Chapter 277: The New Seven Sins

This chapter… was 3000 words. Oh, also, I was held up by FRC districts. sorry for the late release… zzzzzzz
The New Seven Deadly Sins is a single curse.

Chapter 277: The New Seven Sins.

To celebrate the end of the Revival Festival, we raise a large bonfire in the plaza.
If a certain famous Japanese composition were playing in the background, it would be similar to a festival I knew of, but what’s playing is Firo and her accompanying band.
When I head to my village to take a break, I see they’re lively with some event over there as well.
It’s already late, so it seems my villagers have already returned.
The Slaves, monsters, and Filo Rials are gathering for some reason.

“Now it’s time to announce the results of the fifth popularity poll.”

… What are they doing?
I get Raphtalia to cast invisibility magic on me, and I sneak closer.

“First, we asked the monsters, 『Who do you like most?』”
“The results are as follows. First place is Rat-san. Second is Wyndia-chan. Third is Hero of the Shield-sama.”

The monsters let out their respective cries.
Seeing a gathering of Demi-Humans, monsters, and birds is quite surreal.
I think that as I gaze at Raphtalia. But her expression indicates that she doesn’t find anything strange about it.

“Raphtalia, what do you think about that scene?” (Naofumi)
“Meaning?” (Rapthalia)
“Well…” (Naofumi)
“Because of Naofumi-sama, everyone in the village can live their lives happily. I’m also having fun.” (Raphtalia)
“Ah, I see.” (Naofumi)

Oh, the chairman of this meeting is supplementing some info.

“By the way, last time’s results were Hero of the Shield-sama first, and Rat and Wyndia in a tie for second. It seems separating out the Filo Rials as a second category altered the results.”

The monsters nod among themselves.

“Next, we posed the same question to the Filo Rials. 『Who do you like most?』”
“The results are as follows. First place is Hero of the Shield-sama. Second is Melty-chan. Third is the Hero of the Spear-sama.”
“KUEE!” (Filo Rials)

The Filo Rials each begin chirping.
Why am I first?
Motoyasu tends to all of their needs, so isn’t he a shoe in for first place?
How would Motoyasu react if he learned about this?
I kinda want to know, but then again, I kinda don’t.

“The Hero of the Shield-sama’s popularity is overwhelming. Next, we posed this question to everyone. 『Which boy do you think is coolest?』”

Applause fills the area.

“This one gives divided results every time. This time around, the results are as follows. First place goes to the Hero of the Spear-sama, second to Imya-chan’s Uncle, and Third to Fohl-kun.”

This is beginning to get pointless. Should I ignore them and go home?
But why is Imya’s Uncle second?
From what I see, he’s a diligent Mole-like Beastman.
And for Motoyasu and Fohl to be up there, they’re only polling about looks, right?

“As expected, Imya-chan’s Uncle has captivated everyone.”
“Of course. The way he coolly swings his hammer as he repairs all of our equipment is simply charming.”

I give Raphtalia a questioning glance.

“Is that how it works?” (Naofumi)
“Well… He does quite a manly job, but he doesn’t act like it. He’s a well-mannered person. But why won’t anyone call him by his real name?” (Raphtalia)

It’s because Imya’s family’s names are way too long.
I’m more curious as to how Raphtalia can remember it.
I’ve heard it once, but I can’t recall it.
It’s on the tip of my tongue, but it’s not coming.

Tri… I believe it starts with something like that.
How should I put this, his name doesn’t match his image at all.
In a fantasy story, a skilled blacksmith usually has bad habits, such as drinking. But that man is completely different.
He doesn’t gamble. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t use any luxury items like Tobacco.
I feel that he does a good job looking after the village children.

Wait, with that many factors, I guess I can agree with his ranking.
Making armor and weapons is skilled labor, so he won’t have trouble with money.
The kitchen knives he gave me after his workshop was completed cut really well.
He’s also diligent with maintenance. He’s quite a skilled man.
And it goes without saying, because he’s my slave, but I can get him to make things for free.

