Chapter 217: The Hero of the Shield’s Capture Walkthrough

It’s like a side story. Some things are better left unknown.

Chapter 217: The Hero of the Shield’s Capture Walkthrough (TL: as in Galge)

Now then, it’s been a few days since Motoyasu has separated from the village and made his own Filo Rial farm (He built a fort with the stable at the center).
The shock from that incident made me unable to approach it for a while.
I was attacked by an army of Firos straight out of my darkest nightmares.

But when I asked him if I could borrow a Filo Rial, Motoyasu obediently lent one.
Using a relatively cheap Prairie Schooner, I restarted my peddling enterprise.
Though not as fast as Firo, his Filo Rials are quite fast, so they’re starting to take over the Caterpilland’s jobs.

The problem is the fuel efficiency.
All of the food in the village’s storehouse has vanished.
The new Filo Rials do nothing but eat…
If I don’t do something, death by starvation seems to be quite a possible future.

As such, we decided to expand our Bioplant cultivation.
The plants have started to become like a forest encircling the village.
The Dunes are working very hard every day in order to maintain the soil for them.
I have to reward them sometime soon.

“Niichan! So Filo Rials really were scary animals!” (Kiel)

Kiel runs at me with her tail wagging in dog form.
Did they try to eat him?
Ever since she learned how to transform, she seems to take that form whenever she gets excited.
This loinclothed dog.

“Besides tables and chairs, they eat everything with legs. Be careful.” (Naofumi)
(TL: Wow, this joke actually works in both languages)
“Okay! Imya-chan’s also being targeted, so I have to protect her!” (Kiel)

Well, I already told Motoyasu to make sure they don’t eat any villagers so it’ll probably be fine.
Also, since Firo is technically the future Queen of the species, they follow her with absolute obedience.
From the data I’ve collected in the past few days, it seems that all of the Filo Rials besides Motoyasu’s initial 3 will obey her.

I guess this is what you call a pecking order. (TL: puns…)
Filo Rial Queens require expensive slave seals, but with Firo’s Ahoge and Firo’s magic, it seems we will be able to manage.
The restrictions I place on them work as normal.

Of course, when I first met them, these birds had yet to fall under Firo’s dominion.
It seems that after Firo saved me, they battled it out for superiority.
I think I remember the slaves watched their fights enthusiastically.
But because of the shock, my memories of that time are kinda hazy.

“I wonder if Motoyasu is in today.” (Naofumi)

He went off to train his newest Filo Rials.
Before that, he saw Rishia wearing the Firo Plushy, and screamed, “You Fake Bastard!!!” at her, so I sent him off to shut him up.
For some reason, however, he was looking at the costume in envy.

By the way, to this day I still have no idea exactly how many Filo Rials Motoyasu has.
So I timidly peer into the stable from the window.

Hm? Insider, Firo is fidgeting around as she sits next to Melty.
Melty is looking at her while smiling.
As I thought. She is a pervert comparable to Motoyasu.

“Um, now then… Let’s start the conference on how to get Master to praise us.” (Filo Rial)
(TL: This is not Firo. Everyone besides Firo pronounces master wrong.)

… What are they doing?

“The Chairman will be our Future Queen Firo-sama, and I will be managing.” (Filo Rial)

There is a loud cry from the audience. Or perhaps I should call it a whistle.
The sound of soft things coming into contact with each other is also there. I believe they are trying to clap.
They’re good at imitating human language. Is it because they’re birds?

The Filo Rial Queen speaking… I thing I’ve seen her before.
Motoyasu’s follower? No I don’t think so.

“Now then, let me give you the results of research I have carried out since my birth. To put it Bluntly, Master does not hold a high opinion of monsters that communicate in human speech.” (Filo Rial)

The Filo Rials watching start talking amongst themselves.

“But Firo-sama is able to get close to him in human form isn’t she?” (Filo Rial)
“Try to remember, everyone. Is there not always a set distance between the two of them?” (filo Rial)
“Hm? You know, Firo is liked by master~” (Firo)
“This is the opinion of Firo-sama, but the truth has yet to be ascertained. Did she not get penalized after starting a commotion earlier?” (Filo Rial)

Melty cringes. I think she just remembered something she didn’t want to.
I want to forget it as well.
I’m surprised she doesn’t try to escape from this absurd situation.

“At this point, swaying master’s heart by normal actions may prove to be impossible.” (Filo Rial)
“That’s wrong~ Firo is Master’s number one vehicle.” (Firo)
“Is that true? Do you not think you have been losing to Gaelion as of late?” (Filo Rial)

Upon these words, Firo begins pouting.
It seems he struck a nerve.
Whenever anything happens, she competes with the dragon.

