Chapter 282: Bio Custom

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Chapter 282: Bio Custom

“W-what exactly is this…”

The Raph race specimen continues repeating this line. The fake is dumbfound.
Hmph! This is the special function I installed into the Raph race.
A psychological ploy against the fake.
By the way, I haven’t gotten around to teaching it any other words yet.

“… Is this supposed to be some form of harassment?” (Raphtalia)
“Who knows? It seems that Naofumi was trying to revive Raphtalia-chan when he made this child.” (Sadina)
“How…?” (Raphtalia)
“With a strand of your hair.” (Sadina)
“Naofumi-sama—–!” (Raphtalia)

With a face that seems like it would burst into tears at any second, the fake cries out.
Fufufu, the mental attack was super effective.

“And this is a message from Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)

Sadina takes out the video crystal and presents it to the fake.

“It’s been a few hours, fake and traitors. Good job getting the order of my defense towers correct. Shall I praise you for that?” (Naofumi)

After a brief pause, my image continues.

“However, don’t think you will be getting here so easily. At dawn, when I have revived Raphtalia, I’ll make mincemeat out of all of you. Be prepared.” (Naofumi)
“Ah… How should I react to this…” (Raphtalia)

The fake puts her hands on her head.

“I explained the situation to Melty-chan, and she said she would cover up the situation, but…” (Sadina)
“The next time you try to invade, I’ll go all out as well. Don’t think it’ll ever be as easy as it was tonight. Then farewell, fakes!” (Naofumi)

And my video terminates.

“And like that, we’ve been sent to deliver the message. If you try to attack Naofumi-chan’s fortress again, we’ll shoot you out of the sky.” (Sadina)
“… I see. So do we have to fight Sadina-oneechan here as well?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah, if I don’t fight, Naofumi-chan will get mad at me.” (Sadina)
“… Understood. Then let’s fight.” (Raphtalia)

The fake tightens the grip on her weapon and rushes at Sadina.
Sadina is at a disadvantage, as she fights while defending the Raph specimen. But she puts up a good fight.
But why isn’t she using magic?
When I asked later, she said that it would put the Raph in danger. I’ll accept such a reason.
Motoyasu exchanges blows with Ren, Itsuki, Rishia, and the opposing Filo Rials.

“Trying to win with numbers won’t get you anywhere!”

Motoyasu spins his spear and creates a tornado.
But because of the Skill’s cooldown time, and the fact he was fighting the long ranged experts, Itsuki and Rishia, he gradually gets pushed back.

“Motoyasu-san, we’re at a disadvantage! Let’s retreat.” (Midori)

After taking blows repeatedly, Midori calls out to Motoyasu.

“But, I cannot betray Father-in-Law’s expectations.” (Motoyasu)
“We’ve fulfilled our objective. If we fight here and lose, then all will be meaningless!” (Midori)
“I-I see. But I haven’t convinced my lovely angels to switch sides yet.” (Motoyasu)
“It’s impossible! As long as Piyo-chan is here, they won’t listen to our invitations.” (Midori)
“Uu… I apologize, Father-in-Law. I, Motoyasu, will retreat for everyone’s sake!” (Motoyasu)
“Ah, wait! Where’s Gaelion? We need to take down the Anti-Teleport barrier…” (Midori)

The Raph uses illusion magic to erase its own presence. At the same time, it creates illusionary copies of Motoyasu and the others.
The fake saw through it almost immediately, but the spell is able to buy enough time.
Motoyasu, his three and Sadina are able to take the Raph and escape out of the extent of the Anti-Teleport zone.

“And that’s what happened, Father-in-Law. I offer my greatest apologies.” (Motoyasu)

I saw the footage from the Memory Crystal I had Motoyasu carry.

“The results were satisfactory. It seems they truly intend to oppose us. They’re a group we must eliminate if we wish to conquer the world.” (Naofumi)

There’s still some time before the barrier around the second tower breaks… I’ll increase our forces before that.
And my first day of lab construction concludes like that.

The second day.

I begin my preparations to mass produce the Raph race.
I’m still doubtful as to whether they’ll be that great of an asset, but having them is better than not.

Who should I send to defend the second tower?
Motoyasu is reliable, but he’ll be at a disadvantage when taking on everyone by himself.
I should probably send Atlas, Firo, and Fohl as well.

Even so… I have my doubts.
Even if they’re rotten, they’re heroes with their parties.

“Niichan! Is the crepe tree done yet?” (Kiel)
“Ah, Kiel. I’ll do it later. I’m still busy.” (Naofumi)
“I see…” (Kiel)

Kiel wakes me when I was taking a short nap in the laboratory.
Under my arm, Atlas is happily sleeping.
Fohl is also asleep.

