Chapter 157: Purchase

Chapter 157: Purchase

“Next is this one.” (Slave Merchant)

I look into the next cage, and see another healthy-looking Demi-Human slave.
But it’s a child… a girl.
The child is giving off a suspicious smile and waving her hand at me.

“Ah. Rejected.” (Naofumi)
“Why!?” (Child)

Of course, she objects.
Even though she looks healthy, that doesn’t really matter to me.
Most of the slaves I bought were malnourished, and had dead eyes.

Even Kiel wouldn’t stop shaking unless Rafatalia was nearby.
Someone who’s never been bought. I can’t call this dreaming adventurer a slave.

And I reject every slave that I am led to, and they object to my rejection.
This continues for a while.

I already understand these people’s objectives.
I glare at the Slave Dealer. Both of them. They are both sweating heavily.

“Yo.” (Naofumi)
“It’s unfortunate that there is nothing here to the Hero of the Shield’s liking. Yes.” (Slave Dealer)
“*Sigh*… There’s no choice. I didn’t want to have to use this, but…” (Naofumi)

I go towards the Child slave I was shown before.

“Oy, what are you planning. This is the Hero of the Shield’s orders. Resist and your country will be ruined.” (Naofumi)

I call out in a Yakuza-like voice.
I don’t think I’ve had to use it recently. The last time I had to was with the accessory merchant.

“Hiii… P-papa said… Become the Shield Hero’s bride, but the Hero only trusts slaves, so to get closer to you I went to a good merchant, and…” (Kid Slave)

In response to my stare, the child slave answers in fear.
But as she is a small child, there’s no helping it.

“… And you’re okay with that?” (Naofumi)
“Eh?” (Kid Slave)
“Even though it’s for your family, do you really want to become the bride of someone you don’t even know? (Naofumi)

She’s even smaller than Rafatalia when I met her.
It feels unpleasant that someone wanted to use a kid this small to gain status.

“Anyways, just go home and tell them you were seen through. And if they aren’t satisfied, tell them that the Hero of the Shield only takes on people who actually need help.” (Naofumi)

It seems that quite a few slaves are here for that purpose.
The Slave Dealers are sweating profusely.

“And that’s how it is. I don’t want any of your merchandise.” (Naofumi)

It seems this was supposed to be a sort of marriage interview.
These people were only slaves in name, and were truly the children of nobles who wanted to get closer to me.

“I believe that my name holds some level of power. Should I write a letter of complaint directed at your enterprise?” (Naofumi)
“I understand. Yes. I think the other side will back off. Yes.” (Slave Merchant)
“As expected of the Hero of the Shield. You were able to see through the fake slaves in an instant. My heart is racing.” (Slave Dealer)
“Stay Away!” (Naofumi)

It was blatantly obvious that they weren’t slaves.
Put in more effort if you want to conceal them.

“How deplorable…” (Rafatalia)

Even Rafatalia is fed up.

“Don’t think it’s that easy to seduce Naofumi-sama… If he was that easy, then I wouldn’t be having so much trouble.” (Rafatalia)

Hm? What is she saying?

“Do you have anyone else? If you brought me here for nothing, I will get mad.” (Naofumi)
“Of course we have more. That is our main business you know.” (Slave Merchant)
“… Don’t try to fool me again.” (Naofumi)

That’s why I don’t like involving myself with these people.

“Does the Hero of the Shield have any specifications?” (Slave Merchant)
“Right now I am looking for slaves that can do skilled work. Also anyone who was from Rafatalia’s village.” (Naofumi)

I have already gathered several skilled individuals, but I need more people.
We now have a medicine and clothing store, so perhaps I can get some people to learn those trades.
Imya is doing well, and I’d like a few more people like her.

“I see, then please step over here.” (Slave Merchant)
“No lies, okay?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, I know.” (Slave Dealer)
“Are you Rafatalia? Would that make your village that one that got hit in the first wave?” (Slave Merchant)
“Yes. It may be a difficult request, but do you have anyone?” (Rafatalia)
“I have already heard from my nephew and prepared some. Please wait a second.” (Slave Merchant)

The Slave Dealers bring out… some from a familiar race.

“So there are Lemos here as well.” (Naofumi)
“We have everything to fit your needs.” (Slave Merchant)

So these are skilled slaves… There seems to be octopus Demi-Human among them.

“These individual is from the Opuscot Race. They are an aquatic race of Beastmen.” (Slave Merchant)
“They look like monsters.” (Naofumi)
“It pains me to hear you say that. We also have Kafe Race slaves Prepared.” (Slave Merchant)

This one looks like a dolphin… Albeit a bipedal dolphin.
There sure are quite a few types of Demi-Humans.
In such a war-stricken country they have collected a wide variety of slaves.

