Chapter 165: Another Awakening

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Chapter 165: Another Awakening

The inn we stayed at didn’t include food, so we all, Motoyasu included, went off to the bar.
As soon as we step in, Motoyasu rushes over to the counter and orders some alcohol. And he hangs his head while downing it at an alarming rate.
He really has nothing but women on his head, this one. When he loses them, this is the inevitable result.
Some people who don’t realize his identity try to converse with him, but he brushes them aside.

“Ara, do you want to have a drink with this Onee-san?” (Older Woman)
“… I’m sorry. I kinda want to drink alone now. Please don’t mind me.” (Motoyasu)

He even brushes away the females.
This may be more serious than I thought.
Bitch was always like that. Did you really believe in her that much?
The rest of us order dinner.
Though I don’t really think that a bar should have good food, after asking around, I found that this bar had the best taste in town.
The servings are also quite large and the price isn’t that high.
And after having her fill of good food, the Human-form Firo begins to sing along with the bar’s bard.
The egg on my back is a nuisance. I try to stay inconspicuous.

“Young girl, let’s sing another one!” (Bard)
“Sure, let’s go~!” (Firo)

Firo starts singing with an unnerving amount of energy. Her voice is quite good.
She gets carried away and begins singing a strange tune. It sounds like an Anime song.
It might be my imagination… but the people in front of the stage seem to have a strange look in their eyes.

“… Naofumi-sama, I’ve heard that there is a type of monster that uses its singing voice to lead ships astray at sea.” (Rafatalia)
“What a coincidence, I was thinking of that monster as well.” (Naofumi)

The people listening to the song seem to be mesmerized, as if they were being bewitched by the Sirens.
After Firo finally finishes her song, the establishment is shaken by an explosive cheer from the crowd.
Quite a few people call for an encore, but it seems Firo got bored. She shouts, ‘No!’ and gets off the stage.
She’s become quite popular, and some people are handing her bouquets of flowers.
Someone also hands her a vegetable that looks like a carrot. Firo stares at it and licks her lips. After seeing this, numerous people begin giving her food.
I don’t know if she’s lost her mind, but Firo, carrying a mountain of gifts, goes over and sits down next to Motoyasu.

“What’s wrong? You’re not energetic like usual. What happened?” (Firo)
“…” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu directs an annoyed glance at Firo.
He’s even acting this way towards his beloved human-form Firo. This truly is serious.

“Are you hungry? If you’re hungry, you won’t feel good. Do you want me to sing a song to give you energy?” (Firo)

Firo makes her way back to the stage, and starts singing again.
It’s quite an upbeat song. Almost as if…

“Firo knows quite a few songs. I never knew.” (Naofumi)
“Well we did travel around a lot. She loves to sing, you know.” (Rafatalia)

Firo stares out Motoyasu as she sings. She also begins dancing.
Just looking at her seems to give me energy. It sounds like a song from that one anime with a transforming plane. (TL: According to the comments, this is a Macross reference. I’m off to go watch it.)
The song ends, and Firo goes back to Motoyasu’s side.

“Please, just ignore me.” (Motoyasu)
“Ye~s” (Firo)

Is what she says. She starts rummaging through the various items she received.

“Eat this. It always gives me energy.” (Firo)

Motoyasu finally takes the food and flowers presented to him.
Firo is acting out of pure curiosity right now.
Her interest was probably peaked upon seeing the usually-energetic Motoyasu acting this down.



Motoyasu lets out a cry and suddenly clings to Firo.


And Firo lets out a surprised cry that doesn’t lose to his.
And she begins twisting her body to get out of Motoyasu’s grasp, but Motoyasu uses all of his power to prevent her escape.

“U…uuuuuuuu…” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu seriously starts crying.

“Master! Save me!” (Firo)

Firo is also crying as she looks at me for help.
… Is he an idiot?

“What the hell are you doing?” (Naofumi)

I approach the two to save Firo, but Motoyasu suddenly presses his head into Firo’s chest and sobs harder.
Since Witch was no good, he turned to Firo?
No… Motoyasu has been showing interest in Firo for a long time.

“Return to your original form. Motoyasu will probably let go.” (Naofumi)
“G-got it!” (Firo)

Motoyasu should have a trauma for Firo’s original form.
He never approaches her when she looks like that.

Firo transforms as per my request.
The people in the bar begin screaming in surprise but I ignore it.

