Chapter 286: War Reversal

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Chapter 286: War Reversal

The third day.

I grant the modifications to the slaves that wish for it, but…
To complete the modifications, a large amount of energy is required. By the time the Third Tower’s boost runs out, I could only finish a couple of slaves and monsters.
The amount of boats on the Faker’s side increased by a bit.

“I won’t let you get in the way of the God of the Shield-sama’s plans!”

The Third Tower Defense front is a maelstrom of discord.
It’s an all-out war.
However… for some reason, they are able to make use of all of my new modified slaves’ weaknesses, and we face a stream of defeats.

“As God-sama ordered, we have to run!”

Taking into account what happened in the second tower, I made secret escape passages to prevent capture upon defeat.
Just by entering the various escape ways within the tower, my subordinates can achieve safety when at a disadvantage.
Now then…
Those on the front lines are the monsters I modified to have the appearance of Raphs and Talis. The sight of them send Rat and Taniko into a frenzy.

“Marquis! I’m definitely not forgiving you for this one!” (Rat)
“Yeah! I’ll make you regret it!” (Taniko)

Both of them are quite mad, but it’s not like I care.
It’s something the monsters wished for.
More importantly… those guys aren’t saying anything about the new slaves assisting our forces…
Well, it’s an emergency situation, so perhaps they got used to it.

… I’ve been thinking this for a while, but isn’t our information getting leaked?
I need to deal with this immediately.
Oh? Even Melty’s participating in this invasion.

Even though they were against it, I organized the group of Atlas, Firo,  Fohl, and Motoyasu to guard the core.
Everyone else engages with enemies within the tower whenever they find them.
The situation is unfavorable. My forces are often pushed into unavoidable retreat.

“You came again, Raphtalia-oneechan… Can’t you let master be free already?” (Firo)
“What do you mean free!? Wasn’t Naofumi-sama planning on returning to his world? Why does he need to conquer this world anyways?” (Raphtalia)
“Firo-chan! Stop it already.” (Melty)
“Ah, Melty-chan. Melty-chan will follow master, right?” (Firo)

Firo tilts her head as she asks.
But unfortunately, Melty cannot return Firo’s smile.

“Firo-chan, there’s no way that I could do that.” (Melty)
“Is that so?” (Firo)
“Of course. I haven’t met him yet, but he began scheming for world domination, started producing strange monster legions, and began modifying the children from his own village. I can’t leave him be!” (Melty)
“Master is, you see, he has a great smile. Firo rarely ever saw master so happy before, you know.” (Firo)
“Really? I kinda wanna see that… No that doesn’t matter. Firo-chan! Please help us stop Naofumi.” (Melty)
“Eh~? Even if it’s Melty-chan’s request, I won’t do this one.” (Firo)
“… Firo-chan. Once Naofumi returns to normal, he’s going to scold you severely. You better be prepared for that.” (Melty)
“I won’t let you~” (Firo)

And the battle commences.
Or it should have. Motoyasu, who was being silent until now, addresses Firo.

“By the way, Firo-tan. Did you not call that pig over there Raphtalia-oneechan just now?” (Motoyasu)
“Mu! Don’t talk to me!” (Firo)

Firo bluntly shows her dislike of him and rejects conversation.
As I thought. This battle party is no good.

“Oy, fiancé over there! Did Firo-tan really call that thing Onee-san?” (Motoyasu)
“Who’s anyone’s fiancé!? Are you still believing Naofumi’s bullcrap?” (Melty)
“Yeah, she definitely said that.” (Midori)

The one who supplements the info is Midori.
And wait, that is unnecessary.

“Motoyasu, don’t mind it.” (Naofumi)

I address him from a distance.

“Is that so, Father-in-Law?” (Motoyasu)
“Don’t just brush it off so easily!” (Raphtalia)
“Oya? I thought you were merely a pig, but you can speak human tongue.” (Motoyasu)
“Words are…?” (Naofumi)

Mu… due to some strange reason, the fake’s words enter Motoyasu’s ears.
Besides Filo Rials, Melty is supposed to be the only woman he can hear.

“Melty-chan! Please try telling the Hero of the Spear that I am Firo’s sister.” (Raphtalia)
“Oneechan, prepare yourself!” (Firo)

Firo directs kicks at the fake.
The fake sidesteps them and gives a request to Melty.

“Ren-san!” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah!” (Ren)

Ren steps in front to confront Firo.

