Chapter 280: Human Experimentation

The longest chapter (Word-wise) I’ve translated thus far.

Chapter 280: Human Experimentation

“Ara-?” (Sadina)

The place I specified the fortress to move to was Sadina’s Secret Base.
Below, I see Sadina waving her hand at me.

“Hmm? Master, we’re getting off already?” (Firo)
“Yeah, the fuel efficiency of Flying Castle Mode is really bad, so we can’t fly for long periods of time.” (Naofumi)

I change it back to Laboritory mode. The Castle Plant extends its roots deep underground and begins recharging.
I still have much that I have to do.
I’ll need to gather as much energy as I can.

“What’s up, Naofumi-chan? You made quite a grand entrance.” (Sadina)
“Fumu, I believe that you were Raphtalia’s guardian, right?” (Naofumi)
“No, right now that’s Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)
“She was a fake. She trampled upon my ideals.” (Naofumi)

I explain the events that had just transpired to Sadina.
And Sadina blinks rapidly in surprise.

“… Ara… That’s what…” (Sadina)

She nods with an indifferent expression.

“What sort of guardian are you? You can’t even tell the difference between the real thing and a fake.” (Naofumi)
“To have fooled Onee-san, that must have been quite a fake…” (Sadina)
“Yeah!” (Naofumi)

What a useless protector!
How stupid is she, for her not to notice she was guarding the wrong person.

“Master, what will you do from now on?” (Firo)
“You’re going to set out for world domination, right? What country are we bringing down first?” (Atlas)
“Not yet!” (Naofumi)

Like I can invade when I don’t have a good grasp on my own forces yet.
What’s more, if Raphtalia isn’t here, there’s no point in me ruling this world in the first place.
That means there’s one thing I must do.
Within the Castle Plant, I must carry out greater modifications.

I order it to search for enemies.
I raise the output to the max.
I don’t need to consider the consequences. Just once is enough.
The Castle Plant’s internal lights flicker as the output raises higher and higher.

“W-what is this?”

Starting with the people in the Castle Plant, then the people of the world. Every lifeform on the planet felt, for a single moment, the feeling of some magic passing through their body. The entire world turned its head at the strange phenomena.
But at most, the people would think of it as part of their imagination, or some minor earthquake.
From the power released by the plant, I could sense the location of each and every one of my slaves.

“Good!” (Naofumi)

The person I want to find. There is only one of them in the world.
Where is Raphtalia?
Of course, I don’t mean that fake. Where’s the real Raphtalia?
For that reason, I use the hair from her that I had fed into the Shield to designate her as a search target.
The stone slate in front of me displays the words, ‘Searching in progress.’ The system computes the large amount of data at a high speed.

… Search completed. Results…

“What?” (Naofumi)

I can’t do anything. I’m at a loss for words.

1 Match.

When I excitedly brought up the location, I saw that it was just the fake.
This can’t be… Does that mean the real one is already gone from this world…
Absurd! My Raphtalia would never be killed off so easily.
But, I have to look at the truth before me.
There’s no way the system I made would lie to me.

“U…uu…” (Naofumi)

Extreme despair clouds my heart. It feels like I’m being strangled.

“Master, you’re crying. Are you alright?” (Firo)
“Niichan, did something sad happen?” (Kiel)
“Naofumi-sama…? Please stop crying. If there’s something I can do to stop your tears, please tell me. I’ll do anything.” (Atlas)
“Atlas! Don’t say things like that. And this guy! He’s really crying! They’re real tears.” (Fohl)

How calm these people are.
Even when Raphtalia is no longer in this world!
If this is the truth, then for what purpose am I living in this world…!?
Anyways, when was Raphtalia killed?
I can’t remember anything of the sort.

Was it when she was out training? Or after she returned?
The fake did a good job of playing the part. She must have thoroughly investigated Raphtalia.
That means the quickest way to find out would be to capture her and torture the information out of her.
… No, if Raphtalia’s not here, there’s no point in the first place.

If Raphtalia is gone, then I just have to revive her.
But since I have no idea where or how she died, I have no way of finding her remains.
What do I do?

