Chapter 250: Promotion

Warning, this chapter contains apathetic, gruesome words by the Queen.

Chapter 250: Promotion

It’s been three days.
Me and Rishia endlessly worked towards putting an end to this incident.

After we dealt with all the zombies in my land, we finally got some time to rest.
These people know how to act normal, so we have to have Atlas or Rishia search for them.
In the Castle Town, Raphtalia and Granny had to look them in the eye to find them. But, they somehow managed.

Luckily, dispelling the brainwashing turned out to be surprisingly easy.
All Rishia had to do was throw her weapon.
Though, I still have to use a reinforced prison.

We’ve roughly dispelled all traces of the brainwashing, and after we look over the people again, we can bring this incident to a close.
The amount of brainwashed people has severely decreased, and it has been decreed across the country that anyone who spouts messed up logic and criticizes me will have to be apprehended.
Though, some may find this quite oppressing.

Whenever someone criticizes me, they get suspected of being brainwashed.
The people who truly hated me regardless have quieted down.
That’s the big difference between them and the brainwashed party.

Anyways, this and that happened, and the incident headed toward resolution.

And on the morning of the fourth day.
The Queen invited all of us to come to the castle.
Ren and Motoyasu as well.

About Itsuki… I’ll tell you later.
He’s on house arrest in my village.

“I sincerely thank you for resolving this country’s internal conflict.” (Queen)

When we were called in for an audience, we found that Raphtalia and the others stayed in the castle and waited for us.
Trash was quietly sitting in a corner.
It seemed that Witch’s revolutionary movement has caused him to age a bit. He’s also lost his confident atmosphere.
I guess I should call him pitiful.
This look really suits him.

“And? What did you need?” (Naofumi)
“I don’t think Iwatani-sama will be pleased with it, but this is a sort of ceremony to reward you for driving out this country’s filth.” (Queen)
“Ah, so it’s like that.” (Naofumi)
“There are a few other things as well, but this comes first.” (Queen)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

I did put a stop to the revolution trying to overturn the government. I guess the royalty has to give a large reward or they’ll lose face.
Though, I think there’s an inherent problem with Witch spearheading the rebellion.
I’ll ask about that later.

“First, is the person who poured in his aid and led this conflict to a swift resolution. Hero of the Shield, Iwatani-sama.” (Queen)
“Yes.” (Naofumi)

I’m handed a ceremonial sword again. I stand before the Queen and lower my back. I unsheathe the sword and hand it to her.
The Queen takes it, touches it to both of my shoulders and declares,

“For your efforts, I hereby award you the title of Marquis.” (Queen)

Uwaa… I really don’t want it.
So I’m promoted from Count to Marquis. It is a step up, I guess.
There are way too many ranks in my world.
I wonder if this one is the same.

“The rewards for your subordinates will also be bestowed through Iwatani-sama. If you want anything specific, please ask him. The other heroes are also included in this.” (Queen)
“Yes.” (Naofumi)

So I’ll be accepting praise for Raphtalia’s efforts as a representative.
Ren is also nodding.
Motoyasu… Please stop staring at Firo. She hates you.
Though Ren and Motoyasu are Heroes, they’re currently working under the pretense of making up for their sins. Even if they work hard, I don’t think they’ll be promoted.

Perhaps because she realizes that I find this to be a pain, the Queen makes it short.
And… Can a title be bestowed on Raphtalia as well?
I glance at Raphtalia, and she shakes her head.
It would be a pain. Though, I’ll make her get one in the end.

“You did it, Naofumi!” (Ren)
“No, it’s not like I’m happy or anything.” (Naofumi)
“I-I see.” (Ren)

My response renders Ren silent.
I’m honestly not happy at all.
And were Ren and I even close enough to quarrel about this?

“Father-in-Law, for my efforts this time around, I would like you to let me expand my Filo Rial Ranch.” (Motoyasu)
“Motoyasu, shut up.” (Naofumi)

I thought he couldn’t understand the Queen’s words.
Is he just saying whatever he wants?

“Now then, there is another here who is deserving of a reward.” (Queen)

The Queen gestures towards Rishia.

“Rishia Ivyred.” (Queen)
“Fuee!? W-what could it be?” (Rishia)

The Queen beckons her to come forwards.
Rishia timidly walks forward, observing the fixtures of the room as she comes in front of the Queen.