“Move, sword person.” (Firo)
“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. I’m fighting to repay my debt to Naofumi here.” (Ren)
“Mu!” (Firo)
“I can’t go around accepting that Naofumi. No, this time, for his sake… I’ll fight to return the home he made to normal!” (Ren)

As if resonating with his cry, the sword in his hands changes shape.

“Growing power…? This is…”

The double-edged sword in his hands changes shape to that of a katana.
Could this be?

“It leveled up… and turned into the Spirit Turtle Katana?”

Ren swings it a few times in front of him and turns it in his hand before taking a stance.
All of a sudden, the enemy unlocks a new power. It doesn’t feel good to be on the receiving side of these situations.

“Mu…” (Firo)

Ren and Firo begin glaring at each other.
They both understand that a single move can be fatal. Neither of them can budge. That means one side needs to get support, or this won’t go anywhere.
What is Atlas doing? I look around, and find her intercepting Rishia. She’s not letting any support fire get in.

That fake! What is she plotting.
She has Ren and Itsuki and even Rishia for support.
Should I call the slaves who escaped and Kiel to help?
No, a large portion of the tower is already occupied by the slaves from the village.
I’ll need to free up Firo’s group to swiftly deal with them.

Ku… at a time like this, Sadina is… hard at work fighting the villagers.
She’s using magic this time, but perhaps due to her opponent’s speed, she’s not hitting with it. I can’t count on her as a reinforcement.

“And Fohl-kun, what the hell are you doing?” (Raphtalia)
“M-me!? But…” (Fohl)
“From the journey we had together, I can understand just how important Atlas-chan is to you. However… you’re just silently watching your precious sister going down a dangerous path… Is that really something a caring brother should do!?” (Raphtalia)
“Uwah… I am… I am always Atlas’s ally!” (Fohl)

Fohl swings his fists at the fake.
But before the blows reach her, the fake slaps Fohl strongly across the face.
Haha, what’s with that attack? It has no power behind it.

“If Naofumi-sama starts doing bad things, then like now, I will do my best to set him on the right path. But what are you doing? You just act like a tumor on her side… like that, nothing will be resolved. This will end with… Atlas-chan getting with that strange Naofumi! Is that the result of your care for your sister?” (Raphtalia)

With eyes as if he just had an epiphany, Fohl looks over the fake.

“… That’s right. I am… I treasured Atlas too much, so I never thought about her. I had approved of him a bit, but when he’s like that, I can’t be handing Atlas over to him!” (Fohl)

Through a turn of events, Fohl turns. He fires a skill in Atlas’s direction.
Seeing through it, she barely dodges.

“… Onii-sama, what sort of joke is this?” (Atlas)
“It’s no joke! I’ll use all of my power to prevent you from straying down the wrong path!” (Fohl)
“So you will betray Naofumi-sama?” (Atlas)
“Yeah, that guy isn’t the one I know of. The one I know doesn’t have such an ominous smile, and he had a kind of clumsy kindness. If it’s that… clumsy guy, I think I would be fine with entrusting you to him. Just a bit.” (Fohl)

Ku… The traitor Fohl starts battling Atlas.
What the hell is Motoyasu doing!?

“Hey, you’re going to attack me? If you lay hands on Firo’s fiancé, you know what’s going to happen, right?” (Melty)
“Mu~. Melty-chan, you’re going to get hurt. Go home!” (Firo)

Firo doesn’t want to see Melty injured, but she also doesn’t want to look at Motoyasu. She speaks without taking her eyes off of Ren.


But Motoyasu isn’t able to take on Melty’s willpower?
Aren’t you supposed to be a Hero?
Why is your heart losing to a little girl?

“About your previous question, you’re right. Raphtalia-san is the person who fulfills the role of Firo’s sister. From Naofumi’s perspective as well.” (Melty)

Melty points to the fake as she answers.
The fake sticks her chest out and glares at Motoyasu.

“T-that was the case!?” (Motoyasu)
“Can you hear my words now?” (Raphtalia)
“O-of course, Firo-tan’s beautiful sister, my Sister-in-Law!” (Motoyasu)

This one… he begins praising the girl he had referred to as a pig moments before.
He looks to women as pigs and lusts after birds. Just how rotten are his eyes?

