Chapter 227 : Poison

Hi guys, I am new translator, nasir. I did this using google, freetranslation and jisho …etc also i am not very proficient in english. I have written in front of the sentences in which I have problem with translation. Anyone who is good in japanese can tell me my mistakes .well….. here the chapter.enjoy

also thanks to yoraikun to let me post this on his blog.

The rope that had connected the caterpillar and the carriage had broken, and the carriage was gone.

Kiel and the others were nowhere to be seen.

“What happened!?” (Naofumi)

As soon as the Caterpillar saw me, it quickly ran towards me.

It mumbled something while staring and clinging to me.

“I was attacked when I was peddling! The children who were riding in the carriage were kidnapped? Eh? That’s not it?” (Taniko)

Taniko tried to understand the Caterpillar, but she did not seem to understand its words well.

It was only being transmitted that something had happened.

“Where was the place!?” (Ren)

Ren asked Taniko.

“Well…” (Taniko)

“It should be in the direction where this fellow came from?” (Ren)

“Probably.” (Taniko)

Ren traced back the caterpillar’s foot prints and started running.

“Oh, wait! Don’t leave me!” (Female Knight)

The female knight chased after him.

But that wouldn’t be enough.

“Filo, go with Ren.” (Naofumi)


The filo which was next to me, on my instruction, started running to accompany them.

It would be best if the case was resolved with this, but….

I suppressed the uneasiness in my chest. (not sure about this)

“First, we’re treating this guy. Call Rat.” (Naofumi)

While chanting recovery magic, I told Taniko to call Rat.

Recovery magic was not very effective on monsters. In this case, natural recovery or recovery by medicine would work better.

Taniko ran to Rat’s laboratory.

Suddenly, a problem started.

The caterpillar started to behave violently and tried to return the way he came until Rat arrived.

It was hard to say, but he had a powerful desire to become strong. He grieved over his cowardliness for not going after Ren. (cannot make a better translation than this)

“Okay? What happened?” (Rat)

“Apparently, thieves attacked the carriage and kidnapped the slaves.” (Naofumi)

After hearing the commotion, Gaelion came flying.

The caterpillar began to tell something to Gaelion.

“Hmm… Hmm… What?” (Gaelion)

“Did you understand something? ” (Naofumi)

“The fact is that there was a surprise attack that came from both the front and back” (Gaelion)   (this took the longest to translate and i think its still not good.someone can check this for me)

“What do you mean?” (Naofumi)

For a moment, I thought that the protection shields that the slaves received were rotten.

To be frank, they are much stronger than any ordinary adventurers.

I thought that the uncle of Imia class up was done and that they were defeated by smaller force, although it seems to have been different. (this may be wrong)

Still, I would like to investigate thoroughly.

Motoyasu, who was not here, came to my mind first, but I think it’s different.

Reasonably, this was Itsuki’s way of doing things.

However, a question still remained.

Itsuki, despite his selfishness, is all about his sense of justice.

This was my evaluation as a guy who investigates thoroughly.

However, even the possibility that Itsuki is moving with the mystery theory like Ren and Motoyasu is conceivably sufficient, because the Itsuki that I saw in Zeltbur got broken in various ways.

Even though it remained the same and didn’t appear, I think it’s really insidious.

These events were extremely annoying.

This bad feeling was doubled because the former Motoyasu did not hide anything that did not seem pretty.

Well, I think isn’t it Perfect-Hidden-Justice.

Huh… Anyway, it was unfortunate that Itsuki did not get captured.

Through my work, the former Ren and Motoyasu have become better already.

They changed drastically, but the way they are now is much better.

“Caterpillar also says he was attacked and fled for his life.” (Gaelion)

After conveying his message properly, caterpillar felt relieved and lost all his strength. (this is the best meaning i can make)

Dead! I thought and checked his pulse.

He was breathing and not dead. He probably pushed himself in the emergency.

Well, he reached me properly and lost consciousness in a reassuring place.

But… why did Ren go to such a dangerous place?

Is it dangerous?

I need to rush after them.

It can’t be helped. I confirmed that Rat is coming, and I get ready to go out.

