Chapter 188: Salute

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Chapter 188: Salute

It’s been 3 days since I’ve started giving Firo preferential treatment over Gaelion.
In my free time, I’ve started training with Atlas.

“Training with Naofumi-sama. How delightful.” (Atlas)
“Atlas, I believe you were able to read the flow of energy or something, right?” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Atlas)
“Can you perform attacks that can breach my defenses, and damage me from the inside?” (Naofumi)
“Um… something like this?” (Atlas)

Atlas makes a gesture as if she’s grabbing something out of the air, and then pushes her hand at me.
At that moment, I suddenly feel a sense of pain in my stomach.
This technique is the same one that granny used.

“Y-yeah… That one.” (Naofumi)

It’s good that I didn’t have a powerful shield equipped.
I have the feeling that if I equipped one of my heavily strengthened shields, then I would have fallen to the ground with that attack.
But for her to be able to execute it simply after hearing the granny’s explanation, Atlas truly is a genius.

“I thought I would try training to be able to control my energy to withstand attacks like that.” (Naofumi)
“As expected of Naofumi-sama. You’re always trying to get stronger. Please allow me to assist you.” (Atlas)
“I’ll leave it to you.” (Naofumi)

And like that, I began sparring with Atlas.
Because of this, Atlas is too tired at night to force herself into my bed.
I’ve been able to understand the general concept through my sparrings, but applying it is difficult.
I’ve been able to use support magic to drive away the forces acting within my body, but something is different.
But I guess it’s best to learn little by little.

“Master~! Let’s play~!” (Firo)

Firo occasionally comes over while we’re training.
I wonder what happened to Melty.
So I occasionally spar with Firo as well. I also just play with her normally.

“Kyua…” (Gaelion)

I can see Gaelion watching us from the shadows in envy, but I ignore him.

“Don’t bully him too much.” (Gaelion)

The older Gaelion speaks out in protest.

“Bu…! Go Back!” (Firo)

Firo truly seems to hate Gaelion.

“Now then, Gaelion. Where shall we go today?” (Taniko)
“Gya… Gyau!” (Gaelion)
“Gaelion?” (Taniko)

Taniko is getting suspicious of Gaelion’s behavior.
Why must he hide his revival?
Even if he’s trying to fit into human society, I’m sure Taniko would be delighted if she knew.

Also, Kogaelion’s cry is Kyua. (Ko means child)
What the hell is Gyau supposed to mean?

Adult Gaelion stares at me for help with eyes like a calf that’s about to be sold. I won’t get involved.
Gaelion gets dragged off by Taniko.
He should be able to get through this with his own strength.

And so, 3 ordinary days passed.

“Firo is going to go level with Melty.” (Firo)

As I was walking around town with Firo, she suddenly blurts this out.

“… Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah!” (Firo)

Her answer is very energetic.
Since reconstruction has been going smoothly, I thought I would go level myself, but…
But with an answer that energetic, I can’t really force myself into their group.
Oh? Melty looks troubled.

“Um, Firo-chan. I don’t have that much free time.” (Melty)
“Eh? But Mel-chan, you said that you felt weak and wanted to raise your level.” (Firo)
“I didn’t mean right now.” (Melty)
“But Melty-chan, the villagers told me that people that put things off to tomorrow, never really do it tomorrow.” (Firo)
“I have something else that I have to do.” (Melty)
“Eh… But Mel-chan, they also said that if you don’t mix in fun with work, then you’ll never get anywhere.” (Firo)

Firo enters inquisition mode again.
In this mode, she seems to lose the ability to read the situation, and just continuously asks questions.
But if I don’t do anything here, Firo’s level will remain low.
If I tell her to go level alone, will she get mad?

“Firo.” (Naofumi)
“What~?” (Firo)
“go level alone.” (Naofumi)
“No!” (Firo)

As I thought.
I look towards Melty’s subordinates.
I signal for them to open up a space in Melty’s schedule later.
It seems they were worried about Melty’s low level as well.

She hasn’t been neglecting her magical studies, so her abilities go beyond her level, but it’s probably better for one who is going to lead a country to have a higher level.
And there’s also the problem of having a child do strenuous labor for a long period of time.

Melty also needs time to play.
Firo is more than qualified to be her bodyguard.

“There’s no helping it… Future Queen, Melty. You must go on a journey to find yourself with that bird as your companion!” (Naofumi)
“Na-Naofumi? What are you talking about?” (Melty)
“And so, Firo. Go level up with Melty.” (Naofumi)
“Hooray!” (Firo)
“Wait, Naofumi! Don’t go deciding these things on your own!” (Melty)
“It’s fine, Melty.” (Naofumi)
“What is!?” (Melty)
“This isn’t just my own judgment. Your subordinates have already given me permission. Even Shadow will guard you from the shadows.” (Naofumi)
“That’s even worse!” (Melty)
“After that, we’ll have to decide whether or not to apply the slave seal on you for the stat boosts. That Queen will probably grant permission.” (Naofumi)

That Queen seems to want Melty to become my wife, so she’ll probably do anything to get her closer to me.
I’ll ask for the individual’s opinion here.

