Chapter 249: Complete Victory

Please note that this is still flashback.

Imagine an anime type flashback. Something like Naofumi watching the flashback through a TV, even though it should be Raphtalia explaining in words. While watching said flashback, he gives commentary. If that’s too unreasonable, then imagine Raphtalia using illusionary magic to show him the flashback instead of using words.  – frenzy85

Chapter 249: Complete Victory

“Did you know? Melty-chan still thinks of you as her own sister. And for such a simple reason, she will always believe in you. Do you want to betray her feelings?” (Raphtalia)

Witch’s movements dull for a second, and Raphtalia launches a powerful slash at her.
Wait. I’m pretty sure Melty never really believed in Witch from the start…
She may have talked about it with Firo and Raphtalia when I wasn’t listening.

“Wai-” (Witch)
“I won’t wait. Naofumi-sama is the same. Naofumi-sama believed in you as his only companion, and swore to himself that he would treat you dearly. He thought of you so highly, yet… you trampled on his emotions. You broke him.” (Raphtalia)

Even as she says this, Raphtalia’s movements are so calm and collected that even I am shocked.
It must be because Witch isn’t deserving of any mercy.
The only thing I can say is, “Good Job.”

“Do you know just how many people have grieved, suffered, and fell into despair because of your actions? … What I’m currently doing to you is less than ten percent of the pain Naofumi-sama suffered.” (Raphtalia)

Eventually, Witch emerges beat up with several cuts on her body. Raphtalia steps backwards to create distance.

“And now you’re going to resort to underhand tricks, right? Go, have your people cast their healing magic on you. I’ll just beat you up more to compensate.” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia confidently provokes her.
In response, Witch’s face turns red, and she screams out.

“You bitch! Who do you think you’re facing right now!? You turned your blade on the person who’s going to become this Country’s Queen!” (Witch)
“Like I care. Also, this country’s future Queen is Melty. There’s no space for you. Right now, you’re just a normal adventurer… no, a traitor.” (Raphtalia)

Cool headed ‘til the end, Raphtalia glares at Witch with cruel eyes.

“Now then, whether it be support or healing magic, have them cast whatever you want. I’ll still destroy you all the same.” (Raphtalia)

As if she was trying to kill Raphtalia with just her eyes, Witch glares at Raphtalia and clicks her tongue.

“Or, are you perhaps going to cheat already?” (Raphtalia)

Recovery magic is cast, and Witch’s wounds heal. She swings her sword around violently as she comes at Raphtalia.
But Raphtalia sees through her sword and dodges her attacks easily. Even in the eyes of her brainwashed followers, Witch looks like nothing but a fool.
But, she doesn’t know when to give up.
Pretending that she was overcome by rage, she begins casting magic.

「Dreifach Hellfire」!

She quickly casts her magic. While Raphtalia was busy barely dodging one of her thrusts, she slams it at her.

“Hengen Musou Sword Skill, 「Circle」!” (Raphtalia)

But, Witch’s last-ditch magic is calmly destroyed.
Witch is taken aback for a moment, but she immediately recovers and throws her dagger.
Her decisiveness and her ability to look down on people are her specialties.
Raphtalia bends backwards to dodge the projectile, and Witch loses her trump card.
But it doesn’t end there. That’s one of Raphtalia’s good points.
Just as she dodges the thrown dagger, Raphtalia extends one of her hands and grasps it out of mid-air. She points it towards Witch.

“… What is this? I realized that you were unfamiliar with fighting with such a weapon, yet you still kept trying to hit me with it. It was quite obvious, you know.” (Raphtalia)
“Damn!!” (Witch)

Without answering Raphtalia’s question, Witch raises her hand in the air and loudly declares.

“Everyone! Kill this follower of the accursed Demon Lord of the Shield!” (Witch)
“… I knew it would come to this.” (Raphtalia)

But Witch never noticed it.
Raphtalia had been chanting magic for a while. Her tail was slightly swelling.

『I, who has understood the origin of strength command. Let the truth once more be read forth. Let all mistake theirs’ for mine.』
「All Trick Mirage」!  (Raphtalia)
“Ho ho ho! As if I would go all out on a follower of the Demon Lord!” (Witch)

With a victorious smile, Witch backs off to leave Raphtalia to her minions.
But that’s where her plan collapsed.
All magic fire support suddenly turns on her.
Magic rains down on her relentlessly, and Raphtalia begins receiving support magic. She begins receiving healing even though she hasn’t received a scratch.

“… You people! Why are you attacking me!? Don’t come, stay away! Why!?  You idddiiooots!  (Witch)”

It seems having her own brainwashed followers turn against her was completely unforeseen.

“Why? There’s no helping it. Everyone here simply sees the two of us reversed at the moment.” (Raphtalia)
“Y-you! GYAAAAAAAAAAAH!” (Witch)

Witch’s screams are erased by the legions of people swarming around her.
Her plans were completely destroyed by Raphtalia alone.

What a pitiful state she’s in.
It’s a fitting end for the ugly witch.
(TL: This time, witch is in Japanese. He means witch, not Witch)
My heart is filled with joy.

