Chapter 298: Journal of the Hero

Chapter 298: Journal of the Hero

We began browsing through the Houou reports inside of the castle.
There a couple of books documenting the damage caused by it.
Apparently, the number of casualties was nothing to laugh at.
As a last ditch resort, the Heroes were summoned, and Houou was sealed.

“Ren, Motoyasu, Itsuki, by your knowledge, where was Houou sealed?” (Naofumi)
“That mountain.” (Itsuki)

Itsuki looks out of the window, and indicates a mountain… It looks like a standard oriental mountain.
He points his finger at it.

“Yep, there.” (Ren)
“That’s right, Father-in-Law, there.” (Motoyasu)
“Fumu… in your games, how exactly was the seal broken?” (Naofumi)
“It was during a quest, right? It revived from the stone structure acting as its seal.”
“I see.” (Naofumi)

In the Spirit turtle’s case, the vibrations caused by the monster destroyed much of the murals depicting it.
But now, we can go through the information at our own leisure. How relaxing.

It’s a journal left behind by one of the Heroes that sealed it.
From summoning to challenging Houou, it has multiple volumes depicting scenes from the start of his life in this world, to his death… apparently.

It’s like that.
Using the wisdom of your ancestors.
Imitating some hero of old to beat or seal a monster.
I mean, school teaches us to act like great people long dead, right?

The journal detailed him being summoned, and chosen as the Seven Star Hero of the Gauntlet. It detailed his daily life of fighting.
I have no idea what his past world was like.
This report says nothing of VRMMOs or Espers. Is he from a world like mine or Motoyasu’s?
This kinda reads like a Web Novel, though it’s based on his real experience.

Something about beating up a guy who pissed him off. A majority of it was just about the guy bragging.
Quit talking about your Harem. That’s just disgusting.
I really don’t care about the touching scenes with your heroines.
His wife number 1 seems to be the princess present at his summoning, but mentioning princesses around us is like stepping on a landmine. The girl’s real name is included.

Including me, are all otherworlders like this?
Anyways, I tried to skim through it, but worried about missing crucial info, so I started reading it carefully.
When will I find something useful?
And wait, leaving something like this for the future generation, what was this guy thinking…?

Was it simply a diary?
I mean, it’s written in Japanese, so this world’s people can’t read it. That possibility exists.
That means that it might be highly dramatized.
At least, I don’t think the individual planned for anyone else to read it.
Otherwise, it would just be embarrassing.

Ren has a doubtful expression.
Motoyasu is… having Midori read it, and is playing with his three’s feathers.
Wait, Midori can read Japanese?
Itsuki is indifferently reading through it. But if he finds anything, I think he’ll speak up.
Just tell us about Houou already.

And… I read through each and every volume of it.
The only books missing are the ones pertaining to Houou, and the ones pertaining to the wave.
If only he depicted his strengthening methods, of how to class up, or something like that.

“Oy, the most important parts are missing.” (Naofumi)
“This is all the information we have on hand.” (Scholar)

Oy… why do they only have this set of thin books, with the necessary info omitted?
Did someone intentionally get rid of it?
I really want to complain to someone, but it is as it is. There was no useful information.

“… In the past, a war raged on this land. At that time, much of our information went up in flames.”
“The flame really was accurate in the information it swallowed.” (Naofumi)
“I-I’m sorry…”

The scholar apologizes as he reorganizes the reports, and looks over them.
Uwah… this is useless.
But it’s not like complaining will do anything.

“This is the last one. A single manuscript remained.”

I was handed a bundle of paper.
This is more of a stack of scraps than a book. What’s more, it’s full of holes.
Ah, it has a minimal description of Houou.

Houou’s goal is… to win… is prevented.
You cannot seal it during the last set of waves.
And to defeat it, you need to… both… or else…
Here is its attack pattern…

As expected, the writing was unable to withstand the ages. Much of it is impossible to decipher.
I mean, the above was the only thing I could figure out after consulting the rest of the Heroes.
For it to become illegible just before going into attack patterns, are they trying to insult me?
Who was it? Who was so negligent in taking care of this precious manuscript?

“Next is a mural left by the past heroes. Could you please look over that as well?” (Scholar)

Expecting murals like that in the Spirit Turtle’s city, we stepped into a temple that seemed to be a tourist attraction.

“The armies are lined up strangely.”

At the temple’s front gate, a structure slightly separated from the main body, I noticed a queue forming.
Some merchants are walking around and peddling to the line… When Houou is this close… Their commercial spirit is admirable.

“That is also an area we would like to have the Heroes check out later.”

So I won’t have to ask about it now.
What we need right now is information on our foe.
There’s a high probability that we’re the only ones who can understand what’s written on the mural.
It may just look like a strange pattern to those of this world, but to us, they should become letters.
Like with the Spirit Turtle.