“Then Motoyasu-san. Please help us stop Naofumi-sama. It’s a request from Firo’s sister.” (Raphtalia)
“Don’t listen to her words, Motoyasu. Just kill the fake already.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, please stay out of this.” (Raphtalia)
“There’s no way I could. I am-” (Naofumi)

The fake throws her sword at the Bioplant I modified to act as a speaker.
It will take 30 seconds to regenerate. What shall I do?

“The current Naofumi-sama has become strange due to a curse. Since you were with him, did you feel something off?” (Raphtalia)
“Is that so? I get the feeling that Father-in-Law always gave off that sort of feeling.” (Motoyasu)
“… Your bad point is that you can’t look at others at all. You only think about yourself! Naofumi-sama will never give Firo away to someone like that!” (Raphtalia)
“No way! Then I am…” (Motoyasu)
“It’s not too late. I heard about it. When Firo turned strange, you worked hard to help her. Like that time… for now stop Firo, and then let’s stop Naofumi-sama. All will be fine!” (Raphtalia)
“Understood Sister-in-Law! I, Motoyasu, will shed tears as I make an enemy of Firo-tan and Father-in-Law!” (Motoyasu)
“When Naofumi-sama turns back to normal, he will definitely praise you for your hard work. I promise you that.” (Raphtalia)
“MUUUUUU! Oneechan is mean!” (Firo)
“Ara, Firo? Now your hated person won’t be so close to Naofumi-sama.” (Raphtalia)
“Ah, I see. Oneechan, thank you!” (Firo)
“Don’t thank her!” (Naofumi)

I scream out of the fixed speaker.
Fohl and Motoyasu, how have they reached the same consensus?
If they pull out, our already-meager forces will suffer a heavy loss.

“Master, what’s wrong?” (Firo)
“Look around you.” (Naofumi)
“Eh?” (Firo)

Atlas is fighting Fohl, and Firo’s been drawn into fighting both Ren and Motoyasu. What’s more, Melty is still there.
I’ll also add on that making an enemy of Motoyasu means making an enemy of his army of three.
The tide of battle immediately reverses.
Like this, we don’t even have a 10000 to 1 chance of victory.

“Firo, lie all you want. Persuade Motoyasu to come back.” (Naofumi)
“Okay. Please save Firo, spear person.” (Firo)
“I’m sorry Firo-tan. That will have to wait until after I stop Father-in-Law with Sister-in-Law.” (Motoyasu)
“How mean!” (Firo)
“This is also for Firo-tan’s sake, Ah… I, Motoyasu have awoken to my mission of love.” (Motoyasu)
“Mu~! The result is fine, but I can’t stand that bitch!” (Motoyasu’s Three)

As always, the three Filo Rials mouth off as they side with their Motoyasu and glare at Firo.
These guys are idiots, but their presence can greatly alter the flow of battle.
If I don’t order for a retreat, it’ll be dangerous.

“… We’ve been put at a bit of a disadvantage.” (Atlas)
“But Firo will work hard~!” (Firo)
“No. At this rate, we’ll be made into hostages. Naofumi-sama, please grant permission for retreat.” (Atlas)
“… There’s no choice. Granted!” (Naofumi)

Following my orders, Atlas brushes off Fohl’s hands and activates an emergency escape passage.
Ku… my plans all crumbled all at once.
Now I fear for tomorrow and the day after.

“Eh? … Firo hasn’t lost.” (Firo)
“But you will soon.”
“Mu… I won’t lose tomorrow!” (Firo)

This is what you call numerical advantage.
Surrounded by the fake party, Firo stamps her foot in frustration. She kicks the floor hard enough to open a hole and makes a run for the emergency exit on the lower floor.

“Wait, Firo-chan!” (Melty)
“Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)
“That barrier blocks pursuit, so it’s impossible. For now, let’s destroy the tower.” (Raphtalia)

You bitch… fake, you twisted your words to take Motoyasu and Fohl.
How could this… like this, I’m at an extreme disadvantage.
As expected, the third tower is destroyed, and I only have five left.

“Now then… for a strategy meeting.”

In my main base lab, an exhausted Kiel gathers the modified slaves and monsters.

“Following this incident, Fohl-Niichan and the Hero of the Spear-sama were taken by the other side.” (Kiel)

Those goddamn traitors.
… Ah right, there should be one more traitor.

