Chapter 263: Surprise Inspection

I believe this is what you call filler.

Chapter 263: Surprise Inspection.

Now then, today I’ve decided to perform a surprise inspection on the slaves’ and heroes’ dwellings.
The reason being to make sure they didn’t bring back something strange again.

Even though we can absorb things into my weapon, taking them out is difficult, so personal property must be kept safe.
Magic water and Spirit water are unexpectedly easy to compound, and quite a few useful items come out from monster drops.
But other drops and materials need to be kept apart, or we won’t be able to find them when they are needed.
I warned Ren and Motoyasu not to rely too much on their weapon’s automatic compounding abilities, so they should have some materials lying around.

And, I don’t want them to be monopolizing rare items.
Things like those will be confiscated.
For this inspection, I’ll be investigating behind everyone’s back.

“Naofumi-sama, what are you doing?” (Raphtalia)

I was in the middle of secretly breaking into the Camping Plant we erected for Ren.
I turn around to find Raphtalia looking at me with doubting eyes.

“I’m investigating whether Ren is hiding anything nice.” (Naofumi)
“Hah… That is… I understand. Naofumi-sama is just this sort of person.” (Raphtalia)

Though her expression indicates that she wants to give up, Raphtalia follows me.
She probably has something to say, but she holds it in.
I still get the feeling that I’m doing something wrong, so I guess I’m not completely devoid of human conscience yet.
There are people who praise me no matter what evil things I do, so I’m starting to lose track of myself.

Unlawful breaking and entering, as well as theft, are trademarks of Heroes.
Most of the Heroes I know of are habitual offenders.
But… that’s just in games.

The first room I check is Ren’s.

“Fumu… There isn’t really anything here.” (Naofumi)

It’s a bare room with a desk and a bed. Imya’s Uncle also taught him some smithing, so there are some broken swords and ores scattered around.
On the desk is a notebook he seems to be using to practice writing.
It looks like he’s studying diligently.
Now that I think about it, it’s impossible for the current Ren to get ahold of Rare Items.
His curse decreased his luck, and he doesn’t get any EXP.

“Is this the Hero of the Sword’s room?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah, Ren’s using this room.” (Naofumi)

But he doesn’t come by this room often.
He usually goes around with Female Knight or Taniko.
It doesn’t seem like he has any hidden items, so I guess that’s it.

“It’s cleaner than I imagined. Is he studying Blacksmithing?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah, I’ve left it to him. He seems to be diligently learning.” (Naofumi)

Is this a copper sword? I guess he made it for practice.
Because he has no luck, its make isn’t the best.

The desk has a few diagrams for sword designs.
They’re like the ones I make for accessories.

Wondering if he had some black history involving Chuuni, I look through them.
But unfortunately, I don’t find any dirt.
In retaliation, I looked under the bed for porn, but again, nothing.
He’s no fun at all.

“Naofumi-sama, if you’ve lost interest, you don’t have to search.” (Raphtalia)
“Was it showing on my face?” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Raphtalia)

Fuu… Well, since I’m starting to act like a burglar, I better call it quits here.
Ren’s in the clear.

I’ll check the Heroes in order. So next is Motoyasu.
Motoyasu has a house built away from the village, next to the Filo Rial stable.
He lives there with his initial three.
By the way, it’s quite a big building.
I’m the designer.
Though it’s just a temporary Camping Plant-based house.

Currently, Motoyasu is transporting Witch, so he’s not in.
If I want to search, I won’t get a better time.
I can’t stand dealing with him after he went insane. Though, I couldn’t deal with him earlier either.

“Is this the Hero of the Spear’s house? He seemed quite different when I saw him at the castle.” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah, he’ll call any woman a pig, and raising Filo Rials has become the meaning of his existence.” (Naofumi)
“…” (Raphtalia)

I speak as I undo the house’s lock.
In this village, locks are meaningless before me.

“Naofumi-sama, I think you should learn about something called privacy.” (Raphtalia)
“Those heroes don’t have the right to privacy.” (Naofumi)

I mean, they are currently criminals.
I’m no demon. I won’t seize anything without reason.
If it’s just something like porn, I’ll leave it as is.

“Hah…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia’s sigh is quite heavy.

Anyways, I’m in Motoyasu’s house.
The entrance leads to a mixed living room and kitchen.
It’s much tidier than I thought it would be.
I remember Midori and the other two saying something about cleaning up the place.

Out of the three, I believe that Midori is the most reliable one on things like this.
Though the fact that the only male in the group is as such is strange in itself.
No, is Midori the one that’s weird? Given his gender, he still targets Motoyasu.

And from the shared living space, the house divides into four rooms.
Each room had something drawn over it: a red feather, a blue feather, a green feather, and finally a spear.
I guess each room is assigned individually.

Without any hesitation, I proceed to disengage the lock on the room with the spear.
For some reason, there are three sets of locks on it.
His security is making me curious.
Could it be that his behavior is an act, and he’s planning on framing me again?

The door opens.
Inside is an exceedingly ordinary room, though there are a few Filo Rial goods here and there.
It seems there’s no bed.
Motoyasu sleeps while cuddling with Filo Rials, so I guess a bed is unnecessary.

“This room somehow feels nice.” (Raphtalia)
“Yes… but…” (Naofumi)

Something’s strange.
This room is much narrower than the one I designed in the house’s construction plan.
There must be some secret passage somewhere, but… finding it is a pain.

