Chapter 186: A Dragon’s Rage

It’s story time.

Chapter 186: A Dragon’s Rage

Apparently, a group of Demi-Human Merchants were attacked while passing through Gaelion’s mountain range.
Of course, Gaelion was not going to let the culprits go Scot free.
But before he could do anything, a female Demi-Human came running to his cave with a baby in her hands. She collapsed at the entrance.

“Fumu, what are you doing in front of my cave. Depending on your answer…” (Gaelion)

The woman’s vision was getting hazy. She could not see who she was addressing, but still she smiled and held the baby up with the last of her strength.

“Thank god. There was someone here… we were attacked in these mountains, and I somehow made it here… I beg of you, please, at the very least, save this child…” (Female Demi-Human)
“Nu…” (Gaelion)
“This is a harsh country for Demi-Humans. I understand that I am asking for a lot, but… I beg of you.”

And with shaking hands, the woman tries to hand the child over. Her eyesight is slowly leaving her.
She doesn’t realize that the one she is talking to isn’t even human.

“… I understand. I shalt care for thy child with my life.” (Gaelion)

Gaelion listens to the woman’s last wish. He picks up the child in his massive claws.

“Thank… You. That child’s name is… Wyn… Dia…”

After saying this, the woman stops moving.
The only thing sustaining her lifeforce was her desire to protect the baby.

“Fuhihi… So she ran all the way to this place.” (Bandit)

The bandits that had attacked her earlier arrived.
They were fools who simply gave chase without seeing where they were going.
There was supposed to be a famous story circulating in this region.
One of an Evil Dragon that made its home on these lands.

“A promise is a promise. I guess I have no choice.” (Gaelion)
“He? Wha-!?” (Bandit)

Before the Bandits can say any more, Gaelion releases a Breath Attack.
And the thieves are immediately reduced to rotting ashes.

“Now then. Protecting my land takes most of my effort… What should I do with this?” (Gaelion)

Like this, Gaelion started raising the baby.
With the help of the other monsters inhabiting the area, he looked after Wyndea, while protecting his land. (TL: There is a side note that these monsters are Gaelion’s lovers)
And because of that, Wyndea… This is a pain. Taniko learned to treat monsters as family.
It appears that Gaelion had many children.
And having a Demi-Human among them didn’t hurt.

The story after that went into Gaelion’s child-care journal, so I’ll omit that.
Anyways, Gaelion awkwardly brought up Taniko.
He learned to treat her with love, but a dragon raising a Demi-Human is still difficult.

Melromark had always had a tradition of Human Absolutism, and Gaelion somehow wanted to give Taniko human happiness.
But because of that…

On that Day, Gaelion left Taniko in the care of the other monsters, and went on a walk.

“The Dragon plaguing this land is you, right!?” (Ren)

A person wielding what appeared to be a magic sword, and his companions, appeared.
Occasionally, some humans attack Gaelion’s lair in search of his treasure.
Though he understood human language, there was no real reason for Gaelion to converse with these thieves.


With the cry of a beast, Gaelion attacks these humans.
But his opponents were too strong.
The Humans had somehow obtained an anti-dragon sword, and every hit from it put Gaelion in great pain.
Gaelion realized it.

That this was one of the summoned humans. The Hero of the Sword.

The fight itself took around 30 minutes.
The sword’s properties put Gaelion at a disadvantage, so he wanted to retreat.
But in his cave was Taniko, and the monsters caring for her.

If he ran here…
The monsters would probably be fine. They were inhabitants of this mountain, and had the ability to run.
But Taniko was different.
If this cowardly fragment of the Dragon Emperor were to run here, then she would probably confront the Hero… and perish.

He thought back to what his crime was. It was his very existence.
Just by protecting his territory, he attracted greedy humans vying for his treasure.
Gaelion felt great resentment.
In the last moments of his life… Gaelion stared at the Hero of the Sword’s face.

Those weren’t the eyes of one who was prepared to die fighting.
He was killing him as if it were simply a job.

While Gaelion was fighting with his life on the line, this man was simply doing a job.

The irrationality made him think he was going insane.

Taniko’s troubled, crying face.
Taniko’s slightly lonely face when he went out.
Taniko’s happy face when he returned home.

He could no longer see any of them.

The Dragon Emperor fragments are immortal.
But when will he revive? There’s no guarantee he will ever see Taniko again.
If someone were to extract his core and use it, then revival would be impossible.

And with those thoughts of anger and despair, Gaelion died.

Luckily, his core was not taken.
From within the core of his lifeless body, he quietly waited for his resurrection.
He waited, and waited. Even when his body started to rot.
Gaelion wished. If only someone came by to help take on his soul.
But that wish never came true. His friends at the cave had probably been exterminated by now.

Eventually, he stopped thinking entirely, and his core’s instincts took over.
He could no longer hear rhyme or reason.
His body began moving against his will.
Gaelion could no longer perceive the outside world or speak.
And all that surrounded him was tainted earth.