“Even though we worked so hard.”
“Why were they able to learn our weaknesses so easily?”
“That’s something I’ll explain.” (Naofumi)

I touch a stone tablet and bring up a certain image.
That image is of the individual who was relaxing even in the strategy meeting.. The one who looks after everyone.

“Sadina, isn’t that your fault?” (Naofumi)
“Ara? Why do you think so?” (Sadina)
“You have no motivation when fighting in the towers. Also, you were there most of the times I spoke of the weaknesses. There’s also the fact that you go on patrol a lot.” (Naofumi)

I did have a vague suspicion.
But I never thought someone would plan betrayal in front of me. Especially not someone as skillful as her.
No, as we both lost Raphtalia, I thought we were sharing sadness.
However, in truth, she was leaking information to the opposition.
My doubts led me to confirmation.

I would have let this slide had it not been for today’s result.
Perhaps it was my fault for not monitoring. For her to have sworn her life to Raphtalia, I didn’t want to think that she was a traitor.

“Are you sure it’s not a coincidence?” (Sadina)
“If you wanted it to appear that way, then you should have fought in such a manner. Unfortunately for you, I sentence you to confinement within my laboratory. If the slaves I modify for next time don’t have their weaknesses taken advantage of, you’ll be confirmed as a spy. As my research material, you’ll be subjected to much harsher experiments than the other slaves.” (Naofumi)
“Ara…” (Sadina)

Sadina reaches behind her back for her harpoon, but…

“If you try anything funny, I’ll be your opponent.” (Atlas)
“Firo too.” (Firo)

Before she can, Atlas and Firo appear behind her.

“Arara, then should Oneesan surrender peacefully?” (Sadina)

Sadina raises her hands above her head.

“Why would you do such a thing?” (Naofumi)
“Because the child that Naofumi-chan thinks of as a fake is the real thing.” (Sadina)
“Hah! How foolish.” (Naofumi)

That fake is real?
The real one is already gone!
That’s why I’m reviving her, isn’t it?

“Throw her in a cell!” (Naofumi)

The cells I made are of material even Sadina can’t break. There’s a device nearby that absorbs magic, so she won’t be able to use any. I can control the output on it, and this time, I’ll set it to suck every fiber of magic out of her body.
Within the cell, I make her change to human form and hang her arms up in shackles.

“Repent in here for a while.” (Naofumi)
“Ara…” (Sadina)

If you really turn out to be a spy, I’ll be giving you hell after this.

“And so, we should expect some results next time.” (Naofumi)
“As expected of Niichan! But Sadina-neechan, how mean.” (Kiel)
“Right. If this proves to be true, we’ll be torturing her for a bit when this is over.” (Naofumi)
“A penalty game, right? Will you send her to be sold in Zeltburg or something?” (Kiel)
“No, torture.” (Naofumi)

How peaceful this dog’s brain is.
Our side lost our fighting force, Motoyasu, you know.
Even though he’s rotten, he’s a hero. The modified slaves are at a disadvantage… I see, doesn’t Motoyasu have plenty of weaknesses?

“Firo.” (Naofumi)
“What?” (Firo)
“Charm Motoyasu. If possible, make him swear loyalty. Like that fake did, you’ll have to convince him to come over.” (Naofumi)
“Eh?…” (Firo)

Firo clearly seems to hate the notion.

“The spear person doesn’t listen to words at all.” (Firo)
“Ah.” (Naofumi)

Yeah, that’s right. I’m surprised the fake managed to sway him.
Even I don’t have that much confidence in my ability to talk to him.
For now, I’ve been able to use Firo as an intermediate and things have worked out.

I thought I could have Firo persuade him, but now that he has a twisted goal, I’m not sure if we can stop him.
If I make Firo open her legs and seduce him… no, that’s not happening. That’s not enough to stop the idiot.
Damn… what should I do?

“Niichan, everyone here decided to follow you. Don’t worry about it alone. Let’s work hard together.” (Kiel)

The slaves and monsters look towards me with fiery gazes.
… That’s right. I’ll just have to try what I can.

“Then, shall we commence the modifications?” (Naofumi)

I also need to devote time to researching the real Raphtalia.
I’ve proceeded quite far in Mii-kun’s tuning, so I’ll just have to give it my best.
I’m in the middle of using the data I got from the monsters to complete a third generation.

