Chapter 244: Justice vs. Justice

“What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?”
-Yoraikun Vi Britannia

TL: Rule of the Internet, Just because there’s a quote with a name under it, that doesn’t mean the person actually said it.

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Chapter 244: Justice vs. Justice

“Naofumi-san, thank you. Please leave the rest to me. I’ll definitely persuade Itsuki-sama.” (Rishia)
“Yeah, I’ll wait expectantly. Just like Female Knight, the current you should be able to do it.” (Naofumi)

Understanding the situation, Ren backs off.
Perhaps he believed that two on one was unfair for a duel, or perhaps he was moved by Rishia’s resolve.
I don’t know the reason. Whatever the case, he understands that he shouldn’t get involved in this case.

It seems that Itsuki has finally recognized Rishia as an enemy.
The problem would be if Rishia lost, but we’d be able to kill him with my Wrath Shield combined with Gaelion’s flames.
Luckily, Firo’s also here. We can definitely win.

Anyways, it’s quite a development for Rishia to be fighting Itsuki.
She was always talking about her devotion to him.
It must be hard on her to fight to the death with her beloved.

“I’m coming! Haaaaaaaaaah!” (Rishia)

Rishia closes in on Itsuki at quite a high speed.

“Damn! 「Saint Arrow Rain」! 「Spread Strafing」!” (Itsuki)

Itsuki steps back as he continuously fires off arrows at Rishia.
The arrows he fires straight and the ones he curves are timed perfectly to strike multiple locations simultaneously.
Evading seems to be difficult.

“Hengen Musou Rapier Skill,「Circle」!” (Rishia)

But Rishia twirls her rapier in a full circle, and her blade makes a high shriek as it passes through the air. All of the arrows fired at her are mowed down.
I thought Rishia wouldn’t go all out, but it seems she fighting toe to toe with this Hero.
Could I be witnessing the true Hengen Musou style?

Female Knight said that Rishia was able to master the difficult skills.
It may be due to the influence of her natural talent, but Rishia has gotten strong.
Having all his arrows knocked down, Itsuki glares at her with an irritated expression.

“Itsuki-sama? I’m your opponent right now. Please pay more attention.” (Rishia)

Even now, Itsuki occasionally glances over at me.
He must be seeing the person in front of him as merely an obstacle to reach me.
There’s no way he can beat Rishia like that.
The current Rishia’s stats, techniques, and determination are among the highest of all of my subordinates.

“Fu… It seems that you’ve learned how to talk, Rishia-san. But my true power is higher than this!” (Itsuki)

The dark aura envelops him, and Itsuki readies his bow.

(TL: レヒトファナティッカー )

I feel a barrier-like thing being erected.
It feels similar to Firo’s and Gaelion’s sanctuaries.


Itsuki’s eyes turn red and begin to give off a suspicious light.
Then the miasma envelops his body, forming a sort of armor.
It’s a winged, full-body armor, reminiscent of an angel… but some parts here and there seem demonic in design.

It’s definitely a status buffing skill.
What’s more, it even created a set of armor.
The armor reminds me of the combat suits for those Rider and Ranger people.

Rishia is silently waiting for Itsuki to initiate an attack.
Her expression is exceedingly serious.
If we step in here, I don’t think she’ll forgive us.

Ren tries to step forwards, but I hold my arm out to stop him.
I won’t let anything happen like that time with Ren.
I’m a man who keeps my promises. Be it for better or for worse.

“I’m coming, Rishia-san. With this, I’ll make you understand me and assist in defeating Naofumi!” (Itsuki)
“No, I definitely won’t approve of the current Itsuki-sama. Even if it costs me my life!” (Rishia)

Rishia sticks her sword into the ground and bends down.
She extracts Chi out of the ground and coats the entire body of her weapon with it.
It’s like what Female Knight does the moment she hits a target, but the amount is clearly different.

“Hengen Musou Style… Special attack. First Stance…”

『Let this foolish sinner experience the retribution of God’s justice! With my belief as compensation, carve this punishment upon your body!』

Before Itsuki can finish chanting his skill, Rishia pulls the blade out and begins running.

「Alleinherrschaft!」(TL: ゲレティヒカイトアラインヘルシャフト)

「Sun!」 (Rishia)

Rishia begins emitting light as she thrusts her rapier at Itsuki.
I wonder why. I get the feeling she just got some Super-Divine power up.
And what’s Itsuki’s skill doing!?
Countless orbs of light are scattering from his body. They destroy the ceiling and take on lion-like shapes in the sky. They then begin raining down endlessly upon Rishia.

… This is bad.
No matter how I look at it, that’s a Curse Skill rivalling Blutopfer.
Even a Super-enhanced Rishia will have trouble dealing with it.

“Second Stance, 「Moon」!” (Rishia)

The light emitting from Rishia grows brighter, and the lions shatter into crescent shaped fragments.
Amazing… This is the first time I’ve seen someone take a Curse Skill head on.
I don’t know what its effect is supposed to be, but Itsuki seems to have a shocked expression at finding his skill nullified.

