Chapter 268: Alcohol

Chapter 268: Alcohol

“There are quite a few more things here than when I last visited.” (Naofumi)

Like a pirate’s treasure cove, Sadina’s secret base is littered with stuff.
Gold and Silver… aren’t in high quantity, but there seems to be quite a few magical tools.
It’s probably best to appraise them later.
Sadina brings back items that seem to be worth money to me, and it looks like these miscellaneous items are left.
The amount of money her salvaging has brought me is enough to cover the price I bought her for several times over.
I guess I have to raise my evaluation of her.

“Now then, today, we’re all drinking until we drop!” (Sadina)

Sadina declares as she brings out a wine barrel.

“Fumu… Am I included?” (Gaelion)

Gaelion asserts his presence in response to the alcohol.
I’d tell him to go home, but Raphtalia also seems to want to drink as well, which sounds dangerous.
It’s better to have more drinkers.

“All green~ here, this is for Gaelion-chan.” (Sadina)

Sadina produces a two liter bottle and hands it to Gaelion.
(TL: It’s a 1 Sho bottle. 1 Sho is approximately 1.8 liters)
Um, is that Japanese Sake?
Perhaps the previous heroes left behind the method to make it.

“Then without further ado.” (Gaelion)

Gaelion begins drinking straight out of the bottle.

“Oh… This is quite a choice sake, is it not?” (Gaelion)
“Yeah~ It’s a good enough, strong sake to please even the dragon from my home town.” (Sadina)
“I see…” (Gaelion)

Gaelion’s mood improves as he continues to drink.
And where exactly did you get such a thing…

“Now, the two of you don’t need to show any restraint. Drink. For Naofumi-chan, I even have some Lucor Fruit.” (Sadina)

Sadina begins offering us alcohol.
It’s not as if Lucor Fruit is my favorite fruit or anything.
I guess this is fine.

“And? What did you want to talk about? You didn’t want Shadow or the others to hear, right?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-chan’s too hasty~ Can you wait until I get a little tipsy? Raphtalia-chan, drink too. Raphtalia’s parents were strong drinkers, so you must be strong too.” (Sadina)
“I-I am…” (Raphtalia)

Sadina pours some sake into Raphtalia’s cup, and she timidly sips it.
I think she did drink some alcohol at Cal Mira though.
I get the feeling that she was quite strong.

“How does Raphtalia-chan feel about Naofumi-chan? Onee-san wants to know.” (Sadina)
“I have great respect for him.” (Raphtalia)

Is that so?
She always seems fed up with my evil acts, so I thought she had lost her respect for me.
It may seem strange coming from me, but many of my actions are quite cruel.

“Are those your true feelings?” (Sadina)
“Yes.” (Raphtalia)
“You don’t wanna get hitched or something?” (Sadina)
“T-that is…” (Raphtalia)

Eh? Raphtalia wants to marry me? She recognizes me as a member of the opposite sex?
Nonono, she’s just trying hard to make sure the wave doesn’t leave behind any unfortunate children like her, isn’t she?
If she said she liked someone like me, I don’t think I would hate it, but I think that there’s something called priorities.

I remember what Sadina said during the day.
When the world is at peace, Raphtalia may… start thinking about things like that.
If we do well, her social status will be high by the time I leave.

“I am… that is… um…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia’s eyes spin as her face goes red.
Her real age is still quite low. I don’t think she should really be drinking, and I don’t think she’s at an age where she should be concerned with love yet.
She only sees me as a replacement for her deceased parents, and she must be confused at being asked how she thinks of me as a member of the opposite sex.
Yes, it’s still too early for Raphtalia to love.

It’s like that.
When Raphtalia felt troubled from misunderstanding the situation where she found others sleeping in my bed, it was the unpleasant feeling and denial one gets when their parents remarry, and the child sees their step-parent. Something like that.
Even though nothing’s wrong, you still end up feeling nervous and uneasy.

