This matter is semi-serious.

I have come to the realization that my icon looks like a bikini on a shield. This was unintentional.

I was only able to see this after I was told so.

I was meant to be a Renho face on a shield with some lines added and removed.

Can someone please think up an icon design that is a little more appropriate for the series?

The requirements for the image are that:
it has to be square (But it can be any size) It will be automatically scaled down to the size you see on the tab at smallest, but will appear bigger on some links such as on Reddit.
Accepted formats are JPG and PNG (With PNG, you can get transparent background)

Yes, I will be releasing a chapter later today.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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56 Responses to THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER: Icon Design

  1. Tolack says:

    If that’s the issue, why not remove the bikini?

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  2. Make it like Shieldbro’s beginning shield. Solve yourself the trouble. Plus, it does look nice.


  3. Life says:

    Why not leave the shield with the Renho eyes and then make the bottom of it yellow to rep his beak( or mouth)?


  4. Evasio says:

    Lol, You really opened my eyes… I am pretty sure it is a bikini for Firo :P


  5. Tcol521 says:

    Hahahaha xD didn’t norice that until now


  6. Firo's Ahoge says:

    I don’t have any photoshop skills but isn’t something like this fine?

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  7. =P god love you says:

    O.o why dont you try to remove the breast part by making it more square or flipping the circular part to be on top in place of botton?


  8. Libro says:

    how about make it more like a shield from the Dragon knights in google =3


  9. Anonymous says:

    Smarter idea: replace all the characters with the Renho face to distract from the shield.


  10. Firo's Ahoge says:

    Sorry it’s ugly, but is this the kind of concept you’re looking for?


  11. sicarius236 says:

    AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Any two circles horizontally aligned on the upper region of the shield, connected by strings will look like a bikini, just saying :) but hey, good luck… *oh man can’t stop laughing, never noticed until now xD!!!


  12. Firo's Ahoge says:

    Here’s another concept.


  13. Haha says:

    You dont have to limit the icon to a shield image though… I think firo’s filorial form works too.. as it looked like chocobo from final fantasy!!


  14. d says:

    …Try mounting Elizabeth’s head on Firo’s body? An interesting thought, but unsuitable for a logo design.


  15. Sashimi says:

    I didn’t think my comment from the previous post would be this (semi-)serious xD

    I somehow felt guilty mentioning it :< so I went and tried to make a logo for ya.

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  16. DoA says:

    How about sth. like this?

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    • DoA says:

      At least the part with the eyes wouldn’t look like a bikini top. You could also replace the mouth with sth. else and make it more square or replace it with two fork-like signs that are horizontal and would come from the left and right side which then forms the mouth (e.g. the fork-form from the peace smybol or the symbol of neptune)


  17. Jae says:

    How about a Renho with Naofumi’s hair and the first shield?
    Sorta like this ^ It turned out pretty bad so I just pixelised it

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  18. Naru-chan says:

    well I decided to participate, I don’t have any idea if it’s good though… here’s the link yoraikun-sama :

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  19. 9 says:

    a body made from white steel, eyes made from white gems, and a beak made from pure gold

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  20. 2lazy4me says:


    it calls to it’s (evil) master lol…
    kinda got lazy and made it with mspaint…sorry ; p

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  21. Cyclloid says:

    I don’t have the Photoshop skills to do this, but a wrath shield etched with a dragon holding a large orb or 2 small orbs, one in each front claw. The orb(s) would have the renho design.


  22. Swifter says:

    Because I would like to throw in my ideas, which are similar to others, here are my three ideas that changed progressively as I had more fun with it.

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  23. andrexil says:

    I tried to participate too , hope this will good enough

    I use shield from Volume 4 Cover , forgot the shield name lol :V

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  24. swifter76 says:

    For the third and final time I will try to upload my designs. I went with a simple approach.


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