Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

And now we see why Firo disobeys Naofumi

Note: This chapter is late because I wasted my day making banners.

Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

Following the Female Knight, I leave the slaves to themselves and proceed towards the Village Storehouse.
And there I find Rat with her arms crossed and an unpleasant expression on her face. Contrastingly, Taniko’s eyes are sparkling. They are both waiting for me.

“What have you called me for?” (Naofumi)
“First, look inside the storehouse.” (Female Knight)

I slowly open the door and peer inside.
Inside is… various armors and materials. There are also monster eggs.
Hm? There wasn’t supposed to be anything in here.

“Did you use my money to buy these things?” (Naofumi)
“No, these were sent in a parcel addressed to you.” (Female Knight)
“What?” (Naofumi)

Inside the storehouse, I see an open wooden box.
The words, ‘To the Hero of the Shield, please give these gifts to the slaves blessed with misfortune’ are scribbled on the side in terrible handwriting.

“…?” (Naofumi)
“They seem to be some sort of donation. There are some strong armors mixed in with the ones sent and some of the herbs, jewels and lumbers sent are quite rare.” (Female Knight)
“The reason that Rat and Taniko are here is for the eggs, right… Who is it? Who sent them?”(Naofumi)
“… I got them from the Queen when I went to give my report. They were left anonymously, but are probably from Siltwelt or Shieldfrieden. Based on the handwriting and ink used, this is the most likely case.” (Female Knight)
“Is it fine for me to take them?” (Naofumi)
“All of the items sent are impossible to trace. Even the armor’s inscriptions have been destroyed. Even if we find the sender, it will be impossible to confirm it.” (Female Knight)

This is that, isn’t it. Some high up person sent it to get in my favor.
It doesn’t matter who sent it. Just the fact that I received a gift shows that their country gave favor to the hero.
A long time ago, a certain god of manga’s irritated editor got tired of the god’s son’s mischievous pranks and finally threw him into the pond in the yard.
After that, the editor honestly stated that he did it, and it became something he could brag about.
The truth is uncertain, but there is a high probability that something like that did happen.
(TL: Research leads me nowhere on that one.)
It doesn’t matter who gave the gift. Now anyone can brag and call themselves a benefactor of the Hero of the Shield.

“They really sent over some troublesome things.” (Female Knight)
“Yeah, and what are those eggs?” (Naofumi)
“They’re a wide variety from common Usapills to rare seasonal monsters.” (Female Knight)

So the contents have already been inspected.
But Rat is acting strange. She’s really mad.

“And the problem is that one. The huge egg in the back.” (Female Knight)

There is an exceptionally large egg in the back corner of the storehouse.
What could it be? Could it be on a monster on the same level as the Spirit Turtle?

“So what is it?” (Naofumi)
“It’s a flying dragon egg. It’s supposedly a kind, reliable, expensive species.” (Female Knight)

Yeah, they really did send something troublesome over.
Though I don’t know why, Rat hates dragons.

“For a dragon to live in this village… How wonderful!” (Taniko)

Taniko seems very excited.
What’s with her? Is she the opposite of Rat?

“What should we do? The sender is unknown, but should we try to find them and return these?” (Female Knight)
“Even if you say that… I never thought we would be so troubled over a gift.” (Naofumi)

I’m somehow troubled by the fact that someone sent me expensive goods. Someone may try to take advantage over me with them later.
But is returning them seems impossible, I can only accept them.
If something bad comes of it, we just need to be ready for it.
If the package truly is from Siltwelt, then it is most likely an earnest donation to the Hero of the Shield.

“For now, let’s accept them. If someone comes to claim them later, then ignore them. By the way, will we be able to place a monster seal on the Flying Dragon?” (Naofumi)
“We’ll need a higher level of seal for it. But the sender kindly sent the tools necessary for the ritual with the eggs, so… If the Count wishes for it, then I can place a seal on all of these monsters.” (Rat)
“Hey, why do you hate Dragons so much?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, I haven’t told you yet.” (Rat)

Rat angrily glares at Taniko and begins speaking.

“High level dragons, you know. Once they go into heat, they lose all self-control.” (Rat)
“Wait, what?” (Naofumi)
“You don’t know? Most dragons begin to corrupt the land they live in. Their homes are always quite dangerous.” (Rat)
“Is that how it is?” (Naofumi)

The only dragon I know of is… the dragon that Ren defeated.
There the dragon’s curse caused a plague.
It definitely was a contaminated area.

“Dragons, you know. When they lose their self-control, they will try to violate monsters of different species. That’s why in the land that dragons live, many dragon-like monsters come into being.” (Rat)
“This is quite a dangerous topic.” (Naofumi)

Many fantasy games have half-dragon races, but is this the cause?

