Chapter 251: The Bloodline of Heroes

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Chapter 251: The Bloodline of Heroes

“Now let’s talk for a bit. Take off the gag.” (Queen)
“… Puhah.” (Witch)

Even though she was captured, Witch looks down at everyone gathered with conceit.
She must have confidence that she won’t be executed no matter what.

“Now then, Witch. Do you have anything you wish to say?” (Queen)
“Mama, I was being brainwashed. There’s no way I would take part in a rebellion against you.” (Witch)

Ku… Now that she’s here, she mouthing off some suitable lip service!
Even if she failed, she could simply say that she was one of the many that they had brainwashed to escape punishment.
Though Rishia and Atlas would be able to see through this, she would probably claim that they were acting out of personal prejudice.
Just how much of a Bitch is this Witch?

“Witch, did you seriously believe such an excuse would pass?” (Queen)
“Hmph! Mama, so how do you plan on executing me? I’m your daughter, you know. If you were to execute me, how would the country look at you, Mama?” (Witch)
“… I understand what you’re trying to say.” (Queen)
“And? How shall I be killed off? Or will you marry me off to another country? Perhaps you plan on cutting off my limbs?” (Witch)

You Witch!
She knows the situation she’s in, yet she’s using that fact as a provocation. Just how rotten is she?
The Queen also seems to have seen through her intentions. I haven’t raised a hand yet, though.

“No matter what you may do to me… I have no plans of yielding to you.” (Witch)
“Death! I demand Capital Punishment!” (Naofumi)

I shout out.
And no one stands up to object to my words.
Even the now-hot-blooded Ren doesn’t raise a finger.

“And didn’t I just say it? How will the people react to a cruel Queen who raises her hand to her own daughter?” (Witch)

I understand that she has confidence that her eloquence will at least spare her life.
I feel the blood rising to my head.

“… No.” (Queen)
“Wha?” (Witch)

The Queen shakes her head with a fed-up expression.

“I’ll have you become the bride of the king of a certain country.” (Queen)

Witch’s face becomes red for a moment.

“You’re too soft! You need to kill her after force-feeding her all of the horrors of the world!” (Naofumi)

I raise my voice high enough to shock even me.
But, I have the right to say such a thing.
I was framed. Again and again, I was faced with disgrace. Sometimes people would come to kill me.
Every day was a living hell. I withstood it. I beared the pain and crawled my way here.
The simple fact that that woman was alive and well is enough to piss me off. And yet you arrange a political marriage!? Cut the crap!

“Is that so? Mama, that means I’m heading off to somewhere around Silt Welt, correct?” (Bitch)

That possibility is quite high.
The area worships the Hero of the Shield, and there are plenty of people angry with this bitch’s harassment of me.
It may be a good place for Witch’s final days.
Perhaps it would be nice to send her as a sacrifice.
But still, my grudge won’t subside.

“No.” (Queen)
“Eh?” (Witch)

Witch lets out a surprised voice.
The Queen expands the fan in her hand and covers her mouth… She continues in a manner-of-fact tone.

“The place you’re going… is Faubley.” (Queen)

Both me and Ren raise our voices together.
Motoyasu? He’s staring at Firo. Do you think he cares?

“What are you talking about? Isn’t Faubley supposed to be the biggest country? Marrying her off to somewhere like that is more of a favor than an-” (Naofumi)

As I try to raise an objection, Witch begins shaking and her face turns blue. She screams out.

“Wha…?” (Naofumi)

My words are interrupted, and I turn to Witch.
I’m at a loss for words… I guess that’s the term to describe my emotions.
She was fine with executions and even being married off to her enemies, so why does Faubley scare her this much?
I don’t get it. What does it mean?