“First, let’s start with Firo’s power-up.” (Naofumi)
“Yay!” (Firo)

I take Firo and return to my lab.
I let Kiel and the others simulate a battle in the fourth tower.
For the slaves that had their weaknesses known, I told them to fight without transforming to nullify enemy attacks before attacking.
The newly modified slaves are going to be a large fighting force next time.
If the fakes don’t manage to grasp their weaknesses, Sadina is guilty. Otherwise, she goes free.

“Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)

Atlas follows me around.

“In tomorrow’s battle, you’ll have to stop your brother.” (Naofumi)
“Yes. Even if it costs me my life.” (Atlas)
“If it seems impossible, retreat. Don’t risk your life. If we sacrifice too much to win, then I can’t call that victory.” (Naofumi)
“Understood. But are you sure that’s fine?” (Atlas)
“There’s nothing I can’t solve with my new intellect. As long as the last tower remains, I’ll be able to do something. Before that, I must perfect my Raph race for the final battle! Once completed, a single one of them should be able to hold off the lot of them.” (Naofumi)

Right… Raphtalia’s revival hasn’t been assured yet, but research progresses.
I must do whatever I can.
I put Firo into the culture tank and activate my abilities.

“W-what!?” (Naofumi)

Before I could proceed with her modification, I am surprised by her information window.
There are traces of experimentations like the ones I’m doing on the Raphs.
This is like the time I tried to modify Fohl.

“What’s wrong?” (Firo)
“No, don’t worry about it.” (Naofumi)

Oh? There’s even a security program like mine.
I made it so that if anyone other than me raises a Raph, it won’t grow as normal.
With this, it is impossible for anyone else to properly raise a Raph.
At best, they would be able to bring out one third of their true potential.

A system like that has been implanted into Filo Rials.
The coding seems cobbled together, and the important parts are blurry.
It’s like the codes from my first and second generation were mixed together. I worry whether or not this would make for good reference.
I want some specimens other than Firo. If I have a couple of Filo Rials, my research should make leaps and bounds

I had a few other than Firo among my subordinates. Should I take some samples later?
I also want some data from the treacherous Filo Rials. I’ll think of how to capture them.
For now, let’s copy Firo’s information and store it.

“So Firo, you said you wanted to be able to fly right?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, I don’t want to lose to Gaelion! The only one master rides is Firo.” (Firo)
“Fumu, understood.” (Naofumi)

I look at her modification screen and read over the individual entries.
Hmm? There’s a strange, disconnected portion.
Looking at the modification tree, there’s a branch that I barely have the necessary materials to unlock.

If I connect this, what will happen?
It seems to have some relation to wings.
There’s a high probability that it’s a function the race lost over time.

In the storehouse, Melty had a treasure that appeared to be the fossil of a flying Filo Rial.
If I analyze and tamper with this, she should be able to revert to her ancestral form. This branch, I should be able to connect it.

The materials are really rare. I only have one in my storehouse.
This may turn into a big problem later.

“What’s wrong?” (Firo)
“Firo, how do you want to fly?” (Naofumi)
“How?” (Firo)
“Do you want to use your wings or use magic to propel yourself? Do you want to make footholds in the air or store up gasses within the body to float?” (Naofumi)

In the open tree, I can implant any one of those concepts.
By the way, for personal reasons, if she chooses the last one, I’m changing her name to Balloon Firo.
It’s based on Firo’s choice, but I recommend that one.
I feel a strong affinity for balloons.
If it’s Balloon Firo, she should be able to defeat Motoyasu.
I just get that feeling.

“I don’t want to just float.” (Firo)
“… I see. Then wings or magic. The first one requires physical strength, the second magic.” (Naofumi)
“What about Gaelion?” (Firo)
“I haven’t confirmed it, but it’s probably the latter. With wings, you can fly for a while, but if you don’t lighten your own body, your all-around abilities will drop. With magic, you can use only magic to propel yourself, but you have a lower flight time.” (Naofumi)

In truth, Gaelion’s flight time isn’t that long.
He glides for quite a bit, and I bet he recovers magic while doing so.
And doesn’t Firo have ways of recovering magic?

“I think the latter will be easier.” (Naofumi)
“Then that’s fine.” (Firo)
“Got it.” (Naofumi)

The materials are scarce, but if it’s to power up Firo, I’ll gladly use them.
With a cracking sound, Firo regains one of the powers of her ancestors.