“What will you be doing today?” (Kiel)
“Ah, today, I plan to make a powerful weapon to ready myself to defeat that fake army.” (Naofumi)
“Ara? You’re planning some interesting things.” (Sadina)

Sadina, who was asleep in a corner of the room, gets up and joins the conversation.

“What sort of thing are you planning?” (Sadina)
“I’ll modify the monsters and create a powerful one.” (Naofumi)
“Oh~! Amazing~!” (Kiel)
“There are quite a few monsters here, so there are quite a few things that I have to do.” (Naofumi)

To make a body for Raphtalia, the Shield told me I need to study the bodies of various monsters as well.
Monsters have overflowing vitality, and there are a few that can continue functioning as undeads even after death.
Gaelion is a good example.
If I study that, I’ll be able to improve my Raphs. I’ll be able to get closer and closer to the original.
Also, I promised the monsters. That I would make them strong.

As I was thinking along those lines, the monster Rat cared for dearly started banging on the walls of its container.
I think she called it Mii-kun or something.
I took the research lab as is, so I guess he was here the whole time.

“Hmm? What’s up?” (Naofumi)

I can’t really tell what he’s thinking, but I can at least read his expression.

“You want me to use you?” (Naofumi)

Rat’s monster nods with conviction.

“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

He is a monster that wished to be strong.
I guess that’s fine.

“You have the resolve to go through all sorts of experiments… right?” (Naofumi)

Upon my words, Rat’s monster nods.
I press my Shield to the cultivation tank containing the monster, and I flip a switch.
The effect I activate is Ability Bonus: Bio Custom, Alchemic correction, and also…. Gene Modification.
Geometric Symbols and letters fly out, wrapping aound Rat’s precious monster.

… Strengthening it is all about imagination.
What sort of strength is he seeking? That’s the most important.
Even though he isn’t human, I shouldn’t do any modifications he doesn’t personally wish for.

“Now then, imagine what you wish to become. I’ll assist you to the best of my ability.” (Naofumi)

Rat’s monster nods once more, and its ideal image enters my mind.
… Well then.
Rat wanted to make a monster like a dragon, with overwhelming vitality. One that wouldn’t die easily.
That will has perfectly transferred itself to her precious specimen.
Perhaps their hearts are linked in some way.

However… This is a bit over the physical capacity of this monster.
If modifications exceed a monster’s capacity, then my Human Experimentation and Gene Modification capabilities don’t work.
In that aspect, the Bioplants have an extremely large capacity.

Of course, to activate it, a large amount of magic and SP is consumed. But with the Shield’s recovery ability, if I rest a bit, it will replenish on its own.
That’s just how high my current level is.
What should I do…

“Sorry, but please lower your expectations a bit. Otherwise…” (Naofumi)

Rat’s monster stares at me and conveys its strong will.
Well, if I do a slightly lower modification, there are still other ways of strengthening it.
I edit the image Rat’s monster sent me, lowering it a bit, before presenting it back to the monster.
This much is quite possible.
Luckily, I already have all of the necessary materials in my Shield. Though some of them are a bit rare.

“I see… So this is the strength you long for? Show me that you can withstand any pain, any curse, any suffering to attain this strength!” (Naofumi)

I activate the Gene Modification.
The modification will take a bit of time.
Something bangs against the walls of the Culture Tank, and the water in it churns violently.

“Oh… wait, how long is this going to last?” (Kiel)
“It’ll take a while.” (Naofumi)
“I see…” (Kiel)

I take out Magic Water and Spirit Water from my shield to recover my SP and Mana.

“Let’s move on to the next task.” (Naofumi)

Rat’s monster needs further modifications… I start framing the components.
I made it so that the monster will live in a sort of core and can be transplanted into different bodies.
For its first body, I do large modifications on a First Generation Raph body.

The current body I’m making is 3 meters in height.
A Raph even larger than Firo floats in the tank in front of me.
It’s the body Rat’s monster will inhabit.

Eventually the modifications finish, and Rat’s monster shows its new form.
It’s a red… round crystal.
Rat’s monster has evolved to one that controls a body from a core.

In order to act as a vessel for that core, I made this giant Raph.
I take up Rat’s monster and transplant it into the Raph.
The body shakes for a while, but eventually, they synchronize. The Raph opens its eyes and lifts its arm.

Fumu… It should be able to move like this.
I press a switch and drain the fluid from the tank. I remove the monster from it.

“How is it, your new body? When my research progresses further, I’ll grant you one that’s easier to fight in.” (Naofumi)
“Amazing! Niichan can even do things like this!” (Kiel)
“Isn’t it obvious.” (Naofumi)
“… Naofumi-chan is amazing. He’s the alchemist of the century.” (Sadina)
“Perhaps I’m of that caliber.” (Naofumi)
“Master, good morning~!” (Firo)

Firo trods into the laboratory in a good mood.
Did she wake up and go to the Dining Hall already? Her stomach is swelling out a bit.

