(This is not a chapter) I’m Sorry, But You’ve Really Struck a Nerve


In response to the comments on http://unlimitednovelfailures.mangamatters.com/2015/01/18/yep/#comments

I agree with most of PROzess’s argument. I truly do respect him/her as a translator. I am of the opinion that Quality is important and should be preferred. That’s not because more effort went into it, but because it’s better to hire someone with the training in order to do the job. I actually agree with most of what’s posted. The reason is simple. It’s easier to read and more enjoyable. These works are not simple publications people have to push out every day to feed the masses. They’re thought out stories that the original author put all their heart into, and they thus deserve an appropriate amount of loving care. That doesn’t mean that I deny the effort of Machine Translators wanting to speed up the translation process. What I don’t like is simply how easily they wrote me off, when I think I’ve had at least 80% if not the same amount of training. That’s just my pride. I’m not even really a Machine translator (Though I wouldn’t count myself as a full one).

Yoraikun is a young impressionable teenager going through puberty. He can get mad too.

I use Hiragana Megane, which adds Furigana to Kanji in order to assist with my translation. This, in no way, means that I am completely illiterate in Japanese. I can do most of it without, but it truly does speed up the process. That also doesn’t mean Furigana is the only thing I use to translate, you know. What I do know is Grammar, an understanding of Kanji to some extent, and the English Language of which I’m a natural speaker. The methods used were learned through immersion. I lived in Japan for 3 years. Happy?

While I may not have any college credits in translating or Japanese, what I do have is the rudimentary courses and proficiency tests, the rudimentaries being the ones given in average schooling (In Japan) and the proficiencies being the ones offered to Native Japanese speakers there as well. I also have normal high school courses in Japanese upon return to the states, and three years of learning to talk to people there. Yes, I can understand and speak Japanese. English is a course I’ve done up to AP English 12. Kanji’s just not my strong point. And that’s in the sense of an academic subject. Some people in school were bad at math, some in Science, and I in Kanji. I can neither read or write the Kanji for Rose. I can read and write the Kanji for Molecular Biology, Mob Mentality, The Rising Dragon graced by the God’s Heavenly Thunder, and Strategic Countermeasures. It’s all a matter of what you choose to learn.

Now then, where does Hiragana Megane come into this? It’s like this. I can’t differentiate between 帯 and 常 with just a quick glance, but with Hiragana Megane, Huzzah, I can see which one it is instantly. And at the speed I’ve been set to translate at, that boost is essential. That may not have been the best example.

I did not even set this pace for myself. I merely wished from the bottom of my heart to carry on the works of the translators I respected. And I merely wished to get this work out to the world as I greatly enjoyed it myself.

I have a grasp (At least I believe so) of Japanese, and I definitely have one in English. I have never, and Will Never copy and paste a block of text into a machine. That’s my pride and integrity speaking.

Please don’t discount me simply because of this page. Find a mistake, then discount me because of this page. Don’t present hypothetical situations and statistics. Present cold hard facts relevant to my work. And please, above all else, say it to my face. I’d prefer to watch a flame war carry itself out with popcorn in hand than to mope over suddenly finding out that others were talking smack about me like I wouldn’t find out.

If your philosophy is quality over Quantity, then make jabs at my Quality. I’ll take them with all my might. Even if it kills me.

And what is a translator’s work, but doing a mental translation and transposition in itself? I apologize if this may lose some of the nuances of the text.

If you find a line in my translations that is wrong, do not hesitate to tell me. The promise I make to myself every day when I work up my motivation to translate for you people includes accuracy. Again, please don’t hesitate to tell me instead of flaming me on another board. I read all comments if they’re on a post I made. If you want me to retranslate an entire chapter, then I will. I’m still at a stage where I care enough to hear all requests. But perhaps not for long.

I may change around sentence structure in order for it to make sense, but that should be a given when changing structure to an entirely different language. I may be adding this information at my own convenience at this point, but the about page was originally intended as a joke, and a way to oversimplify things to answer comment questions before I started the FAQs. As for why I may continue making these… how did he put it… Garbage Yoraikun Chapters that aren’t even real translations… It may just be because I enjoy doing it you know. As Hiiro put it, I’m doing it for myself and you all are just additional weight And up until this point, I did not have doubts in my own quality.