“Mama! No matter the crime, that’s too much!” (Witch)
“You’ve been bad. I told you before you set out for Cal Mira, didn’t I? If you continue to perpetuate intolerable acts, I would marry you off for the sake of peace. I told you that if you didn’t want that, you would have to work with the Heroes for world peace. If you did that, I wouldn’t have gone this far.” (Queen)
“Even so! Why must it be Faubley!?” (Witch)
“They said they would forgive us for monopolizing the Four Hero summon, so there’s no helping it.” (Queen)
“What do you mean?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, I never explained it to Iwatani-sama and the others, did I?” (Queen)

Hmm? Rishia’s fainted with bubbles coming out of her mouth!
Really? Is it that bad of a place!?

“The current King of Faubley is a man who drowns himself in carnal pleasures. When he looks at women, he sees… and I’m quoting here… ‘simple toys of pleasure.’” (Queen)
“I-is that so…” (Naofumi)
“He cares not for appearance and takes on beauties and uglies. Everyone. When I was younger, I dreaded the day my parents would try to marry me off there.” (Queen)

Trash is also down for the count!
What’s with you people!? Is this sentence really that bad!?

“And just how old is that king!?” (Naofumi)
“He’s Trash’s brother… so I think he’s 13 years his senior.” (Queen)

Um, I believe Trash was the prince with the lowest status.
Doesn’t that make this incest?

“He’s ugly and stupid, but he at least has the wisdom needed to keep his own power. Even though he’s rotten, it isn’t by luck that he’s managed to hold the throne for so long in a country plagued by power struggles.” (Queen)
“But still… I can’t understand why everyone here hates it so much…” (Naofumi)

I still don’t understand what makes marrying there worse than marrying into Silt Welt.
Since Witch is caught up in physical appearance, could she just hate his looks?

“Let me give some explanations. Faubley has had a long tradition of marrying the Four Summoned, the Seven Stars, and their children into their family. Because of that, they’re known world-wide as the blood-line of Heroes.” (Queen)
“Hmm…” (Naofumi)

Well, heroes are said to be an existence close to God. It’s natural for a country to hold such beliefs.
The people summoned are treated nicely, so they’re alright with it, and it seems quite safe.
If their children perform well, they’re once again favored, and they carry on the line.

“And please understand that those children are usually divided into categories.” (Queen)
“Divided?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. First, if they’re male, many of them are born with exceptional looks. These people would play around a lot and make their own harems. They would try to surpass others and would fight often. Contrarily, quite a few become reclusive. These people are the targets of many foreign countries because whimsical princesses think they can get married off to handsome foreign princes and they happily give their hand in marriage. Ah, sometimes Heroes personally marry in as well.” (Queen)

Um… By heroes, do you mean otherworlders like us?
I don’t know the conditions required for a summon, but looking at the current heroes… We’re all gamers.
When we first got here, even I had a dream of making a Harem.

That means these skirt chasers would mass produce children and carry on the bloodline. Plenty of unfortunate children would probably be born as well.
I may not be in the position to say this, but the Heroes probably got through this new world with cunningness and craftiness.
Their bloodline would have amazing power struggles.

And if I think about it, Trash is one of their descendants.
Is that why he’s supposed to be wise? I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t want to know.

“In the case of females, they are also usually blessed with good looks. There are some that even make reverse harems. I wonder if this is the grace awarded by the blood of heroes. The Heroes’ descendants seems to be blessed with looks over knowledge.” (Queen)
“Is there a greater chance of Heroes being male?” (Naofumi)
“There are also females, but their blood doesn’t get spread as much as men.” (Queen)

The fate of a harem.
Stallions and mares have different production rates, so there’s no helping it.
… How lively these people are.

And wait, the Heroes may work hard, but if you look closely, they’re a collection of failed human beings.
This may be limited to the summoned ones though.
Wait. Are the Seven Star summoned as well? I don’t know the criterion, but I believe they were chosen from the people of this world.
Anyways, that means otherworlders like us got the idea in their heads to build a harem in another world, and their bloodlines mixed and brought forth the Faubley Royal Family.