“My village is right next to the sea, so there shouldn’t be a problem.” (Naofumi)
“Then I will prepare some for you. Would you prefer to have children?” (Slave Merchant)
“I don’t have such a preference. As long as they can do work, there isn’t a problem.” (Naofumi)

Ah, right.

“There are a lot of Lemos here. Please sort them out.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Slave Merchant)

I look at the large group of Lemos.

“Does anyone here know a child called Imya?” (Naofumi)

It would be best if they had someone familiar to help them get used to the village.
So I’ll try to find people who know Imya.

“’Tis a common name. Just from that, we cannot be sure.” (Lemo Slave)

… I guess it is a common name.
What was her full name again?
Lu… I can’t remember.
I guess I should give up. I thought it was a good idea, but…

“Imya Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz-chan, Naofumi-sama.” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia casually says Imya’s real name.
Just how good is her memory?
Rafatalia may be more high-spec than I thought.
Though she is turning into a militaristic character as of late.

“Quariz’s Imya!?” (Lemo Slave)
“Do you know her?” (Naofumi)
“There are quite a few people here from the same village.” (Lemo Slave)
“Then I’ll take those people.” (Naofumi)
“I understand. Yes.” (Slave Merchant)
“Oi, just who are you?” (Lemo Slave)
“Can’t you tell? I’m a simple slave user.” (Naofumi)

I don’t want to cause a commotion here.
It would be a pain, so I won’t say anything.

“So you’re hiding it…” (Rafatalia)
“Is Imya healthy?” (Lemo Slave)
“Yes, she is working hard in our village.” (Rafatalia)

She answered honestly.
I hope this doesn’t cause any problems.

“I see. I can’t wait to meet her again.” (Lemo Slave)

For her long name to come in handy here, I guess I should pay more attention to the small details.

After that, Rafatalia was able to find 3 of her fellow villagers.
The first one was an Orca-like Beastman.

Her name was apparently Sadina.
I believe I heard her name when Rafatalia was talking to Kiel.

I can’t really read her expression…  her figure is large in all directions.
She’s not fat, she’s just giant. Apparently she is average sized for her race.
Somehow, I can imagine her standing out in that village.

“Sadina-neechan was a fisherman.” (Rafatalia)
“Nice to meet you, I’m surprised that Rafatalia got so big.” (Sadina)
“I’ve heard about you… but why have you become a slave?” (Naofumi)
“Well… I could have escaped into the sea alone, but… I got captured when I tried to protect the children.” (Sadina)

So she’s similar to Firo.
Anyways, can she be classified as human?
Beastmen display their race traits more readily that other Demi-Humans.

“Did you stand out in the village?” (Naofumi)

All of the villagers I’ve seen so far have been Demi-Humans. No Beastmen so far.
And most were of dog or cat-like races.
Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen any other Tanukis like Rafatalia yet.

“Like Rafatalia’s parents, I was a wanderer who only stopped by occasionally.” (Sadina)
“I see.” (Naofumi)

So it was a village kind to strangers.
It seems the previous feudal lord was supposed to be quite wise.
And as such the entire region fell to ruin upon his absence.

“Well… I guess that’s that…” (Naofumi)

My wallet is crying. It will be difficult to purchase anything else.

“Thank you very much.” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia lowers her head towards me.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ve performed duties worthy of this sort of reward.” (Naofumi)
“Truly, thanks…” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia firmly grasps my hand in tears.
I owe her much more than just this.

“Then I guess it’s time to go home.” (Naofumi)
“Please wait a second.” (Slave Merchant)

The Slave Dealer of this country stops me.

“What? Is there anything else?” (Naofumi)
“Before you embark on the journey back, there is a slave you must see.” (Slave Merchant)
“I don’t want to see any more marriage candidates. I know it’s your job, but please leave it at that.” (Naofumi)
“No, not that… It’s today’s main attraction.” (Slave Merchant)
“You do know my financial state, right?” (Naofumi)
“It’s an amazing slave child, I think you will be able to put it to great use, so I’ll make it cheap.” (Slave Merchant)

I don’t know whether the slave will be helpful or not, though.
I guess looking won’t hurt.
I’ll have to Weapon Copy the Old Man’s new shield instead of buying it at this rate.

“I understand.” (Naofumi)

I follow the Slave Dealers further while being followed closely by my new slaves.

TL: Opuscot is an anagram of Octopus. The Japanese is Kato, a anagram of Tako, the japanese word for octopus. I don’t know what Kafe is an an anagram of, so I left is the same as the original.

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