Chapter 228 : Brainwash

hello,everyone.Its my second chapter.this one took longer then the previous one because it had many difficult sentences and I had to proofread it.i did not do proofreading of the first one. :P .i have written japanese in front of those sentences which were confusing me or i am not sure of their translation ….Still if you find any mistake just tell me in the comments or edit it.


Now, for the guy who put poison in the well

The water… might not have been from the river.

The water of the river is fundamentally different from the water of the well.

I think it would have taken time for the poison that flowed through the river to arrive at the well via underground.

We can also consider if it went through the soil, but I think the poison was poured directly into the well.


A major problem remains.

My village isn’t made so that anyone can come in easily.

Because I was wary, I placed a guard originally so that only slaves and people who I trust can enter.

Needless to say, Gaelion and the filorials would have said something to me if there was a stranger around.

Thus, the evidence suggests that the well was poisoned by an internal perpetrator.

I do not like to doubt.

I mean, I should have set it up so if you performed such an estranged act, you would pay with the price of life.

“Gaelion!” (Naofumi)

In accordance to my call, Gaelion came flying.

“What is it?” (Gaelion)

“You were in the village today.” (Naofumi)


“Was there a fellow who did something to the well?” (Naofumi)

“Even if you say that… There were not any particularly strange people.” (Gaelion)

“What about soldiers and visitors from the castle?” (Naofumi)

“No.” (Gaelion)

Identification of the criminal is getting difficult.

The slave crests aren’t working.

Also, Gaelion said no soldier or magic person/seller came to the village.

Well, it could be that the precautionary ability of Gaelion can’t be fully trusted.

Therefore, I went back to the village and gathered slaves to ask them.

“I want to identify the time when the poison was poured. Who was the last to drink the water and be safe?” (Naofumi)

To my question, a few slaves raised their hands and took their time to talk respectively.

I learned that the well water was moved to the water jars for cooking just a little while ago.

“I wonder who the culprit was?” (Naofumi)

“Excuse me, Naofumi-sama.” (Atla)

“Hmm, what happened?” (Naofumi)

Atla raised her hand and made a proposal.

Her face seemed tense or something.

Was there something that only Atla can sense?

Atla slowly returned to the clinic and pointed at Imia’s uncle who was resting in the corner of the dining room.

“Imia’s uncle, something abominable is coiling itself around you.” (Atla)

“Huh?” (Naofumi)

Imia’s uncle looked around in a perplexed expression after being confronted by Atlas.

“I’m, what are you saying? Please be careful while joking.” (Imia’s uncle)

“Yeah Atla, no matter what, for uncle to do such a thing–“(Naofumi)

“It’s, so… No… actually, I remember causing something-” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle was at his wit’s end and began to groan.

He pushed Imia away toward the other slaves and staggered away unsteadily.

“Hero of the Shield, please, I…” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle asked for help as he suffered.

No, wait…

“Please punish me… Before I commit a crime again!” (Imia’s Uncle)

“When the thieves caught you, did they put a curse on you!?” (Naofumi)

“I understand, oh… Guu…”

I opened Imia’s uncle’s slave status.

To state the problem… It was different.

There’s noise! <This kind of Noise>

It’s apparent that something strange was going on .

If you thought about it calmly, he was found a day after he was supposed to arrive.

Basically, where he was attacked was uncertain.

What would have happened if Elena hadn’t passed by, I don’t know.

What would I do if I happened to pass by and had to escape from a strong adventurer?

Imia’s uncle was taken to the clinic for treatment.

And there’s no doubt that he specifically came back to the village to pour poison in the well as he was ordered.

The problem is that whatever was eroding Imia’s uncle might escape the eye of treatment.

“Hero of the Shield!” (Slaves)

“Naofumi.” (Ren)

The slaves, Ren, and Atla asked me for help.

‘I am not almighty,’ I want to say that, but I can’t. I understand the feeling of wanting help.

“We,… oh, huh!” (Atla)

“It’s no good!” (Ren)

Rishia stepped forward and stood with Imia’s uncle.

“Even though, I know how is it done!? For me,…… I can’t hold out my hand” (Imia’s uncle)

Even Ren, who’s acquainted with the slaves, can’t lend a hand?

Similarly, even the female knight cannot move.

I think, this is an abnormal situation.

If she slays Imia’s uncle, I’ll have to banish Female Knight.