Even I don’t want Raphtalia to feel like that.
Ah, but Firo, the Loinclothed Dog, and Imya are all children as well, so perhaps it’s fine?

“Nyaohyumi-sama isth my…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia’s articulation is getting messed up.

“Ara? Raphtalia-chan?” (Sadina)
“Isth my…” (Raphtalia)

With a bang, Raphtalia falls flat onto the table.

“Yes… I’m also… a bit…” (Gaelion)

Gaelion sways side to side and falls on his back with his legs in the air.

“Well well well. As expected of the wines 『Dragon Killer』 and 『Tanuki』, … I guess it was too strong for Raphtalia-chan and Gaelion-chan.” (Sadina)
“You… planned this, didn’t you.” (Naofumi)

This is bad. It seems Sadina prepared special sake to take down both Raphtalia and Gaelion.
At this rate, this whale woman may assault me.
Worse comes to worst, I can use Shield Prison and escape with Portal.

“And so, let’s continue drinking.” (Sadina)
“Don’t want to. I’m going home.” (Naofumi)
“Now, now, this Onee-san has something to talk about, and if you go back, what are you going to do about Raphtalia-chan and Gaelion-chan?” (Sadina)
“I’ll take them with my Portal.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, that’s right~. But could you leave it ‘til after you chat with this Onee-san?” (Sadian)
“What talk? It better not be about a carnival of lust.” (Naofumi)
“Wrong, wrong, wrong. Tonight’s really a truce.” (Sadian)

With a relaxing atmosphere, Sadina continues drinking as she always does.
But, in the next moment…

“Naofumi-chan, I told you before, right? That if you wanted to get into a further relationship with Raphtalia-chan, you have to be prepared.” (Sadina)

Blowing away the laid back mood, Sadina changes into her human form and stares seriously into my eyes.

“Yeah, you said that. You knocked out both Raphtalia and Gaelion, and that’s all you have to say?” (Naofumi)

To Sadina, who is the child known as Raphtalia?
I don’t really know, and it seems to be something she doesn’t want to bring up. Whenever I inquire about it, she shifts the conversation.

It was quite a while ago.
When I was still constructing the village, one of the forces that came to my aid was a group of Raccoon Demi-Humans… The Raccoon race rushed to help me.

“If the Hero of the Shield’s right arm is a Raccoon, then you’re the same as family to us. Please let us assist in the revival of this village.”

Sometimes, people like these would gather in my village under the pretense of offering aid.
At that time, I looked over the Raccoon Demi-Humans, and I was surprised at the sharp contrast they had with Raphtalia.

Should I say they were well built?… To say it bluntly, a large majority of them reeked of the sticks.
I can’t say they were particularly handsome, and they smelled of earth.
I also felt that they weren’t particularly motivated.

But as they were of the Raccoon Race, I couldn’t drive them out so easily. After they saw Raphtalia, they were quite insistent on pressing her for her lineage.
Eventually, I told them that I didn’t make her my subordinate because of her race, but because of her ability, and that they had no relation to Raphtalia. I tried to get them to leave.
At that point, Sadina let out the bloodlust she usually concealed and pointed her harpoon at them.

“I apologize, but the child serving as Naofumi-chan’s right hand is so separated from you people that she might as well be a complete stranger. Using blood relations to close in on this village… could you stop?” (Sadina)

Though her words were polite, upon sensing her bloodlust, the Raccoons’ legs gave out.
There, I added on another thing to bring the matter to a close.

“Well, if you want to help no matter what, then please go work towards reconstruction in the other village. I’ll decide whether or not you’re competent based on your work.” (Naofumi)

And after that, the Raccoon group left for the village, but… I didn’t hear from them later.
Ah, I remember.
Three days after they were assigned work, most of them had quietly fled I believe.
Though, a few of them are still working diligently there, even now.
The ones who stayed didn’t seem particularly concerned with me.

