Chapter 211: Infighting

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From Yuru Yuri

Chapter 211: Infighting

“As expected of Firo-tan. My heart is beating so fast my chest will split open…” (Motoyasu)

Even though Motoyasu was kicked, he’s showing an expression of ecstasy as he gets up.
How long will this headache continue?
And from the sound, it didn’t seem like Firo held back at all with that Kick.

It was a serious kick, and she’s also receiving a bonus from the Lust Spear. My Zveit Aura should also still be in effect… Yet he withstood that.
The past Motoyasu would have been split in half. Even the Curse Series shouldn’t increase his stats to this extent.

I don’t know why, but he’s still doing just fine.

“Motoyasu-” (Naofumi)
“WHAT is it, FAther?” (Motoyasu)
(TL: Motoyasu is randomly switching between Hiragana and Katakana here.)
“… Never mind… Have you been trying out other reinforcement methods?” (Naofumi)
“YES Firo-taN’s fATHEr’s words are absolUTE.” (Motoyasu)

… I don’t need your imitation!
So this idiot finally began using the strengthening methods I passed to Shadow.
The result… The current Motoyasu is probably stronger than me.

My Wrath hasn’t been enhanced much, and it’s only at level III.
Motoyasu is at IV. His weapon’s definitely stronger.

If I make an enemy of him, will I lose?
What should I do in this situation?
Firo is putting up an amazing fight.
And he’s counteracting with the boost of his curse skills.

… Isn’t this bad? Motoyasu probably won’t fight Firo seriously.
But Firo is coming at him with all of her might.
Right now Motoyasu hasn’t taken too much damage, but if Firo continues like this things may get ugly.

After that, Firo will, without a doubt, come after me.
If Motoyasu fights to the death, we may have a chance, but we’ve been told that killing heroes is bad.
If possible, I wasn’t to avoid that.

“Hah… Hah…n…” (Firo)

Firo takes an offensive stance.
This stance is…
Magic power begins swirling around her center of gravity. The current me can see it.
I think this is the stance to recover mana.
But in this situation, it probably isn’t replenishment, but amplification.

“Reach Firo-tan! My feelings!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu sees this as an opportunity to attack.
Firo’s magic replenishment finishes much faster than I expected.

「High Quick!」 (Firo)

There’s a flash!
A white afterimage passes through Motoyasu’s body. The sight of a white ribbon continuously piercing through Motoyasu’s body is burned into my eyes.

“Gufu…” (Motoyasu)

M-Motoyasu! Could he be done already!?

“Amazing. Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)

Ah. He got up.
That’s good. The meat shield protecting me is still alive.

“Um… Should we be doing anything?” (Atlas)
“You want to go into that battlefield? It’ll be dangerous even for me, you know.” (Naofumi)
“Right…” (Atlas)

But should we really just stay on the sidelines?
I should probably look for a way to escape…

“Rishia, try to run!” (Naofumi)

I order Rishia to try running alone.

“Fue!?” (Rishia)
“Naofumi?” (Melty)
“Now! Quickly!” (Naofumi)
“Yes, Naofumi-sama is saying it, so Rishia-san, please run!” (Atlas)
“Y-yes!” (Rishia)

Upon Atlas’s recommendation, Rishia begins running away.
But… she soon returns.

“Fueeee! Why am I back here!?” (Rishia)

As I thought. We’re in something like a special loop.
It seems we’ll be unable to escape for a while.
Motoyasu and Firo are still fighting.
I’m grasping for the means to do something, but I can’t think of anything.
I just hope that the two forces will collapse simultaneously.

But the situation is heading in a negative direction.

“Diiiiee-!” (Filo Rials)

Motoyasu’s three subordinate Filo Rials begin attacking Firo.

“W-why is everyone-!?” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu stands in front to protect Firo.
But the Filo Rials continue their assault, one with a kick, another with magic, and the last one with a battle axe.
The one who kicked was Red, the one who cast was Blue and the one rushing with an axe on their shoulder is Green.
All of them have strange looks in their eyes.

“Hate… The one who monopolizes Mokkun’s love, while seducing another man. I hate you!” (Filo Rial)
“Mo-kun is ours…” (Filo Rial)
“Yeah… I won’t approve of that person!” (Filo Rial)
“S-stop! Everyone!” (Motoyasu)
“””I Want to be the one to eat Mo-kun (Mokkun)! And that bitch is in the way!””” (Filo Rials)

To protect Firo. Motoyasu begins fighting the three.
Though not as fast as Firo, they are still quite fast.

