Chapter 228 : Brainwash

hello,everyone.Its my second chapter.this one took longer then the previous one because it had many difficult sentences and I had to proofread it.i did not do proofreading of the first one. :P .i have written japanese in front of those sentences which were confusing me or i am not sure of their translation ….Still if you find any mistake just tell me in the comments or edit it.


Now, for the guy who put poison in the well

The water… might not have been from the river.

The water of the river is fundamentally different from the water of the well.

I think it would have taken time for the poison that flowed through the river to arrive at the well via underground.

We can also consider if it went through the soil, but I think the poison was poured directly into the well.


A major problem remains.

My village isn’t made so that anyone can come in easily.

Because I was wary, I placed a guard originally so that only slaves and people who I trust can enter.

Needless to say, Gaelion and the filorials would have said something to me if there was a stranger around.

Thus, the evidence suggests that the well was poisoned by an internal perpetrator.

I do not like to doubt.

I mean, I should have set it up so if you performed such an estranged act, you would pay with the price of life.

“Gaelion!” (Naofumi)

In accordance to my call, Gaelion came flying.

“What is it?” (Gaelion)

“You were in the village today.” (Naofumi)


“Was there a fellow who did something to the well?” (Naofumi)

“Even if you say that… There were not any particularly strange people.” (Gaelion)

“What about soldiers and visitors from the castle?” (Naofumi)

“No.” (Gaelion)

Identification of the criminal is getting difficult.

The slave crests aren’t working.

Also, Gaelion said no soldier or magic person/seller came to the village.

Well, it could be that the precautionary ability of Gaelion can’t be fully trusted.

Therefore, I went back to the village and gathered slaves to ask them.

“I want to identify the time when the poison was poured. Who was the last to drink the water and be safe?” (Naofumi)

To my question, a few slaves raised their hands and took their time to talk respectively.

I learned that the well water was moved to the water jars for cooking just a little while ago.

“I wonder who the culprit was?” (Naofumi)

“Excuse me, Naofumi-sama.” (Atla)

“Hmm, what happened?” (Naofumi)

Atla raised her hand and made a proposal.

Her face seemed tense or something.

Was there something that only Atla can sense?

Atla slowly returned to the clinic and pointed at Imia’s uncle who was resting in the corner of the dining room.

“Imia’s uncle, something abominable is coiling itself around you.” (Atla)

“Huh?” (Naofumi)

Imia’s uncle looked around in a perplexed expression after being confronted by Atlas.

“I’m, what are you saying? Please be careful while joking.” (Imia’s uncle)

“Yeah Atla, no matter what, for uncle to do such a thing–“(Naofumi)

“It’s, so… No… actually, I remember causing something-” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle was at his wit’s end and began to groan.

He pushed Imia away toward the other slaves and staggered away unsteadily.

“Hero of the Shield, please, I…” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle asked for help as he suffered.

No, wait…

“Please punish me… Before I commit a crime again!” (Imia’s Uncle)

“When the thieves caught you, did they put a curse on you!?” (Naofumi)

“I understand, oh… Guu…”

I opened Imia’s uncle’s slave status.

To state the problem… It was different.

There’s noise! <This kind of Noise>

It’s apparent that something strange was going on .

If you thought about it calmly, he was found a day after he was supposed to arrive.

Basically, where he was attacked was uncertain.

What would have happened if Elena hadn’t passed by, I don’t know.

What would I do if I happened to pass by and had to escape from a strong adventurer?

Imia’s uncle was taken to the clinic for treatment.

And there’s no doubt that he specifically came back to the village to pour poison in the well as he was ordered.

The problem is that whatever was eroding Imia’s uncle might escape the eye of treatment.

“Hero of the Shield!” (Slaves)

“Naofumi.” (Ren)

The slaves, Ren, and Atla asked me for help.

‘I am not almighty,’ I want to say that, but I can’t. I understand the feeling of wanting help.

“We,… oh, huh!” (Atla)

“It’s no good!” (Ren)

Rishia stepped forward and stood with Imia’s uncle.

“Even though, I know how is it done!? For me,…… I can’t hold out my hand” (Imia’s uncle)

Even Ren, who’s acquainted with the slaves, can’t lend a hand?

Similarly, even the female knight cannot move.

I think, this is an abnormal situation.

If she slays Imia’s uncle, I’ll have to banish Female Knight.

I’ve been called indecisive.

I can’t follow the situation.

What should I do?

Well, if it was a game, persuasion would be the means to restore a former companion who was manipulated by someone, but it’s quite difficult in reality to break free from brainwashing. This is not a game.

