Chapter 158: Medicine of the Sacred Tree, by Flazeo25, Edited by Firo’s Ahoge

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***By Flazeo25. Edited by Firo’s Ahoge (4 hours worth of editing o_o; I had to consult the raws at times with machine assistance so some parts may be off. In any case, enjoy! It’s a great chapter!)***

Medicine of the Sacred Tree

Slave Dealer: “Here we are.”

I was shown a group of slaves who were kept away due to illness.
They were kept in poor conditions similar to those in the Tent at Melromark.
Since there was no sign of their health being taken care of, their mental health also suffered.

Naofumi: “Wait for just a moment.”

I gesture to a sick slave and approach the cell.
Even though the slave hesitates, as I take out medicine from the shield, it is snatched instantly.
There wouldn’t be much loss, since the medicine is cheap.

Naofumi: “Open your mouth.”

The medicine given to the first slave starts affecting the surrounding slaves due to the effect: [Range Expansion (small)].
While the medicine was cheap, it was still able to heal the slaves since their illnesses were only superficial.

Slave 1: “….”
Slave 2: “No way, it’s a miracle!”

The medicine’s effect seems to have worked, as the slaves skin color gradually returns.

Slave Dealer: “As expected of Hero of the Shield… giving strength to sick slaves at a bargain price instead of paying more for healthy ones!”

A voice of admiration was let out by the Slave Dealer.

Naofumi: “I had no intention of looking after slaves that cann’t be healed, since I am no saint. Show me around quickly.”

I told the Slave Dealer, while giving out medicine as needed.

Slave Dealer: “As expected, you are truly a god of Demi-Humans.”
Naofumi: “So noisy.”

For the sake of my mental health, I gave medicine to whoever needed it, even in this world that thrives on commercialism.

Slave Dealer: “I think you understand.”

Even if I understand, even if I lose profit!

Naofumi: “It still feels unpleasant.”

The Slave Dealer begins skipping along.
How irritating!

However, at that moment… I was about to meet certain slaves.
It was a fateful encounter, different than the one with Raphtalia.

Slave Dealer: “Here they are.”

Within the cell was a pair of Demi-Human siblings.
The boy seemed to be around 12 years old and appears to be healthy.
On the other hand, the girl is lying down in the opposite direction.
It was difficult to see in the cell. The floor was covered in straw and had one blanket.
The girl seems to be in a bad state.

Brother: “Keho… Keho…” (Yoraikun: Coughing sound)

I took a glance at the boy whose hair color entered my sight.
His hair was black and white and with just a glance, I could grasp that he was of a higher quality than the other slaves.
While his pupils were blue… a portion of his iris had vertical stripes which made me think of a cat’s.
The whites of his eyes gave off an intimidating look and his savage facial expression spoke of his wild nature.
His ears were thick and roundish for a cat, and his tail had impressive black and white stripes.

Naofumi: “Seems expensive for a child.”
Slave Dealer: “As expected of a hero, who takes immediately considers price even during first impressions.”

Rafatalia was cheap in my opinion. Well, it’s better to calculate price before performance.

Naofumi: “Doesn’t he seem unique?”
Slave Dealer: “In a way. Yes.”
Naofumi: “Compared to other Demi-Human slaves, there’s something different about him.”
Slave Dealer: “Yes, this is a famous species called the Hakuko.”
Naofumi: “The Hakuko…”

Is it a white tiger subspecies?
The white tiger was a powerful animal in my world with enormous physical strength.

Slave Dealer: “The name was said to be given by the Four Heroes of ancient times.”

Hakuko… why was it named in a provincial accent?
From Calmira Island, I learned that all of the past heroes had horrible naming sense.
Well, Firo isn’t a name that I could be proud of either. Firo… Firorial…

Naofumi: “It passes. How much will it cost?”
Slave Dealer: “Would you like to see its stats?”
Naofumi: “I don’t think he’s that strong, but can his level and statistics be seen?”

According to the document given to me, the brother’s level is surprisingly high.
However, his appearance is fairly young for a level 32.
If he was a member of my village, he would be fairly tall by level 30.

Naofumi: “His level is higher than expected, but are there any racial or individual differences for this kid?”
Slave Dealer: “The reason he is still a child at this level is because his race is special. Level 60 is his race’s max limit and they can class up starting at level 50.”
Naofumi: “So when he becomes an adult, he will get stronger?”
Slave Dealer: “That’s correct.”

Does this kid belong to a powerful race?
Although class ups are usually only possible at level 40 for even someone like Firo, what will happen when this guy classes up?
This kid sparks my interest.
By the way, the younger sister is level 1.

Slave Dealer: “The Hakoku are famous for acting against the plans of a hero called the Sage King of Melromarc in the past.”

