Chapter 256: Superiority Complex

Chapter 256: Superiority Complex

After that, I got busy.
I had to treat the new Demi-Human slaves from that facility, and there are too many things that need to be done in the village.
I also have to offer compensation for the damages to the merchants in the neighboring town.

Apparently, the Accessory merchant helped quiet everybody down.
He argued that the tax was ridiculously low, and that The Hero of the Shield was treated as a devil in this country, so such events were to be expected.
It seems he thinks that there are great profits to be made here.

The main reason for this is the expansive trade network built on my Filo Rials’ fast legs.
We agreed to carry his goods, so his profits rose.
Whenever Motoyasu gets his hands on some money, he goes off to buy and raise Filo Rials. We have no scarcity in that department.
And the repairs to the damaged buildings are proceeding at a good pace.
Even in such a time period, I cook every day, and spar with Atlas. It’s getting really hectic.

And three days after I returned to the village.
Me and Atlas learned the technique Rishia used for sucking in Chi from the air.

“It’s quite difficult.” (Naofumi)
“Yes… Musou Kassei, was it? It seems that I’ll be able to keep it up for quite a while.” (Atlas)

Yes, Atlas learned how to hold up Mussou Kassei for long periods of time.
But even though I learned how to suck in Chi, I can’t seem to get a grasp of Mussou Kassei whatsoever.

“Master, are you doing it again? Let Firo join.” (Firo)

When Firo tried to copy our actions, she immediately grasped how to do it.
It seems that Genius type characters like to gather in my village.
Even though Firo had experience using the pose to recover magic, in just a day of practice, she learned to suck in Chi and move around.
For her to be able to obtain power so easily… how convenient.

What’s more, it seems that Firo subconsciously activated Musou Kassei. Her movements are quicker than before.
Just how strong are these people getting?
Firo can’t use pressure points, or Hengen Musou, but she can use her natural overflowing power to subjugate her enemies.

“Fuee… Naofumi-san and the others learned to use it without an instructor?” (Rishia)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)

Rishia happens to pass by in the middle of looking after Itsuki.

“I tried so hard to learn it, and yet… This can’t be…” (Rishia)

From Rishia’s point of View, Atlas and Firo are absolute geniuses.
But that Granny said Rishia was the one with outstanding talent. From watching her fight with Itsuki, I’m pretty sure she’s a genius in her own right.

I get the feeling that the Musou Kassei that Firo and Atlas picked up is somehow different from the one Rishia used.
They only learned through observation. There’s no way it’s as effective.
Even so, Rishia says their skill is not inferior.
Still, it somehow gives off a different feeling…

Ah, right. Just as I can’t grasp Musou Kassei, Rishia somehow became unable to use it.
Even so, she fights without problem. For some reason, she seems even stronger than before.
Perhaps Heroes just can’t use it.

“Then the two that learned to use it should proceed with caution, you know.” (Rishia)
“Why is that?” (Atlas)
“Why~?” (Firo)
“It’s best not to keep Musou Kassei on for a long period of time. Your body won’t hold up.” (Rishia)

Ah, so it’s that sort of boost skill.
In Manga and Anime, quite a few secret skills put large burdens on the body, and make it so that you can’t fight again after you use them.
But when the main character faces an extreme dire situation, he uses it and loses his ability to fight. He either miraculously recovers, or awakens to some other power.
But it’s not as if the world is that convenient for us.

It’s likely that Rishia’s ability to take in Chi is on another level.
The amount of Chi she had from the beginning didn’t get that high even when she raised her level. That’s the only reason I can think of.

And no matter how long Firo and Atlas can keep Mussou Kassei up, there’s still a limit.
Using only internal Chi, it’s one minute. While taking Chi in, five.
But Rishia was able to use it throughout her battle.

“That’s correct. There are times when you can hear grinding sounds from your bones. When you see opportune moments, you should activate it right before you attack.” (Rishia)
“Right.” (Naofumi)

Female Knight’s Musou Kassei wasn’t very effective, and had a short active period. These aspects aren’t really that important.
Fumu… Even though we just copied what we saw, it’s surprisingly complicated.