Still, I cannot deal with everyone

By no means is it easy. It’s quite troublesome.

“Uncle! Please stop! ‘I’d like to be of assistance to the Hero of the Shield,’ wasn’t it you who said that!?” (Imia)

“Oh, that… GUU… ” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle’s consciousness was becoming cloudy. This is not the situation for persuasion.

“Everything… Justice…” (Imia’s uncle)

He began to chant in a strange tone.

“Please… Stop me–” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia’s uncle began to chant magic.

The Lemo species knew the appropriateness of the soil.

He used magic that manipulated the earth to make a hole and pushed out a rock using magic.

“I am one who commands the origin of power. I have read once again and deciphered a law of nature, Earth. Slaughter these people! Zweit Earth Drive! ( ツヴァイト・アースドライブ)” (Imia’s uncle)

“I as the root of the power give an order. I have read once again and deciphered a law of nature, Earth. Hinder the magic of the person in front! Anti-Zweit Earth Drive! ( ツヴァイト・アースドライブ)” (Imia)

From the same species, Imia interfered with the magic that Imia’s uncle chanted, and there was simply a crack in the ground.

“Naofumi!” (Rat)

“What is it?” (Naofumi)

“Please confine Imia’s uncle by creating a wall in four directions! Needless to say, the strongest one. Please.” (Rat)

I see! Such a thing!

I started building magic power and mix SP into it.

“Uhh…” (Imia’s uncle)

Imia grabbed her uncle and looked at me.

“Now! Hero!” (Imia)

“Are you sure?” (Naofumi)

“Stop me! Please! I request it.” (Imia’s uncle)

“Understood! Shield Prison!” (Naofumi)

The cage made with shields confined Imia’s uncle together with Imia.

“Atla?” (Naofumi)

“Yes, the abominable power was interrupted by the cage, and its power was cut.” (Atla)

“So did it go elsewhere?” (Naofumi)

“No one among these here.” (Atla)

“That’s fortunate.” (Naofumi)

It would be serious if someone began to behave violently like Imia’s uncle did.


“First of all, for now, let’s figure out the situation before the cage disappears.” (Naofumi)



It is certain that Imia’s uncle was the one who poured poison into the well.

Perhaps it’s a kind of curse.

Thinking about it, the same as back then with Motoyasu, it looks without a doubt like a Legendary Weapon skill.

Ren has not used his.

He’s been under tight watch from the start.

If he used it, he’d be noticed. Immediately.

Motoyasu is currently on Cal Mira Island.

He may be coming back soon, unfortunately for Firo, and it would be troublesome for me.

Also, there are Motoyasu’s beloved mass-produced Filorials among the victims.

If that ridiculous condition was an act, there would be no helping it, but probably not.

Above all–.

“Itsuki-sama” (Rishia)

“The possibility is high.” (Naofumi)

From the fact that Imia’s uncle muttered justice.

To begin with, I am concerned with what kind of power was used to control Imia’s uncle.

When I think about it, the missing slaves may be related to this.

I cannot cover it anymore.

“Rishia. There are things I need to tell you.” (Naofumi)

“Oh, What is it?” (Rishia)

“Actually, quite some time ago, I saw Itsuki.” (Naofumi)

“FUE!? ( ふぇえ!? )” (Rishia)

“Do you remember when we went to buy Atla?” (Naofumi)

“Yes.” (Rishia)

“At that time, I found Itsuki in the Colosseum. Like some crippled person, he seemed to fight to receive people’s praise.” (Naofumi)

“……” (Rishia)

Rishia looked down.

Well… I knew this would happen, but it can’t be helped since I had reasons for hiding it.

“It looked like Itsuki was lost, and if Rishia were to see such a figure of Itsuki–” (Naofumi)

“That’s enough. Thank you Naofumi.” (Rishia)

Even if Rishia became estranged here, I cannot stop her.

“It’s okay. So what happened to Itsuki?” (Rishia)

“The country’s Shadow was monitoring Itsuki but lost sight of him, so his whereabouts are unknown.” (Naofumi)

“Is… is that so.” (Rishia)

We may already consider this an attack by Itsuki already.

Don’t come with nastier methods than Ren and Motoyasu.