“Now Firo won’t lose to Gaelion~!” (Firo)

It will take a while until the modification finishes.
I use my Filo Rial research data and that of the other modified monsters to create my third generation Raph Race… I also construct the concept for my Riya Race.
I also want to use a dragon for reference now.

“Once your modification finishes, I have a job for you.” (Naofumi)
“Got it!” (Firo)

After the modification finishes, Firo flaps her wings. They left light afterimages behind as she lifts off of the ground.

“WaaaAAAH! I’m really flying, master!” (Firo)

In great excitement, Firo reports this to me.

“Yeah, but you’re using magic to fly. It will be difficult to fly for long periods of time.” (Naofumi)
“Got it!” (Firo)
“Then let me give you your mission.” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Firo)

“Why do I have to go get Gaelion?” (Firo)
“I wanted to use him for reference, and he’ll provide some force.” (Naofumi)

I know Gaelion wanted to come to my side.
That’s why I sent a flying Firo to infiltrate and invite him.

“… Why did you invite me?” (Gaelion)

True Gaelion surfaces.

“The one I invited was not you. I said this before, but I’m replenishing my forces. Instead of following the fake, the child Gaelion wanted to follow me.” (Naofumi)

I give Firo another job.
She nods and flies off again.

“Gu… Don’t come out, just quietly… Kyua!” (Gaelion)

It seems the personalities within Gaelion are at war.

“Gaelion, you wanted power, so you went to Rat for modifications, did you not? Am I no good?” (Naofumi)
“No, you’re fine. But I cannot stand being of the same position as that Filo Rial.” (Gaelion)
“Fu… Kogaelion. If you work hard, I’ll modify you as you wish.” (Naofumi)
“Gunu! Sto- won’t you stop!?” (Gaelion)

Gaelion holds his head for a while and cries out, but eventually, he raises his face.

“KYUA!” (Gaelion)

Child Gaelion is able to hold the older one down.

“What sort of modification do you want?” (Naofumi)

I’ll also see just how far along my research will be aided by studying a dragon.
To say the result, Gaelion wants fast legs, even when pulling the carriage.
Firo isn’t the only one thinking of her rival.
Gaelion was quite troubled over his slow speed on land.
So along with my investigations, I increase his leg strength.
Of course, on the promise that he would follow me.

After that, I send Firo out a few times and get most of the traitor’s Filo Rials to join our side.
Piyo is the one holding us back, but upon seeing Firo flying freely through the sky, very few Filo Rials choose not to follow me.
Now onto the results of the fourth day.

For all of the other heroes to oppose me was a fatal error.
But there was something I am able to determine.

They were unable to pinpoint the newly modified slaves’ weaknesses.
And that was that.
Right before the fourth tower was destroyed, the faker even asked me.
‘What became of Sadina?’

“Sadina, as expected, they were unable to pinpoint my slaves’ weakpoints.” (Naofumi)
“Ara…” (Sadina)

I attach handcuffs on her, take her out of her cell, and force her into my lab’s cultivation tank.

“I wonder what shall become of me.” (Sadina)
“I wonder. First, I’ll cover your smooth skin in hair. The color will be brown. I’ll make your tail striped with black and brown. So that whenever you enter water, it will soak into the fur!” (Naofumi)
“Oh my. How scary.” (Sadina)
“After that, I’ll give you two large fangs and make people wonder whether you’re a whale, walrus, or seal! You’ll become a completely unidentifiable life-form!” (Naofumi)
“Kya how frightening. While you’re at it, can you increase my alcohol tolerance? I’d also like some gills, so I can spend all of my time underwater.” (Sadina)
“… You sure are calm!” (Naofumi)

How impudent! When you’re nothing but a traitor!
I’ll do modifications painful enough that your life will hang in the balance!
But as I activate my ability on Sadina, I lose my ability to speak.

I look at Sadina’s screen and find myself at a loss for words.
It’s fundamentally different than Atlas, Fohl, and the other children.
Traces of modification, vestiges of magic, there’s nothing of the sort. There’s only data for her physical form.

Perhaps I should compare it to a sheet of paper.
Fohl, Atlas, Kiel, and Firo’s are colored from the start. What’s more, theirs had various things glued to them.
I wouldn’t be surprised to find red where I was expecting blue.

But Sadina’s sheet is that of a pure-white Demi-Human.
The real thing… Are these the words that I should be using here?