To people with a negative opinion of me, this may seem like an attention plea, with me pleading for people to comfort me. I don’t need any reassurance, and I will continue my work as always. I just want to hear what the critics have to say. Do not hate on the haters. They probably have clear cut, well thought opinions, and that is what I am making this post in order to hear. Everyone has a voice, and if they truly have a problem, then I really want to hear them out. Please DO NOT COMMENT ANYTHING LIKE you’re doing a good job, or don’t worry about them. Do not tell me not to listen to them. Denying one’s opinion is denying one’s human rights, and I am in no place to do as such. I want to hear what everyone says and come to a conclusion based on that. Now I’m sleepy. Good night.

Yoraikun Rant Over. He’s burned out. Burned out to White Ash.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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360 Responses to (This is not a chapter) I’m Sorry, But You’ve Really Struck a Nerve

  1. anonym says:

    instead of ranting over someone work…put more effort to build possitive input at what he /she should work on his/her translation…..ranting is just what kid do -_-


  2. RWX says:

    Yoraikun, I think it’s really good that you explained the exact nature of how you use machines to aid your translation. 8 years or so ago, when my Chinese was far poorer than it currently is, I first started translating in a very similar way; using a software that would attach all of the ‘pinyin’ to the Chinese characters. The reason I did this was the same as yours; as a heritage speaker, while I could speak/listen to the language with a high level of fluency, my reading and character recognition abilities were on a much lower level, and having the pinyin helped me recognize certain characters I wasn’t sure about more quickly than copying/pasting them into a dictionary website. Despite originally having to be ‘aided’ in that respect, because of my underlying competency and understanding of the spoken Chinese language even back then, I am very confident in the quality of those translations I did 8-9 years ago, and I similarly suspect the same would be true for yours.

    I would not even remotely consider what you are doing to be ‘machine translation’; you yourself are doing the translations, except with tools to help you recognize certain unfamiliar characters.

    Having glanced through your post, PROzess’ post, and krytyk’s, I think all of us share the same viewpoint when it comes to pride of the quality of actual translations. I think it is unfortunately, however, that this became a ‘flame war’ between fandoms. I will say this though; krytyk, this is why it’s generally never a good idea to call out someone by name, especially if you aren’t actually familiar with them/their work ;)

    Anyhow, some feelings were hurt, but an interesting discussion about translations did come out of it, which is good. Tempest in a teacup. Hopefully it’ll be over soon. Hugs all around!

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  3. Krytyk Banzai says:

    As one of Krytyk’s follower, I hope you take his words and change your method and keep improving so next time you can be proud of yourself. You can become his admirer like me


  4. Hitogami says:

    As a 1st language english speaking leecher I’m gonna add my two cents worth. If you are a leetcher then the only critisisms u should be posting are to help the translater improve themselves.

    Yoraikun isn’t the best translater i’ve ever read, but his translations are still quite good and are VERY fast. He has managed to save us readers from the pain of waiting forever for the next chapter and he also saves us the headache of trying to decipher the really sh*tty translations.

    I dont believe it is my place to b*tch about a translations quantity or quality, since i havent done anything, it would be wrong to try degrade someone else’s hard work when I am too lazy to try do it. If you are a translator that want the highest quality then only release when you feel happy with it even if it takes months it is your Project and we only benefit from all your hard work.Personally i have a great deal of respect towards the guys (and girls kookie) who care enough to try and get reasonable translations out to the rest of us, you all put up with a lot of sh*t from readers who r more concerned with getting the next chapter than showing any appreciation for wat u’ve done.

    It looks like the fans of different translators have decided to fight, even if the translators havent so i just decided to let the translators know how much u actually mean to your readers, the silent ones who almost never post, try not to let the idiots amongst your readers get you down.