“Hey, what’s your relationship with Raphtalia, exactly?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-chan, to me, Raphtalia-chan and her parents were my reason for living.” (Sadina)

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      “What is the meaning
      of life…”
      of living…”

      16 What kind of relationship do both of you have? I do not understand it more and more. (TL: Between Sadina and Raphtalia)
      What kind of relationship do the two of you have?
      I’m understanding it less and less.

      17 Chivalry or Bushido, such a culture exists long ago in my world, but it seems more intimate?
      Is it a sense of Chivalry or Bushido? Such cultures existed long ago in my world, but it seems more intimate than that?

      19 “At the time of the first wave, I was unable to protect Raphtalia-chan’s parents. No, when the wave occurred, I was far away and did not rush over. Because it was too peaceful back then, I had let my guard down.” (Sadina)
      I was too far away and couldn’t rush over
      (did not > was able to but did’t
      could not > was not able to (too far away)
      I on;y know English, so I don’t know which fits the translation better)

      30 Sadina drinks her alcohol while muttering something that looks like regret.
      Sadina drinks her alcohol while muttering something that seems regretful.
      (muttering is not visual, ‘looks’ could be used to point out Sadina’s overall appearance though:
      Sadina drinks her alcohol while muttering something, she looks like she has regrets.
      Sadina drinks her alcohol while muttering something, she looks like she is regretting something.)

      31 This appearance is…… there’s something wrong with it. But I do not think it’s a prank.
      Appearing this way… there’s something that seems off, but I don’t think that it’s a prank.

      34 If it’s a serious talk, there’s no reason to handle it cruelly or separately.
      If it’s a serious talk, then there’s no need to do that separately.
      (cruelly > to do something harshly and painfully
      ?miss translation?
      One could say that it would be cruel to handle it separately or that it seems to also be a bit cruel, but the sentence is already modified by ‘if it’s a serious talk’ and ‘there’s no reason to’ it could become a run-on sentence)

      50 “It was an extreme detour.” (Naofumi)
      “What an extreme detour.” (Naofumi)

      52 Actually, Raphtalia was in a different place and was put on sale at a giveaway price.
      Raphtalia was actually put on sale at a giveaway price in a different place.

      72 “It’s full of ups and downs. The life of Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
      “It’s full of ups and downs… the life of Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
      (The ellipses are actually important because if they are not there then ‘The life of Raphtalia.” would be a ?clause?, it only has a subject (Raphalia’s life) and no verb)

      74 After the world has become peaceful, I think Raphtalia wants me to live peacefully if it’s possible. Precisely because this child believed in me, I want her to be happy.
      (Is it Naofumi who wants Raphtalia to have a peaceful live(consistent with past statements), or Raphtalia who wants Naofumi to live in happiness(reading her thoughts with the shield of mind-reading… or he could have just noticed that like any other person… SHIELD OF MIND-READING… who needs a shield of brain-washing anyways, see what happend to Itsuki))

      96-102 (suspiciously has very good English grammar and properly gives subtle hints as to what Sadina implies while keeping her speaking style…very suspicious…I wont make any comments implying that this particular section was given special attention by any translators)

      /* Your translation appears to have ‘Oh’ and ‘Oh yeah” a lot… Personally, I don’t think that this fits Naofumi’s speaking style, from what I’ve read he would likely say things like ‘I suppose I…’, ‘Well, that sounds about right.’, or ‘You could say that’ */

      108 This I could affirm. To the extent in which I can even nod even if it is asked by the person in question.
      (There is no subject…
      It’s to the extent of which I can nod, even if I were asked by the person in question.)

      125 Meaning I think of myself as a father-in-law like what Motoyasu has been saying.
      // I just feel that this is a bit off.. I don’t know how or why, it just gives me a weird feeling.

