘If things get bad, you run away? You really are the worst.’ And look at you now. Are you aiming to become the worst of the worst?” (Naofumi)

Well, right now I’m just taking out my anger on him.
For him to continue to fight even after seeing the monster was too strong for their party… I would first test its attack power, and then create a plan from there. But this person can only fight as if this were a game.
He didn’t do any investigation beforehand, and placed his trust into the knowledge he heard on the internet. It’s as if he was following a walkthrough.
He’s a coward. Has he even tried to discover anything on his own?

“Your game is over. Your game information is useless now.” (Naofumi)
“You’re wrong! I’m… I’m not at fault!” (Ren)
“I’m not wrong. You told Rafatalia that you ‘Wouldn’t forgive her’. Well, now I’m going to tell you that I will never forgive you for your actions. You’re now a splendid murderer.” (Naofumi)
“Quiet…Shut up… Please, don’t say any more…” (Ren)

Ren has begun shaking over my continuous accusations.
When a lot of people died in the plague-stricken village, he had acknowledged that he was in the wrong. He even went there to apologize.
Inside, he already knows the truth. But that truth is something that he doesn’t want to accept. He is unable to accept it.
Even though he already understands…

“I understand that you did not cause any of this on purpose. However, you are still alive. If you’re still alive, then isn’t there something you have to do first?” (Naofumi)
“Shut up!” (Ren)
“I’ll keep talking until you listen. You already get it, don’t you? Don’t you know what you have to do right now?” (Naofumi)

Ren unsheathes his Sword
I hold up my Shield.
I feel a light tap on it.

“Take this!” (Ren)

Ren tries to slash at my face.
I… don’t even try to defend myself
Bang… I hear the sound of metal colliding near my ear.
Ren starts to laugh. However, his eyes widen as if he has seen something unbelievable.

“H-how did you…” (Ren)
“That sword you have equipped right now. It looks to be made from Spirit Turtle materials, but isnt it a bit too weak?” (Naofumi)

I took Ren’s attack head on.
Of course, my defense is being greatly bolstered by the shield on my arm.
But if Rafatalia had attacked me like that, I wouldn’t have escaped unharmed.

“You thought you could take on the Spirit Turtle with that? Are you stupid?” (Naofumi)

It’s crazy to think someone could win at level 60 in the first place.
No… perhaps if you properly strengthened all your equipment and status… and you ignored all of the casualties around you, focusing only on victory… The Spirit Turtle’s attacks are slow, so it might be possible.
Of course, that only applies if you can take out the Head and Heart at the same time.
And from what I’ve seen, Ren has only been using the reinforcement methods from his own game.

“You didn’t listen to Shadow at all, did you. Your weakness is because of-” (Naofumi)
“Those were lies! There’s no way the Shield can be that strong! It’s a Cheat, a Hack! Don’t monopolize it!” (Ren)

I don’t want to hear that from you!
Is what I want to retort, however there’s a time and place for everything.

“Improve your swordsmanship. Your weakness is-” (Naofumi)
“Che!” (ren) (TL: Tongue clicking sound)

Ren raises his sword High above his head.

「Flashing Sword!」 (Ren)

The sword glows brightly and clouds my vision.

“You… !” (Naofumi)

He tries to slash at me a few more times, but to no effect…


He screams out, and I can hear him running away. By the time my vision started to return, he was already gone.

“M-mah eyes…” (Drunk)

The people in the tavern are rubbing their eyes.

“Don’t worry, it was just bright. There should be no negative effects. Stay still for a while. It’s dangerous if you can’t see anything.” (Naofumi)

On my word, everyone calms down.  I wait for my eyesight to go back to normal.
They’re nothing but trouble, you know. These Heroes.

And Ren is only on that level? I thought Ren was supposed to be the strongest, but…
I can’t count on them at all.
Rafatalia would wipe the floor with him.

If he was actually trying to get strong, then he would at least be able to hurt me.
But for now, he is just focused on denying his crimes.
He can’t even doubt the knowledge he brought from another world.
And even after his comrades dies… I can’t accept the current Ren.