“Filorials.” (Naofumi)

” ” “KUE!””” (Filorials)

“Also, Gaelion, Rishia, and Alta will go with me!” (Naofumi)

“Yes.” (Gaelion)


” ” “KUE!?””” (Filorials)

“What is it? Are you dissatisfied? The remaining members are to guard the village! Maintain the caution until I return!” (Naofumi)

I led the group while I rode on the back of Gaelion.

The Filorials and the others ran and followed me from the ground.

Though I caught up with Ren and the others before long from the sky, as expected, there was nothing in the spot where Kiel and the others were attacked.

I let Gaelion track them by smell, but he was not able to track them even halfway.

The sun had set, and I was forced to abandon the search.

Ren was not done yet, but he finally resigned after I warned him to not let a second accident occur.

I returned to the village, counted both the number of monsters and slaves, and began to prepare for dinner.

Certainly, the numbers have been reduced little by little recently.

It’s not that I didn’t notice, but I thought that peddling took time.

Now’s not the time to look away.

The Slave Crests were still functioning and have not been removed.

The numbers have not decreased, and they should be in range according to what I remember.

Yet, I do not know their whereabouts.

Because no conclusive evidence had been found today, I felt that the air in the village was heavier.

Will Raphtalia be okay? Is she training well? I pray that nothing has happened.

But, I still need to issue her instructions to come back since a problem has occurred.

The problem is… whether the instructions will arrive.

I cut today’s material with a kitchen knife and threw it into the pan.

Though I stewed it, it’s being boiled. It doesn’t stick to the hand so much.

Ren also seemed restless.

But the situation would not improve for the better even if we searched at night.

Because I could not calm down, I cooked.

Heroes are powerless at this time, and there’s no chance for me to do anything.

For now, we can only wait for something to happen. (cannot make a better translation)

“Oh! What’s with this?” I said while trying the soup that I cooked today. (Naofumi)

It’s dangerous!

Alerts sound in my head.

“Huh…” (Naofumi)

What is it? Did I add something dangerous to the dish to make it a failure?

There were no such things so far, and the soup connoisseur worked in my sight.

Toxic substance. Toxicity… middle degree. Breathing hindrance. Natural poison.

I used an antidote, and the detoxification magic cured me immediately.


No, no one could make such a dangerous poison with the materials right here.

Did I mess up and make a dangerous thing with alchemy by mistake?

“Is it done?” The slave in charge of cooking asked while seeing the soup. (Slave)

“No, looks like I failed.” (Naofumi)

“Eh? When it smells so good?” (Slave)

“Indeed.” (Naofumi)

While saying so, I wash away the soup with a bottle of water.


The same alerts from before were reflected in my field of vision.


Was it the water?

I carefully asked the connoisseur about the water.

“Hey, where was this water taken from?” (Naofumi)

“What? From the well that we always use…” (Slave)

But what do I say that it is mixing or it is poisonous?

I had an unpleasant hunch.

“It’s useless!” (Naofumi)

“I don’t get it.” (Slave)

“Anyway, it’s no use and it’s painful.” (Naofumi)

When I looked outside at the dining room, a Filorial picked a quarrel with a slave and prevented him from drinking the well water.

Filorials have wild intuition. He is talking, since I’m not there, and interfering.

The Filorial did well. I will prepare a reward for him later.

“All members, do not drink the water.” (Naofumi)

I gave instructions in a loud voice.

“What happened?” (Slaves)

“There is a possibility that a poison was mixed into the well” (Naofumi)

“Is that true?” (Slaves)

“It is like that, and I will investigate it in a little bit.” (Naofumi)

I called for Rat, who finished treatment of caterpillar, to investigate the well and the nearby river.

The result was that poison was mixed in both.

Fortunately, the bio-plant was detoxifying, and the poison won’t soak into the earth.

However, if you look closely, fish-type monsters were dead and floated in the river.

The sun had set, and in the dark, the search for the criminal who poisoned the river did not go well.

However, I found a corpse of a Demi-Human adventurer upstream.

“Is this fellow the culprit?” (Naofumi)

“I don’t know.” (Rat)

Rat checked the corpse like a doctor.

Did this demi-human pour the poison into my village? Even if I’m mistaken, this person is certainly not from my village.

In the village which I command, for the time being, I seem to be their religion’s God.