Taniko and the others were most likely dead.
When he finally regained his senses, he witnessed a Filo Rial eating his core. It was the end.

-He no longer cared for reputation or pride.
Just one hit was enough. He just wanted to give that Sword Hero some form of retribution.

“But the one I found was the hero of the Shield. I watched and waited for my opportunity from inside your shield.” (Gaelion)
“And I conveniently obtained a Dragon’s egg, so you tried to shift your conscious to it?” (Naofumi)
“Pretty much. But I never expected to find Wyndea alive here. My luck was good.” (Gaelion)

Gaelion turns to Firo.
It was a long story, so Atlas is sound asleep.
If someone tells a story while you’re lying down, you will tend to fall asleep.

“As expected of a Filo Rial’s body. You were able to contain my power and keep control of your body. You’re quite a troublesome one, you know.” (Gaelion)
“Hmph-!” (Firo)

Firo shows open hostility towards Gaelion.

“And? How did Taniko get to this village? I just bought her from the Slave Dealer, so I have no idea.” (Naofumi)
“I can guess. After the Hero of the Sword killed me, the villagers probably came to my cave for my treasure. They slaughtered all the monsters there and sold Wyndea along with the eggs there. She does have a good face.” (Gaelion)

Ah, Dragon eggs are quite valuable, so they were probably sold off.
I was suspicious of how the villagers in the area were so wealthy.
They were pretty much getting their just deserts.

But that’s just from a dragon’s point of view.
Honestly, humanity is a race that only sees things one-sidedly, and commits crimes without remorse based on this arbitrary judgment.
I learned that myself here.
Monster hunting can be considered merciless slaughter from the monster’s point of view.

“You won’t get my sympathy.” (Naofumi)
“I know. How long do you think I hath inhabited thy shield? This world is based on Survival of the Fittest, and I think I’m resigning. I can’t forgive the one who killed me without any thought and left my body to rot, but I’ve already delivered retribution on many souls.” (Gaelion)

There were many casualties at the plagued village.
I guess that was his retribution.

“I was simply waiting for mine own revival. And now I hath been given a body here.” (Gaelion)
“Yes, yes. If you don’t intend to serve me, then you can take Taniko and leave. Otherwise, I don’t mind forgiving you for the trouble you caused us.” (Naofumi)
“I never said I didn’t wish to serve thee. This body’s owner seems to have taken a liking to thee.” (Gaelion)
“Master is Firo’s!” (Firo)
“Quiet, future Queen! He who wins out is the winner! This time, I shalt obtain this hero’s favor, is what this body’s owner says.” (Gaelion)
“Mu…!” (Firo)
“My Favor…” (Naofumi)

My pets appear to be fighting over me.
If they get to be too much of a pain, should I kick them out?
But Firo is currently here as an Atlas countermeasure, so I can’t really kick her out.

“So, in the end, what do you want to do?” (Naofumi)
“I wish to gather the Fragments and obtain the strength of the true Dragon Emperor.” (Gaelion)
“Rejected. That sounds troublesome. Do that by yourself. I have no obligation to do that.” (Naofumi)
“Wa, you rejected him quite bluntly, Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)
“The Count’s decision making ability is amazing. He can say that even when he’s offering you so much information about Dragons.” (Rat)
“Information? Think you can write a paper on it?” (Naofumi)
“I don’t think anyone will believe it. We can’t really write this guy up as a credible source.” (Rat)

Gaelion finally recovers from my sudden rejection. He starts speaking.

“Can you not at least hear me out?” (Gaelion)
“Rejected.” (Naofumi)
“Then I’ll just talk, and you can choose whether or not to listen. I wish to become strong. My vessel also wishes for this. We’ll probably get much stronger than I was in life.” (Gaelion)
“Then isn’t that fine? Why must you search for the Dragon Emperor Fragments?” (Naofumi)
“The waves of calamity are causing the fragments to gather.” (Gaelion)
“Hmm… As summoned enemies?” (Naofumi)
“No, as the world’s…” (Gaelion)
“What’s wrong?” (Naofumi)
“This is all the information I have on the fragments. All I know is that they are gathering to prepare for a large event.” (Gaelion)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
“If I win fights against those other fragments, then I can gain more and more of the Emperor’s power. And here I swear, that I will use that power for your sake.” (Gaelion)
“Of course you will. If you weren’t going to lend me your power, I wouldn’t let you get power in the first place.” (Naofumi)
“Mu… Just listen to me. If you assist me in becoming stronger, then I shall grant upon you the knowledge of the Dragon Emperor.” (Gaelion)
“I don’t really need the knowledge of the people you beat…” (Naofumi)

I don’t think this deal seems very credible.

“Even if it’s forgotten knowledge on how to break the Lv 100 cap?” (Gaelion)

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    this time, I shall obtain this hero’s favour.

    canst thou not at least hear me out?

    then I’ll just talk and thou canst choose whether or not to listen.

    and here I swear, that I will use that power for thy sake.

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