“There’s still more! I haven’t used my trump cards yet!” (Itsuki)
“Third Stance, 「Star」!” (Rishia)

Without any hesitation, Rishia appears in front of Itsuki and begins thrusting at him.
It’s a consecutive stream of attacks rivalling Female Knight’s multilayered attacks.
Each successful hit destroys part of Itsuki’s armor and causes it to disperse into nothingness.

“Gu…” (Itsuki)

The rain of blows continues to pour down on Itsuki, and I can feel that each and every one has Chi imbued in it.
That’s no joke.
Since I’ve trained, I may be able to withstand it, but it would probably breach the defenses of a Cursed Ren or Motoyasu.
It’s an attack with that much power.

“Quit messing with me!” (Itsuki)

Itsuki’s aura explodes again, sending Rishia flying backwards.

“Fuee… There’s still more!” (Rishia)

Rishia rolls as she hits the ground and gets up. She takes a deep breath and prepares for battle.

“Justice is not something that can be stopped by the likes of Rishia-san! Don’t go around destroying my special attacks!” (Itsuki)

And why should we listen to you?
This isn’t a turn-based RPG.
If this were a real-time action game, you would try to destroy special attacks when you saw them.

… Ah, in Hero Media, the opponent waits for the Hero to finish his attack.
Those high powered beams and kicks and those things where five weapons unite into one.

“Itsuki-sama, please stop it already. For the current you, it is impossible to stop me.” (Rishia)

Rishia shouts with a voice filled with emotion.
It does look like she’s the one with an overwhelming advantage here.

“Itsuki-sama, your justice is misled! Please release that dark power at once.” (Rishia)
“Wrong! With this power that I’ve gotten my hands on, I will save the world! I will save the people!” (Itsuki)

The shape of the bow distorts…
And in response to that, his aura changes in color as well.
… Most likely, he’s awakened to another curse series as well.

If he strengthens himself with the effects of multiple curses, will Rishia be at a disadvantage?
Besides Motoyasu, the other Heroes haven’t used strengthening methods, I think…

“Are you alright, Rishia?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. I don’t need any help.” (Rishia)
“… I see. Then do what you will.” (Naofumi)

The situation seems to be taking a bad turn, but if Rishia says that, then I guess I’ll continue observing.
I won’t help until she asks for it.
Whether she wins or not is a separate matter.

If persuading him proves impossible, we’ll have to knock him out.
But even if he’s rotten, he’s still a Hero.
We’ll need a decisive blow.

“Take this! 「Shadow Bind」!” (Itsuki)

Itsuki begins moving. He shoots an arrow at Rishia’s feet.
I get an ominous feeling from the ground.

“Rishia-” (Naofumi)

But it didn’t hit.
The arrow lands in the ground behind her.

“M-my body is…! (Rishia)

Before I could warn her, Rishia’s movement was sealed.
It’s as I thought.
It’s a skill that can block enemy movement by hitting their shadow.

「Bind Arrow」!

Itsuki fires off another restraint skill at the immobile Rishia.
The Arrow pins her to the wall behind her.

“I-I can still fight!” (Rishia)
“No! This is the end!” (Itsuki)

『Let this foolish sinner be burned to death by the Brass Bull. Writhe and scream in anguish under the wrath of the raging bull!』
「Phalaris Bull」 (TL: The Brazen Bull Torture method was created for Phalaris, the Tyrant of Acragas in the 5th century BC)

Like my Iron Maiden… A statue of a giant Bull opens up and locks Rishia within.
Then the statue glows as it fills with fire.

“Rishia!” (Naofumi)

Itsuki smiles as he confirms his victory.
It’s a skill that rivals my Iron Maiden.

“With this, it is my victory. Naofumi, prepare yourself.” (Itsuki)

Ku… I thought victory was assured. Was I too naive?
But first, I have to save Rishia.
Ren’s already running towards her.

But just when I was contemplating this…
Cracks begin to surface on the bull Itsuki summoned.

“What?” (Itsuki)

Itsuki’s face is once again colored by surprise.
And with a loud sound, the Bull crumbles to pieces, and Rishia jumps out.

“Fourth Stance! 「Devil」!” (Rishia)

Rishia walks towards Itsuki, swinging her rapier in wide arcs.
What is this? The tip of Rishia’s sword is glowing, leaving black tracks in the air.

“Gu… M-my eyes!?” (Itsuki)

Itsuki covers his face with both hands and cries out.
Is it an attack that inflicts Blind?
That’s quite an efficient attack.

“Don’t just go about claiming victory on your own.” (Rishia)

Rishia says as she holds her shoulder and breathes deeply.
She even managed to thwart an execution device… Rishia’s growth is beginning to surprise even me.
Excluding Motoyasu, She’s probably the strongest out of all my subordinates right now.

But, perhaps Raphtalia can enhance herself this much as well.

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