Chapter 189: Secret Base

The Web Novel’s halfway point, not that the author knew that when he wrote it. One Line I don’t really get at the end.

Chapter 189: Secret Base

“I see… So this is your secret base.” (Naofumi)

After that, Sadina dragged me towards the ocean.
She told me to get on her back, and started swimming.
Riding Sadina, it took around 30 minutes to get there.
I saw an island in the distance. It was too dark for me to see clearly, but the island didn’t look particularly big.
It looked kinda like a crescent island I’ve seen in postcards.

I don’t really see any monsters.
I’m not Motoyasu, but I can say that it’s quite a romantic island.
After we reach the island, Sadina goes onto a hill and lights a torch. She leads me to a cave-like area.
The structure is man-made, and even has windows.

“This place is regularly maintained, so it should be able to stand against storms.” (Sadina)
“If we come all the way here, I guess even Atlas won’t follow me.” (Naofumi)
“Pretty much.” (Sadina)

If she decides to cross the ocean, or gets a boat, then there truly is nothing I can do to stop her.
… The fact that it actually seems likely scares me.

“You should be able to get back using your shield. How does the place seem?” (Sadina)
“If I’m only using it to sleep, then this will suffice.” (Naofumi)

The location isn’t bad. The only problem is that it will be a pain to bring over my medicine compounding equipment.
The island is very quiet, and perfect for work.
Perhaps Rat can move her laboratory over here.

“And so, Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)

Sadina goes deeper in the cave and brings out a large barrel.
It most likely contains alcohol.

“Where did you get that from?” (Naofumi)
“I salvaged it from a shipwreck. It’s matured to a perfect age now.” (Sadina)

Ah, I see. For some reason, that barrel looks like illegal goods to me.
I mean, it is being hidden away in such a reclusive place.

“Why don’t you have a little drinking contest with me?” (Sadina)
“Why would I do that?” (Naofumi)
“Onee-san wants to get Naofumi-chan drunk so he will spill out his true feelings.” (Sadina)
“Did you think I would permit it if you just asked honestly? Anyways, I can’t even get drunk.” (Naofumi)
“This is the last time you’ll be saying something like that~” (Sadina)

Sadina enthusiastically cracks open the barrel. She dips a cup in and starts drinking.
I guess I’ll keep her company. I think I can sleep peacefully here.

“You said this was from a shipwreck, right?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah.” (Sadina)
“Can you just take goods like that in this country?” (Naofumi)
“No problem~, This wasn’t within this country’s salvageable range.” (Sadina)
“Salvage range?” (Naofumi)
“There are laws that mandate the acquisition of goods from the ocean, but they aren’t very definite. This barrel was picked up in international waters, so it’s not subject to law.” (Sadina)

It’s not like anyone’s going to ask for its origin anyways, so as long as we keep quiet, it’s probably okay.

“With water magic, one can gain the ability to breath underwater for a while, but that doesn’t mean they can match aquatic races. Melromark is a country of human absolutism, so even if they build salvage ships, most of the deeper areas of the ocean are untouched.” (Sadina)
“I see…” (Naofumi)
“Fishermen will actively attack aquatic Demi-humans and Beastmen, and the reverse is also common.” (Sadina)

The oceans here seem to be quite dangerous.

“Recently, the waves have gotten stronger and the currents faster as well.” (Sadina)

So the Wave is also effecting the normal waves.
I get the feeling that the ship captain said that on the way to Cal Mira.

“If I find time, do you want me to go treasure hunting? Though if I don’t raise my level a bit, it will be kinda dangerous.” (Sadina)
“Well, your level has risen quite a bit… If you think you can do it, I’ll leave it to you.” (Naofumi)

Treasure from the sea will definitely sell for a bit.
Sadina pulls out an ocean map with one hand, while she continues drinking with the other.

“U… Naofumi-chan is a strong drinker~.” (Sadina)

While we were in the middle of the second barrel, Sadina starts swaying a bit.

“Oh? You even have Lucor fruits here.” (Naofumi)

I was curious, so I walked past the drunk Sadina and look further into the cave.
I snack on some of the fruits before returning.
Apparently, because of its ridiculously high alcohol concentration, it almost never spoils.
These ones seem to be a bit old. The taste is deeper than usual.
Mass producing these and selling them is possible, but it’s probably best not to introduce alcohol to the slaves. I can imagine quite a few of them being bad drunks.

“Uu….” (Sadina)

Seeing me eating the Lucor Fruit, Sadina opens the window and begins throwing up into the sea.