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  1. Chade Everdark says:

    this was a struggle to read :/

    “uncle of imia” could simply be “Imias uncle”
    “shield of hero’ should be “Hero of the Shield”
    Elena is a merchant (or former follower of Spear)
    and Female Knight is is still Female Knight til Naofumi decides to actually use peoples names lol

    anyway, thanks for this :) as with all things i’m sure you’ll get better with practice

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  2. Yukino says:

    A bit confusing from the middle part but thanks for the chap anyway nasir sama~

    By the way, “So…… therefor? (そう……なのですか)” (Rishia)
    I think this is something like ” Is……is that so” with a depressing tone


    • Yukino says:

      “Itsuki(イツキ様 )” (Naofumi)
      this one should be “Itsuki sama” and speak by Rishia

      “Also, Galen said no soldier or magic person/seller came to the village”
      “Galen” should be “Gaelion”

      Atla should call Naofumi with “sama”

      I also see grammar error, but I hate fixing grammar since i’m too lazy


  3. 9 says:

    question :is this going to be edited later? if not i’ll read it right now.

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  4. mony122 says:

    Well first thank you fir the chapter
    But it needs a lot of editing i struggled to read this chapter, well all in all good job man keep going until you get better


  5. frenzy85 says:

    Imia’s uncle, something abominable is coiling itself around you.

    If you think about it calmly, he was found a day after he was supposed to arrive.

    He pushes away imia towards other slaves and take distance with doubtful steps unsteadily
    –> He pushes Imia away toward the other slaves, and staggers away unsteadily.

    Is… that so?

    Well… I knew this would happen, but it can’t be helped since I had reasons for hiding it.

    Itsuki-sama (This is something Rishia said. Saying just Itsuki without -sama has a different nuance, so you probably wanna add that in.)

    If that strange situation was an act, then that it wasn’t Mr. Justice is quite unlikely. (dem double negatives)

    Well… that’s just a few lines, though… Whole thing needs some serious editing. Good luck!

    Liked by 4 people

  6. thedefend says:

    Lesse….. a new chapter

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  7. God, I hate Itsuki. He’s the only hero that I actually wanted to just disappear, never to show up again.


    • chendu says:

      Then you should read the chapter 5 of the spear hero story
      to save you the trouble here’s for you



      —————SPOILER ALERT——————————————-

      “Itsuki-kun.” (Motoyasu)
      “Yes? …how did you know my nam――” (Itsuki)
      “You fuck with dear father, now feel his grudge! 「Brionac Ⅹ」!” (Motoyasu)
      “Eh……? Guha――!?” (Itsuki)

      I focus my entire power in spear and activate my skill.
      They summoned you as a hero, but now you’re just a piece of junk.

      —————-END OF SPOILER ALERT————————————-

      (having a spoiler button would be so nice )


      • Mark says:

        I… might actually look forward to that chapter… one day. I’ll go by sequence order as to not spoil myself. Oddly I used to dislike Moto-boy but honestly… Bow-brat has earned my disdain by a fair margin, followed by Witch/Bitch/Whore (I seriously hope she gets hers too eventually)


        • Eugen says:

          She will . It will be in the ch named : A fox may trik you 7 times but a racun will do it 8 tims
          Sorry for bad gramer to sleepy…………


  8. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the release!


  9. novik says:

    It’s been bothering me for a long time now but who’s that guy on volume 7 cover?


    • Sodemas says:

      he is one of the Light Novel only characters (i think) and is supossed to be some alchemist, since Cal Mira the Web Novel and Light Novel histories have many diferences.
      Hope its a satisfatory anser… to know more about him you would need t ask the guys who have read it or wait for the manga to get there


  10. He'll Satan says:

    I thought I was worst at machine translation but continue your work you will improve not like my Japanese that’s what happens when you sleep in class


  11. Haha says:

    I feel like you translated some of the sentences directly from the japanese grammer. As japanese grammer is the backwards of english’s, I think it needs more editing.
    i’m far from beeing english writer.., but reading this is somewhat hard.


  12. The Tinniest Snowman says:

    Haha much better than when I translated it using google translate. I mean I still in the process of figuring out the google mess. Differently needs an editor, but it’s a start. What I suggest is do a translation on a previous chapter without looking back at the chapter, but use it as ref of what it should be. Than try again on your next chapter of choice. Anyways thank you for your time in getting the machine translation to even look like this.


    • hell5atan says:

      Do what i do use the different machine translation and change them to (this one is if you know some Japanese in my case i should have paid attention on that foreign language class) and just fix the grammar that what i do


    • Pyro says:

      Take a look at Translator Aggregator, it’s not perfect but it’s a LOT better than relying on just Google translations


  13. Zefel says:

    Nasir, you might want to learn about Article Errors


  14. naruchan21 says:

    though It was a struggle, I would like to give my utmost gratitude for this chapter :D

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  15. anon? says:

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  16. jorgelotr says:

    When the thieves caught you, did they put a curse on you!?

    lit: There’s sandstorm mixed. (By “sandstorm”, he means “interferences”, like those on an unadjusted analog TV, so): There’re interferences.