“Naofumi-chan, what happened? You were just crying, then you made a serious expression, and from then on, various emotions have been rolling around your face.” (Sadina)
“… If I recreate her through a Homunculus… No, that would just be making a fake like that other one.” (Naofumi)

Yeah, that fake is definitely a Homunculus in Raphtalia’s form.
From the information this Shield imparted unto me, I know the workings of Homunculi.
A Homunculus is able to perfectly mimic a person, but for them to have prolonged life, they must go through constant maintenance. Even with that, it’s difficult for them to live very long.
I can’t call something like that living.

I’ll need to bring Raphtalia back in a different way.
I realize that that statement seems very vague, but for the current me, nothing is impossible.
Okay. Let’s make reviving Raphtalia the first step to my World Domination.

I also have to strengthen these people who have chosen to be my subordinates.
As I was thinking that, the Castle Plant, which had just recovered from the overheat caused by my orders, began giving off an alarm.
I immediately put my hand on the stone panel used for management.
An image from far away is displayed on the screen.

“Wah, Amazing!” (Firo)
“What is happening now, Naofumi-sama?” (Atlas)

It’s because Atlas cannot see.
She can’t see the image displayed.

“Fumu, that fake has taken the Heroes, and they’re on their way here aboard Gaelion.” (Naofumi)

At this rate, they’ll arrive here in no time.
My Castle is still under construction.
As it is now, they should be able to drop it out of the sky easily.

“What should we do?” (Atlas)
“No problem. I expected this, so I already prepared countermeasures.” (Naofumi)

I input commands into the stone.

The Fake is flying straight at us aboard Gaelion.
Sound also gets through, so I can hear their conversation.

“What is that building!?”
“A structure with a shape like a skull is covering the island…”
“For the love of… Let’s just capture Naofumi-sama quickly and return him to his senses.”

Like that’s happening.
At that moment, my commands activate, and the seeds I spread on the way here sprouted.
They rapidly burst out of the ocean. The relative of the Castle Plant, the Tower Plant.

“W-what are these!?”

Gaelion concentrates as he avoids the rising towers.
It’s like a scene from an Action Movie.
But it’s not like the towers are enough to drive them away. Gaelion and the Fake aren’t that soft.
Gaelion continues flying.

There’s no way that’s all I’ve got.
The top floor of the newly grown towers begins shining, and together with the Research Lab, they erect a barrier.
Of course, the center is the lab.
With the lab at the center, a powerful barrier is formed in the shape of a dome while the towers act as protective walls around the base.

“W-what!?” (Raphtalia)

Gaelion has no time to dodge. He rams right into the barrier and is stunned for a moment. The next instant, the barrier repels him, and he’s sent flying while doing revolutions in the air.

“KYAAAAAAAA-…” (Raphtalia)

The fake and her Fake Heroes let out idiotic sounds as they’re sent flying away. The scene is quite humorous to my eyes.

“Now then, with this, those fakes won’t be able to approach for a while. Shall we not make preparations while they’re away?” (Naofumi)
“What could this be?” (Sadina)

Sadina asks while watching the screen.
Fumu, I guess I’ll have to offer an explanation.

“Ah, this is a long-term barrier connected to my shield. Its origin is based on my Shield Prison and Meteor Shield.” (Naofumi)

Relying on my own power, this much is nothing.

“… How convenient. Does it have any weaknesses?” (Sadina)
“Let’s see. I guess if you destroy all of the Eight Towers I erected, it will lose its effects. Setting it up is difficult, so if it’s broken once, I’ll need to halt all activity in the towers to restore it. Well, you’ll have to destroy the towers starting with the first one going up to the last one, so it’s at least good for stalling for time.” (Naofumi)
“Niichan, that means you want us to defend the towers, right?” (Kiel)
“Yeah, protecting them is one of your guys’ duties. But those incompetent fakes will never figure it out. Because I made each and every tower have the same outward appearance. They’ll never be able to figure out which one the first one is in time.” (Naofumi)
“… Naofumi-chan, won’t you teach us the order? I mean, we’ll have to be defending them, anyways.” (Sadina)
“This is number one, this one number two…” (Naofumi)

I carefully point out the tower’s numbers.
The enemy probably won’t figure it out, but if they do, we’ll need to defend them in that order.

