Chapter 276: Bird Competition

This is better to credit with, Irnem


To make up for the other chapter.
And because people were asking for a photo:

Anyone recognise the series?
I’m not gonna say which one I am, but it’s not the obvious one.
P.S. There weren’t any traps, at least not in this photo, nor among the cosplayers for the day.
P.P.S. For those in the know: Please join SMACK!~ [Totally advertising here, not that I actually profit from it. Mr Club President should thank me (I know he reads this!).]
Bird Competition
“Instead, I think Japanese clothing like Hakama and such would suit Raphtalia more.” (Naofumi) [T/N: Think typical shrine maiden costume]
“Hakama? What do you mean by Japanese clothing?” (Imia)
Imia asked, tilting her head.
Because she usually specialises in Western dressmaking, she has an interest in this unknown genre.
 “Er.. Japanese clothing also encompasses the Loincloth that Sadina recommended to Kiel.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, so you mean Eastern…

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10 Responses to Chapter 276: Bird Competition

  1. etloth says:

    Everyone has a start Yoraikun, he probably just didn’t know how to do it properly, forgive his good intentions! :)


  2. Samidare says:

    Shouldn’t you delete the old 276?


  3. Sodemas says:

    KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Kookies pictures ^^ thx for the chapter also


  4. annon says:

    Ain’t it love life? And I betting that you were the one that appeared the most cuz why not?


    • paupau says:

      i think you meant ‘Love Live! School Idol Project’?

      And if im right, i think that’s the School Idol Festival costume.


  5. Hikao says:

    damn, kookie so cute
    so, which of the 2 chapter 276 will you use, yorai?


  6. Draco says:

    I guess this is how we actually earn a cookie in the internet


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