Chapter 257: Revelation

Chapter 257: Revelation

“Now then, where was I again?” (Naofumi)

We somehow finished lunch, so I returned to my training.
I’ll have to think of another punishment for Kiel.
Ren left with a group to go peddle.
It seems that he’s working diligently, and Female Knight is with him, so it should be fine.

Female Knight never got brainwashed during the incident.
However, she became greatly troubled over the nature of Justice due to it.
She sure likes to beat herself up.
But I’ll deal with that problem at another time.

Right now, I’m training for battle.

By sucking in Chi from the outside, I can hasten my SP and Mana recovery.
That’s efficient in itself. I can see it having a lot of uses.
However, it’s disappointing that I can’t use the convenient skill known as Mussou Kassei.

“Fumu…” (Naofumi)
“Master, what’s wrong?” (Firo)
“Well, I’m thinking of how to apply it to my skills. 「Shield Prison」!” (Naofumi)

I test to see what happens if I mix the Chi in the air, and my internal Chi… My magic and SP when I use a skill.
Checking my status, I can see that the SP cost was cut by quite a bit.
Its flaw is that I cannot use it immediately. It’s quite difficult.

“How is it, Atlas?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, the prison feels much more complete than before. I don’t think even I would be able to find its weak points and break it.” (Atlas)
“I see.” (Naofumi)

It seems that the skill’s effect also increased.
And with the cost reduction, I’ve learned something nice.
I need to get this to a state where it’s usable in battle.

Take in energy from the outside, join it with my internal power and convert that energy into a skill.
The skills that haven’t been able to protect anybody lately may become quite useful.
My Meteor Shield and Shield Prison seem to get destroyed every single time. I was worried if I would be able to use them in battles to come.
If I can decrease the activation time, and increase the accuracy, I can try strengthening my skills in battle.

Wait a second. Isn’t this similar to something?
Isn’t this the same fundamental theory as the Dragon Pulse Law?

… Right.
It was a magic where you gather power from the outside, and use your internal power to set it off.
That seems to be what I’m attempting at the moment.

If I can apply it to skills, can I use it in magic?
I can. Probably.
Yeah, I better test it.

“Did something happen?” (Firo)
“Wait there for a second.” (Naofumi)

I take a deep breath, and begin chanting magic.

I use my body as a medium to borrow power from the area.
Right now, I need to rely on the power on the outside… and the power called SP from my shield.
And my magic… I hold it back. I’ll use it seperately

I take in Chi, and lead its flow like a complex puzzle.
At the same time, I picture a magic chant.
Uwah… This is really hard.

The puzzle I need to make shows itself to me.
If I don’t concentrate with all my might, it won’t be solved. If I move, it will immediately shatter.
Even so… I construct the puzzle under this pressure.

Good, with this, It’s complete.
It’s not the best, but I was able to make it.

『I, the Hero of the Shield, order the heavens. Cut off reason, retie it and release it. Power of the Dragon Pulse, with my Magic and my power as a Hero, I, the Shield, who has understood the origin of power command. Let the truth of creation once more be read forth and manifest, Give all his things to me.』

The Chant was freakin’ long.
I’m impressed that I was even able to chant it.
It’ll be a little difficult to use in real battles.
But still, I did it.

Using the Dragon Pulse, I can see just how different its structure is from normal magic.
The foundation is definitely the same, but the difficulty is different.
The magic I make with my own power from this world’s words focuses on ease of release. But you need to be able to memorize the higher class spells from the start.
But casting magic to obstruct another’s spells takes too much time.

Contrarily, the Dragon Pulse Law makes the user assemble the power flowing into them.
There’s no set chant.
Because there’s no set formula, you have to assemble it differently every time.

Perhaps this could be compared to the difference between English and Math.
If you want to make flames, normal magic just has you reading out the words for fire.
However, each level of fire has a different word. You need to remember what to use for blaze, inferno and hellfire.

However, using the Dragon Pulse, you have to figure out what = Fire.
Along the way, you can calculate Fire + Oil = blaze, or inferno + water = blaze.
Taniko can borrow the earth’s power and still make fire. From Earth + Darkness, she somehow solves for the Darkness, and converts that to flame.

That’s why obstructing the magic may prove simple.
By taking in the variables, and reasoning what the enemy is going to solve for, you can derive it first.
I can also see why it proves effective with choral magic.
Even if you don’t solve a puzzle alone, as long as it’s solved, it’s solved.

I see why these two types are incompatible with one another.
However close the theory may be, like oil and water, their compatibility is terrible.
But SP is the link that connects these two worlds.

… That means that only heroes have the ability to mix them.

Okay, let’s release this power.

「Revelation Aura」!
(TL: I’m not sure if it’s liberation of revelation. The higher level is testament, so I’m leaning towards Revelation. Also

Revelation… is it a level above Dreifach?
The words come naturally out of my mouth.
Now then, who should be my guinea pig?
I’ll try casting it on the sturdy Firo.

“Firo, stay still for a bit.” (Naofumi)
“Eh…” (Firo)

Firo’s face shows blatant discontent.
What’s with that attitude?

“Whenever master says something like that, nothing good happens.” (Firo)

Ah, I get that feeling too.
Especially for Firo. Those are the words I used when she had the Monster Crest carved on her.
The Firo of that time was shaking. Did she get a trauma?
If that’s the case, I guess I can understand why she would hate it.

“Well that’s true, but it won’t really hurt this time. I think. So just become my test subject.” (Naofumi)
“No…” (Firo)

I hear Firo complaining, but I forcibly cast it on her anyways.
I really am a devil.
But it’s support magic, so it shouldn’t hurt.

Anyways, the magic eventually comes into contact with Firo.
The visibly dense mass of magic envelops Firo, and permeates into her skin.
Gu… My magic and SP’s been drained clean.
That’s just how much it cost.

“W-what did you cast?” (Firo)
“I used it before, right? It’s the spell Aura, which increases all stats. I think it’s a higher level this time.” (Naofumi)
“Is that so?” (Firo)
“Yeah, so try jumping.” (Naofumi)
“Okay.” (Firo)

Firo tries to jump lightly while flapping her wings.

“Wa-” (Firo)

With amazing force, she sends herself flying towards the ocean.
It was as if a rocket had been launched.

“Ah…” (Naofumi)

Yeah. For now, let’s check Firo’s status.
Uwah, this is amazing. Every single stat has more than doubled.
I guess moving with this status would cause her to blast off.
I chased Firo with Atlas.

“Ahahaha~! Master, this is fun!” (Firo)

With a rumbling sound, Firo is… running on top of the ocean.
Wow… before one foot sinks, she’s already put her weight on the other one.
No matter how amazing she was, even Firo was unable to run on the ocean before.
So this is the power of my magic.

After about 10 minutes, the effects of Revelation Aura wore off, and Firo sunk.
She swam back to shore.

“That was fun, Master. Do it again~.” (Firo)
“Rejected.” (Naofumi)

That was ridiculously difficult! There’s no way I could use it continuously.
But with this, I’ve understood the theory behind the magic.

Perhaps Mussou Kassei artificially creates something similar to SP.
When that’s in place, Magic increases in effectiveness.
But without SP, Magic has its limits.
That means Hengen Musou may have been created in an attempt to become closer to the heroes.

Anyways, I should tell the Magic Shopkeeper about this.
Even if Revelation is impossible, I think I could use it to do a Dreifach Heal.
I can use it to reconstruct a magic that I already know to find another answer.
And if I just remember the chant that comes out, my life will be easier.

I never thought I would be able to master magic by studying Chi.
With this, I can get a discount on my payments to the Magic Shop.

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