      126 For Raphtalia whom I prioritize my mission to make her world become peaceful, I have no interest for romance aside from parental love.
      For Raphtalia, (), I have no interest for romance aside from parental love.
      { I make my mission to give her a peaceful world
      my mission is to create a peaceful world for her}

      132 Probably when Sadina said until the end, it’s not until the wave is over, she meant until the day Raphtalia dies.
      (Using ‘Probably’ to start a sentence is thought to be bad grammar, I would put it in between ‘she meant’)

      151 Probably Sadina’s numerous acts of interfering after Raphtalia came back is out of fear that will I be involved in Raphtalia’s troubles after having understood my personality.
      Sadina’s numerous acts of interference concerning Raphtalia probably come out of the fear that…
      (I’m not really sure about what this means…)

      152 If I don’t do anything to Raphtalia, then the next step is probably a repeat of Sadina’s annoying stories and harassment.
      a repeat of > to report … and > as

      157 // add ‘her’ or something more specific at the end

      158 // I don’t get what she’s trying to say
      ???. (Then, I’ll talk just a little bit.)

      /* she controls the lineage? is she a matchmaker? is she acting this way as part of an elaborate scheme to hook up Naofumi and Raphtalia so that all of the readers will be satisfied?…or is she the royal priestess or something?… elaborate schemes are always better… just saying… */

      215 The reliability is becoming doubtful and not completely satisfactory.
      I am not completely satisfied by the reliability, and am becoming doubtful.

      237 // America calls it ‘isolationism’

      242If such those guys escaped from the countries that summoned them, using modern knowledge, it’s not strange if they could make a country of Hidden village.
      If such those guys escaped from the countries that summoned them, it’ wouldn’t be strange if they could make a country of Hidden village using modern knowledge.

      /* in this case ‘perhaps follows the ellipses, indicating that 246 is a continuation of 245, it isn’t starting a sentence, this is considered a proper use of the word */

      261There’s a feeling that a pursuer will come to retrieve if it was exposed badly?
      There is a feeling that a pursuer will come to retrieve her if this is exposed in a bad way.

      307 // I’m not sure about what naofumi is trying to say here

      329 ‘who’ might come

      348 // reasons?

      385 // ‘fact’ is unnecessary, if included I would make it plural: these facts

      386 It’s decided that I’ve also heard nothing too because I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.
      It’s decided that I’ve also heard nothing, because I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.
      ( ‘too’ makes little sense as Naofumi is the only one who has decided not to have heard of Sadina’s story, unless Galion is eavesdropping)

      /* I would leave it as “Hai!?”, while saying Yes!? in English does occur, it seems to be more frequent and common in Asian cultures, or a least from what I’ve read through wonderful translators such as yourself and Yoraikun and Kookiedreamer and… and…
      Most Americans would say ‘Yeah?’, I’m Chinese American and have slowly stared to use Yeah? more often… if I stay online I sound more like a Weeb, if I talk to my family my accent intensifies, and it i socialize I sound more like a West Michiganian, even Rosseta Stone thinks that “REALNAME, it’s because you sound too Ameriacan”-MY MOM SAID THIS(IN AN ASIAN ACCENT), but for Raphtalia ‘Hai!?’ gives the Japanese aura, and in all honesty feels more Asian.*/

      // Yes, this is a rant…

      394 I think so at least.
      At least I don’t thinks so.
      (I read something about how yes and no are used in different ways in different cultures to either confirm/deny or agree/disagree)

      408 ?