The Old Man at the weapon shop’s the same. The blacksmiths of this world are good people.
He took Ren as an apprentice, and Ren said he was a kind and polite teacher.

“Next, we asked this question to everyone. 『Which girl do you think is coolest?』”

Girls… is it?
This village has a high female to male ratio for some reason.

“This time, First place is taken by Sadina-neesan. Second is Rat-san. Third is the Magic Teacher.”

Um… I don’t think that’s a ranking of coolness. That’s just the three oldest…
More than cool, the Magic Shopkeeper gives off a reliable feeling.
In an intellectual way.
Oh, is it because they give off kind, polite impressions?

“Raphtalia, what’s your rank?” (Naofumi)
“Who knows…” (Raphtalia)

For them to have done this five times, these people must be bored.
No, these people are probably having fun doing this in secret.
Their polls are covering multiple genres.
But, it felt like a pain to deal with, so I go home and sleep.

The next day.
I was called to the castle, so I warp there with my Portal. The Queen requested that I have an audience with a messenger from Silt Welt.
It was a Turtle-like… Beastman.
His tail is a snake? It looks quite plump, but is that my imagination?

“He’s of the Genmu race. It’s a famous race among the Demi-humans. This person is a famous noble in Silt Welt.” (Queen)

Genmu… Genbu?
What sort of naming convention is that?
Hakuko was the same.

“If it isn’t the Hero of the Shield-sama. I’ve been informed of your exploits. I’m glad to be given the honor of meeting you like this.” (Genmu)
“I… see.” (Naofumi)
“During the brainwashing incident, they received word that a Demi-Human tried to poison The Hero of the Shield-sama’s village. They sent a messenger for the purpose of investigation.” (Queen)
“Yes. The culprit seems to be unrelated to us, but Hero of the Shield-sama, is it not time for you to leave Melromark behind and pay a visit to our country of Silt Welt?” (Genmu)
“Even if you ask me that…” (Naofumi)

Silt Welt is kinda far, and I get a sense of danger from it, so I’d like to avoid going if possible.

“Iwatani-sama, the Hero of the Shield, is currently assisting in moral reform within our country, so he does not yet have the free time to visit another country. I offer my greatest apologies. ” (Queen)

The Genmu raced Beastman looks at the Queen with gentle eyes.
I thought the situation would explode, but it seems a peaceful resolution will be possible.

“I see. But just how much longer will our people have to chant, 『Give us back the Hero of the Shield-sama』. Soon they will tire of it. I came here to ask the Hero-sama directly.” (Genmu)

Even though his atmosphere is calm, he says what he wants.

“More importantly, how much longer will you stay in battle form? Are you that untrusting of us?” (Queen)

The Queen lets off killing intent for a moment, and the Genmu menssenger smiles.

“… My, my, I always assume this form to protect myself. I simply forgot.” (Genmu)

The Genmu messenger… changes his form.
His turtle-like figure changes to that of a plump man.
He’s a middle aged man that looks to be around 50.
He doesn’t give off a bad impression.
I bet he used something like the Beast Transform Sadina and Kiel use.

“Well then, around when will the Hero of the Shield-sama be able to return? If I don’t hear at least that, then I won’t be able to return either.” (Genmu)
“It’s as of yet uncertain… I believe I already sent a letter asking to put this matter on hold until we overcome the next wave.” (Queen)
“Yes, but the Shusakus are kicking up a storm.” (Genmu)
“Don’t act like I don’t know your true intentions.” (Queen)

What is this? It may be my imagination, but I feel the messenger’s subordinate… The red youngster behind him, is glaring at me.
As I direct my eyes to the young man, he breaks eye contact, but… His gaze was fiery.