「Emergency Modification, Door Creation」

I instruct the Camping Plant to create a door.
With a creaking sound, a door is made.

“… There is no privacy before Naofumi-sama, is there?” (Raphtalia)
“Yes, inside of a Camping Plant house, there is none.” (Naofumi)

Otherwise, there’s no way I could let Ren and Motoyasu live so freely.
I think as I open the door.

“This is-” (Naofumi)

I close the door.

“Naofumi-sama?” (Raphtalia)

I put my hand on my eyebrows and think.
‘There are some things in this world better left unknown.’
Is what I really thought.

“What’s wrong?” (Raphtalia)

I silently beckon Raphtalia to open the door.
Understanding the situation, Raphtalia takes a deep breath and opens it.

“Wha…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia is at a loss for words.
Right, as expected, Motoyasu’s hidden room… was colored with Firo.
In the literal sense.

The walls were covered with hand-drawn pictures of Firo, and they even extended up to the ceiling.
On a desk is a large stack of notebooks.
Scattered around them are drawings of bird form and human form, all forms of Firo.

He’s actually quite good…
That guy’s got a nice face, he’s a Hero, he can cook, and he can draw.
If he did something about that personality, he’d be ridiculously popular.
No, he really was quite popular.
But, Motoyasu’s love life doesn’t really matter to me.

I turn off my useless thoughts and look over the room once more.
Every corner of the room is sprinkled with Filo Rial feathers, and the bed… no that’s a life-sized Firo stuffed doll (Filo Rial form) that has a life-sized Firo stuffed doll (Human Form) on top.
Using these two, could he…
(ED: OMG I’ve been looking all over for those! ME WANT)

No, thinking about it is dangerous. I don’t need to look into it that deeply.
The doll’s stuffing seems to be Firo’s molted feathers.
Uu… The whole room smells of Filo Rial.

“W-what is this!?” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia takes in a deep breath and shouts out with a pale face.
I’m of the same opinion.

“It’s the room of Firo’s stalker. No, perhaps the room of a Yandere.” (Naofumi)

Why has the Yandere hater become the Yandere?

I try opening one of the books.
For some reason, I hear a high pitched squeal from behind me.
Inside, sketches of Firo were closely packed together.

And I open another book… It seems to be an Ero Doujin based on Firo.
Why does he even have one for her bird form? What’s more, his skill is amazing.
The male character in these is Motoyasu? No, there are tentacle ones as well…

“Isn’t Firo in grave danger?” (Raphtalia)
“That Firo? Motoyasu shows absolute obedience to Firo. He’s under the illusion that she’ll fall for him someday.” (Naofumi)
“B-but even that man’s a Hero. He may force Firo to do things like this.” (Raphtalia)
“I don’t think that’s happening.” (Naofumi)

Even if he tries to force himself on Firo, Firo can fend for herself.
He doesn’t lay hands on those three, so I don’t think he’ll be breaking soon. I hope.

“And if I try to confiscate any of the items here, I fear for the future.” (Naofumi)
“… Right.” (Raphtalia)

This is most likely where Motoyasu keeps all of his pent up desires.
If I try to suppress them, he may explode.
Right now, keeping the status quo seems to be best.

Anyways, I didn’t have to see this.
Motoyasu’s madness is endless.
… For now, let me just go check the other three rooms.

The result: Pets tend to resemble their masters.
If Motoyasu goes on a rampage, those three will probably resolve it.

“Next is Itsuki.” (Naofumi)
“Umm… Can’t we stop at this?” (Raphtalia)
“If I leave his unchecked, he may do something troubling.” (Naofumi)

I won’t let you say you forgot Motoyasu’s room.
To see what they’re planning and to make countermeasures is vital.

“But, you left the Hero of the Bow to Rishia-san, did you not?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah, but it would be no joke if he brought Rishia over to his side.” (Naofumi)
“Hah…” (Raphtalia)

But Itsuki hasn’t been here long,so he probably doesn’t have much there.
Rishia is constantly watching him, so he won’t do anything strange.
Today, he left with Rishia to assist in leveling the slaves.
Since he’s been cursed to be a Yes Man, he won’t run anytime soon.

And so, we proceed to Itsuki and Rishia’s house.
For Rishia, is it her nest of love?
I told her not do anything immoral, so it’ll probably be fine.

“Fumu… it’s all clear.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah. And isn’t this Rishia-san’s house? I don’t think you’ll find anything.” (Raphtalia)

Well, Rishia’s been here since the village started.
Her personality seems to be quite loyal, that girl.
The place seems to be cleaned regularily.
The rooms are decorated with weapons and armor, and it gives off the impression of an adventurer’s house.

Inside of the bedroom is a single large bed.
Do they sleep together?
It is an ordinary house without anything out of place.
I wonder what fun things Itsuki will say about living here after his curse clears.

“Naofumi-sama? Are you thinking something strange again?” (Raphtalia)

Imagining Itsuki getting hooked on gambling and slowly whittling down Rishia’s savings, leading to the collapse of the family, puts my mind slightly at ease.
After all, Itsuki abandoned Rishia, ran off to commit a crime, and came back after we beat him up.

“Naofumi-sama! Get a hold of yourself!” (Raphtalia)
“… What?” (Naofumi)

I’m just indulging myself in some pleasant fantasies, but Raphtalia scolds me.
I mean, Itsuki isn’t repenting at all, and he can’t think at all right now.
Though I admit from my imagination, that I am garbage.

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