And like that, we stepped into the building.
It appears that this truly was a tourist spot dedicated to the heroes. We continue walking through the stone structure.
The atmosphere feels heavy.
As we walk, our steps echo into the darkness.

A Buddhist priest-like person came to greet us… Even so, I see a few catholic priest-like people as well. What’s going on with this world’s religion?
Flickering candles light the dark temple.
The indie of it was decorated by several statues mimicking the beast.
The gloomy atmosphere only seemed to make me more nervous.

“And? Where’s the mural the heroes supposedly left?” (Naofumi)

On the wall were several works with old writing, and murals of what looked to be from the Mayan civilization. I can’t tell which one it’s supposed to be.
I feel like I’m being given a tour of a strange attraction rather than a monument.

“It’s this one.”

We were led to the deepest part of the temple, where we found a large… fresco.
But… It’s dark. I can’t see the whole picture.

“It’s dark. 「Faust Glow Fire」.”

The Queen lights the dark room.
What was before us truly was a depiction of Houou.
I don’t know if it was done by Heroes, but what’s shown are two large birds, surrounded by a sea of fire.

Just from its looks, I guess it attacks by using its wings, dropping fire, and using its claws.
The birds themselves seem to be like peafowls, with scales on their bodies.
Its tail feathers fanned out to form a… fish-like tail?
It wasn’t red, but a collage of various colors. It was quite different from what I imagined.
One stayed in the center displaying its vibrant colors, while the other circled around it with opposing colors.

But perhaps due to its age, the damage to the mural is severe.
It seems that it’s been preserved well, though.
Its method of attacks were made apparent by the mural.

The first bird would fly to a high altitude, and bombard the ground below with magic and fire. The second would fly low, and attack with claws, and breaths of flame. They coordinated attacks like that.
Of course, this could just be a work of fiction, or an over dramatization. But that’s what was shown.

“It sure has some troublesome attacks.”

It clothes everything around it in flames, and turns the scorched corpses into zombies…
The Spirit Turtle had a similar ability.
Also, the feathers that are produced from its wings can give birth to familiars.

Just how versatile is this monster?
But based on its depiction, and comparing it to the buildings in the background, I don’t think it’s as big as the Spirit Turtle.
Though it probably is of considerable size.

One was slightly bigger that parent Gaelion pre-mortem.
And we have to fight two.

“Ren, was you Houou similar?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, mostly… But it didn’t have a breath attack.” (Ren)
“There are a few attacks I don’t know of as well. Mine never used its wings to stir up wind. But this one seems to create whirlwinds, and summon tornadoes.” (Itsuki)
“Father-in-Law, the ability I don’t know of is its ability to summon familiars.” (Motoyasu)

So the games were different from reality.
Even so, I think this every time, but why are all the depictions and the other hero’s information full of holes?
They have half-assed info, but with that, it seems anyone would make the mistake.
If I had information like them, perhaps I would have mistakenly challenged the Spirit Turtle as well.

…? Something’s bugging me, but… I can’t tell what it is.
It’s like something’s stuck in my throat.
But it feels like the sort of thing I won’t figure out if I keep thinking about it.

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  1. aristo999999999 says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter


  2. Caim says:

    Did anyone ever take the time to consider that when the 4 Saint Heroes are summoned….maybe on occassion, one of them appears WITHOUT a weapon? Or more then 4 people appear? I mean what if one more person appeared with Naofumi and the group at the beginning. Obviously the person would be considered of most likely, a very high importance, being summoned with the 4 Holy Heroes, but bearing no weapon? Maybe that would qualify them to be a 7 Star Hero also?


    • Wizard says:

      he would be the Human hero

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    • David says:

      Go read konjiki no word master
      It’s pretty much what you just described in another story

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    • Crimsonwind says:

      also has anyone consider that maybe the games that the other three heroes bow spear and sword may be the same game but the person who created it in their world only use some of the information present. i mean is it possible that say someone of the current heroes went back to their world to a point in time where their timelines were at first one and because of random events the time lines split similar to stein’s gate. may it explans why every one knows about the world but are all missing information because of who gotten ahold of these records in their respective timelines causing everything to be similar but different. it’s just a theory a web novel theory


    • kvgoodkairuguddoin says:

      Konjiki no Wordmaster. You described it almost exactly. xD


    • diko1st says:

      One Punch Hero .~.


  3. Rama says:



  4. metable says:

    The indie of it was decorated -> The inside of it was decorated

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Void says:

    What if some of the previous heroes, went back to their world and made the game motoyasu, ren, and itsuki played as a warning


  6. JcGonz24 says:

    Thanks for this chapter.

    I really am curious now as to which game/story is Naofumi using as reference for this world.


