Chapter 252: Pleading for Life

Aww… Naofumi made a friend. How sweet.

I’ve said it time and again, but I’m just a translator. Don’t blame me for these events…

Chapter 252: Pleading for Life

“They’ll back us up with medical facilities and military power if Witch agrees to attend to their king.” (Queen)

The Queen continues speaking in a calm tone.
Even though the restrictive clothes Witch is wearing prevents her from moving her hands, she desperately struggles to use them to cover her ears.

I unintentionally let out a smile.
And this is the first time Raphtalia doesn’t raise her voice at me.
Though, she’s probably just overwhelmed by the situation right now.

“In reality, it’s a crueler sentence than death. The woman who lived her life by bewitching men will die by a man’s hand.” (Queen)
“Even so…” (Naofumi)

From what I’ve heard, he’s an evil scum of a man, but the fact that he’s male bothers me.
What do we do if Witch works her wiles on him as well?
The only thing she’s good at is deceiving people.

She may abuse her needlessly good appearance to twist the King of Faubley around her fingers.
If that happens, then we’ll get a situation more dire than any we’ve faced.

“Is there any chance that Witch is the exception? That she’ll be able to make use of the King?” (Naofumi)
“I won’t say the chance of conciliation is zero, but up until now, the countries apart from ours have tried countless times. Because he rules the world’s largest empire, getting him under your thumb is the same as taking control of the world. However, there’s no precedent of him ever listening to the words of a woman.” (Queen)

So he’s like the current Motoyasu. In a bad way.
The current Motoyasu isn’t a scumbag like the previous one. He’s more like a broken madman.
And if you think about it, that king’s a condensation of the blood of otherworlders. He may be like the past Motoyasu.
But Motoyasu is kinda a Feminist.

“Even Witch should be able to tell whether or not her words will get through. Right? When she studied abroad, she was chosen by him after a single glance, and she almost fainted. Perhaps this matter has been decided since that point in time.” (Queen)
“Mama! I beg you! This is the only thing I’ll ask of you in my life! Please! Please defer your decision!” (Witch)
“Let’s see… It is a matter that strains my heart as well. But even if you claim to be brainwashed, society won’t forgive you so easily… Alright. Then how about I entrust your fate to the heroes?” (Queen)
“What!?” (Witch)

The Queen closes her fan and smiles at us.
What does she plan on doing? It’s probably nothing good.

“If there’s a single hero here who wishes to take Witch under their wing, then I’ll defer my decision to Faubley.” (Queen)
“Cut the cra-” (Naofumi)

Before I can finish, Witch uses all of her strength to get away from the soldiers holding her and prostrates herself on the ground before me.

“Hero of the Shield-sama! I’ll do anything! Please… please take me up as your comrade once more!” (Witch)
“…” (Naofumi)

She’s really desperate.
She’s hanging her head while throwing teary side glances to everyone in the room.
I silently step on her head.

“Thank you! Trample on me as much as you wish! I’ll do anything. If you ask me to act as your pig, I will do it for the rest of my life!” (Witch)

The fact that this makes me really happy makes me once again realize that I’m a scumbag.
Raphtalia stares at me with a complicated expression.
But I’m not swayed.

“Get violated by that pig and die!” (Naofumi)

I kick her away with all my might.
She stares daggers into me once more, but realizing she doesn’t have the time, she moves over to Ren.

“Hero of the Sword-sama-” (Witch)
“Go to hell!” (Ren)

Ren’s eyes are dead!
He’s not going to forgive Witch here.
Though if he did, I would beat him to death.

“Hero of the Spear! Please offer me forgiveness!” (Witch)
“Firo-tan, do you want to go for a scenic drive after this?” (Motoyasu)
“No!” (Firo)

Witch finally kneels before Motoyasu, but he’s flirting with Firo and doesn’t hear her.
Firo seems terrified.
And for a drive… Where do you plan on going?
Is riding a Filo Rial even considered driving?

Anyways, Motoyasu doesn’t react to Witch at all. Because she is a woman.
But Witch refuses to give up.
She desperately appeals to Motoyasu.
They’ve known each other for a while, and he may be the only one here who would willingly save her.
… The past Motoyasu that is.

“What is this ugly Red Pig? Firo-tan is finally looking my way, you know. Go away pig.” (Motoyasu)
“Motoyasu, if you don’t deny her, she’ll follow you home.” (Naofumi)
“Then disappear!” (Motoyasu)

Motoyasu swiftly pushes Witch away.
Amazing. He completely ignored his beloved witch when she was pleading to him with teary eyes.
Humans sure do change.
And Itsuki is absent.

“Mama! The Hero of the Bow isn’t present! This isn’t a fair trial.” (Witch)
“Should you really be saying that!? (Naofumi)
“Right! Whose fault do you think it is that Itsuki ended up like that!?” (Ren)

Ren accuses her loudly.
Itsuki’s absent because of you!
Even if it’s wrong… Well, I’ll explain it to him later, but once he calms down, he’ll surely reject you!