“People with such blood get into power struggles with one another, win, become king, make more children… and prosper. The current king is more skilled at power struggles than Witch. What’s more, he’s a long-lived king.” (Queen)
“Ah, and…” (Naofumi)

He’s more manipulative than Witch… I don’t want to meet him.

“Let’s see. His appearance is… one that one would hesitate to call human.” (Queen)

What sort of person is that?
Is he like one of those frog-like disgusting otaku characters that appear in anime?

“The closest description I could give would be an overgrown pig.” (Queen)

Oh, really?
That’s supposed to be the king? Of the biggest country?
And our Queen is getting hostile here.

“Rejoice, Witch. It seems the other party has been waiting months for your arrival. If you go, it seems that they’ll turn a blind eye to our crimes.” (Queen)
“Hiii!?” (Witch)

Witch steps back with a pale face.
It’s not like I can’t understand where she’s coming from.
Still, is this a fate worse than death?
Shadow appears and whispers in the Queen’s ear. I haven’t seen her in a while

“Ah, Witch. It seems you’re going to be proudly welcomed as the 10000th toy.” (Queen)
“Ten Thousandth!?” (Everyone)

Wait a second… so he’s had 9999 female toys before this?
No matter how I look at it, that’s impossible.
Even absurd eroge don’t use such high numbers as a setting.

No, he’s supposed to be older than Trash, right?
I have no idea how many days are in a year in this world, but if I take a girl a day, assume 365 girls per year, then multiply that by his approximate age… I guess it’s barely possible.

… Even so, it’s shocking.

“Ah, please bring that item to make it easier for Iwatani-sama to understand.” (Queen)

The door behind me opens, and soldiers rush in with two items covered by cloth.

“When you Heroes were off on Cal Mira island, this is the item we presented to the king to stall for time. A life sized Witch Doll.” (Queen)

The first cloth is pulled off.
What’s revealed is a doll that looks exactly like Witch.
I already want to make it my punching bag.
Anyhow, it’s an exact replica. It’s as if I’m looking at a mirror.
And isn’t this what my world would call a Love Doll?

“Next is the item that we retrieved from a compost heap in Faubley, two days later.” (Queen)

S-seeing the next item made me doubt my eyes.
Um.. This is Witch… right?
The hair has been pulled out, the eyes are out of their sockets, both arms have been cut off, and the legs have been cleanly sheared off as well.
Are those burn marks? There are a few places that have swelled up from soaking too long as well.

The mouth, and another place, have strange holes cut into them.
The lopped off stumps of the arms and legs are the same.
Um… I’m definitely not looking into the holes…

“Those holes were made for the exact reason Iwatani-sama is imagining, you know.” (Queen)
“Geh!?” (Naofumi)
“The King of Faubley’s motto is 『Toys that have gone through enough pain that they wished they were dead feel much better』. This is a good representation of that.” (Queen)

Wow… If you take sadism to an extreme, do you become like this?
These aren’t dolls.
He’s dealing with live women here.

“For girls of good birth that have caused problems, Faubley is the answer. Upon having such a sentence, most commit suicide on the spot. It’s that famous of an execution method in this world. It seems that his favorites are kept alive for as long as three months through magic, Yggdrasil medicine, and other things. Apparently, he wouldn’t permit them to die…” (Queen)

This marriage has already turned into an execution method.
And for him to be so famous, yet still keep his position, Faubley is a mysterious country.

I believe it was at the start of the Legend of the Seven Star Heroes, the Four Summoned Heroes, and this world’s largest country.
They’re the first people who received the right to perform the Four Heroes summon.
And from Rat’s words, they apparently have several Seven Star Heroes as well.

From the previous conversation… from repeated breeding, a bad hybrid popped up.
It’s a country with massive land and military might.
It’s the birthplace of Heroes, so it must have a long history.
It may become troublesome in the future.