“It’s around time for food.” (Naofumi)

I put my training on hold, and go to the dining hall to prepare food.
And I prepared it with the slaves I left the initial set up to.
We already set up a Bioplant to take care of the poisoned well and river.

The Three Hero Church didn’t leave anything positive behind in their legacy.
They were executed yesterday.
The head sister was sent to Faubley to become food for the pig. The rest were sentenced to the Iron Maiden.

In order to keep up the image, I had to go out in front of the public, and pretend to be one of the executioners.
Perhaps because I was raised in modern Japan, seeing a public execution was not good for my heart.
I had nightmares that night.
As the populace suffered quite a bit of damage, they booed and jeered at the convicts right through their deaths.
I’ve read in a book that such executions were held in the Middle Ages in my world in order to help the public vent stress.
Though I don’t know if that’s true.

Is it some instinctual stress reliever?
Like the feeling you get when you watch a public bonfire?
Why are they using a torture device like the iron maiden for an execution, anyways?
The victims’ screams echoed throughout the town. It was traumatizing.

And Armor, along with all of Itsuki’s other companions that I haven’t seen since Cal Mira, were executed as well.
Ironically, they were burned inside the Brass Bull.
In my world I think it was called the Phalaris Bull.
It’s one of Itsuki’s curse skill.

Even though Armor had been informed beforehand that he was set to die, when the time came, he trembled and begged for his life. His legs gave way below him.
Dreadful screams came from the bull statue.
Yeah, this is quite a cruel world.
I do think that some criminals deserve death, but when I actually encounter such scenarios, my head starts spinning.

It wasn’t refreshing in the least.
If I were to kill them by my own hand… would I feel any better?
Now that I think about it, I killed the pope with Blutopfer…
Back then, I didn’t feel refreshed at all. The only thing I could think about was the pain coursing through my body.

Yep, I don’t understand it.
At this point, I shouldn’t be bothered by killing, but watching people die in such gruesome ways makes me sick.
Uu… After remembering what happened yesterday, I have become disinclined to cook meat dishes.
I had my nose filled with the smell of Itsuki’s comrades burning, and I want to avoid blood for a bit.

“Niichan! Food!” (Kiel)

A loinclothed dog excitedly runs up to me, begging for food.

“Okay.” (Naofumi)

I take out an item I had prepared. A crepe covered in dirt. I place the plate on the ground by the dog’s feet.
Everyone is at a loss for words as they stare at me.
What’s so surprising? I’m a man who keeps his promises.
Even if she was being brainwashed, I have to give some sort of punishment to the one who spoke so ill of me. (TL: Refer to the last lines of Chapter 230)
She should be thankful that her punishment ends with just this.
Anyways, for today, Kiel is the only one that gets a rundown crepe.

“I won’t let you say you forgot about it. That’s your meal for today.” (Naofumi)

By the way, I made the meal a little bit more extravagant for everyone else.
With this, she should reflect on getting brainwashed by the enemy so easily.
Though I’ll probably end up giving her food anyways.

“Thank you, Niichan!” (Kiel)
“Wha-?” (Naofumi)

Kiel begins devouring the crepe like a dog.
The other slaves stare at her with their mouths wide open.

“Hehe.” (Kiel)

With eyes brimming with a sense of superiority, the loinclothed dog looks over the other slaves in the dining hall.
The slaves swallow their spit as they stare at the plate she licked clean.
Taniko and Ren, who were eating together, are silent as well.

“W-what? How should I say this, it seems that only Kiel got the best food. And it looks like he made it especially for her.” (Slave)
“Yeah” (Slave)
“Shield oniichan, please give me a crepe too.” (Slave)
“Me too!” (Slave)
“Gimme!” (Slave)
“That’s not why I made it!” (Naofumi)

It’s lecture time!
Why does it seem like I’m giving that loinclothed dog special treatment!?
These people… They’re way too optimistic!

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