“Damn you all! Rather going to Faubley, I’d rather die here and now!” (Witch)

A snapping sound resounds through the room.
Witch bit her own tongue with a lot of force.
Blood starts flowing from her mouth.
Did she commit suicide? Is this sentence really that bad!?

“Don’t let her die! Take her alive!” (Naofumi)

Why the hell am I saying such lines?
The soldiers run over to Witch, and the healers begin desperately casting healing magic on her.
A cloth is shoved into her mouth, and her life is saved.

“And that’s the result. What should we do for Witch’s trial?” (Queen)
“Nothing’s been decided, but I’m a little satisfied… or perhaps I should say bewildered.” (Naofumi)

I got to abuse Witch when she was desperately lowering her head to me. I guess I’ve calmed down a bit.
Perhaps Ren is the same. A cold smile floats on his face.
The current Ren is a person who would sacrifice his own body for his allies, yet…

Motayasu is… Stop chasing Firo around already.

“Then we’ll reset Witch’s level to 1 and ship her to Faubley… I’m a little worried with just the castle’s soldiers, so could Iwatani-sama personally escort her?” (Queen)
“Rejected. What reason would I ever have to spend a long period of time with that Bitch?” (Naofumi)

But the Queen’s opinion is sound.
With just this country’s soldiers, there’s too great a risk.
Even so, if I leave, then that would mean setting my land and Itsuki’s matter aside.
Though with my Portal Shield, I would be able to jump back and forth. It would be a pain, but it’s possible…

… Ah, right.

“Fumu… We don’t know when or where Witch’s conspirators will try and recover her. Could you put Motoyasu on transportation duty?” (Naofumi)
“Leave it to me!” (Motoyasu)

Before the Queen can speak, Motoyasu steps forward with pride.

“Then I’ll leave it to you.” (Queen)

The Queens words don’t reach him, though.
Motoyasu can’t hear any female voices.

“Motoyasu, when you’re in the middle of transportation… if the pig ever tries to run, kill it without hesitation. Also, keep it under your watch until you confirm that it gets violated by the King of Faubley, and return after you have a magic crystal record of the scene.” (Naofumi) (TL: ……)
“Yes! Understood!” (Motoyasu)

With this, I probably have nothing to worry about.
Well, if Motoyasu gets taken out, there’s nothing we would have been able to do in the first place.
Even if the Queen turns out to be lying, I can order him to kill Witch.

“The ride of the Filo Rials at my place is said to be a living hell. And after that, an even greater hell awaits.” (Naofumi)

Kukuku… I look at Witch collapsed on the floor and laugh to myself.

After that, I watched over Witch’s treatment and her Level Reset. I left her in the care of Motoyasu and his Filo Rials.
In order to prevent her from biting her tongue again, her mouth was stuffed.

The tied up Witch glares at us menacingly from the carriage window.
This time, her eyes are colored with tears and despair.
Even if she tries to rebel, she can do nothing at level 1.

“Mu-!” (Witch)
“Enjoy your final trip to its fullest.” (Naofumi)

And like this, Witch tumbles down the one-way road to hell.
But she got what she deserved.

Ah, let me offer a description.
The crystal Motoyasu used as evidence… It was that Camera-like crystal that my wanted poster was displayed on… I received the recorded footage of Witch being tortured by the pig… no, the King of Faubley.
By the way, it also had audio.

Honestly, there was nothing more disgusting in this world. But, I have to see Witch’s last days through to the end.
It seemed that The King himself graciously let it be recorded.
Something about driving Witch into further despair… He was really human filth.

I want to avoid meeting him at all costs, but the King of Faubley personally invited me over to hear my opinion on the evidence footage.
Please leave me alone…
I had a lot to say, but for numerous reasons, I politely declined.

By the way, it seemed that it was very rare for Faubley’s King to send out invitations like that.
Even the Queen was surprised at the message.

And after Motoyasu transported Witch to Faubley, we received news of her death two weeks later.
Her body was sent back as evidence, preserved with Ice Magic.
It was not a pretty sight.

And, it seemed the King developed an attachment to using those Crystals to record. He sent numerous ones to me after that.
I never looked through them. When I saw the first one, it recorded all the way to the subject’s death.
Did he think sending such things would earn my friendship?
Don’t send footage of any woman besides Witch…

(TL: And now, Naofumi’s traumatized for life)

I’m still soft. I’ve only caught a glimpse of this world’s darkness.
I want to stay out of it if possible.
I engrave these words onto my heart.

Like this, I finally cut my long ties with Witch… It was so abrupt that it seems anti-climactic. It doesn’t seem real.


(Note: “I just realized. Did Naofumi just invent AVs [adult videos] for this world?”

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