The example is wasted because that is a person I hold in low regard. Still, maybe he became foolish because of his power…

Raphtalia: “Even if he’s called the Sage King…”
Naofumi: “Even if that guy wasn’t there, Melromarc wouldn’t be affected at all.”
Slave Dealer: “Well whatever, even if you don’t respect the Sage King, the Hakoku is a race that is counted among the Five Fingers of this world, a difficult feat indeed.”

It any case, it would be a waste to miss this opportunity of greatly increasing my war potential. If I run into an opponent with tricky defense, the Hakoku’s power may be a necessary weapon in my arsenal. That’s assuming of course that they truly have that much potential power.

The Slave Dealer whispered into Naofumi ear so that the siblings wouldn’t hear.

Slave Dealer: “Although the elder brother is healthy, the younger sister suffers from a hereditary illness. She cannot see, she cannot walk, and she has a short life expectancy. However, the elder brother still cherishes the younger sister.”

Even if he becomes a slave, he will still try to protect his sickly younger sister like some sort of hero.
Even if he was the bad guy in a manga, he would still be a popular character even if he’s not the main character.
Furthermore, he also has the power of the Hakoku race. I’m a little interested in this fellow.

Naofumi: “Hmm.”
Slave Dealer: “I have a plan. You can separate the siblings while the elder brother works for you. After the younger sister dies, we can make the elder brother believe that the she is hospitalized in a clinic by imitating her voice. I’ve heard that you have a monster that is good at mimicking voices, yes?.”

Was the vocal mimicry in one of my monster that good?
Although I am always peddling or fighting like the other heroes… Firo could have become a hit singer.
When she’s in a good mood, Firo sing the song that the bard had just sung if we were at a bar.

Slave Dealer: “The brother will continue to fight thinking that his sister is alive, and will keep fighting until he dies.”

An evil mob-boss-like proposal was made.
It would end up being an endless betrayal flag.
That’s right. Then is saving both of the siblings how to reach the good ending?
Even if it was a joke, there’s no need to become an enemy of the state.

Naofumi: “That is why a Slave Dealer like you can only amount to this much. Let me show you how it’s done.”

I gestured to the Slave Dealer to open the cell.

Brother: “What are you planning!”
Naofumi: “Whatever, just be quiet for now.”

I enter the cell while approaching the younger sister who lying down in the back.

Brother: “Stop! Don’t you lay a hand on Atlas!”

Atlas… That’s a new name… In my world, it had many meanings such as a game or map.
Was it ever a girl’s name?
The elder brother kept getting in the way, so I took out and showed him some medicine.

Naofumi: “I’m only going to give her medicine. Have you seen this kind of medicine before?”

The medicine was made using the Shield. I’m not actually able to make it myself yet.
It was a skill that came from the Sacred Tree Shield of the Spirit turtle… Making it was possible because of a recipe called Medicine of Miracles.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sacred Tree Shield of the Spirit turtle 0/40 C

Ability Unsealed

Equipment Bonus: Recipe: Medicine of Miracles.

Unique Effect: Divine Protection of the Sacred tree

Proficiency 0
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The effects of the shield were still unknown, but it seems to have something to do with a plant.
The medicine can only be made once for now. Some ointment, magic water, soul healing water and a few others ingredients were mixed together into a supernatant fluid with the toxic parts being filtered by exquisite distribution… in other words… it’s sap from the Sacred Tree.
Tons of medicine had been used up in the process of creating the Medicine of Miracles. Preparing it involved a great deal of trial and error.

Trying to make it would be considered reckless by any drug store. It is so difficult to make that I could I barely make one, even with the power of the shield.

It is an extremely valuable medicine and it goes by the name… Yggdrasil.

Speaking of the Yggdrasil medicine, it’s the same medicine that that cheerful Old Hag took saying that it wasn’t strong enough.
In the case of a game, there would be of the Mega Elixir class.
Just how much money did that Old Hag think was spent for her to drink such valuable medicine?

For an adventurer that was retired in the countryside, the son must have been pretty foolish to spend that much money. Does he even care?
Well, in any case, the medicine is an extremely powerful one that cures most illnesses.

Naofumi: “I am going to be the owner of both of you. This medicine is a powerful medicine that will heal your sister. You can repay me the cost of this medicine with your life.”

The pharmacist told me that it had an unbelievable price according to market value.
However, when it comes down to life that cannot be saved without it, people would do anything to get it.
Its powerful effect has many people asking for it. Although it would end up being bought for an incredibly high price, its power of practically giving life to the dying makes it much more important to keep rather than sell. It’s better to keep a strong ally alive then it is to make money, which can be done at any time.