“Well, they do take the courtesy of setting up a territory and never leaving it, but the reason that I hate them is because they can easily screw up the ecosystem. By the way, Flying Dragons are a mix between a Dragon and some other weak monster.” (Rat)

Fumu… so that’s how it is.

“The biggest problem is the purebred dragons. They really have absolutely no distinction, and will even violate human women.” (Rat)

It seems like quite a troublesome species.
Hm? Taniko is glaring at us.

“They do have dignity!” (Taniko)

Why are you angry? She’s acting like someone directly related to the topic.
Whenever monsters come up, this girl starts yelling.
She takes turns with Rat managing the various monsters.

“There’s already a race of Dragon Demi-Humans. The Dragonewts.” (Taniko)

I think I’ve heard something about Dragon Demi-humans before.

“Of course, even if Dragons don’t go into heat, that race will continue to exist, and they’re quite a docile people. But the only ones who can withstand a Dragon’s lust are the Filo Rials.” (Rat)
“Is that so?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, the Filo rials often have Turf wars with the dragons.” (Rat)

… Firo pops up in my mind.
That gluttonous demon bird doesn’t seem like such a high-class race to me.

“And because that egg holds a Dragon, will you hate it?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, kinda. I believe the Monster seal has an option that controls sexual lust, so make sure to check that box. Or else this area’s monster population will be corrupted.” (Rat)

What is this feeling?
In the hunting games I’ve played before, I’ve had to hunt dragon couples before. From the amount of children they had, I’ve always wondered why they didn’t just go and wipe out humanity already.

“The Dragon Emperor-sama won’t allow such behavior!” (Taniko)

Taniko calls out.
That’s quite a powerful-sounding name.
Why is she that knowledgeable on monster matters?
Is that just how she was raised? I don’t care enough to ask.

“Yes, yes. The legendary King of Dragons. I believe he was at war with the Filo Rial Queen.” (Rat)
“There’s a legend like that?” (Naofumi)
“It’s only a legend. Both of their existences are subject to doubt.” (Rat)

… Well, I’ve met one of them before.
But an argument will break out if I bring it up here.
Anyways, I assume the story is something along the lines of the Legendary Dragon King threatening the lives of many civilians and the Holy Filo Rial Queen driving him out.
Or something about how both sides were continuously at war with one another.

“But… If they have such reproductive capability, why have I never met a live one?” (Naofumi)
“They usually live in very remote areas. Has the Count ever ventured that far?” (Rat)

I’ve only ever used the merchant roads for peddling… I’ve barely ever entered caves or mountains.
So that’s why…

“So that’s why.” (Naofumi)
“They pretty much keep to their territory. If you don’t try to expand a settlement into said territory, you probably won’t meet one.” (Rat)
“I see. Anyways, I have a policy of using what I can, so I’ll keep and raise the dragon.” (Naofumi)
“Make sure to be strict with it. I don’t want to become part of a Dragon’s Harem.” (Rat)
“Yes, yes.” (Naofumi)

As long as it has a monster seal, I should be able to manage. If anything bad happens, I can feed it to firo.
As if she can read my mind, Taniko’s glare intensifies.

“Don’t fall for a newly hatched dragon.” (Rat)
“I-I won’t fall for anyone!” (Taniko)
(TL: The actual text is don’t open your legs to, but let’s preserve the innocent children)

Does she know what she’s saying?

“Please stop your vulgar conversation.” (Naofumi)

Rat lets out a sigh.
Female Knight… Is staring at us with an amazed expression.

“Training a flying dragon is difficult. People who accomplish it are called Dragon Knights.” (Rat)
“Ah, I remember seeing some when we were fighting the Spirit Turtle.” (Naofumi)

They didn’t really help out, though.
Most of them fell to the ground screaming after taking attacks from the Spirit Turtle’s familiars.

“There’s a danger of falling off. And the dragons themselves are not particularly strong.” (Rat)
“I see, well raising it shouldn’t be all that difficult.” (Naofumi)
“I don’t know what will happen if the Count raises it. It might turn out like your Filo Rial.” (Rat)
“Mu… You’re right. I’ll be careful.” (Naofumi)

And so it was decided that we were going to keep the Flying Dragon Egg.
But it seems it will take a while to hatch. I have to personally bind it to my blood.
Rat goes back to her lab with a disappointed expression.
The Bioplant research has continued, and it seems that Rat has finally completed a prototype that can grow medicinal herbs. However right now it can only produce herbs that can be found anywhere on the side of the road. But still, the research has progressed.