    What would have happened if Elena hadnt passed by, I don’t know. (it’s not a perfect tl, but well enough; Elena is former Girl#1 from Motoyasu’s harem)

    Even Ren, who’s acquainted with the slaves, can’t lend a hand? (手を出す means “to get involved”, “to make a move”)

    If she slays Imia’s uncle, I’ll have to banish Female Knight.

    Zweit Earth Drive (Imia’s is Anti-Zweit Earth Drive)

    Thinking about it, the same as back then with Motoyasu, it looks without doubt like a skill of the Legendary Weapons.

    Ren will not be usable. -> Ren has not used it.

    Originally the eye of the surveillance is strong. -> He’s been under tight watch from the start.

    Besides, there are also Motoyasu’s beloved mass-produced Filorials among the victims.

    If that ridiculous condition was an act, there would be not helping it, but probably not.

    “Itsuki(イツキ様 )” (Naofumi)
    “Itsuki-sama.” (Rishia)

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    • IamMe says:

      Even Ren, if he knows its family of a slave won’t lay a hand on them?

      I’m not that good at putting it into easy to read English, although I know what it means. Side effect of how I learned Japanese. This sentence is saying that because Ren knows that the person at fault is family of one of the slaves he will not attack them, roughly.

      手を出せない can be translated as “Won’t lay a hand on” as in will not attack or harm or will not touch. If Naofumi wanted to say he would not lay a hand on a slave (sexually) he would use “手を出せない” as well. If you want to say a lend a hand its “手を貸す”.


      • IamMe says:

        One is will not get involved while the other is will not assist. The difference in intention is important. As “will not assist” could mean that they are open to hindering, while will not get involved leads to not assisting or hindering, doing their best to stay out of it.


        • jorgelotr says:

          Going by context, it’s “lay a hand2 on a “harm” or “kill” sense.


        • IamMe says:

          Yea, I think its that one as well.

          The phrase is a common Japanese term and is based on a cultural reference, which is why a literal translation misses its meaning. I just like to be through and explain as much as I can.


    • wen2jia1wei3 says:

      Thanks for the help. I’ve added your corrections but used “noise” instead of “interference.”


      • Alva says:

        I went with static in 226 since a sandstorm would give a similar image.


        • wen2jia1wei3 says:

          I think noise is the more technical and correct term, but feel free to change it for the sake of consistancy-I’m a new editor so what do I know? It’s an uncommon word for sure so Ive included a link.


  17. Mario says:

    thanks for the chapter.


  18. Exis26 says:

    It’s already 12 in the morning here where i live and I’m sleepy as hell then Alas a new translated chapter of ShieldBro !!! …. (a few seconds later) …. ahhh I guess I’ll just wait for the edited one, I’m really grateful to Yorai’s Interim translator but with my sleepy state i can’t seem to process some of the sentence

    but all in all still thanks for the chapter


  19. Guy says:

    Wow! this asshole is purposely beating and trying to kill innocent people. I thought the other heroes were bad but he’s on a different level.


    • Juan Andres says:

      he is under the illusion of being justice reincarnate himself. he probably thinks that whatever he does is an act of justice, and deems anyone he doesn’t like to be criminals (particularly the shield hero which explains why he is attacking the innocents because of their close connections to the shield hero).


  20. Life says:

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  21. goblinrou says:

    This novel sure likes brainwashing…netorare inc,anyone?

    Anyways the chapter was a bit hard to read but the gist of it is understandable.

    More Shieldbro is always good.


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  23. J says:

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  24. Al says:

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    I completely agree with Dawg’s previous post. It’s great that someone’s actually trying to feel the void. I really think your intentions are good, but the translations aren’t. I guess you’ll keep posting these since some people are happy to have something. I’ll have to stop being lazy & go read the actual novel for the interim.


    • Sodemas says:

      man, unless you are helping with something you cant just say crap about other people work, go and translate something…


      • Al says:

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        For reference in RL, you can’t improve without getting honest feedback. Coddling won’t get you anywhere.
        And really, I think it would be a whole lot better to have the translation edited BEFORE posting it. If that doesn’t make sense to you guys then so be it.


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      As for the lines that have to be checked, I agree. I didn’t touch those because I wanted to draw attention to them. I couldn’t make out their true meaning, and I didn’t want to put in my incorrect interpretation.

      I’m sure though that there are other errors that I’m not aware of, as I didn’t put it serious 120% effort, so please feel free to let me know of any potential corrections.


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