“What are you looking at?” (Gaelion)

Speak of the devil. Gaelion comes next to me, and peers into the window as well.

“Ah, the growing population of Filo Rials. If they do anything to my territory, I will eat every last one of them.” (Gaelion)
“What can you do when you were devoured yourself?” (Naofumi)

But I don’t really care about that.
What exactly are they meeting for? Where is Motoyasu?
Perhaps he isn’t here today. His usual three and… the freshly hatched chicks aren’t there.

“Pii!” (Chick)

A chick jumps onto my shoulder.
The two left out chicks stand on Gaelion’s head and look inside as well.
Didn’t Filo Rials and Dragons not get along?

“Now then, everyone. Let us practice speaking out of human tongue. KUE!” (Filo Rial)
“KUE!” (Everyone)
“That’s right. Around Master, do not speak human tongue. Slowly build up fondness, and occasionally get close and offer your head to be pat. When he’s in a good mood, he will play with you, so indulge in it to your heart’s content. But if you are too persistent, he will hate it, so approach him in moderation.” (Filo Rial)
“YES!” (Everyone)

… The hell is this?
I’m at a loss for words.

It feels as if I just heard people I thought I got along with badmouthing me behind my back.
And what the hell are they trying to get my affection?
I know they can talk already so acting dumb won’t get them anywhere.

“Now then, next is practice on making one’s self appear loveable.” (Filo Rial)

The chairman’s eyes turn innocent and round as he tilts his head and looks at a point close to the ground.
Is that where I’m supposed to be?

“KUeee?” (Filo Rial)

He blinks numerous times while his eyes shine and he approaches that point.
It’s as if I’m truly standing there.
… If I didn’t know better, I think I would pat him.

How sly… It’s somehow pissing me off.
Ah, I remember. That’s Firo’s number one follower.
He has a bowtie on his chest, and his feathers are groomed as he gives the presentation.

He’s the Filo Rial I’ve known for the longest besides Firo.
So he became a Queen.
I don’t know the gender so he might be a King.
Even so… I found him more loveable than Firo, but that was all an act.

“Like that, in order to get close to Master, you need cuteness. Also, even if you can, you must refrain from using human speech. Does everyone understand?” (Filo Rial)
“Yes!” (Everyone)
“With Motoyasu-san, he’ll be happy no matter what you do, but in order to be liked by Master, you must have diligence and patience.” (Filo Rial)
“Yeah!” (Everyone)
“Now then, to practice.” (Filo Rial)
“KUE!” (Everyone)

The Filo Rials in the stable begin practicing. It somehow feels like a cult to me.
What was that Filo Rial’s name again?
I often played with him in the mornings, but I don’t know his name.
I think the slaves named him.

Compared to Firo, he seems quite smart.
Perhaps because his boss is an idiot… he learned from having a bad example close to him.
Though I hate his slyness.

Now that I think about it, Firo is an airhead. Even if she can speak, she still has some genuine cuteness.
But… now I think I’ll put up a bit more distance.
I know all of these birds can speak already.
It’s pointless to say KUE! Just when you’re in front of me.
I guess they’re still birds in the end. They’re too shallow minded.

Even Gaelion, who is currently sitting on my head has more cuteness.
Kogaelion Mode has a sense of Purity to him.
Though if I get close to him, Firo gets loud so I refrain from doing so.
Should I end his punishment and give him preferential treatmen? I don’t have anyone to sleep with me to drive away Atlas at the moment, so the timing is good.

Ah, why is Melty in there anyways?
Well she’s a person who’s a little more than a friend with Firo.
Did she come to relieve stress?
If I stay any longer they’ll notice me, so I quickly retreat.

By the way, I learned later that Follower Number 1 became a Queen because of Motoyasu’s influence.
Gaelion said it before, but it seems that if a Hero raises a Filo Rial, it transforms into royalty.
I get the feeling Firo said it too. That if I wished for it, he would become a Queen.

Motoyasu loves Firo, so he probably wishes for one of his Filo Rials to turn out like her. He tried caring for her subordinate.
And because of that, he became a Queen without Firo’s orders.
It seem that a few days later the slaves and Atlas participated in this meeting as well.
Gaelion told me that they were researching my preferred type.

They plan to conquer me!? Cut the crap! (TL: Again, as in Galge)

I immediately called these meetings to a close, but… I get the ominous feeling that something’s still going on in secret.
Skipping to the result, it seems my Filo Rials became more loveable, and sales increased.

A number of Nobles asked if we would sell them, but Motoyasu started complaining, so we ended up turning them down.

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