“Why do I have to carry around the egg!” (Naofumi)

For some reason, I have been tasked with keeping the Flying Dragon egg warm.
As soon as she saw me, Kiel burst into laughter.

“If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to imprint yourself as the parent. If you don’t start out with this, it may ignore your commands later!” (Rat)

Rat seems fed up.
Are Flying Dragons really this troublesome to deal with? I regret my decision to raise it already.

“Is that how it is?” (Naofumi)
“Yes! I happen to be an expert on the subject, so trust me.” (Rat)
“I’m having a hard time believing because you’re the one saying it…” (Naofumi)
“What was that?” (Rat)
“Understood. I didn’t say anything.” (Naofumi)

This is a pain.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Naofumi, what are you doing?” (Melty)

Melty appears, riding Firo. She points her finger at me and starts laughing.

“Shut it, second princess!” (Naofumi)
“You promised not to call me, ‘Second Princess’, remember!?” (Melty)
“Then don’t laugh, idiot!” (Naofumi) (TL: Yes, he says Baka)
“Idiot!? Who are you calling an idiot!?” (Melty)

Ah, it seems that playing with Firo has caused her to forget her original objective.

“Um… You look… peculiar… Naofumi-sama.” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia is trying to choose her words. I don’t need her sympathy.

“Damn.. Just go off peddling already! This time, Me, Rafatalia and Firo will have to go alone.” (Naofumi)

I can’t be seen like this by all of the villagers. I’ll have to send them out.

“You’re running away from the issue~!” (Melty)
“Shut it.” (Naofumi)

Melty is being overly obnoxious.

“Well, you’ll have to keep this up for two to three days. After that, it should hatch.” (Rat)
“Dammit all.” (Naofumi)
“If you need anything done in the adjacent village, leave it to me. Otherwise you’re going to slip out of this duty and head over, right?” (Melty)
“…!” (Naofumi)

Melty hit the mark right on.
For now… should I hide with it in the carriage?

“Master, are you carrying an egg?” (Firo)
“Yeah. I apparently have to do this because it’s a dragon.” (Naofumi)
“Hmm… Can Firo warm it?” (Firo)

Right, Firo is a bird so her body is quite warm.
Should I leave it with Firo?

“No.” (Rat)
“No!” (Firo)

As soon as she hears Rat’s warning, Firo runs off.
Does she really hate her that much?

“As I said before, Filo Rials and Dragons don’t get along. You can’t let her warm it.” (Rat)
“… I see…” (Naofumi)

I though I could push my troubles onto her…
Could I give it to Rafatalia?

“It’s your dragon, right? You can’t give it to someone else.” (Rat)
“Damn!” (Naofumi)

How is she able to read my thoughts?
There’s no helping it. I’ll hide in the carriage and go on a little trip.
And like that, I go peddling to run away from my troubles.

I am wearing a cloak to hide the embarrassing egg on my back.

“It’s been a while since we went out peddling with just the three of us.” (Rafatalia)
“Now that I think about it, you’re right.” (Naofumi)

The last time I went peddling with just Rafatalia and Firo was a long time ago.
Now we’re always surrounded by Kiel and the other villagers. Before the matter with the Spirit Turtle, we were always running around by ourselves.

“A flying dragon. I wonder what sort of child it will grow up to be.” (Rafatalia)
“No idea.” (Naofumi)
“Will Firo still be pulling the carriage?” (Firo)
“Of course.” (Naofumi)

It seems Firo holds a strange sense of Pride. But I don’t think a Flying Dragon can pull a carriage in the first place.

“Firo will always be Master’s legs!” (Firo)
“I wonder.” (Naofumi)

The ability to fly will be quite advantageous. If he turns out to be more efficient than the ground-bound Firo, then I’ll use him instead.
However a Flying Dragon has very limited carrying capacity.
Only one person can ride it at a time. I’ll only use it if I have to go in a hurry by myself.
Or so Rat told me.

“Mu…” (Firo)
“Firo, make sure to look ahead as you walk.” (Rafatalia)
“But Master said…” (Firo)
“It’s alright. If Firo works hard, Naofumi-sama will learn to rely on you more.” (Rafatalia)
“… Really?” (Firo)
“I wonder.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, please be quiet for a second.” (Rafatalia)

I guess there’s a limit to teasing Firo.
Perhaps this Dragon will be able to bring out Firo’s competitive side.
She’s getting a little too conceited over her leg power.

“Firo will work hard!” (Firo)
“Yes, let’s work hard together.” (Rafatalia)
“Yeah!” (Firo)
“Now then, I guess I should get to making some medicine to sell.” (Naofumi)

I also need to think of what jobs to give the slaves later on.
And… the first day of peddling went by with no problems.

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