The only regret I have is that she was not dealt with by my hand.
Though, I have doubts whether or not I would be able to do that much damage.

“I don’t know exactly what you were planning, but the show ends here.” (Raphtalia)

The brainwashed legions shout out their victory.
It seems they have yet to realize their own folly.
Raphtalia seems slightly shocked. She steps forwards and impersonates Witch.

“I will personally send the Queen to the underworld. Everyone, please bind the Shield conspirator. Seal her mouth and torture her. After that, you can wait on standby in the castle. This is–” (Raphtalia)

The legions answer with what they thought she was about to say.

“Our rebellion of Justice!” (Brainwashed followers)

The applause ends, and Raphtalia leads the Justice Zombies in infiltrating the castle.
Inside, she undid the magic and returned to the Queen. Apparently, she tied up my followers and sealed the rest behind walls of ice.
She had no idea how to undo the brainwashing, so she just sealed them for now.

And, the chain of command fell into disorder. Escape was difficult, and quite a few of them misunderstood the situation, thinking that they had barricaded themselves with walls of ice to protect themselves.

“After that, with Raphtalia-san’s help, we escaped from the castle and took whoever wasn’t brainwashed with us.” (Queen)
“I see…” (Naofumi)

Witch’s last days. I wanted to see them.
If I had just used my portal to jump here instead of chasing Armor, would I have seen them?
I get the feeling that I made the wrong choices.
But, we did manage to capture Itsuki, so I think that may have been the best option.

“After that, we don’t really know what happened.” (Raphtalia)
“Raphtalia, can you tell apart who’s brainwashed and who’s not?” (Naofumi)
“I can only tell if I look in their eyes, but it’s possible.” (Raphtalia)

I see. So her eyes are better than those who came back early from training.
Ah, perhaps Rishia could tell as well. I never asked.
She never really spoke up, and perhaps she was afraid of me cross-examining her.
But, it seems the current Rishia can see them clearly.

“Ah, right. Did you see the Old Man from the Weapon Shop?” (Naofumi)
“I met him. I left the evacuations to him. They’ve probably arrived at Ryuut village by now.” (Raphtalia)

I see. So he’s safe.

“Now that I think about it, I saw a cloud of dust enter the city right after we left it…” (Raphtalia)
“Ah, don’t worry about that. That matter will be resolved soon.” (Naofumi)

Witch may have even turned into a zombie and gotten run over by him.
That would be quite an amusing scene.
Rishia may find her as well.

“Naofumi-sama, you’re laughing again.” (Raphtalia)
“How nostalgic, that phrase.” (Naofumi)
“It’s been a while, but you haven’t changed at all.” (Raphtalia)
“Humans don’t change that easily… No, that’s probably wrong.” (Naofumi)

Looking at Raphtalia and Fohl, I see that’s not true.
She was just a small girl when I found her, but now she’s practically an adult.
Fohl was just a cheeky brat, but he’s grown up well.
I guess we can change.
And not just in appearance.

“Firo is sleepy.” (Firo)
“Right. I’m also getting a bit sleepy. Raphtalia, do you think you’ll be out training for much longer?” (Naofumi)

Seeing the situation resolve itself, the fatigue is starting to set in.
But now that I think about it, the matters at the village aren’t resolved at all.
Do I have to interrupt Rishia’s work?

“It’s about time to end it. One more week should be enough.” (Granny)
“Ah, I see. We’re going to go pick up Rishia and then go to dispel the brainwashing in my village. What will you guys do?” (Naofumi)
“Are you sure the castle is okay?” (Raphtalia)
“Let’s see… We’ve managed to stop the zombies, so it should be fine if we leave them for a bit. Can I leave this place to you?” (Naofumi)
“As you wish.” (Raphtalia)
“Understood. Then, is if fine for me to borrow Raphtalia-san for a few days?” (Queen)

The Queen interjects.
I turn my eyes to the Granny, and she nods.

“Got it. After we’ve taken care of the village, we’ll rest for a while and send Rishia over again. I trust you to hold on until then.” (Naofumi)
“Leave it to us.” (Queen)
“Then Firo, go grab Rishia. We’re going home.” (Naofumi)
“Ye~s.” (Firo)
“Ani-sama, please go away.” (Atlas)
“Aah, Atlas! Atlas!” (Fohl)

Atlas shakes Fohl off and jumps on Firo’s back.
I also hop on and Firo gallantly runs off.
I see. So Raphtalia will only be gone for a little while longer.
And, when we return to the Castle Town…

“Fueeeeeeeeeee! Why is even Witch-san heeeere!?” (Rishia)

We hear a loud cry resound through the city.
And so, the curtain suddenly closes on the brainwashing incident.
I can’t say I didn’t gain anything from it.

Kukuku… We even managed to capture that bitch.
I feel happier than I was at the birthday party my parents threw me after I put a stop to my brother’s delinquency. (TL: Read Chapter 1)
That metaphor is a bit questionable…

Now then, what will the Queen do?
Will she execute her when this all calms down? I pray for the day her head falls from her neck.

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