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  5. urobrous says:

    First thing first – did not read the criticism Y-kun has ranted as a result of, and am not interested in doing so;


    Because i read LMS’ google translate’d chapters prior to Jawz picking it up.
    After that brain rape i can say with my manhood at stake that this translation done by yoraikun was something i would’ve never considered machine translated even if god and satan would sing me a musical about it being so,

    In other words – dis be bull-shieeeet.

    YK’s translations are on par if not better than the average translator of japanese/korean novels, and as i have read more than my fare share of those, as i do believe others who are now your zombified slaves/fans, i think it has some weight to it.

    i will never say “don’t mind them” as criticism – note, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM – can only improve.
    Y-kun has stated several times that he only uses hiragana-megane as a means to the goal of providing his translations at a relatively fast rate.
    in addition, all of Y-kun’s work is definitely high quality with the occasional distorted meaning that’s only to blame on the gap between English and Japanese in terms of expressing things of that sort.
    My native tongue is Hebrew, and i know English on a level that is comparable to a native speaker – i also know rudimentary Arabic, as well.
    as such i can most definitely testify that the translation of a bulk of text such as a book, or even a chapter, in a coherent, acceptable manner, is no small joke.
    whether it’s between similar languages, like Hebrew and Arabic (those two share very words with identical meanings, and many words from one can be almost immediately translated correctly to another – “Ab” in Arabic means father, and sounds the same as father in Hebrew ) or completely different languages such as English and Japanese, the effort the translator needs to put in the translation is not something to be slighted, even if they use translation aids, and especially in Y-kun’s case, as the only aid he uses works as to make it easier for him to read the text he’s translating.

    As such, while i don’t deny the criticizing person’s opinion (though she did piss me the fuck off), i call bullshit on that.

    In the end, the thing that speaks the loudest is the quality of the translation and the satisfaction of the readers – in Y-kun’s translations’ case, the two conditions are achieved above and beyond the set bar, blowing said bar out into space and towards a nice orbit around the sun.

    And not only that, Y-kun does it in remarkable speed!

    so in total, the thing we have to blame Y-kun for are:
    1. good quality translations
    2. high translation speed
    3. having a duck for a profile image
    4. giving us pathetic leeches stuff to read
    5. doing all of the above while keeping us satisfied
    6. being awesome

    yeah, we got no case.

    welp, i sure did rant, but i was pissed so that’s that – my comment might be insensitive, boorish or incoherent to some, but i shan’t count the fucks i give, for i have none.

    End result:

    Y-kun = awesome
    random person with annoying criticism = sux0rz

    now commence the flaming if so you wish!

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  6. Saiduq says:

    I cant really tell who is wrong and right here whether you,krtyk, or prozess ,but i know you two didnt intend to insult each other, but the thing i know that every translator has sacrificed his/her time and energy only to give us and introduce many awesome work that we can’t reach in normal way, whether is barrier language or even difficulty to obtain the Light novel itself, and also they even didn’t expect any compensation for their hardwork, they only want to share the fun that they found in the novel, you giving this fruit of your hardwork for free, there should be no people that have the right to direspect your work, or for people that said “Next chapter when?” or “Why are the releases so slow”?, they should know their place, and after all i know that you doing your best for your fan and reader, so Keep up the Good work, PRAISE THE DUCK!!

    NB: sry english is not my natives lang


  7. phoenom says:

    IMO ,
    nothing wrong using machine translations ,but as far as quality goes ,it would far behind the human translation
    but for me who only spend sometimes to learn japanese in my school days ,i still need machine translation ,because my japanese vocabluary was too little .
    but fortunately i still remember the grammar or sentence structure so when i do trying to read some japanese webnovel most of times i will translate word by word and its far better translation than direct copy paste
    well nvm every people has their own argument :)


  8. Zefel says:

    what is TLC again?


  9. Zefel says:

    what is TLC?


  10. Tasear says:

    I wanted to say thanks. Surely you the highlight or MVP of our community these past year. In case, you didn’t know, you are famous across the world. As few, can show such dedication or passion on an almost daily bases. You have my sincere respect as a fellow translator.