  7. Mario says:

    Wahahaha, finally…
    To does who know me, they know i like making Theories, predictions and other things since the old times with Bakahou, God saves Bakahou. Well i was doing does things and was fun, but this one is my Master Piece. I need to say pretty much things so i am going to narrate a little and make things interesting, after that i am going to make an analysis, because i need to make things clear. It´s awesome. Let´s beggin:

    Heroes Vol.1
    Part 1
    Once upon a time existed a fantasy world. This world was awesome, but like all the worlds had problems…but thanks to their knowledge and magic they create a solution…let´s summon heroes.
    The heroes were awesome and were able to help people, but with all those summons that world became unstable…now the heroes were used for war. An apparently never ending war with other world.

    Part 2
    The heroes were of all kinds: smart ones, stupid ones, genius, bad or good. Until one hero appeared, someone who was better than any other (well that´s my opinion), the hero of the Shield, Naofumi. And he had a very good temper.
    He made everything he could to stop the war between worlds. And since the rulers from the other world wanted peace too. The two world became peacefull after solving four or five things.
    The rulers of that world wanted to made Naofumi to take their daughter as wife…she was a loli at first, but sudenly she grow up and become a beautifull woman and life was good. But with time they understand…two worlds in one was difficult and with the actual tecnology of that world was even more. Naofumi made a decision: “i need to go back to my world that way i can think in a solution”. That way he, his wife and other people traveled to his original world.

    Part 3
    There Naofumi began experimentation and though about something similar to the world, that was his objective. Since Naofumi was summoned for a book, he study the book and the magic of the other world…he did not wanted to made the same mistake and call other dimension like the “wave”…after working for years he saw the light.
    He made a game, a demo game…Naofumi´s character made him put it together with an ero game. The game somehow became popular and Otaku and Raiju play it equally, but suddenly something happened, a guy who was murdered just desapeared. The girls who did it went to a mental hospital, apparently the game was corrupted and made people with to much contact with the game go temporarily insane…after investigations Naofumi undertood who made it that way…that person was arrested, but since he was rich, he did not go to jail instantly (i believe that person was the owner/programmer of the ero game).

    Part 4
    After various years of work Naofumi completed the proyect…the person who became his enemy in this world began a legal fight over the rights of the game…finally that person buyed the game rights, since he was millionaire it was possible and wasted all his fortune to have all the game to himself…he knew about the other world and wanted to go like he believe the other guy who was murdered went…one day he dissapered.
    Naofumi did not like that, but thanks to that he understood travel to other worlds was possible this way.
    Various years later Naofumi made Virtual Reality, somehow Naofumi regained the game, he needed to change the name for legal problems, but was more or less easy and started one more time his experiments, after various trials nothing happened and the game was just apparently a game, but then something happened…a man tried to kill all the people who were playing the virtual game…but Naofumi for the last incident was more cautious (the millonaire) and stop him in time…the people were not killed, but something happened to them….the same day the police arrested the guy, but before that a girl claimed he killed her friend and he suddenly dissapered.

    Part 5
    With time people started to use psychic abilities. Naofumi believed it was actually magic from the other world, he was now near his objective, but 30 years already passed..Someday Naofumi heard about another dissapearance, it was a psychic boy E class…Since Naofumi was close to his obective, he finally undertood what was happening…

    Witch Vol. 2
    Part 1
    The criminal/millionare/scum use all his knowledge to made things happen and somehow…first he has no body, but with time he understood he could made his own body…he become God… he reborn in a baby girl a princess…
    For what he heard before, she understood she time traveled to the world where Naofumi became hero and she was a princess…in front of her was a hero knelling…
    Things were fun, really fun things happened to her when she play the part of princess/companion of the strong hero…with time she memorized her roll and made things go as she pleased…the body was different, the contry was different, the hero was different, but she was still herself, so everything was right…sometimes appear a hero with to much virtue in those cases she just use another hero, after of course destroying the previous one.
    “With time the families of my heroes made a contry…for some reason their blood sense my existence, is not good for me to be with them and they are insane”, she conclude. “Even so, this is fun”

    Part 2
    Witch began a new life again, in fron of her was another hero like always, but this time the hero was…”a hero of shield…that guy was a hero of a shield too, right?, i don´t even remember his name anymore”
    That hero of the Shield almost beat her…he made strange creatures who were named “Filorials” and other things who were not of her preference…peace between demi-humans became possible.
    (I do not know if he create Demi-humans i think is possible, but now i know Bitch did not create humans, so i droped my standars for the hero of the Shield too)…he or other hero of the shield also made the tiger clan more powerfull…”is he him?”
    “I died somehow, but i am just going to reborn again, but first…” After that Witch began something that was already here and there: “The three heroes church” a religion who was basicaly against the hero of the Shield. “That is good, but i need something else, how about…” Since she was a Goddess she created conflict in the other world too (basically the wave) Thanks to that the peacefull lider lose throne and a fierce battle with the wave began.