“Super… Firo-chan’s smell… Sniff…Sniff…” (Motoyasu)

… Motoyasu continues to hold onto monster-form Firo, and takes in her scent.
How indecent!

“He’s not letting go! He’s not letting go, master!” (Firo)

He’s not even backing off from Monster-form Firo!?
How could this be! Wait, I can imagine his reasons.

“He’s like this because you offered kind words to him when he was depressed! Take responsibility, and look after him.” (Naofumi)
“Wait a second. Using that logic, Naofumi-sama has to look after me!” (Rafatalia)
“What are you talking about, Rafatalia!?” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia seems to be caught up in the chaos as well.

“No!” (Firo)
“Firo-tan Firo-tan…” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu begins nestling his face in Firo’s plumage.
Firo tries to use her superhuman strength to lift him off, but Motoyasu grips her with his entire body, and he isn’t moving.
When she tries to get him off, her feathers come with him. The pain prevents her from going all out.
Firo is one who hates pain.

“Save me!” (Firo)

Firo is pleading at me for help with teary eyes. What should I do.

“Fine… Motoyasu.” (Naofumi)

This is no good. He can’t hear me. He can’t even hear Firo.
Motoyasu has finally broken.
Or perhaps… he has awakened to a new fetish.
He’s even accepting Monster-form Firo. Has he become a Masochist?

“Master!” (Firo)

I’m supposed to take Motoyasu to the castle, but will it be possible like this?

“If you don’t like it, just tell him and dump him.” (Naofumi)
“Got it!” (Firo)

Firo walks out of the bar with Motoyasu still clinging to her.

“Eh…” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia lets out a confused voice.

“Anyways… We’ll have to have to put turning Motoyasu in on hold. If he doesn’t suffer some more, I won’t be satisfied.” (Naofumi)
“I think he has transcended the state of suffering and reached some form of enlightenment…” (Rafatalia)
“If we get Firo to act like an evil woman, he’ll probably snap out of it. Get her to tell him that she only approached him for food.” (Naofumi)
“I see…” (Rafatalia)
“It’ll probably work… Probably.” (Naofumi)

I have a bad premonition about this. But if I don’t do this, we’ll never get rid of him.
It’s fine. It’s Motoyasu. He should be back to skirt-chasing in no time.

And so we spent a peaceful night, and morning came.
By the way, it seems Firo finally managed to dump Motoyasu. Down a cliff.
The amount of feathers on her body has decreased.

“Now then, since we’re putting turning Motoyasu in on hold, should we wait for Shadow to return, then head back to the village?” (Naofumi)

I planned to stay away until the egg hatched, but it should hatch any minute now.
It moves occasionally. It should hatch soon.

“We should do that.” (Rafatalia)
“Master, Firo want’s to leave soon…” (Firo)

Firo looks at me with fearful eyes.
She has developed yet another trauma. She hated the man from the beginning anyways.
Why did she approach him even though she hated him?

“Why did you try to cheer him on?” (Naofumi)
“Because he didn’t have any energy. He seemed like the village children when we first met them.” (Firo)

But the medicine was too potent for Motoyasu.
He’s going to become annoying.

“Next time you see him, tell him the lines I taught you in advance.” (Naofumi)
“Yes~” (Firo)
“Well then, let’s get breakfast and prepare to depart.” (Naofumi)

I open the door to the room.

“Good Morning, dear father-in-law.” (Motoyasu)

I slam the door… Was that Motoyasu?
I must be going crazy. Let me recollect myself.

“What was that…” (Naofumi)
“Did something happen?” (Rafatalia)
“Well…” (Naofumi)

What was Father-in-Law supposed to mean? Why was Motoyasu on standby in front of the door?
I just got up, my mind isn’t working properly yet.
Explaining is a pain. I step aside and offer the door handle to Rafatalia.
Rafatalia tilts her head to the side and opens it.

“Why is the Tanuki-pig in Firo-tan’s room!?” (Motoyasu)

“Fuge!?” (Motoyasu)

A vein pops up on Rafatalia’s forehead. While smiling, she whacks his head and slams the door.
Tanuki-pig… I’m hearing some amazing things so early in the morning.
What is he doing?

“Well…” (Rafatalia)

Rafatalia looks just as confused as me.

