Chapter 168: Alps


Chapter 168: Alps

“It seems… that an amazing granny has arrived.” (Fohl)

Fohl arrives carrying Atlas on his back.
He’s acting as if he is uninvolved.
Rafatalia and the others have a level cap of 100, but these two can reach 120.
It’s true that having technique can balance out having low stats, but having high stats never hurts.

“What are you talking about? You’re taking her lessons as well.” (Naofumi)
“Ge…” (Fohl)

Fohl has recently been preoccupied with tending to Atlas, and he’s been ignoring my orders.
I don’t know why, but he is behaving quite rebelliously towards me like Kiel when she first got here.
I was able to tame Kiel with food, but it seems that won’t work on this one.
The younger sister Atlas’s condition has improved quite a bit, and it seems a full recovery may be possible.

“Naofumi-sama, it’s been a while.” (Atlas)
“It’s only been two and a half days, you know.” (Naofumi)
“And still we meet here and now. Naofumi-sama suddenly left, so I was feeling… anxious.” (Atlas)

Ah, so she was afraid that her medicine supply had disappeared.
If I don’t feed it to her personally, the effect decreases.

“Nununu…” (Fohl)

Fohl begins staring at me menacingly.
What’s he so bitter about?

“HM? Oy, little girl over there.” (Granny)

The Old Woman approaches Atlas.
She looks over her body.
Please choose one student at a time, or I will be understaffed.

“Laddy, why are you carrying that girl around?” (Granny)

She begins questioning Fohl.
And in response Fohl shifts his glare to her.
Isn’t it obvious that Atlas is sick?
From my point of view, it looks as if the granny is bullying the two siblings.
I’m quite skeptical when it comes to the elderly.
This trauma was probably brought about by Trash.

“Atlas can neither see nor walk!” (Fohl)
“Really? I don’t sense that sort of aura from her. Can you have her stand up for a second?” (Granny)
“D-don’t screw with me. Atlas can’t st-” (Fohl)
“Dear brother, let me try it.” (Atlas)
“… I got it.” (Fohl)

Fohl slowly lowers Atlas, and grasps her arms to steady her.
Well… I don’t think anything will come of this.
This may be a world of magic, but there are some wounds that won’t heal so easily.

“Naofumi-sama, if I may ask for your assistance.” (Atlas)
“Ah, got it.” (Naofumi)

She won’t be able to stand anyways. Someone with as weak a constitution as her won’t recover this fast.
… The Yggdrasil medicine can’t be that effective…
This old woman’s standing right in front of us.
Perhaps the medicine will work.

“Hup…” (Atlas)

Atlas uses me and Fohl’s hands, and manages to stand.

“Wow… Is this what it means to stand on one’s own feet?” (Atlas)
“Ah… Atlas is… Atlas is standing!” (Fohl)

What sort of girl from the Alps are you? (TL: Heidi reference)
… If I never asked Fohl for his name, I would have given him the nickname ‘Alps’ here.
And I would have stuck to it to the end. Like with Taniko.
Now that I whink about it, I don’t know Taniko’s real name. But I have no real intention to learn it, and I don’t really care.
Atlas slowly starts walking while teetering from side to side. She smiles.

“Thank you, Naofumi-sama, Onii-sama.” (Atlas)
“… Atlas, you’ve become healthy…” (Fohl)
“Yes, Onii-sama.” (Atlas)

Her condition was horrible, but she has recovered to this extent.
That medicine really is miraculous.
It worked for the Old Woman and now Atlas.

“And so Naofumi-sama… what should we do from now?” (Atlas)
“Let’s see. I plan to have your brother fight for me. He’s been leveling up with the others, right?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, Onii-sama has been diligently leveling with the others.” (Atlas)
“So what do you want to do?” (Naofumi)

Even if she can walk, I don’t think I can count on her for hard labor.
Atlas is also a Hakuko, so she can reach level 120.

“I also wish to learn how to fight.” (Atlas)
“Atlas! You don’t have to do that!” (Fohl)

Fohl of the Alps shouts out.
But of course he will prevent his sick sister from participating in battle.

“No… I’ve wished this since I was small. If I was ever able to walk, then I wouldn’t want to be the one who just got protected all the time. I want to protect you too.” (Atlas)
“B-but…” (Fohl)

Atlas’s strong will seems to have gotten through to Alps.
… If I keep thinking of him as Alps, I may end up saying it out loud and getting whacked.
I’ll stick with Fohl for now.
Taniko? No idea.

“And so, Naofumi-sama, please let me fight as well… Please let me level up with everyone.” (Atlas)
“Understood. So Fohl, what will you do?” (Naofumi)
“I’ll fight! Protecting Atlas is my duty.” (Fohl)
“No, I wasn’t asking about that…”

I explained the powers granted unto me by my shield’s growth correction abilities.

“And so if you want to truly become stronger, it will probably be best to reset your level. What will you do?” (Naofumi)
“T-that’s…” (Fohl)
“With the Growth Corrections, Atlas may surpass you some day.” (Naofumi)

My words seem to have affected him.

“I want to win against Onii-sama.” (Atlas)
“Nu…” (Fohl)

Fohl hesitates and stares at Atlas’s face.
I guess it will be painful for him if his precious sister gets beat up on the battlefield. He seems to have come to a decision.

“… I got it. I’ll reset.” (Fohl)
“You seem to be discussing something interesting.” (Sadina)

Sadina suddenly appears.