Could it be the people of the Schildwelt or Schildfrieden?

I cannot pinpoint it from the corpse, which won’t speak.

“Earl, look over here.” (Rat)

Rat pointed at the corpse of the demi-human.

“There’s a paper in his hand. Something is written on it.” (Rat)

“Can you read it?” (Naofumi)

“It is the judgment of the person who calls himself a god. But, aren’t these letters from Melromarc’s official language?” (Rat)

“What?” (Naofumi)

Wait a minute, did the radicals of the Religion of the Shield attack me?

No, that’s doubtful. It’s Melromarc’s official language.

The official language of Schildwelt or Schildfrieden should have been used if that was the case.

“Looks like you wrote and translated it well. It’s feeling that you got used to by understanding the habit of the characters, right?” (cannot find any better translation)

“Such a thing?” (Naofumi)

“Yes, also…”(rat)

Rat picked up a medicine and dripped it onto the chest of the demi-human.

Then, on the chest of the body,… A slave crest shone faintly.

It was a slave crest that disappears upon death. They intended to cover it, but they cannot deceive us.

“It’s a slave I… Oh, it is white.” (Naofumi)

“Well.” (Rat)

For a demi-human Schildwelt or Schildfrieden slave to poison and then commit suicide for a religious reason… would be impossible.

I heard in that in such countries, demi-human and human slaves have the same family/tribe crest.

The possession of the paper, the mystery of the concealed slave crest, there must be a hidden, decisive reason.

Moreover, it was obvious that their wrath is aimed at me…

It seems that they want me to be suspected.

I will let you make a human slave if it is me.

What a childish trick.

The one which made the criminal demi-humans affiliates or gave a bad impression and stood up…

“Bury it carefully.” (Naofumi)

“Is that okay?” (Rat)

“He was a victim. He would have gone through a lot of hardships so far. I will treat the dead politely at least.” (Naofumi)

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  1. frenzy85 says:

    … I don’t mean to be rude, but tl quality aside, could you do something about the capitalization and terminologies/names? When I say terminology, I specifically mean “firorails”.

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    • Nasir says:

      oh.i checked terminology and fixed it.i keep on using firorails.thanks


      • Code says:

        If you’d like the help of an English speaker to edit your translations before releasing them, I’d be happy to help.


        • code117 says:

          I’m pretty sure alot of us would also help.
          Thanks for this, probably should have said this first.

          I had also had wondered if somepeople had put off translating because written English wasn’t their strong point. As long as someone can get us from the garbled mess that is machine translation, which has almost no structure, many of us would go from there.

          I could read and understand of all of this easily, so again thank you.


        • hell5atan says:

          If you’re offering to help with editing i need help with the Valentine’s special

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    This needs an editor, pronto.


  5. Yoraikun says:

    Yes, wordpress has the function to let pretty much anyone post if I change their account status to Author. I sent invitations to do so to Firo’s Ahoge, Muel and uz3r013 all the way in November, but it may have been ignored.


  6. lazypioneer says:

    oh god a new translator <3


  7. lazypioneer says:

    The firo which was near me,on my instruction starts running and accompanies them.
    Firo which was near me starts running and accompanies them on my instruction

    also you might want to change the 1st letter of the names to uppercase.


  8. Haha says:

    Feels stiff and confusing… prolly needs an editor to smooth things out..


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    welcome back


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  12. Another good read. Although there were some problems with the grammar, Its not much of a big deal when your mind fixes any error it encounters. Anyway, Good Job Nasir! Keep translating!


  13. Anon says:

    Too bad. The translation is so bad that I’m losing interest in this series.. I can do much better if only I hv the raws. Lol.. So 4 hours of work eh..? Well, great job.


    • 黒曜石ペガサス says:

      So why doesn’t this person help instead of wasting their time full of themselves trolling? Helping is so much better than whining… (I did 254 on ばかーつき so I promise I’m not a hypocrite…たぶん)


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        • hell5atan says:

          I’m not familiar on how to use wordpress but i seriously need an editor specially if you see my work


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          So, has Code become your editor?If you’d like it, I can help too.But I also can’t read/understand Japanese, so maybe I just do some grammar or spelling check, although I may not as good as Code, because I’m not a native English speaker.