“The people giving the orders are a bit overcome with desire, you see. They even sent the old, retired me to drag him out.” (Genmu)
“Are you sure you’re not the one pulling the strings in the first place?” (Queen)
“My, my. I don’t think that this conversation had anything to do with that.” (Genmu)

The Queen and the messenger’s cold exchange continues.
I also began to pick up the intent of the discussion.
That messenger is probably of the faction that does not wish for me to venture to his country. But for some reason, he was dispatched. The red one behind him is of the faction that wants to drag me there, so the messenger’s glancing at him to make sure his behavior seems natural.

“Ah, right… Hero of the Shield-sama?” (Genmu)
“What is it?” (Naofumi)
“I’ve heard that some Hakuko are troubling your village, but what is the truth on the matter?” (Genmu)

Should I tell the truth here?
I’m counting on Atlas and Fohl to add to my fighting force.
From their stories, they’ve fallen quite a bit, but… what sort of position do the Hakuko hold in Silt Welt?
If I affirm the statement, I can’t tell what will happen to the two.
Even so, deceiving him will be hard.
Here, I should give an answer that sounds like me.

“No idea. I’m only raising whatever slaves seem useful to me. I have no interest in their race. But from what I’ve heard, they’re of mixed blood.” (Naofumi)

I subtly give the info that they’re my subordinates. I’m well aware that these people won’t listen.

“But if you plan on raising your hand to my subordinates, you’d better expect an appropriate response.” (Naofumi)
“I see. Mixed blood… I understand. In the name of the Hero of the Shield…” (Genmu)

The messenger puts his hands together and begins praying.
Does this mean… he’s pulling back? The red one seems like he wants to say something, but when I fix my gaze on him, he shuts his mouth.
It would be best to warn Atlas and Fohl about this.
After that, the conversation shifts to idle chatter and endx with a lecture directed at the Queen to end all Demi-Human discrimination in its entirety. Finally, it shifts to talks about the next wave.

The Next wave will call Houou, a monster sealed to the west.
A week before, we’ll head to the place where it’s sealed and wait on standby. We’ll evacuate the surroundings, discuss matters with the other countries, propose various plans. Etcetera.
Well, it’s pretty much like a guild meeting.

Silt Welt would be dispatching a large amount of flying troops. Finally, the meeting is over.
After the messenger gave a salute and left the room, the Queen untenses her muscles and addresses me.

“Iwatani-sama, I appreciate your cooperation.” (Queen)
“I get the feeling the turtle-like person doesn’t want to bring me back.” (Naofumi)
“He’s of the moderate faction, and he’s famous for objecting to relying solely on the Hero of the Shield.” (Queen)
“What sort of country is Silt Welt?” (Naofumi)

If I think about it, I don’t know anything.

“It’s a country where the four great races sit on top. In the past, the Hakuko were at the very top, but at the moment, the other three are the ones in power.” (Queen)

They were at war with Melromark for a long period of time.
But due to Trash’s efforts, the Hakuko’s forces were greatly ravaged
And the Genmu are of the moderate faction, and they don’t have as great of a belief in the shield?
No, it’s hasty to make a generalization about the entire race.

“The ones behind this are the Shusaku race. They’re one of the top three.” (Queen)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)
“If I had to say, they’re supposed to be neutral, but… That youth seemed to be a radical. Even though I understood that, it was quite tiring.” (Queen)
“You’ve known that turtle person for a while, haven’t you?” (Naofumi)
“I’m surprised you guessed it.” (Queen)

As I thought.
They were exchanging cold words, but I didn’t feel animosity.

“It seems he was worried whether the Hakuko were meddling with affairs here. Whether they were getting special treatment as the Hero of the Shield’s subordinates.” (Queen)
“Would that be bad for the power balance there?” (Naofumi)
“The Hakuko were the head of the radical party. Well, the king’s gone, and they’ve quieted down, but people are wary of whether or not they’ll rise again.” (Queen)
“So what was the result? I couldn’t really see what was decided.” (Naofumi)
“It seems that they were satisfied with Iwatani-sama’s response.” (Queen)

They’re trying to avoid pointless war as well.
My actions should be more of a reason for celebration over there. There’s no reason for them to be angry.
Their long time enemy, Melromark, has possession of the Hero of the Shield, and as a result, many of their enemies within that country were sent to execution.