I’ve been called indecisive.

I can’t follow the situation.

What should I do?

Well, if it was a game, persuasion would be the means to restore a former companion who was manipulated by someone, but it’s quite difficult in reality to break free from brainwashing. This is not a game.

Still, I cannot deal with everyone

By no means is it easy. It’s quite troublesome.

“Uncle! Please stop! ‘I’d like to be of assistance to the Hero of the Shield,’ wasn’t it you who said that!?” (Imia)

“Oh, that… GUU… ” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle’s consciousness was becoming cloudy. This is not the situation for persuasion.

“Everything… Justice…” (Imia’s uncle)

He began to chant in a strange tone.

“Please… Stop me–” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle began to chant magic.

The Lemo species knew the appropriateness of the soil.

He used magic that manipulated the earth to make a hole and pushed out a rock using magic.

“I am one who commands the origin of power. I have read once again and deciphered a law of nature, Earth. Slaughter these people! Zweit Earth Drive! ( ツヴァイト・アースドライブ)” (Imia’s uncle)

“I as the root of the power give an order. I have read once again and deciphered a law of nature, Earth. Hinder the magic of the person in front! Anti-Zweit Earth Drive! ( ツヴァイト・アースドライブ)” (Imia)

From the same species, Imia interfered with the magic that Imia’s uncle chanted, and there was simply a crack in the ground.

“Naofumi!” (Rat)

“What is it?” (Naofumi)

“Please confine Imia’s uncle by creating a wall in four directions! Needless to say, the strongest one. Please.” (Rat)

I see! Such a thing!

I started building magic power and mix SP into it.

“Uhh…” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia grabbed her uncle and looked at me.

“Now! Hero!” (Imia)

“Are you sure?” (Naofumi)

“Stop me! Please! I request it.” (Imia’s uncle)

“Understood! Shield Prison!” (Naofumi)

The cage made with shields confined Imia’s uncle together with Imia.

“Atla?” (Naofumi)

“Yes, the abominable power was interrupted by the cage, and its power was cut.” (Atla)

“So did it go elsewhere?” (Naofumi)

“No one among these here.” (Atla)

“That’s fortunate.” (Naofumi)

It would be serious if someone began to behave violently like Imia’s uncle did.


“First of all, for now, let’s figure out the situation before the cage disappears.” (Naofumi)



It is certain that Imia’s uncle was the one who poured poison into the well.

Perhaps it’s a kind of curse.

Thinking about it, the same as back then with Motoyasu, it looks without a doubt like a Legendary Weapon skill.

Ren has not used his.

He’s been under tight watch from the start.

If he used it, he’d be noticed. Immediately.

Motoyasu is currently on Cal Mira Island.

He may be coming back soon, unfortunately for Firo, and it would be troublesome for me.

Also, there are Motoyasu’s beloved mass-produced Filorials among the victims.

If that ridiculous condition was an act, there would be no helping it, but probably not.

Above all–.

“Itsuki-sama” (Rishia)

“The possibility is high.” (Naofumi)

From the fact that Imia’s uncle muttered justice.

To begin with, I am concerned with what kind of power was used to control Imia’s uncle.

When I think about it, the missing slaves may be related to this.

I cannot cover it anymore.

“Rishia. There are things I need to tell you.” (Naofumi)

“Oh, What is it?” (Rishia)

“Actually, quite some time ago, I saw Itsuki.” (Naofumi)

“FUE!? ( ふぇえ!? )” (Rishia)

“Do you remember when we went to buy Atla?” (Naofumi)

“Yes.” (Rishia)

“At that time, I found Itsuki in the Colosseum. Like some crippled person, he seemed to fight to receive people’s praise.” (Naofumi)

“……” (Rishia)

Rishia looked down.

Well… I knew this would happen, but it can’t be helped since I had reasons for hiding it.

“It looked like Itsuki was lost, and if Rishia were to see such a figure of Itsuki–” (Naofumi)

“That’s enough. Thank you Naofumi.” (Rishia)

Even if Rishia became estranged here, I cannot stop her.

“It’s okay. So what happened to Itsuki?” (Rishia)

“The country’s Shadow was monitoring Itsuki but lost sight of him, so his whereabouts are unknown.” (Naofumi)

“Is… is that so.” (Rishia)

We may already consider this an attack by Itsuki already.

Don’t come with nastier methods than Ren and Motoyasu.

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