“Ren-chan and Itsuki-chan are there too, right? Will they not be able to break the barrier?” (Sadina)
“I guarantee the barrier’s strength. What’s more, if it does break, as long as the towers are there, I can deploy it again instantly. They’ll never be able to break through with only those Heroes’ powers.” (Naofumi)
“Then we can’t get out either? That’s a little troubling.” (Sadina)
“No problem. It uses the same concept as my Meteor Shield. Those I give permission to can leave and enter freely. Defend the seas however you wish.” (Naofumi)

At the moment, it’s troubling to keep up. But there’s no way they’ll pierce my absolute defenses.
We’re not even the ones on the defensive here. We’re the attackers.
Trampling down the enemies before us will be my first step to World Domination.
But there’s something I need to do first.

“Wow, Amazing.” (Sadina)
“As expected of Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)
“Master is ama~zing.” (Firo)
“Father-in-Law! Good Job.” (Motoyasu)
“I-is this amazing? I don’t really get what’s… Atlas, do you really plan on following that man? I can only see him as a complete villain at the moment.” (Fohl)

Everyone sings praise of me.
Of course I’m amazing. But having them say it makes me happy.

“Hahaha, praise me more!” (Naofumi)
“Isn’t something wrong here?”
“Right, that bitch’s owner definitely has a screw loose.”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t change what we’ll be doing.”
“And wait, I think this is the first time I’m seeing him smile…”
“He always has a bored expression on his face.”
“No matter how I look at it, he’s getting too full of himself.”

Motoyasu’s three talk amongst themselves.
Like I care.

“Niichan, Niichan! What will you do now?” (Kiel)
“First, I’ll confirm our forces! Everyone, assemble!” (Naofumi)
“OKAY!” (Everyone)

The slaves and monsters gather by my order.
Fumu… It’s about half of my village.
Ah, right. Should I use the slave seal to finish off that girl who thought she could take over Raphtalia’s place?

I opened up her screen, but perhaps an error has occurred. It’s too staticy, and I can’t give the order.
I can’t use the slave seal. How troublesome.
There’s no choice. I’ll leave that fake’s disposal for later… wait.
I noticed something.

“Firo, you don’t have many followers.” (Naofumi)

Only about one-fifth of the Filo Rials followed.
This is way too few.

“Motoyasu, you too.” (Naofumi)
“Not everyone was there to follow us! There was too little time, so I’ll have to get them later.” (Motoyasu)
“I’ll leave it to you. Even so, with both Firo and Motoyasu here, why are there so few?” (Naofumi)
“Well, you see, Piyo-chan got in Firo’s way and didn’t follow master.” (Firo)
“Piyo-chan?” (Naofumi)
“Firo’s first follower.” (Firo)

Ah, follower number one. He had a name like that?
That goddamn traitor!
Even though he’s a faker himself, he chose to follow that fake. How foolish.
(TL: Naofumi calls Piyo a Burikko. Go to Oniichanyamete to learn more about the term)
I’ll have to deal with him personally.

“Also, there’s also some needing medical care inside of the lab.” (Firo)
“I see… then I’ll have to ask that one’s will first. Everyone else, get to work.” (Naofumi)
“Got it.”
“What will we work on, Niichan? Peddling?” (Kiel)
“Wrong. In other rooms, you’ll find glowing stones. Just rest near them. They’ll automatically recover your magic.” (Naofumi)
“Got it, Nii-chan!” (Kiel)

Kiel leaves, and the other Monsters and Slaves follow.
The people left are Atlas, Fohl, Firo, and Sadina.
We head to the medical division of the lab.

(TL: I think these are the people Naofumi got from the Brainwashing incident.)

“Don’t come closer… go away…”

There are Demi-Human children undergoing treatment there.
Rat and the medical personnel should have been looking after their injuries, but… It doesn’t look like they’re doing well.

There are slaves curled up in the corners, and one slave is shaking with a vacant expression.
Quite a few of them seem on the verge of collapse.
I know, because I’ve visited this room quite often.