“Who is that?” (Firo)

Firo points at the large Raph and turns to me.

“It’s Rat’s monster.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, so this is Mii-kun?” (Firo)

As Firo waves at it, the monster known as Mii-kun returns the wave.

“He’s become large and cute now. Firo won’t lose.” (Firo)
“Now then, I have an important mission to give you.” (Naofumi)
“What~?” (Firo)
“Go protect the second tower with this one.” (Naofumi)
“Yes~!” (Firo)
“Well, there’s still a bit of time. Go accompany this monster until it gets accustomed to its new body.” (Naofumi)
“Got it!” (Firo)

It’s not like I strengthened that body too far.
It’s like a disposable shell.
I’ll need to upgrade it to something that will become its main body later.
I explained all of that body’s working functions, so… it should be fine.

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    With a face that seems like it would burst into tears at any second, the fake cries out.
    Fufufu, the mental attack was super effective.]
    Is this reaction means she was so happy knowing Nao’s affection for her that he would do anything to revive her (though she still alive), or it just a pain of being called “fake” and replaced by someone else.


    • Skreame says:

      More than pain from direct taunts. It is probably indirect from the fact that someone she cares about would consider her fake and go to such lengths by being convinced that she’s a fake.


  2. wallshade says:

    I’m not satisfied on this arc right now. The author poorly developed the story. The fillers are much way better than this. Imagine, out from nothing, some random curse was activated by naofumi then the curse that emerged without reason become the storyframe of this arc.

    Anyways, the translation is superb add b always.., keep up the good work yoraikun^^,


    • 阮鄧雄心 says:

      That’s how story telling goes, have you ever seen any anime where they spend 1 or 2 eps to explain the setting at the start of a series ? Before he knows it, he’s already under the influence of the curse, and he’s telling the story for you so he can’t explain anything until all of this is done, or he goes back to normal.


      • wallshade says:

        But there should be hints, on those anime that I had watched, the story advances using fragments of ideas revolving in the story. The arc in this novel right now feels too rushed and too rough…


        • Corvo269 says:

          The story is from his viewpoint so we won’t know until he knows. About the curse though, he unlocked the new 7 sins shield series cause he ended up committing those 7 sins. To know what these sins are, google search it, I remember they were announced by the Vatican in 2008

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        • Blank says:

          There were some hints, if you look closely enough — anyways, i don’t know if this would help, but there was some text on this anime-something forum, at around page 444, stated by this person, whose name started with Co, that tells you a bit about the sins that were unlocked.

          If you read it, you should be able to get a hint or two of why/how this chapter progressed.


        • Madman42 says:

          Sorry mate, but there were actually quite a few hints that pointed to the possibility of a Curse Shield such as this popping up. I believe the reason you feel this arc is too rushed is simply because you missed those hints. I would recommend reading through the arcs where Naofumi fought the Curse-devoured heroes again, especially the Itsuki arc, as that was the one where Naofumi seriously started to consider the possibility of there being other Sins in the Sin Series other than classic 7. The novel also clearly shows Naofumi committing each of the “New 7 Sins”, as they are described by the Vatican, over the course of the entire novel. If you don’t know what these New 7 Sins are, you should re-look at the 1st chapter of this arc, as Yoraikun generously provided a link that should clear up any confusion regarding the New 7.


    • gn_x00 says:

      Corvo269 on Animesuki Forum says this:
      Did some research and Naofumi’s new cursed shields are actually based on the new 7 deadly sins announced by the Vatican in 2008. He unlocked the shields at once due to 2 reasons

      1st. The shields unlocked once Naofumi had ended up committing all of the 7 deadly sins.
      2nd. The desire he showed while looking at the gold served as a catalyst, since his negative emotion this time did not have rage mixed in.

      Now about the sins:

      1. Gene modification(the bioplants)
      2. Human experimentation(his slaves, all of them altered by shield growth)
      3. Environmental Pollution(Dark burning curse S and blutopher did not leave a pretty landscape behind)
      4. Social Injustice(He was at the receiving end from the beginning and then on the sending end with Trash and BITCH)
      5. Drug Abuse(He did make excessive amounts of medicine, and his cooking is more addictive than drugs)
      6. Causing Poverty(well he was on the receiving end from day 2 and those poor bandits and rebels, getting their shit “Confiscated” by Naofumi)
      7. The last one, Financial Gluttony, well, this happened right before he unlocked the Curse Series

      Which actually makes one wonder how far ahead the author is thinking about the plot

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      • ian says:

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      • whome says:

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      • whome says:

        Also, for the drug abuse: Yggdrasil medicine may be addictive, but at what point did he use medicine for other than curing? Or get anybody addicted, even by accident?


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      “gn_x00” already detailed all of it …
      the sins is not “all the sudden” …
      a person is sinned if he or she already done the sins …


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