“Rishia Ivyred. During this incident, you have contributed greatly to the resolution of this incident and to the prosperity of this country. You have been highly evaluated by me, Queen Mirellia Q. Melromark. This is a separate matter from Iwatani-sama’s work.” (Queen)
“Y-yes!” (Rishia)

That’s true.
The one going around and undoing the brainwashing was Rishia, and she may be considered the most important contributor.
What’s more, though we don’t know if it’s a hero’s weapon, she did obtain some form of 『Mysterious Projectile Weapon』.

“The Ivyred House will receive a financial reward, and Rishia and her parents will both receive the title of Baron separately.” (Queen)

Wow. Rishia’s also promoted.
Is she going to receive land as well?
She probably won’t leave because she has to look after Itsuki though.
Even so, I can’t call her a Fallen Noble anymore.

“Pick whatever land you want from the plots I’m handing over to Iwatani-sama.” (Queen)
“I’m getting land?” (Naofumi)
“Yes… In this incident, a large amount of nobles were taken into custody, so there’s quite a bit of unattended land.” (Queen)

I really, really don’t need it.

“The fact that you don’t want it is written all over your face, Iwatani-sama.” (Queen)
“I mean…” (Naofumi)

I just wanted some land to raise my army. If I have to take responsibility for the disputes of a larger area, I think I’ll collapse.
I’m leaving this world anyways, so getting land or status doesn’t really mean anything…

“Don’t worry. A portion of the items and taxes collected from that land will be presented unto Iwatani-sama.” (Queen)
“I see!” (Naofumi)

It’s not like the lord is the only one who does the managing, anyways.
I’ll have to send people there to govern.
I’ll just leave it all to Melty!

And if you suspect it’s going to turn out that way, then just leave it to your daughter from the start.
Since most of the rebellious nobles have been sentenced to execution, there are many vacant territories.

Also, if I get more land, my actions will be more restricted, but it will be easier to take greater action.
Since there will be at least two waves after Houou, I’d like to reinforce my forces.
In that sense, the resources and money derived from greater plots of land may prove to be invaluable.

And it seems that I’ll have to cover the equipment enhancement costs for Ren and Motoyasu, who’ve glued themselves to my village…
Itsuki’s case… depends on Rishia.

“… About that, Queen-sama.” (Rishia)

Rishia has an apologetic face, but her voice has a firm tone.

“What is it?” (Queen)
“I am very grateful for the honor you have bestowed on me. However, I have one favor that I wish to ask of you.” (Rishia)
“… I’ll hear it out.” (Queen)
“Please make it so that the status, land, and honors I’ve received never happened. Instead, could you forgive the crimes of the Hero of the Bow, Itsuki-sama?” (Rishia)

The Queen’s aides and knights begin talking amongst themselves.
Itsuki himself was greatly involved in this event, though it was officially proclaimed that all the fault lay with Witch and the Three Hero Church Remnants.

It seems Rishia’s been thinking as well.
This is the only chance she has.

“I understand your request. Rishia Ivyred, I shall discard all the awards bestowed onto you and exempt the Hero, Kawasuki Itsuki, from his crimes. Of course, with some conditions.” (Queen)
“Conditions?” (Rishia)
“Yes, he must continue to risk his life fighting the waves that threaten this world, no matter how long they last. Also, the next time he brings harm to this world or its people, he will be sentenced to death without question. I’ll leave his management to you, Rishia Ivyred. Please bear this in mind and do a splendid job.” (Queen)
“T-thank you very much!” (Rishia)

That’s quite a judgment.
It seems that they have decided to keep Itsuki alive. They vied for the safest option.
I also had a promise with Rishia. If she didn’t speak up, I would have asked the Queen myself.
Just how much does that girl like Itsuki?

“Now, let’s leave the discussions of rewards there and discuss who the responsibility for this event falls upon.” (Queen)

I feel the atmosphere getting heavier.
But we all knew this would come up.

“Can I ask something?” (Naofumi)
“What could it be?” (Queen)
“The Three Hero Church remnants were able to flee during the Spirit Turtle incident, right? Why were they not executed on their capture?” (Naofumi)
“Quite a few of them never laid hands on Iwatani-sama directly, so they avoided execution. Also, many were citizens of this country and many of them were of noble birth.” (Queen)

Ah… So that’s it.
Even if they wanted to execute them, the noble families stepped in.
If they were executed without question, this revolution would have grown even greater in scale.
What I can’t understand are these 『Nobles』. Are they really that important to be respected?

In my world, I believe the Guillotine was a device reserved for noble criminals.
Is there a troublesome procedure to execute them here?