Brother: “… It’s not a lie?”
Naofumi: “Can’t you tell by its smell?”

The elder brother took a sniff of the medicinal smell.
He soon raised his face and cried!

Brother: “It’s Yggdrasil medicine!”
Naofumi: “Correct”

Is he a dog or something? Does this place really have such excellent races?

Brother: “It still doesn’t mean that there isn’t poison in it!”
Naofumi: “How can you be alive while suspecting all medicine? Do you suspect that all the medicine given to your sister has been poisoned too?”
Brother: “…”
Naofumi: “I may not be trusted and I don’t need to give the medicine to your sister, but isn’t she in pain? Doesn’t that mean anything to you?
Brother: “…”

The elder brother groans regretfully.

Atlas: “Is someone here?”

The girl slowly turned her head while coughing.
They said that she couldn’t see. She can only determine where we are by our voices.

Atlas: “I think… although his voice seems powerful and forceful… it is actually very gentle. Elder brother… how do you see it?”
Brother: “Ah… come on… how can that be…”
Atlas: “Even though such great power is felt…”

Slowly, the girl turns herself towards me.
The elder brother reluctantly guides her hand to approach me.
I approached the girl called Atlas.
How terrible. Her entire body is covered in bandages so that I couldn’t even see her real face.
Her skin was also covered with festering sores, so much so that it’s a wonder she’s even alive…
Although her ears and tail were probably of the same race as her elder brother, it was difficult to say for sure.

Atlas: “You came for business…”
Naofumi: “You somewhat understand.”
Atlas: “Yes… you want me to act as a hostage for my elder brother…”

To understand this much… and yet… her tone was of one who has given up.

Atlas: “Owner of the gentle voice… would you please tell me your name?”
Naofumi: “Naofumi.”
Atlas: “Naofumi.”

Her pronunciation was excellent, as she was the first one to say my name correctly.

Atlas: “Naofumi… if you can… please cherish my elder brother.”
Brother: “Atlas! What are you trying to say!?”

Probably, she knew about her situation but wanted to ask for just this one small request.

Naofumi: “Unfortunately, I have no intention of listening to that request…”
Atlas: “Is that so….”
Naofumi: “…since I’m going to be taking care of you as well. I’m sure you know what this medicine is.”
Atlas: “Ah… this is…”

Although she tried to say more, Atlas just nodded to my words while drinking the Yggdrasil medicine given to her.
The elder brother clenched his fist, but was stopped by Atlas without being able to complain.

Atlas: “Ku … N …”

Atlas drank the medicine obediently.
A strange and exceedingly expansive light from the medicine effect was emitted.
Is it because of the Sacred Tree Shield of the Spirit Turtle? It’s obvious that the Shield clearly affects the power of medicine. It would not be funny if its effects have risen even further.

Atlas:”Fu~u… Fu~u…”

The medicine was effective and her breathing has become quiet.

Atlas: “W… hat? My body feels much lighter.”
Brother: “Atlas…”
Atlas: “The back of my body feels warm and my skin is itchy.”
Naofumi: “The medicine is effective, but since it takes time to fully work, you’ll need to sleep obediently”
Atlas: “Yes… but… I’m not used to this… Thank you…”

I stood up and left the cell.

Naofumi: “Now then what is your name?”

The elder brother hides his face while staring at me.

Naofumi: “I see… Atlas? What a bad place this is to sleep…”
Brother: “It’s Fohl!”
Naofumi: “I see… well, now you’re my slave. As you can see, the medicine has worked..”
Fohl: “…Fine. It seems the medicine was real. I’ll work off the cost of it.”

Fohl answers reluctantly.
Even after I helped him this is what I get.
It seems that Fohl is a considerable siscon.

Naofumi: “So you admit that it worked?”
Fouru: “Maybe… but I’ll never hand over my younger sister to… you.”
Raphtalia: “What is that? It seems that the younger sister liking Naofumi has sparked his jealousy.”

Fohl: ” What! No! It’s different! For this woman to say such a rude thing!”

Fohl bellowed and pointed at Rafatalia.
It’s normal for this kid to not know his place. When he arrives at my village, I will give him proper Spartan training. I am looking forward to his growth.

The Yggdrasil medicine is the medicine that cured that grandma. If it can heal that old lady, it should be able to cure this younger sister. If the younger sister can be cured, my military power will be greatly increased. You could even say that the price of the medicine was worth it.

Raphtalia: “It’s okay, Naofumi is not a bad person.”

Raphtalia shows a small smile to Fohl.

Naofumi: “I’ll perform the slave registration later.”
Slave Dealer: “As you request.”

In this way, I opted for the siblings purchase.

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