“I wonder if I should do it as well.” (Sadina)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

I was going to the Dragon Hourglass anyways, so I don’t mind.

“We’ll be leaving immediately. Military Instructor, please help Rafatalia and Rishia.” (Naofumi)
“I understand.” (Granny)

Sadina is large, so we’ll have to couple a cart to the carriage… Oh, right.

“Are the Lemos here?” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Lemo)

The Lemos gather.

“Are you people raising your levels as well?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, most of us were already over level 30 when we got here.” (Imya’s Uncle)

Imya’s uncle begins explanations.

“I see, then anyone here who wants to learn blacksmithing, come with me.” (NAofumi)
“Blacksmithery? Then I’ll go.” (Imya’s Uncle)

Imya’s Uncle raises his hand.

“I’ve already put the basics to heart.” (Imya’s Uncle)
“I see, then come along.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Imya’s Uncle)
“While we’re gone, everyone can dig burrows for themselves. Does anyone specialize in that field?” (Naofumi)
“Everyone is quite skilled in that aspect.” (Imya’s Uncle)
“Got it.” (Naofumi)

It seems that at least that area will finish without a hitch.

“Where is Imya, anyways?” (Naofumi)
“Imya is currently at the clothing maker’s place to learn how to make clothing. Is that alright with you?” (Imya’s Uncle)
“I have no issues. Tell her that she can learn freely.” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Imya’s Uncle)

Imya’s developed an interest in making clothes.
If I leave it to the Tailor, it should be fine.
It seems that the people of my village will finally be able to wear decent clothes soon.

“Oy, why are you wearing a loincloth?” (Naofumi)

Sadina appears wearing a loincloth. She’s also wearing a vest, but that doesn’t make her appearance any less strange.
She’s also given one to Kiel, and she walks around in it.
It’s aesthetically terrible. It’s up to Imya to prevent this town from turning into one of loincloths.

“Personal tastes.” (Sadina)

Sadina offers a brief reply.

“I’m home~. Melty-chan was busy so she rejected me.” (Firo)

Firo comes back from the neighboring village at the right time. I call her over.

“Then what shall I do?” (Atlas)

Atlas, who we are leaving behind calls out.
It’s good that she’s motivated to work.
Fohl is coming to the Castle Town with us to reset his level, but Atlas was level 1 from the beginning.

“Military Advisor, what do you think of this girl? Can we send her off to level in this state?” (Naofumi)
“… Her battle senses are of genius levels. She has learned to sense presence even without my teachings. It will be fine to throw her into battle now.” (Granny)
“Quit spouting crap! Treat her more carefully!” (Fohl)

Fohl snapped.
Whenever I meet him he seems angry.
… Though I’m not one to speak.

“What’s wrong?” (Firo)
“Firo-san, it seems that Onii-sama does not wish to send me into battle.” (Atlas)
“Hm… is Atlas-chan strong?” (Firo)
“No idea.” (Atlas)
“Try Punching Firo.” (Firo)

Firo tries to act as Atlas’s senior and presents herself for Atlas’s attack.

“Eh? Ah… Sure.” (Atlas)

Atlas closes her fist, and hits it against Firo’s chest.
It lets out quite a nice sound.
The next moment leaves me speechless.


Firo does a somersault and falls flat on the ground.

“I-it’s the real deal. Atlas-chan’s punch really hurt. Master, please heal me…” (Firo)

With teary eyes, Firo stares at me.
Is she acting? That was a terrible performance.

“I just slightly disrupted the flow of the massive power within Firo… did it hurt that much?” (Atlas)
“Yeah…” (Firo)
“I’m sorry.” (Atlas)
“No, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” (Firo)
“Stop it with the jokes, monster girl! Stop trying to send my sister into battle!” (Fohl)
“Atlas-chan, punch him.” (Firo)
“Ah, yes.” (Atlas)

On Firo’s order Atlas smacks her fist into her brother’s chest.
Fohl makes no attempt to block, and takes the attack head on.

“KAHA…” (Fohl)

He lets out a loud sound and falls to his knees.
He seems to be tearing up.

“I-I didn’t feel… anything so… Please stay… home.” (Fohl)
“You’re obviously pushing it…” (Naofumi)

This is actually quite amazing.
How did she manage to inflict damage on Fohl and Firo?
Is she able to sense something else because she can’t see?
She’s… stronger than her brother.
If she grows from here, she may turn out to be amazing. As expected of the Hakuko race.
This was an unexpected development in a good way.
The Old Woman should get to work on her immediately.

“Well, just go level in a way that doesn’t put yourself in too much danger. We’re off to go Level Reset.” (Naofumi)
“Ye~s.” (Atlas)
“”I-I still don’t approve of you making Atlas fight. (Fohl)
“Onii-sama, no matter what you say, I want to fight. Please follow Naofumi-sama’s directions.” (Atlas)
“B-but…” (Fohl)
“Firo, grab Fohl. We’re going.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah!” (Firo)

Firo grabs the resisting Fohl. The other slaves prepare for the harsh trip.

“Level up the dragon chick with you. Now then, we’re off.” (Naofumi)
“See you soon, Naofumi-sama.” (Rafatalia)
“Yeah, I’ll be back soon.” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia’s always seems to be seeing me off, but I’ve never had the opportunity of seeing her off.
But there’s no need for me to mull over it.
And so I took the slaves that wanted to level reset, and those that wanted to learn from the old man to the Castle Town.

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