Chapter 296: Clash of Tigers

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Chapter 296: Clash of Tigers


Every time Fohl’s fist comes into contact with Atlas, Chi pierces through her body.
The released energy is in the shape of a tiger.
It’s also attacking pressure points. It seems to combine skills to put ignoring defense as its main focus.

It has quite a bit of output, so rather than the pressure points, Atlas is probably more worried about nullifying the impact.
I think I could handle it though. I’ve specialized myself in dealing with defense ignoring attacks. In both the theory and application.
But unlike Atlas’s, while it may ignore defense, it can’t scale off of it.
(TL: だがあの攻撃は防御無視むしに力ちからを注いでいる所為で防御力比例効果は無ない。)
And it looks like his power is flowing all the way through and out of her body, forcing her own chi out.

It’s like an energy attack.
Those things in games that would decrease the opponent’s energy gauge.

“Not yet! Tiger…” (Fohl)

Hmm? The lights leaving Atlas’s body return to Fohl’s hand. Is he recycling the energy?
He can use it like that too?

“Rush!” (Fohl)

Fohl unleashes a barrage of punches.
Each and every hit lands on mark, and every time one hits, a strange sound reverberates through the air.
A cloud of dust rises. Fohl finishes his attack, and jumps backwards out of the cloud.

“How was that!?” (Fohl)

I think that was overkill, dude.
Is what the crowd may be thinking, but I saw it.

“As expected of Onii-sama. I take that attack every night, but it’s getting sharper by the day.” (Atlas)

Atlas looks slightly beaten up, but she’s still standing.

“Gu…” (Fohl)

Fohl is the one who seems to be more effected.

“At the moment of every impact, I used the technique I thought up with Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)

A 『Wall』 appears on Atlas’s hand.

“To put it simply, you’ve been banging your fists on an extremely sturdy wall this whole time. And while you were doing that, I was attacking your hands.” (Atlas)

I see. So she wasn’t being beaten up at all.
It was meant to be a defensive skill, but against an unarmed opponent like Fohl, it can be used like that as well.
Even so, just how crazy of a person must she be to sew attacks into the gaps of that relentless barrage?

“As expected of Atlas. To push me back this far.” (Fohl)
“Not as far as you’ve pushed me, Onii-sama. Geho!” (Atlas) (TL: Sound of coughing)

Atlas vomits a small amount of blood.
Instead of redirecting some of the attacks, she took a few head on.

“Next is my turn, is it? Look, Onii-sama, make sure to watch me.” (Atlas)

On top of Atlas’s hand floats a ball made out of Chi. Its size increased, to show the shape of a tiger inside of it.

“… Is that my chi?” (Fohl)
“Yes, it is the chi you released at me. I was unable to avoid a little, so I’ve sealed it like this. Now you understand what I’m going to do with it, right?” (Atlas)

This isn’t going to be pretty.
『Ball』 is a counter I thought up with Atlas.
It collects power released at it, and returns it.
It’s mainly geared towards anti-personnel battles but it can equally be used against large monsters like the Spirit Turtle.
And this is the first time she’s using it against a single person.

“Now then, here I come. Onii-sama…” (Atlas)

Atlas immediately appears before Fohl, and presses the ball of energy to his chest.
It doesn’t look like she’s just returning what was given to her.
It’s a skill I see Female Knight, Rishia and Raphtalia use often.
In the counter ball, she put in much more of her own power.
If I were to think of a name for it…

“This is just a temporary name, but how about calling it『Point Ball』?” (Naofumi)

But… At that moment, Fohl condensed Chi on his fists, and pounded them at Atlas.

“Hengen Musou Fist Skill! Tiger Blow!” (Fohl)

The collision of the two causes the ground to warp, and dust rises once more.
Two shadows leap out of the cloud, and both spin in the air as they fly quite a distance.

“Ah… Gu…”

Both of them find themselves on the ground.
It was that powerful of an attack. One of them, or perhaps both of them, may already be incapacitated.
I confirm both of their status screens.
No one’s dead. But their stamina has decreased greatly.
At the moment, Atlas is at a slight disadvantage.


Atlas shakes back and forth as she picks herself off of the ground.
Fohl does the same.
And… Even though Fohl looks like he’s going to keel over, he stands his ground.
But Atlas begins falling forward…

“Atlas, it’s my win.” (Fohl)
“Not… yet.” (Atlas)

As she falls forward, Atlas kicks the ground strongly, and lifts herself up.