“Some were waiting for their execution dates, and some were still being interrogated. When we were in the middle of taking control of their facilities… the Spirit Turtle began to advance.” (Queen)

Would it be like this in my world? A criminal was being held in a criminal cell, but an earthquake destroyed the prison and sent the country into chaos?
I’ve heard that in foreign countries, prisoners were held in detention for a while before their trials, so they have a chance to escape before it.

I didn’t think it was even that long between us defeating the pope and the Spirit Turtle attack.
With the nobles involved… I guess it’d take around two weeks to argue for execution.
I can understand why they were still alive.

“And? What happened in the end?” (Naofumi)
“With an incident this large, I don’t think it’s possible for a noble to step forward to defend them. At the moment, it’s impossible to even speak against Iwatani-sama, so their executions have been decided.” (Queen)
“Hmm…” (Naofumi)
“I’ve also heard about the actions of the Hero of the Bow’s former subordinates. It’s been decided that they will be executed in Iwatani-sama’s presence.” (Queen)

So Armor and the others are being executed as well.
I can’t wait.
And they’re going to show the entire event to me?
I don’t think that’s good on the eyes. Is there really a need for me to be there?

“For crimes this large, we hold large scale public executions in the Castle Town plaza.” (Queen)
“Heh…” (Naofumi)
“Even though we may seem peaceful, executions used to be really common here. Most of the criminals were the generals of enemy countries though.” (Queen)

Was that how it was?
Since I was born in the modern era, it’s difficult for me to imagine such a scene.
For some reason, I’m getting an uneasy feeling. But enemies are enemies.
You reap what you sow. It’s a bit of a pity. My emotions are a mix of these two.

“The people who will be given a public execution are the people who led this revolt, the nobles of the revolutionary faction and the Three Hero Church officials. The others will be executed through other means.” (Queen)
“What’s the method?” (Naofumi)
“We have quite a few ways, but do you have a preference?” (Queen)
“No, I have no idea what you have.” (Naofumi)

And why would you ask me to choose it…

“For the nobles, it’s the Guillotine. For the Three Hero Church, the Iron Maiden. For the former subordinates of the bow, the Brass Bull.” (Queen)

… Those are the Curse Series arms, aren’t they?
Did the former heroes use them, and they took them as reference? Still…
Ren has a bitter face like mine.
If we watched, we would get the feeling that our own skills were killing them.

“We also have impalement and using magic to make beehives out of them. Our repertoire is quite vast, so is there anything you would like?” (Queen)

Hearing the Queen calmly list execution methods scares me.
No, this may be normal here.
Trash and the Queen were at war with Shild Freiden for a long time, so things like that happen.
I had grown somewhat accustomed to this world’s values, but I guess I’m still fundamentally different

“We also have electrocution by lightning magic. It’s apparently great as a torture method.” (Queen)

… Sadina’s magic comes to mind.
She’s quite skilled with lightning.
Hmm? Why is the Orca-ish Demi-Human good with electricity?
Not that it matters.

“Father-in-Law! What are you guys talking about?” (Motoyasu)
“You shut up! Ah, Midori, was it? Go interpret the words of women for Motoyasu.” (Naofumi)
“Okay, got it.” (Midori)

Motoyasu’s Filo Rial, Midori, begins talking with Motoyasu in private.
Motoyasu starts nodding. Eventually, he speaks up.

“Then let me offer a suggestion.” (Motoyasu)
“What is it?” (Queen)
“Sky Burial.” (Motoyasu)

Sky Burial!?
I believe that was… Where the criminal was left out for birds to pick at.
Wait a second. For the criminals to undergo a sky burial…

“Rejected!” (Naofumi)

What do you think will happen if you teach these birds the taste of human flesh?
They may begin eying other things.
And if they began to enjoy it, we would have created some troublesome monsters.

“Master, what’s a Sky Burial?” (Firo)
“You don’t need to know!” (Naofumi)
“Eh…” (Firo)

Motoyasu… If you’re in charge of these birds, why is it fine for you?
He’s become a bit… no, he’s become quite scary.
This topic is dangerous. We must change it immediately.

“Next, I don’t really want to hear about it, but what’s going to happen to Witch?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, that matter. Bring the Witch in.” (Queen)

The Queen issues orders to her aides.
Witch was presented to the crowd. She had a gag on to prevent speech, and she was wearing magical restraints to prevent movement.

“Mu-! N-!” (Witch)

From the look in her eyes, she hasn’t given up on life just yet. She’s glaring at me as her sworn enemy.
Based on the direction of her glare, it seems that Raphtalia is also included on her enemy list.

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