“You… really, what are you?” (Naofumi)
“Ara? What do you mean by that?” (Sadina)
“There’s something different about you from the other Demi-Humans.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, so that’s it. Onee-san’s family, you see… is a long-standing bloodline with exclusive blood. Could that be it? Ah, this is a secret, but Raphtalia-chan’s the same.” (Sadina)
“Raphtalia too!?” (Naofumi)

That means… What sort of existence are Demi-Humans? The amount of mysteries increases by one.
… If I don’t understand the concept, reviving Raphtalia will be impossible.

“But this is this, and that is that.” (Naofumi)

I activate a painful modification on Sadina.
This is the punishment for betrayal!
But as she’s Raphtalia’s guardian, I make it borderline, within the scope where I can revert her to normal.
After she loses fighting spirit, I can implant a core into her to make her follow my orders and have her fight the fakes.

“Ara, how stimulating, Naofumi-chan. Oneesan is almost going to…” (Sadina)
“Just how carefree are you!?” (Naofumi)

I did enough that a normal person would faint from the pain, but Sadina remains calm throughout the process.

In order to fill the hole left by Motoyasu and Fohl, I try to do some recruiting in the village and plenty of other things, but… On the fifth day, True Gaelion betrays, and with our forces crippled again, we face yet another defeat.

Sadina destroys the core I implanted to control her, and she joins the fake’s camp.
From the fourth to the seventh day, I faced nothing but defeat.

And on the eighth day.

“Niichan! We can’t hold them back any longer!” (Kiel)

The fakers destroy the eighth tower core, and the barrier surrounding the laboratory collapses in its entirety.
I have not the time to erect it once more.
I thought about it before, but since tuning the equipment is difficult, moving the base would mean abandoning the lab.

I finally make the eighth generation Raph Race, Tali Race, Riya Race, Rafuta Race, and Taria Race. Even though I’m so close to reviving Raphtalia. (TL: I’m kinda glad he didn’t make a Futa Race)
If I work to the very last moment, I will be unable to avoid death.

Also… I’ve already completed my ultimate weapon.
… If instead of making the Raph Race, I put my energy towards making perfect weapons of mass genocide, then perhaps I would have won.
But I disposed of such thoughts.

My goal is to conquer the world alongside Raphtalia.
She’s more important than the domination.
I have no regrets.

“Niichan! We need to get out of here quickly! They’re coming, everyone’s already been captured.” (Kiel)

The fake and the heroes have infiltrated the lab. Without a place to run, my followers who risked their lives on the front-lines are all captured by the enemy. I saw all of the footage from here.
I guess this is as good a time as ever.

“I’ll go with you, so Niichan, we have to run away.” (Kiel)
“So we surrender this fort to them… ah right, Kiel.” (Naofumi)
“What? If you don’t hurry, we won’t make it.” (Kiel)
“You told me to make you a crepe tree before right?” (Naofumi)

I hand a modified bioplant seed over to Kiel.

“See, this here is a seed for a crepe tree. It’s weak point is that it has no reproductive capabilities. You can’t grow more than one.” (Naofumi)
“Niichan…” (Kiel)
“No matter what happens, you have to survive. You got that?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah! I’ll work hard for Niichan’s sake!” (Kiel)

Saying that, Kiel runs out.

“Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)

Atlas comes together with Firo.

“Ah, so it’s you… go with Kiel to the final battle. There are still things I must do.” (Naofumi)
“What about master?” (Firo)
“In the case that you guys lose, I’ll activate my last resort.” (Naofumi)

I point towards a large tank and display my final weapon.

“It’s not like I have no ways to defend myself. Fight without worry.” (Naofumi)
“Okay, got it.” (Firo)
“In order to serve as Naofumi-sama’s shield, I’ll stake my life on this fight.” (Atlas)
“I’ll leave it to you.” (Naofumi)
“Those words alone are enough motivation for me.” (Atlas)

And Atlas and Firo leave.
… Well, the basic concept is already accommodated in the seventh generation.
Even without my input, if I increase my amount of Seventh Generations, an eighth will be born.
No matter how long it takes, I will revive Raphtalia.

I can’t give her the ability to transform, and I don’t have the time now.
No, it’s more like this is the limit of my technology…
With as much time as I have, I need to increase the amount of Seventh Generation Raphs as much as possible. Then, perhaps, Raphtalia will one day be revived.
The probability is low, but the current me has no other option.

The final battle commences.

Actual Author note: This extra arc will end in a day or two.

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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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