“This can’t be… I thought the best you would be able to do now was to stand.” (Fohl)
“Onii-sama… in a battle you have to win no matter what, will you just let yourself fall on the ground?” (Atlas)
“… No.” (Fohl)
“Then there’s only one thing I have to do. You’re the same, aren’t you?” (Atlas)
“… That’s right. This is the end.” (Fohl)

Fohl directs his shaking fist at Atlas.
His footing is a bit strange.
This is the end. There will be only one survivor… It really does seem like that, but they’ll be fine.
If someone were to die before the wave even hit, I would begin doubting the future…

Hmm? Ren’s started talking to me.

“Naofumi, look. You’re about to see why we think Atlas to be the stronger one.” (Ren)
“What do you mean?” (Naofumi)

I rarely ever see Atlas fighting seriously.
So I don’t know what’s about to happen. The others seem to be expecting it, though.

“Suu… Hah…” (Atlas)

Chi begins gathering around the girl.
Atlas’s wounds have healed slightly.

“Right, that girl recovers her stamina in battle. That’s why if you don’t beat her quickly, you become at a disadvantage the longer the battle runs.” (Ren)

Just how high are her combat abilities?
But Fohl’s similar. Just by adjusting his breathing, he seems to be regaining composture as well.


Atlas consecutively thrusts at her brother. Fohl also starts striking.
A bang rings out as the attacks hit their marks.

And… both of them stop moving.

I look over the quiet duo.
They both passed out while standing.
How convenient of a skill… just how much muscle do they have in their heads?

『I, the Hero of the Shield, who has understood the origin of power command. Let the truth once more be read forth, mend all that belongs to them. All Zveit Heal!』 (Naofumi)

I chant an AOE recovery spell, and heal their wounds.
The one who regained consciousness first was Fohl.

“Ha!? I was…” (Fohl)
“It was a draw. Both of you fainted.” (Naofumi)
“I see…” (Fohl)

Fohl picks up the yet-unconscious Atlas in a princess cradle.
This guy always holds her like that. Is that his fetish?
Not that it matters. I don’t think I’ll get a straight answer if I ask anyways.

“And? Will you leave her home?” (Naofumi)
“…” (Fohl)

Without giving an answer, Fohl started walking towards his house.
It’s not like he was acting out to spite me. For some reason, his face is warping. Is he… laughing?
What’s there for him to be happy about?
And he suddenly started spilling out words at me.

“I thank you for raising Atlas to be this strong. Thank you…” (Fohl)

The next day, Atlas and Fohl came to my place with bright smiles on their face. Apparently, Fohl approved of her participation in the Houou campaign.

“Are you sure?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, even if we leave her in the village, she’ll follow of her own accord. It’s best to watch her than to let her get hurt all by herself.” (Fohl)
“Is that how it works?” (Naofumi)
“Yep, that’s how it works. I just have to do my best to protect her. Nothing’s changed.” (Fohl)
“I see.” (Naofumi)

In the end, this boy’s still too soft on Atlas.
But I guess having their final showdown end in a draw makes leaving her home a bit difficult.
And I did use him as a dakimakura last night.


For some reason, he’s staring at me.
Don’t look at me like that. I don’t have such hobbies.


Today, I am once again rubbing a Raph to relieve stress.
Their feel truly is the best.
Recently, I’ve begun getting hooked on petting things like this.
It’s not like I’ve awakened to a love of animals or anything…
I didn’t even keep any animals in my old world.

“Um, Naofumi-sama, are you perhaps patting a Raph?” (Atlas)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
“Where’s Aneki?” (Fohl)
“She left for Melty’s place.” (Naofumi)
“Wait, you can’t go around petting those things when she isn’t here…” (Fohl)
“It’s better because she’s not here.” (Naofumi)

That’s why I’m petting it in secret.

“Hah?” (Fohl)

Fohl’s face has stiffened.
What’s his problem?

“Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)
“What?” (Naofumi)

What is this? I’m getting a really bad premonition.
I immediately turn to the direction Fohl was looking.
What I saw was the village’s usual scenery. Nothing was out of place.
… No one was there.

“Don’t startle me like that.” (Naofumi)
“O-okay…” (Fohl)

Hmm… I looked around again, but Raphtalia wasn’t there.
Did these siblings awaken to a sixth sense recently?
What are they staring at… I continued patting the Raph.

A while later, Raphtalia returned with a strange smile on her face.

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