“And besides those with the blood of heroes, mixed bloods are usually treated as separate races, so… The Hakuko that are your subordinates will probably not be looked at as Hakuko.” (Queen)

So just because that Trash’s sister’s blood runs through their veins, they’re already a different category.
I don’t get the reason behind that.
Well, I also don’t know if it’s the same with the other Hakuko.

“I’ve troubled you all day, haven’t I?” (Queen)
“Don’t mind it. Going to war would be even more of a pain.” (Naofumi)

If the Queen merely sent them home here, we may have gone to war.
The Queen seems to be skilled in diplomacy, so it probably wouldn’t have gone that far, but it would be best to quiet them down.

“I think that messenger group will be paying a visit to your territory soon. Be on your guard.” (Queen)
“Will they cause trouble, even among my Demi-Humans?” (Naofumi)
“There’s a skillful moderate with them, so it should be fine.” (Queen)
“… got it.” (Naofumi)

I part with the Queen and return to the village by Portal. Melty was calculating the earnings from the Revival Festival, so I go to her estate to check it out.
On the way, I meet another idiot asking me to revive their deceased and a poor-looking lazy man. I had the town’s soldiers take them to appropriate places.

And I pass by a storeroom with bags of coins stacked up like mountains.
Ah, I’m overcome with greed for a second.
If I take this, I won’t go to prison, right?

“Naofumi, just in case, can you check these?” (Melty)
“Sure.” (Naofumi)

Raphtalia is training with Fohl in my village.
And Melty leaves managing the money to me while she leaves to manage the clean-up of the festival.
Wow… We earned this much from that festival alone?
I’ve climbed this high from having nothing on me but the clothes on my back.

I slowly lift up one of the money bags and check the contents.
Gold coins chime as the fall to the ground.
… Fufufu. What should I do with this money?

Should I invest in something bigger? Should I improve the workshops, or expand the lab?
We’ll need to get some results from Rat’s monster creation.
To complete it within a month’s time, what do we have to do?

“Ku…!” (Naofumi)

It happened as I was laughing to myself.
All of a sudden, my head starts hurting as if something were screwing through my brain, and my vision begins warping.

Curse Series. The New Seven Sins.
You have unlocked the Shield of Gene Modification.
You have unlocked the Shield of Environmental Pollution.
You have unlocked the Shield of Social Injustice.
The amount of times you can modify the Bioplant has increased!
Curse Series, Shield of Gene Modification Enhancement!
The Extent to which you can Expand the Bioplant has increased!
Curse Series, Shield of Gene Modification Enhancement!
The Shield of Gene Modification has forcefully unlocked the Shield of Poverty!
The Shield of Gene Modification has forcefully unlocked the Shield of Excess Happiness!

My head hurts, and I stagger on my feet.
What the hell is happening to me!?

New Seven Sins?
What did I even do to unlock something like that?
Gu… I feel a dark power coming from the Shield. It’s corroding my emotions.

It’s not like with my Shield of Anger. I don’t feel an endless stream of rage erupting from my stomach.
If it’s something like that, I could contain it.
But… It’s completely different.
More of a… something… I have no idea what to do.

You have completed the New Seven Deadly Sins Series!

“Raph…talia…” (Naofumi)

My vision goes hazy as I begin to lose consciousness. I call out the name of the woman who saved my life and extend my hand to the air before me as if to grasp something. I hit the hard ground.
And my consciousness drifts to somewhere far, far away.

Author Note:
The polls have been closed.
thank you for all of your votes.

Translator Note:
What the hell, those results were real!?

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    -The amount of times you can modify the Bioplant has increased!
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