“You really are strong. Oneesan is surprised. *Hic*.” (Sadina)
“Yes, yes.” (Naofumi)
“…Naofumi-chan. Will you not become my groom?” (Sadina)
“Don’t. Want. To.” (Naofumi)
“Ara. Onee-san said that she would marry someone who could drink more than her. I don’t think I’ll find someone better than Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)
“Why should I marry you?” (Naofumi)
“How cruel~. Well, that’s part of Naofumi-chan’s charms.” (Sadina)

And while we continued talking about it…

“…Samaaaa…” (???)
“Was that my imagination, or did you just hear a very ominous sound?” (Naofumi)
“What a coincidence. I also heard Atlas-chan’s voice. *Hic*.” (Sadina)

I look towards the beach.
… Atlas is approaching, riding a transformed Gaelion.

“Gaelion! Go Home!” (Naofumi)

There is still around 100 meters before they reach shore.
At this range, Atlas shouldn’t do anything stupid here.

“Kyua!?” (Gaelion)

It seems it’s child Gaelion this time.
I had never even considered the possibility of her using Gaelion to follow.
Atlas isn’t exactly stupid. She’s using all of her resources.
I guess I’ll have to deal with Gaelion later.
… With him here, no matter where I go, I will be followed.
What other options do I have left now?

“Ah, Gaelion-chan. Why are you turning around!? Naofumi-sama is right in front of us.” (Atlas)
“KYUAAA!” (Gaelion)
“Then you’ve forced me to take drastic measures.” (Atlas)
“Kyua!? KYUAAAAAAAA!” (Gaelion)
“Even if it hurts, I’m going to do my best and jump off!”

He probably thought that getting any closer would only anger me.
Gaelion frantically tries to contain Atlas, and flies back along the route from which he came.
It seems that our aerial offensive power has greatly increased.

“… We were immediately found out.” (Naofumi)
“Wow~… That child’s the real deal.” (Sadina)
“What should we do?” (Naofumi)
“Adult Gaelion will probably refuse her, and it seems child Gaelion has found out that you dislike him coming here, so it will probably work out fine.” (Sadina)
“Ah, I see.” (Naofumi)
“But it’s good that you didn’t choose to sleep in another town.” (Sadina)
“… She would have come on the Filo Rial or another monster.” (Naofumi)
“Probably.” (Sadina)

After a while, Gaelion comes flying back.
This time, it’s the adult one.

“… That girl doth not know when to give up. Perhaps you may say that she’s simply strong willed.” (Gaelion)
“I’ve caused you some trouble.” (Naofumi)
“No problem. Also… Oh? Is that Wine? Won’t you offer some to me?” (Gaelion)
“Isn’t your body that of a child? Will you be fine?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, yes~ Naofumi-chan is too strong of a drinker, and Onee-san is in trouble. Gaelion-chan please drink as well.” (Sadina)

Ignoring my words, Sadina hands Gaelion some sake.

”Yes, the taste of this one isn’t bad.” (Gaelion)
“What did you want to talk about? Speak before you get too intoxicated.” (Naofumi)
“I’d never challenge the Lucor eating Naofumi to a drinking contest. I wanted to speak concerning the class up.” (Gaelion)
“Ah, there was that.” (Naofumi)

The monsters we keep around here are getting to be around that level.
After hunting for a while, a ★ appeared next to Gaelion’s level value. It seems that the experience he stole from Firo let him level up past the preclass-up limit, but after a while, his level stopped growing.

“How about you, Sadina?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see, Onee-san will be able to class up in a little bit.” (Sadina)

It seems this one is hiding quite a bit of information. Or she just wont say anything until you ask.
Let me try asking.

“Did you ever Level Reset before? Besides when you did it with me?” (Naofumi)
“Ah? You could tell~?” (Sadina)

That was a bluff, but she happily responds.
I had found a few things strange about her.

“I was able to get all the way to 75 before, but then I reset. The reason is a secret. I think it was around when Rafatalia-chan was born… My age was around that of a child I think.” (Sadina)
“I see, so does that mean you were a criminal?” (Naofumi)
(TL: Remember that Level Reset was initially a punishment.)
“Depending on the perspective you look at it from, I may have been a criminal.” (Sadina)

She starts laughing out loud. What happened to her in the past?

“Exactly how old are you anyways?” (Naofumi)
“To ask a woman for her age is quite rude, you know. By the way, I’m 23.” (Sadina)

Her eyes twinkle as she says this.
And… she’s much younger than I thought. I estimated her to be in her 30s.
Rafatalia’s true age is quite young, so when she was born, Sadina would be around 13.

“At that time, I was an Ocean Shrine Maiden.” (Sadina)
“So you were fired, and had your level reset?” (Naofumi)
“Well, that’s pretty much how it went.” (Sadina)

Again, what exactly did she do?
Digging up people’s pasts is a pain, and generally unproductive so I don’t do it, but a former criminal…

“What~?” (Sadina)
“What did you do?” (Naofumi)
“I just went against my faith. It’s not like I killed someone or something. I won’t tell you more than that.” (Sadina)

She answers seriously for once. I get the feeling that this is a secret she will take to the grave.
My mind wanders towards Rafatalia.
Like Rafatalia’s parents, she used to be a wanderer I think.
Did she know Rafatalia’s parents for a long time?
… Rafatalia sometimes treats her as if she were her mother… Or is that just my imagination?
It seems she has no intention of saying more, so asking won’t do anything.