And for that famous fiend to hold the throne… Don’t uprisings happen?
9999 Women are dead here. Isn’t he really hated?
Ah… Does he oppress them through money and might?
He’s already something like a criminal, so slapping more crimes on him doesn’t really do anything.
Some people may sell themselves to him for the sakes of their families as well.
Like Rishia.

Starting with Melromark, going to Silt Welt, Zeltburg, and now Faubley.
Does this world have no decent countries at all?
It seems that no matter where I go… I’ll have my share of trouble…

Even after the wave, I’m seriously worried about the fate of this world itself.
No, it’s not like I care what happens to it.
It’s a shitty world. And I’m tired of it.

“It seems the other party is very pleased with you, Witch. He plans to use you as his toy every night. My heart aches as I wonder what will happen to you. Now, how many days will you last?” (Queen)

Witch’s voice resounds through the castle.

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    haha told you so that a gruesome way to die (for Witch) was available. but I keep getting the feeling Witch will wiggle her way out one way or the other right Yorai-sama?


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      yes, I agree with you. The author seem like someone would love to keep one biggest b**** like her survives until the very end so that he can gradually build up hatred so the story can have a big final triumphant over that witch. This is one of the case that I hope I’m wrong with the depth of my heart and her to suffer much worse than the doll and just got flush down the toilet, pieces by pieces.

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    Tsk tsk, merciless Naofumi….I would preferred a different route though.


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    Not the best way to end….. But not a Bad Death Penalty Naofumi Shout Like Hell and Demand Real Death Penalty By Curse Shield!!!!!……


    • GuiltyIncest says:

      You understand what’s going to happen to her right? She will be killed in debatable the worst way possible. Her limbs will be cut off mid rape so her muscles can convulse around his manhood, then her limbs will burned so she doesn’t bleed to death. Later, holes will be drilled into her body for sexual purposes, and it will all end when she gets her brain scrambled.


  6. Burban says:

    reading this chapter, i feel like “50 shades of grey” must be like Barney´s show in comparison O.o


  7. John kenneth says:

    I would have loved a different execution method though……. Like piercing her fingers and toes with 5inch needles and dropping candle wax on the places where the needles enter her fingers and then leave her waiting for 1 day…….after that make her forcefully bend each finger and Voiala…… get agony and pain from a different level from this..


    • TurtleBeech says:

      o: interesting.


    • GuiltyIncest says:

      You understand what’s going to happen to her right? She will be killed in debatable the worst way possible. Her limbs will be cut off mid rape so her muscles cab convulse around his manhood, then her limbs will burned so she doesn’t bleed to death. Later holes will be drilled into her body for sexual purposes, and it will all end when she gets her brain scrambled.


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    • Wow~ Some scary and rather creepily fetishist comments dude! I think execution of the ‘witch’ princess is enough in itself. Don’t you?
      Yeah, we all know she is an evil character who deserves to suffer. She IS written that way as the main villain after all.
      But man, if you revel in the idea of any woman (however bad) being “raped to death and have her limbs cut off during the rape” as a capital punishment? …Then frankly YOU start sounding like a far more evil and dangerous character. Y’know?
      Try a cold re-reading of your own comment and I think you will see what I mean?
      I get your sentiment, but the words…?
      Personally I don’t think the story should be glorifying this kind of stuff because it is exactly the kind of brutality that Daofumi and Raphtalia have suffered under themselves through their journey and are fighting against. And this story is all about people’s perceptions of justice, truth and inequality.


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    Hmm, so apparently the queen refrains from directly executing Bitch because that would cause her to lose support of her own country. Since the commoners are just plebs let’s assume that this basically means that the country’s nobility will turn against her for killing her own daughter.
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    Even if we suppose that the commoners will be fooled by thinking that the princess is off to marry a big country’s king, the perversions of this man must be known among the nobility at least. How is this any different from just killing the bitch. Doesn’t make any sense to me


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