“Never!” (Melty)
“I see. Then we won’t. Firo, while you’re away, what will we do for Atlas countermeasures?” (Naofumi)
“Hm… I’ll ask a reliable person.” (Firo)

Since it’s Firo, will she bring in her subordinate Filo Rial?

“I have no intentions of sleeping next to a Filo Rial.” (Naofumi)
“Then I’ll ask Imya-chan.” (Firo)
“How will that help?” (NAofumi)

I don’t think Imya can stop Atlas.
It seems that she’s gotten skillful enough for the Tailor to begin passing on her personal secret techniques.
Will she make Atlas a wedding dress? I don’t know how she would accomplish that with nothing but monster skins, but that sounds like it will sell well.

“Then Firo will bring in someone stronger that Atlas-chan.” (Firo)
“Who?” (Naofumi)
“Hm…” (Firo)

This isn’t going to work. It doesn’t look like she’s even thinking about it.

“I think that person will be able to stop Atlas-chan.” (Firo)
“And I’m asking who.” (Naofumi)
“Well, then, we’re off, Master~.” (Firo)
“Wait, Firo-chan! I never said I was goin-” (Melty)

Before Melty can protest, Firo grabs the clothing on the back of her neck and tosses her onto her back.
And as soon as Melty lands, Firo runs off while flapping her wings.

“Naofumiiiiiii. Remember thiiiiisss!” (Melty)
“I expect great growth from you, Future Queen, Melty.” (Naofumi) (TL: As in Stats)

Going with the flow, I salute her. She seems angry, and tries to throw something at me. It appears to be a piece of scrap paper.
But as she’s on the back of a running Firo, the item that she throws doesn’t reach me. It just gets carried off by the wind.
She starts screaming hysterically.
But despite all of this, it’s not like I hate her.

“Now then.” (Naofumi)

I hold a meeting with Melty’s subordinates about the management of the village.
The area’s development is proceeding faster than expected.
This is in part due to the usage of the Camping Plant, which I lent to some of the stores.
This interesting plant will probably bring in a lot of customers.

“And… The help Firo hired was you?” (Naofumi)

When night comes, I once again hold my head in my hands.
Was that bird even thinking at all?

“That’s right. This Onee-san really is troubled.” (Sadina)

Rafatalia had already asked her, so why is Firo requesting her as well?
This is double booking.
Sadina is happily drinking sake as she sits on the floor of my house.

“Anyways… you have Rafatalia, and you have Firo. Why does everyone rely on you?” (Naofumi)
“No idea. This Onee-san also finds it amazing~.” (Sadina)

She’s being annoying.
I activate her slave seal for a second.

“Ahn. Naofumi-chan, how stimulating. Ahn!” (Sadina)

… As the pain sets in, Sadina releases a disturbing voice.
If someone were to hear her, they would definitely misunderstand the situation.
So she isn’t someone the slave seal will work on so easily. I’m seriously considering kicking her out.

But if I did that, I might damage the relationship I have with the slaves.
For some reason, they seem to put a strange amount of trust in this person.
And I have no idea what Rafatalia will say to me if I do.

“*Sigh*…” (Naofumi)
“Do you really hate Atlas coming into your bed that much?” (Sadina)
“Yeah. It’s just as I said before.” (Naofumi)
“… Everyone really is having it tough.” (Sadina)
“With what?” (Naofumi)
“Everyone really likes Naofumi-chan, but Naofumi-chan has no intentions of responding to them.” (Sadina)
“Their feelings are more like those they would have for a parent. You can’t call that love. I don’t want to be responsible for something like that, so I try to keep my distance. It seems Rafatalia also seems to get angry when such matters come up, and Firo… I’m not even sure if she understands what Love is.” (Naofumi)
“I can understand what Naofumi-chan is saying. I think it’s best if you don’t discuss these sorts of things with Rafatalia-chan.” (Sadina)
“You’re saying it as if it’s fine to discuss it with everyone else, though.” (Naofumi)

If Rafatalia harbored those kinds of feelings towards me, would Sadina tell me to take responsibility?
Her phrasing makes it sound like Rafatalia is keeping something from me.
Well, we’ve known each other for quite a while, so Sadina might be mistaking our relationship.

“… I’m grateful that you’ve been protecting Rafatalia all this time. When the first wave hit, I wasn’t able to help her. I couldn’t protect her.” (Sadina)

Protect? What sort of relationship did they have?
Or is she regretting that she was unable to protect the other villagers?
Her sense of duty is quite strong.

“Now then… This Onee-san will offer Naofumi-chan a special idea.” (Sadina)
“What?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-chan, don’t you have quite a convenient shield? When you sleep, can’t you just move to a different town? I don’t think Atlas-chan will pursue you that far.” (Sadina)
“But my money is…” (Naofumi)

The lodging fee will be quite a bit. The daily amount isn’t much, but if I want to stay every night, the amounts will add up.
I can camp out in a camping plant and the wild monsters probably won’t be able to damage me, but I don’t think I will be able to sleep.
Perhaps I can sleep for free at Melromark Castle.
But Trash is over there, and I think I’ll get dragged into something troublesome.

“Then should this Onee-san show you her secret base?” (Sadina)
“Secret base?” (Naofumi)

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