    Now in front of her were 4 heroes and one is the Hero of the Shield, Naofumi.
    “I am not going to lose to you Shield”
    END—is going to continue in Chapter 1

    Sorry for my english, this one was large so i feel like i need to apologise. Basically all this is what i can deduce…basically all the story, right? hahaha. For levels i guess, this is level S for me, so i can be wrong here and there, but is very very interesting, right?
    Of course i can explain everything.
    All this just for an extra data that i read in this chapter, amazing.

    Extra Prediction “L” is alive…of course i can explaine it too….no, he is not a coward. Hahaha


      • Mario says:

        Haha, sorry, but it´s interesting give it a try if you can.


        • canaria23 says:

          ugh… no comment… it’ll be a spoiler if say anything… haah…


        • Mario says:

          Ok, i feel more or less recovered already…now analysis:
          Heroes Vol.1
          Part 1: It was not a theory or a prediction it was more an invention i guess, sorry.
          Part 2: This one is part theory part prediction. Of course i was talking about Raphtalia, so i guess she is a princess, they were fated after all, haha.
          Part 3: He was carefull, but Naofumi began to use the same power/magic of the book. People/Tecnology was his aim. But he was naive and someone was annoying…i think Witch was first a dude…it was an eroge after all. “See Chapter Vol.1 for details”. Motoyasu was killed for his harem and of course Witch was at fault.
          Part 4: Well, Witch basically understood what was happening and since the eroge sell well he/she became millionare (he being millionare because of this a theorie, though), he was arrested (house-arrest) for the incident of Motoyasu being killed…so basically wanted to be free.Virtual Reality began…Ren is killed for someone who can be or not Witch again…Ren and (only if is Witch) the killer Dissapear. After that everyone obtain psychic powers. (Basically the secret ending of the first season of Log Horizon: the MC want to transport all the world)
          Part 5: Itsuki dissapear and Naofumi began to understand this is a paradox with a touch of multi-dimensional thing…what? he definitely can understand this. Just to be sure i am going to say it > Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki, also Naofumi are from the same world and they are not from different dimensions.

          Witch Vol.2
          Part 1: He/She (Witch) became god in the other world and do things for fun…that was not good for that world…she reborn various times and was annoying (see this chapter for information)
          Part 2: The hero of the Shield appear, but i am not sure if he is Naofumi, maybe he is him, but i do not have proof other than the fate thing the author say when Naofumi appear before Atlas. The only thing i know is that him was awesome, at least enought to made Witch worry…if this Shield is actually Naofumi then that means the Shield has an extra power and that made him various people in one…that makes the multi-dimension thing more stable (i never washed doctor who in my life…but i guess is something like that)…I think she battle with one or two heroes of the shield, before this Naofumi.
          Witch do things to stop the next shield hero: The Three Hero Church and she made things that made the father and mother of Raphtalia leave the other world, even if her father was the king or something…Sadina go with them.

          Well, at least is less than the other one.

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    • Chansmart says:

      Whaat ???


    • canaria23 says:

      for people who wants some spoilers go read the Christmas of the shield hero arc… haah… also if you’re gonna post some predictions that place might be safe. maybe?


    • XClair says:

      I’m kinda confused. Are you actually giving us the spoilers on what happened with the other world Naofumi?


      • XClair says:

        Never mind, I see it’s all just a theory. But I think there’s a little mistake in your part in the timeline. It lies with the supposedly first murder (spear hero). by what I read with their information, Itsuki’s story (bow hero) was the one that explains how this millionare had purchased the rights and disappeared.


        • Mario says:

          But that was 30 years after someone making the game and they have powers, Itsuki just read it on Internet and made an explanation. Motoyasu was basically the first lab rat (haha, Rat)…and that is why even if he was a Raiju it was not important for him since it was a popular demo. Ren does not know about powers because he died before. That means Itsuki is the last in time. For Motoyasu was the latest and cool game. For Ren was just the plataform, but not the game the latest, and for Itsuki it was so old the he just play it in other plataform 30 years later(i need to say Virtual Reality maybe does not exist anymore after Ren´s insident…they have powers thanks to that, they are not going to risk them just for VR)
          Even so i am not sure if Witch dissapeared with Ren or before that but after Motoyasus´s case.
          Itsuki is out of the question.

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    • frithz says:

      thanks for sharing your thoughts, i am aware that this is not a spoiler, its just your theories or prediction i suppose.


  8. leoid says:

    “Ren, was you Houou similar?” (Naofumi)


  9. zbrosdivz says:

    thanks for the chapter!ª


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  11. ex-wow player says:

    Alysrazor boss in WoW from fire lands anyone?, Dropped feather, fiery tornadoes, attacks dropping down fire, fly’s down and tries to claw…. sounds like it fits the bill just right.


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