      427“Then, getting a good Lv is possible the influence of our Naofumi-sama?” (Raphtalia)
      “Then, getting a good Lv is possible due to the influence of our Naofumi-sama?” (Raphtalia)

      438“That’s right. Your Onee-san who’s been doing a Lv reset many times guarantees it.” (Sadina)
      “That’s right. Your Onee-san who has Lv reset many times guarantees it.” (Sadina)

      Thanks for the translation, but I will have to demand an apology for “Thank you and sorry again for ruining your reading experience with my half-baked translating skills.”,
      my reading experience was not ruined by your half-baked translating skills,which may not actually be half-baked ‘cough’ 96-102 ‘cough’. I request that you recant your apology as my reading experience was NOT ruined… one more edit…

      388“That’s right. I also mentioned that Raphtalia is something like a daughter to me.” (Naofumi)
      389“Yes!?” (Raphtalia)
      “That’s right. I also mentioned that Raphtalia is something like a Fluffy-Tailed Waifu to me.” (Naofumi)
      “Hai!?” (Raphtalia)


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        =>Chivalry or Bushido, that kind of culture existed in the old days in my world, is it something close to that?
        =>This appearance…… no matter what, I can’t see it as her joking.
        =>If it’s a serious talk, there’s no particular reason to treat her cruelly.
        =>I’ll seriously hear you out.
        =>“I desperately looked for her. ‘For sure she survived’, I hoped. However, I as a Beastman couldn’t approach the dark side of this country. Therefore I became a battle slave in Zeltbur which specializes in slaves and began looking. There there were many connections so I thought if I pile up some money somehow I’ll pull it off.” (Sadina)
        =>In actuality, Raphtalia was being put out for sale at just a dirty cheap price.
        =>”Going only by the Racoon-race appearance and the name Raphtalia, it too way too much time. I did find find some children from the village though.”
        “Now that you mention it, you were protecting some of the slaves from the village, right?”
        =>If it’s possible, after the world has becomes peaceful, I want Raphtalia to live in peace.
        76.’This world might as well go to hell’, is what I think, but if it’s the world Raphtalia lives in then putting effort to make it peaceful is fine as well.
        78.”That thing about ‘Racoon-race appearance’, is Raphtalia not actually one?”
        99.”…That’s one of Naofumi-chan’s good spots[/sides] […]”
        101. “If you have a relationship with Raphtalia then I ask you to have the appropriate resolution. If you don’t have it, or else you can’t endure it, the I ask you to let your feelings out with this onee-chan.”
        102: “You think I’m some kind of brute or something?” (Naofumi)
        104. Well, I’m self-conscious about that but.
        107. If I have to say whether I like her or hate her, then I like her.
        108. To the extent I could even tell the person herself if I were asked to.
        126. Until the world becomes peaceful, giving preference to our mission, putting aside wheter I have interest in romantic love, towards Raphtalia parental love exists.
        114. Wait, it’s my defeat if I get wrapped up in Sadina’s pace.
        129. “So what’s Rafutalia’s race? I’ll ask just in case but.”
        130. “If you want to know that, then will you take responsibility, I wonder? […]”
        151. Probably Sadina’s numerous acts of barbarism since Raphtalia came back is out of fear that will I be make a move on Raphtalia’s, upon understanding my personality she started making fun of me
        152. After such talk and repeated pestering attacks, she evaluated I wouldn’t do anything to Rafutalia, right?
        153. This fellow usually acts as if she’s joking around, but somehow or other she has the ability to calmly induce and observe people’s behavior.
        154. She doesn’t do anything bad against me so I overlook it, but she’s the type that would be troublesome to make enemies of.
        157. “To put that much effort into it, there must be some reason, right? Talk a little. If you don’t, then I won’t protect things from here either.”
        158. “Arara [Oh my, oh my], you’ve gotten this onee-san there too, huh. The just a little.”
        163. “He- Silt Welt? Or maybe Shield Frieden?”
        164. “Drop it, I won’t tell you the place. Even this is already a big favor after all.”
        176. Is it not a demi-human country?
        177. Or rather, what is Sadina’s post?
        178. Before she said it was priestess…
        191. “To be frank, Raphtalia-chan’s father didn’t want to succeed his house and eloped with her mother. If I say I agreed with their opinion and ran away, would you understand I wonder?”
        194. How do I say this, I got the image it was the punishment for going against some law.
        199. “There isn’t any folklore of the heroes. There are descriptions of visits however.”


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