I could end his suffering now, but…

I’ll put that train of thought on hold.
It’s not something to be decided so easily.

And I think it will be fun to watch him suffer more.
Understand my pain, you bastard.
No matter what I did, I was considered evil. Now taste that living hell some more.
Heaven doesn’t open in just a few weeks.

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    just wanna know,, how important the 7 first chapter (only read a manga).
    i know there is a back story of other heroes,,
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  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot!!! :)


  3. whome says:

    Now I’m starting to think that the Heroes had a suggestion planted in their minds during the Wave. The game info Ren had seems too similar to be a coincidence.

    BTW, thanks for the translation, Yoraikun!


    • Pablo AS says:

      It dosnt seem to be a coincidence, if you remmeber, the book that naofumi was reading was about this world too. But he just had the chance to glance through the first few pages before being summoned. Most likely that world follows the same steps as those in ren’s game and naofumi’s book and the others heroes but it WILL change based on their choices. Still it was far to stupid to release the turtle… those 3 still think that its a game and none of them used the method of the other heroes so they are fkng weak now. And naofumi is so strong that he can just recieve Ren’s sword to the face and not even an hair can be cut LOL


      • whome says:

        True, but even the book wasn’t totally accurate. Bitch didn’t whore herself to all the heroes, just the Spear Hero. It just seems suspicious that they suddenly got it into their heads to release the Spirit Turtle – they didn’t mention it at all before, to anybody. Or is that just the fault of the author? ;-)


        • Zeb says:

          Let’s not blame the author isn’t it was just that Update: Episode 7 finally happened.

          “Let’s see. I think it happened in Update: Episode 7, The Assault of the Spirit Turtle. Before that, it was a normal town and hunting ground. But after the update, you needed permission to enter the area. I read it on the internet.” (Ren)


        • Anonymous says:

          She didn’t yet….


        • Mark says:

          Plus Bow-brat was hinting these things at Naofumi on the boat out of Ciar Island after the Risha framing. So it is likely someone planted a suggestion to the three stooges.


        • whome says:

          So you’re saying that the island arc is what triggered the idea that the Spirit Turtle quest was active?


        • Anonymous says:

          Bitch did whore herself, She wasn’t a virgin when she met shield or spear to begin with.
          She started doing it even before the summoning, said the queen.


      • rodrigo nakamuta says:

        She didnt whored herself yet.


    • nyandereh says:

      Based on what little I know, I’m guessing that it was during the companion rotation, when spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler something something dark side.

      Just my deduction skills coming into play of course! /adjustglasses


  4. Anonymous says:

    Honestly it’s THIS chapter that should have been named “The Day the Game Ended”. It seems much more fitting than the one with Motoyasu, Also, I look forward to seeing if Ren is forcibly made Naofumi’s subordinate or something though.


  5. Thanks again, youngster.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks as always~

    And jeah i would love to read the wordmaster ^^.
    I read the 18 Chapters avaible. Funny and great. Rank wise:

    If i go for “gameish/monsters” categories.

    BUT pleaes don’t burden yourself too much… not that you will outburn your inner translator mana on too many chapters…


  7. Mario says:

    Hmm….Maybe Trash really was brainwashed like i thought…the queen can be in danger now (since before she was not in the castle), or Trash is only stupid?, maybe or maybe the two things.

    So basically the three heroes do the same thing, everyone with their own excuses. As i thought they are all at fault, at least in part…aparently the three saw something similiar in a game in their world so they do the same “conveniently” at the same time. This is the thing, they really wasn’t trying to protect everyone they just wanted to be praised, How i know?, because no one called the Shield Hero, they all wanted the glory to themself…the three did not even made a party togheter. They did not think at all and they obviously know this before the island thing.

    At least Itsuki made Risha leave for that (since she was weak an thought she could die). So, Itsuki is the best of this fouls? I was expecting Motoyasu to be the best of the three, since he has his own chapters.