“Atlas.” (Naofumi)
“Yes, something black is wrapped around those three. It’s more potent than with Firo-chan.” (Atlas)
“Ah, I see.” (Naofumi)

From what I see, they have yet to Class Up.
The fact that they are able to hold off Motoyasu must be due to his own support.
I mean, they’re clearly being effected by his Curse Series.
Lust and Envy.

Like Firo, Lust is putting them in heat, and Envy is making them attack Firo.
With those three on the offense, Motoyasu has no choice but to defend her.
But they’re his precious daughters. I don’t think he can hurt them.

Motoyasu is protecting Firo. Firo is approaching me with a dangerous aura. The three Filo Rials are trying to kill her.
It may be my imagination, but originally, Motoyasu was the enemy, Firo was an ally, and the Filo Rials were Motoyasu’s subordinates, and by transitive property, were enemies.

In reality, Motoyasu is now an ally(?), Firo is an Enemy, and the three are… A third power?
I’m starting to have a hard time differentiating friend and foe.

And then…

“Master… Finally the nuisance is gone…” (Firo)

With her back to Motoyasu, Firo begins walking towards me, step by step.
I’ve had a long time to think, so I have a few plans to test out.
Among them should be one that should be able to handle this situation.

Idea 1: Activate the Wrath Shield and turn everything to ash.
Con: The wrath shield hasn’t been strengthened, so the fire power may be lacking.
It will be difficult to beat Firo with it. Even including Iron Maiden and Blutopfer.
I can’t even use the latter. Even if I get the chance, the chances of it hitting Firo are low. And if it did hit, Firo would die.

Idea 2: Use idea 1 to take out Motoyasu.
Con: I don’t have enough information on the current Motoyasu to take him on with certainty.
I also don’t know the exact effects of his skills.

Idea 3: Talk to and convince Motoyasu.
Con: There’s no precedent showing he can even be reasoned with. To get him to agree, I may have to have Firo talk to him.
But with Firo like this, I can’t really do that.

Idea 4: Talk to and convince Firo.
Con: She’s not in a state where words will reach her. Convincing her seems impossible. I don’t think she’ll agree to anything I ask of her.

Idea 5: Cast support on Motoyasu’s followers and have them take care of everything.
Con: Firo will get killed. I want to avoid that.

This is no good.
Even taking an uncertain gamble is better than these options.
I wondered about the power of a Wrath Shield reinforced Shield prison and E Float Shield.
My personal defense is very high, but I wasn’t sure about external attachments.
And so I experimented with infusing these items with Magic.
But… in order to make them succeed…

“Master~…” (Firo)

I’m going to be defiled!
That is…

“A-at least in human form!” (Naofumi)

What the hell am I saying!?
But being violated by a little girl has to be better than being violated by a giant bird.

“No.” (Firo)

Ku… That’s a nostalgic line from Firo.
When we first taught her to speak, Firo repeated that word over and over.
So I’m going to be defiled by a giant bird. I would rather die.
Motoyasu may be delighted with this, but this is not my fetish!
I have to restrain Firo no matter what.

「Shield-」 (Naofumi)

I feel the flow of energy all around my body.
My desperation, my desire to succeed in this no matter what, makes my mind move faster. I begin to understand this power.
This is… Not Magic. Is it… the Chi that Atlas senses?
No, this power surfaced when I was about to activate Shield Prison.
This is probably the phenomenon known as SP.

「Pri-」 (Naofumi)

I feel the power flowing towards my designated target.
I see… Is that the point where I have to send my magic?
I get the feeling that I can do it.
But I don’t have time. Before I cast it, I cut it off.

「…」 (Naofumi)

The power flowing out returns to my body.
But there is something that surprises me even more.
When I was about to release it, Firo jumped away from the point that I targeted.
Did her instincts tell her to avoid it?

So even if I successfully infuse it with magic, Firo will avoid it.
I’m doing this without any practice. And it requires a lot of concentration to infuse the magic. And now I find that It probably won’t even hit her.
I don’t have any more options. I could try using this power to strengthen the Meteor Shield, but it’s still cooling down.
But… If I give up here, my purity…!

Perhaps I should shift my target to Motoyasu?

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