Yggdrasil Medicine is all-purpose, but I’ve restricted the use as to prevent addiction.
The overuse of Yggdrasil will affect their lives, so I’ve limited it.
But still, we’ve given them a bit, so they’re at least alive.

We’ll need to treat them a little at a time. Their mental health also needs to be cared for.
Luckily, they’ve begun trusting me and Rat.

“Firo doesn’t like this place… She really doesn’t…” (Firo)

Firo mutters to herself.
Yes, if you have a healthy mind, you wouldn’t want to spend a long time here.

“Every time, I feel a sad Chi from here. As if it would go out at any second.” (Atlas)
“…” (Fohl)

Fohl looks at the slaves in the room. He has a sad expression on his face, but he says nothing.
It’s because the Atlas of the past was in a similar state.

“Now then, all of you.” (Naofumi)

I raise my voice to the slaves undergoing treatment.


One of them shouts out in response to my voice. It happens every time I come here. I’m used to it.
Eventually, the slave’s voice dies down.
Various drugs have warped half of the slave’s body, and its eyes have grown abnormally large. Perhaps I should say it became like a monster.
It’s gradually recovering, but it’s overly wishful thinking to believe that my Shield’s power will grant a full recovery.

“Have you calmed down? Now then, do you want to follow me? Or do you want to rot here?” (Naofumi)

There’s no response. The slave stares blankly at the ceiling with eyes filled with madness.
Fumu… This is troublesome.
I activate my Human Experimentation and Gene Manipulation powers, and use it on the slave before me.
My goal is to treat the warping to the best of my ability.
From my Shield, a light blue pattern of formulas and letters fly out. They wrap around the slave.


Without any ways of escape, the slave shakes violently. It tries to let out a scream, but no sound escapes its lips.
The other slaves retreat further into their corners as they look upon the scene.
Perhaps they believe that this is the time when they will be disposed of.
Eventually, the patterns shine brighter, and… The treatment finishes.


The slave who had undergone treatment blinks as it stares at me.

“How do you feel?” (Naofumi)
“It doesn’t hurt. I’m not in pain… My consciousness doesn’t feel faint anymore.”
“I see.” (Naofumi)
“I think you were… The person who occasionally came by to give us medicine. Did you save me as well?”
“Yeah, now you’re definitely back to normal. If you want, try running around outside. Firo, play with him a bit.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah!” (Firo)
“Thank You!”

The slave lowers his head to me.
And accompanied by Firo, he goes outside and returns a little later.

“It’s true. Again, thank you very much.”
“Now then, let me ask you once more.” (Naofumi)
“What is it?”
“Will you be my ally, and lend me power so that I can build my new world? Or will you foolishly oppose me, and join those idiots outside?” (Naofumi)
“… What will you do if I become your enemy?”
“I’ll drive you out. You’ll become part of this wide world. But this applies to everyone out there: If you attack me, your life will be a short one. Outside, you can go wherever you want. I’ll even dispel your slave crest.” (Naofumi)
The slave ruminates over my words again and again…

“Yes. You are the one who saved my life, so I wish to repay the favor as best as I can. What sort of person are you?”
“Who am I, you ask? I am-” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-chan is the Hero of the Shield. The god of all Demi-Humans.” (Sadina)

Sadina cuts off my self-introduction. The slaves undergoing treatment are all surprised.

“I’ve heard out your will. Now then, on to the next patient. I’d like to get you guys out of this facility and put you to work already.” (Naofumi)

Like this, I treat all of the slaves in the facility and gain new subordinates.
The problem is that all of them are of low level.
I’ll overcome that with the power of the Shield some way or another.
But there’s a sequence to things like this.
If I have the time to grant them power, then there are plenty of things I have to do.

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      Defense: Level 2000
      Harem: Level 360


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    Polluting the environment – wrath shield
    Causing social injustice – witch death
    Causing poverty – pedling overprice
    Taking drugs – yggdrasil
    Becoming obscenely wealthy- this one unlock the curse series new 7 sin

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          The only thing that makes Wrath shield good is the self-burning curse.


        • Senko says:



      • shira says:

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    • f says:

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