“I understand the situation. What should we do…?” (Rafatalia)
“And from when was he standing in front of the door?” (Naofumi)
“I heard a banging sound quite a while ago, but he couldn’t have been there for that long…” (Rafatalia)
“I heard it too. I thought it was an adventurer wandering around, but was that Motoyasu?” (Naofumi)

He seems too energetic for having been pushed off a cliff.

“Firo.” (Naofumi)
“No!” (Firo)
“If you don’t clearly tell him, he’ll never leave you alone, that man.” (Naofumi)
“Uu…..” (Firo)

Firo opens the door while frowning.

“Oh, Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu jumps at Firo, but Rafatalia halts him with an iron claw to the face.

“Unhand me, Tanuki-pig! I must embrace my beloved Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)
“…” (Rafatalia)

She’s smiling, but she’s letting out a dark aura.
What is Motoyasu doing?

“Um, I only approached you for food. Don’t misunderstand my intentions.” (Firo)
“Love is something that stems from misunderstandings, dear Firo-tan. It’s fine, I’ll accept your selfishness as well.” (Motoyasu)
“No!” (Firo)

She’s shivering. This is no good.
I try to comprehend the current situation, and Motoyasu turns to me with serious eyes.

“Dear Father-In-Law. Please leave your daughter to me.” (Motoyasu)
“Who are you calling Father-in-Law!?” (Naofumi)

I don’t remember becoming the father of this gluttonous devil-bird.
I may have raised her, but I don’t remember making her my daughter.

“Father-in-Law. I was saved by your daughter, and have realized my true feelings for her. I’ll definitely make her happy. Please leave your daughter to me!” (Motoyasu)
“And I’m saying I’m not this girl’s father!” (Naofumi)
“You can’t say that! A father shouldn’t think that way about his daughter, Father-in-Law!” (Motoyasu)
“Are you even listening to me? She isn’t my daughter!” (Naofumi)
“That sort or relationship between father and daughter is immoral, Father-in-Law!” (Motoyasu)
“Just be quiet already!” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia drives Motoyasu out and slams the door again.
This is exponentially more serious than I had previous thought.
If I deal with this poorly he might end up with irreparable mental damage.

“Step down, Tanuki-Pig! Release Firo-tan and Father-in-Law!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu bangs on the room’s door.
My head is hurting a lot…
I could never reason with him before, but his brain was never this messed up.
He’s become a complete stalker now.

The reason for this is… probably because Firo treated him nicely.
If you corner humans, they may develop unimaginable levels of devotion to their goals.
My and Ren’s cases prove that.

Though I don’t get what part of yesterday’s events led to… this. But it seems that Motoyasu views Firo as his savior.
Motoyasu seems to be the type that gets obsessed easily.
From Motoyasu’s reaction, is he the type of person who keeps trying until his target develops feelings for him?

… I really REALLY don’t want to involve myself in this. This is a major waste of time.

“You’re being too loud!” (Adventurer)

A female adventurer staying in the same inn begin to complain.

“You pigs are the ones who are being loud! Quit your squealing!” (Motoyasu)
“P-pigs!? What is this man saying!?” (Adventurer)

… The skirt-chasing Motoyasu is now verbally abusing women.
What sort of woman could it be? I slowly stick my head into the doorway.
The woman Motoyasu is quarrelling with is quite a beauty.
I think it’s the Onee-san that approached him earlier.

I can’t understand what drove him this far.
What the hell is going through his head…
What do Rafatalia and that Woman look like to him?

“What should we do? We won’t be able to leave like this.” (Rafatalia)
“Firo, take responsibility and marr-” (Naofumi)
“No!” (Firo)

Really, what should we do? It doesn’t seem Motoyasu will leave us alone any time soon.

“Let’s leave through the window. We can explain our situation to the inn manager and run.” (Rafatalia)
“U-understood.” (Naofumi)

Is Motoyasu truly an idiot?
What could have led to this? I can’t even imagine it.
Why do we have to run from him?
Shouldn’t it be the reverse?

And so we left the Inn.
Afterwards, while we were travelling, Firo randomly began running off to kick things.
I can imagine what she’s kicking.
To withstand Firo’s kicks, he must have quite a bit of stamina.
Or perhaps Firo’s trauma prevents her from finding the strength to kick with all her might.

Recently I’ve been seeing Witch’s wanted poster hanging around.
She is to be captured on sight.
The problem is that she’s travelling with Ren.

And we began our escape from the clutches of the Broken Motoyasu.

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