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          PS. As of the moment i can’t stop playing games


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          Oh well let’s continue this comedian some other time i have a very important appointment tomorrow so I’m hitting the hay


    • Frenzy85 says:

      The raws are available online for free.

      Good luck…?


    • AsianOtakuGuy says:

      Its a web novel <_< just search google with the japanese Title and youll find it no time (thats what I did) or you can also click the link that guy posted a bit down a ways v


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  14. Mario says:

    I see, Bitch again. She is going to use conflicts and war, because she wants to have the throne, but since Melromarc right now is strong she needs to make it weaker.
    Itsuki is a pawn in this…basically the same thing the other church do the last time, but itsuki is the only real hero. Itsuki stupid as always. He really wants to be god himself.


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  33. Xias says:

    Just a little correction regarding the names of the city adn countries:
    Zerutoburu -> Zeltbur
    Silt Welt -> Schildwelt
    Shirudo Furiden-> Schildfrieden


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    I don’t know yet how this differs from the raw, I’ll have to look at the chapter in Japanese to see. But at the very least, there are far far FAR too many issues with the English in this. Anyone that thinks this reads fine is either bad at English too, or is lying to others and themselves.
    I kinda want to print this out and go through it all with red ink. But sadly, I don’t have the time. So at the very least I’ll point out a few of the more obvious problems.

    1. If there is a line you have a problem with, post the Japanese version of it next to it, or better yet, make a footnote of it. That way people who know better won’t have to search the entire raw chapter for that line.

    2. If you know someone who’s a native speaker of English. Run your stuff through them. If you truly want to improve, Find someone brutally honest. Compliments rarely help people improve. Criticism does(Constructive Criticism). At the very least, people here should point out every mistake and you should quietly look over each of them and mark it down.

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      4.You might not know, but I do not even know a word of Japanese so i cannot help it.If you can understand the story, then that’s fine by me…


      • wen2jia1wei3 says:

        Hey Nasir! I got permission from Yoraikun to help edit.

        For #1, can you please include? I can then maybe help you.

        #2, #3, Do your best, and I’m here to help :)

        #4, I could actually figure out that “Good?” was supposed to be “Is that good/okay” from context. But that is a big edit. Are you okay with me making big edits like that?
        For example: “At such a time, heroes are powerless. It is rare that I can do anything.” –>
        “Heroes are powerless at this time, and there’s no chance for me to do anything.”

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  39. Abatis says:

    “Looks like you wrote and translated it well. It’s feeling that you got used to by understanding the habit of the characters, right?” (cannot find any better translation)

    This may just be me blowing smoke out of my ass, but I believe she’s saying that Melromarc’s language is very different to others, like Japanese is to a English person. So the person who wrote the message knew the language and how to write the “kanji” characters well enough for it to NOT look like a four-year-old wrote it or sound like he used a Siltwelt->Melromarc dictionary.

    “Looks like he wrote and translated it well. It’s a feeling, like he got used to it by understanding how the characters work, yes?” (Rat)


    • wen2jia1wei3 says:

      You’re on the right track Abatis, but the entire sentence is so warped due to the poor machine-translation that there’s really no point in editing it T_T


    • Abatis says:

      I will let you make a human slave if it is me.

      What a childish trick.

      The one which made the criminal demi-humans affiliates or gave a bad impression and stood up…

      Again, I may be completely wrong, but the first line sounds like he’s quoting what his enemies are saying about him, so:
      “I would let you make a human a slave if it were up to me.”

      The last line sounds more like he’s saying his enemies have appeared:
      The ones who made the criminal demi-human groups, who gave bad publicity have stood up…


      • wen2jia1wei3 says:

        That’s a good interpretation. I interpreted it as:

        “It seems that they want me to be suspected.
        ‘If it’s Naofumi, he’ll make you a human slave.’
        What a childish trick.
        The criminal who made the demi-humans servile and gave off a bad aura stood up.”

        I think the last line is Naofumi being ironic and calling himself badass.
        Well, without raws or a good translation, this is only speculation.


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    Well, if I don’t supposed to give a download link here. I’m sorry and feel free to delete this post
    Ah, and if there anything wrong with my translation. Please tell me. I really need someone to proofread this one.


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