    Ma-series Spanish English translator

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  11. sikeong says:

    well, romance of three kingdom had been translated dozen times by dozen different translator and creating dozen different meaning, translation IS A GUESS WORK, you read and writing it in another language based on your own understanding, different people have different understanding

    when you translating something its become your own translation, your own translated work, what right do other people protest it? they not even the author, fan translation is a hobby you translating for your own pleasure and post it in internet, the leecher are just extra

    this also aplied to MTs, they do that because of hobby, because they enjoy original author work and want to spread it to other people, it is their respect to the author

    ITS JUST A DAMN HOBBY, why the hell other people mad at your own hobby

    and translating licensed work without permission actualy illegal, in another word the translator and the leacher are doing some illegal thing together hehehehe, and some people mad at each other at this illegal work as if its their own work? i dont get it, smell like a feg cult to me


  12. thadpole says:

    Yoraikun I have enjoyed your translations of shield bro since you started translating with Bakahou and after he stopped. The only thing I want to say is to remember how he was the only person who was translating at the time. I don’t think this LN would have taken off as it did if not for him. I think that at the beginning it sounded really cool but I figured it would just die off like so many other lns cause of lack of translator.

    Then Bakahou stepped in and led the charge I think he translated like 100 chapters in 70 days or something crazy like that. I know it was machine translation but he did a freaking amazing job at it. I feel like bad mouthing machine translations is a bit insulting to what he did. He filled the gap that no one else would fill and did it well. Was it a machine translation yes. Was it completely accurate probably not but it did a good job and it got other people to take a look at this LN and now everyone that I have meet in the Ln/fan fic/ WN has heard of shield bro. He did his job and carried the banner for a long time I feel that there should be some respect for him is all.

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  13. Gaki says:

    Yoraikun would you translate Re: Monster as well ?


  14. roslolian says:

    Honestly as a complete stranger to Japanese (well I took Japanese as foreign language but I forgot everything already LOL) I don’t really like it when “purists” make fun off or look their nose down on machine translators (although from what you say you actually do know Japanese instead of just relying on programs). The reason is because of the quality/speed tradeoff, and for most purists I find that trade off to not be worth it.

    I’m not paying for the novel so I can deal with subpar quality. I mean, if the sentence “Oh yeah, you think can defeat me?” becomes “oh yeah you can defeat me!” the meaning changes but at the end of the day that’s not exactly a big deal, esp. if it means you can get 3-5 chaps in the time it takes for 1 completely accurate chap comes out. There are a lot of series out there that have both a quick machine translator and a more accurate snail’s pace translator doing it. When the more accurate translation is done I take a look at it and although the meaning is slightly different it wasn’t worth waiting 1 month or so for, this is esp. true when a series has gone for more than a year the machine translation will be up to date while the more accurate series is not even past 1/4. These more accurate translations also lose any meaning when the official english translation comes out (because you know, you’d rather just support the author), but the machine translations still serve as a sneak peak to the novel, you can read it ahead of time and then buy the official english release when it’s done to get everything you missed the first time.

    So to sum it up I am extremely grateful for people like you Yoraikun who gives out translation at an amazing pace, I really appreciate what you are doing esp. since it is just out of the goodness of your heart. More power to you!


  15. kingk says:

    Since TnY was my first web novel I ever read I can’t really say anything but the only reason why this novel got going was because of bakahou’s fast releases which I assume if it weren’t for him and yoraikun I would be looking at baka tsuki wonder wtf is taking so long and eventually drop it.


  16. Justice says:

    Yaru nara ima shika ne,yaru nara ima shika ne Joy da joi, Joi da joy



    Kill kill them ALL!!!!!!!!



    Readers are dogs and translators feed them meat (chapters), some dogs will whine and beg the translators for more, others will go looking for translators that will feed them meat that will make them a little sick (Google translation and machine translation), others will wait and wag their tails when ever the translators feed them.


  19. to be blunt you rules yoraikun sensei dont worry about small problens =)


  20. Anonymoose says:

    PROZess is a fag.


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