“And? Gaelion, what is this about the Class Up?” (Naofumi)
“You have the protection of the Filo Rial Queen, correct?” (Gaelion)
“Yeah, Firo’s Ahoge is a sort of protection I guess.” (Naofumi)

It seems that Filo Rials possess a wide variety of powers.
Or at least that’swhat I believe.

“I don’t really know how it works, but the Ahoge sometimes interferes with Class Ups.” (Naofumi)

Sometimes regardless of the individual’s will.

“That power interferes with the land the Class up takes place on, and magnifies its effects.” (Gaelion)

Power of the land…?
I believe he said that also influences experience and Status magic.

“A Class up is the enhancement of an individual’s power. Of course the Hero’s protection also amplifies power, but I am referring to something different.” (Gaelion)
“What do you mean?” (Naofumi)
“Most likely, the Filo Rial’s protection will not work on people who can use the Dragon Pulse Order and other monsters. The reason for this should be obvious.” (Gaelion)
“Mu…” (Naofumi)

So Neither Taniko or Sadina can use the special Ahoge-enhanced Class up.
They’ll only be able to depend on their selves for strength.

“I was worried about it, and thus I came here. You said that there were currently 2 who could Class Up, right?” (Gaelion)
“I think so.” (Naofumi)
“Including me, that’s 3. I may be able to give protection on the same level as the Filo Rial one. If you want to Class Up other Monsters, then bring them along.” (Gaelion)
“Is your protection different from the Filo Rial one?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah… I forgot the reason. If you want to conduct a special Class Up, then… Ah, this is annoying.” (Gaelion)

So he lost the knowledge on how to do it.

“I think doing it before I class up myself is dangerous.” (Gaelion)

There’s also a possibility he can’t even do it.

“Sadina, do you know anything about this?” (Naofumi)
“Nope~. Though when I did it, I did get the Water Dragon Emperor’s power to do a special Class Up.” (Sadina)
“This one is probably incomparable to the other one.” (Gaelion)

Says Gaelion.
So Sadina’s conducted a special Class Up before.

“Understood. I’ll have a monster that understands human speech ask them before they class up.” (Naofumi)

If they truly wish to become stronger, then we can use Gaelion’s protection.
The monsters going to Rat for strength will most likely consider it.

“I guess I’ll take Firo and Gaelion along when next we decide to go Class Up.” (Naofumi)

Atlas… Still has a while to go. The Hakuko have a higher class up level then the rest.
But Sadina and Taniko, also some of the other slaves are almost ready.


“And so-” (Naofumi)

I explain what Gaelion told me to the monsters over Level 40.
I have absolutely no idea whether or not monsters can understand human speech, but giving an explanation is better than not.
I feel like an idiot right now.

“Even so, if you still want to, come with me. Today, we’ll go to the castle to Class Up.” (Naofumi)

… The monsters here don’t even move.
So they really can’t understand human words.

“Everyone who wishes to get stronger, step forward.” (Naofumi)

A majority of the monsters come towards me.
Wow… They actually understood me.
Even the Usapill steps forwards.
By the way, this villages Usapill has grown quite big. Big enough to ride it.
(TL: See manga for size comparison)
And all of these monsters are striving for strength.

“*Sigh*… I got it. Then we’ll wait for Gaelion to class up before we go. You’ll have to stay that way for a while.” (Naofumi)

The monsters listen to my command and return to the monster stable.
My head hurts.

And so after speaking with the monsters, I took Sadina, Taniko and Gaelion to go class up at the castle.
I don’t think I even have to talk about the Class up ceremony at this point.
In the middle of Gaelion’s Class Up, he began chanting magic, and the ceremony suddenly sped up and came to a close.
When I checked his Status, I found it had rose just as much as Firo’s when she classed up.
Sadina’s stat increase is also considerable.
Is it because she’s the Onee-san that everyone relies on? She doesn’t seem to be that strong on land.,,

“Did you learn anything regarding providing providence during Class Up?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, Father’s power came through Gaelion, and gave us power, right?” (Taniko)
“No, your father is alive clinging to that dragon there.” (Naofumi)
“What are you talking about? If you don’t stop, I will get angry.” (Taniko)

Taniko believes wholeheartedly that her father Gaelion is dead.
That very individual seems to be looking away and making a whistling sound.
What’s with this scene?

…Who was it? They called me a Boomerang or something.
(TL: I don’t really get this line, please help. Perhaps I’m just sleepy (Knowing Naofumi, it’s probably a pop culture reference, but…)…誰だれだ? 俺おれの事ことをブーメランとか言いった奴やつは?)

Anyways, like that we were able to obtain the Dragon’s protection for Class Ups.

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