    Final analisis, since we obviouly can expect the three to be excecuted we just can conclude the next (it could be more, but i am just going to put some)
    – Being captured the three heroes, the hero of the Shield made the Queen reconsider their execution (previous that Risha try to save Itsuki…i am being to specific?), since he need their streght (they will or not became his slaves).
    – In the last part of the story Naofumi (or someone) discover the only real seal was the one the Armored guy destroyed (In some part i read in here that he was the only one alive of Itsuki companions and for some reason Bakahou or Yoraikun or someone, i can’t remember who, express the Armored guy was hated like Trash or bitch, so that made me wonder) and what the other heroes destroyed was nothing special, so they are not murdurers…well at least Motoyasu…and that is why he has his chapter, now i get it. Using this deduction (only if i am right of course) i can make another deduction, only one hero made a seal and the other three were stupids like the three present heroes.

    Like always i am just using my own analisis skills and it is not like this is going to happen, but i hope so.

    Thanks for the chapter, it was alwesome like always. Sorry for the extent of my text


    • Sorry but I can’t see with any of that being correct


    • Maybe Trash got stuck into a time loop where he had to be a complete dick or Shield hero would be too weak :D


      • Mario says:

        Hmm…i already thought about that, if we think about him being the sage king it could be possible, but then it will mean only Shield has the wrath (curse shield) shield, so he do that kind of cruel things to him just to unlock this ability and make him strong and everything, but for my taste they go to far, so i am not sure about this theory, but it is a good one i can tell.
        If the other heroes have this ability in themselfs then we are going to know soon, since they are tasting hell right now.


      • Mario says:

        Oh, by the way, if the Wrath (curse) ability works not for anger, but for impotence, then it could be possible. I mean all being a plan…since the only one without power was the shield is the perfect choice, so they try made him feel impotent (without hope). Even if with the others was the same it could be more difficult, because they had power.

        But maybe now they can feel impotence, but then that would mean that the king made all this (or the queen or both). No one saw someone die because of the turtle, even Naofumi did not saw a civilian die. It was impossible to indetify the companions of Ren
        Oh, but who follow Naofumi to the turtle die…but the Queen was trobled when Naofumi take control and inspire the other liders in the conference…maybe was because it was not part of the plan. I do not think they care that much about construction at least not more than people…I could be wrong.


    • Random says:

      I could be wrong but I have a feeling that bitch started it. the 3 hero each do some thing to start the event.


    • Cyber says:

      Allow me to interject,and give my hipotese.
      The reason ALL heroes except Naofumi think the world they are in is their own game, is because they are probably not wrong. I believe the saint weapons appears on other worlds to search for people with potential, or prepare then before their deaths, to be not caught completely on surprise. Remember, Naofumi got suspicious about chapter 7 mention by Ren and the blue hourglass number 7. And Naofumi read a book about the 4 Saints story. So my opinion is that they really played a game far too closely made to that world. On purpose. That, on the other hand, backfired, causing then to take the world too lightly. And the turtle had more purpose, since the message from the past 4 heroes sugested it as well. So even trought all that damage, they might not be wrong on releasing. (of course, the way they did was reckless)
      Naofumi, who read not much about the book, and just before his death( this is a especulation, don’t take this as facts) did not got all the info the others did, and in a worst way, leaving him behinde. So the so called”game knowledg may not be empty nonsense.


      • Mario says:

        No, i think you are right, i already put something similar before. I think even there is a force here calculating their actions…my proof it was not the same as yours since i read the manga at the beggining and skip some chapters of the novel, but i understand since the previous Hero of the Shield was poison to counter that now Naofumi is strong to poison, alcohol and who knows what more. So i think you are right.


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      • Carl says:

        The only reason she went with Naofumi was to get stronger for Itsuki though… Unless she has a major change in motivation (maybe her family?) I don’t think there’s any question that she would/will follow Itsuki again.


      • IamMe says:

        Depends, Bow was the only hero she had experience with so she thought that his treatment was normal. She has since been under Shields care and has grown a huge amount since then. She has been helped to power up, she has been given responsibility beyond fetching supplies (protecting the slaves while they train) and she has been given respect.

        I could see her going back to Bow but getting fed up with him and leaving after a time. The fact that she might very well outclass all of the other members of Bows party at this point would be amusing.


    • SilverCricket says:

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