Chapter 300: A Seven Star Weapon

Chapter 300: A Seven Star Weapon

After that, we started training based on our assumptions of Houou.

“Why does Firo have to cooperate with Gaelion…?” (Firo)

With a frankly reluctant face, Firo complains. But following my orders, she flaps her wings, and releases fake attacks.
She’s responsible for the lower altitude one.
The real one should be much bigger, but this is just practice, so there’s no helping it.


Gaelion is happily flying at a high altitude. He deployed a complicated magic aria to seal the other Gaelion. Of course, he’s emulating the higher one’s magic bombardments from above.
When I asked Adult Gaelion later, the younger was overly happy at being asked a favor by me.

“As I thought, there’s a problem with dealing with the higher one’s attacks.” (Itsuki)

After training ended, Itsuki stated as such.

“I see.” (Nafoumi)

When sparring with Firo, and the other Flying Dragons that took on the role of the lower ones, we concentrated too much on avoiding their attacks, and not those of the higher foe.
Of course, since the real one has the resolve to blow itself up, its attacks should be more vicious.

… I ride on Firo’s back, to get a sense of Houou’s field of vision.
If I deploy my Meteor Shield, I should be able to block out the weaker attack. Deploying Float Shields should create good footholds too.
Ren is the vanguard this time. Since Firo or Gaelion might get injured if he were serious, he’s holding back.

Getting back to the previuos conversation, regulating the damage on the higher seems difficult.
Itsuki’s arrows are able to hit anything, so he does have an advantage, though.
He’s also holding back, so Gaelion can intercept the arrows, but I wonder what would happen if he were serious…

Rishia’s also using her throwing weapon.
That’s fine, but the problem is everyone else.
Motoyasu is using multiple long-range skills, but his accuracy is nowhere near Itsuki’s.
Houou seems large, so perhaps that won’t be that large of a problem.

But the Army is the one with the greater problem.
Their bow and magic attacks are weaker than I thought they would be. I’m not sure if I should say it, but I don’t think they’ll contribute too much.
The slaves I have that are skilled in magic have paid their squads a visit, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to use them well.

Sadina and the Queen have ordered them to use long-range support magic. The orca’s good at Choral Magic, and group synthesis magic for some reason. The Queen is the same. When someone skilled at it leads it, the output really increases.
Since we’re landlocked, Sadina’s power output has decreased… but still, I’d like her on the front lines.

But I was worried about the back line’s power, so I assigned her there.
We’re just practicing based on assumptions, but the damage on the lower one always turns out too high, and I don’t have the confidence that we can take them out at the same time.

Of course, if it were an enemy that the Heroes and their companions could beat alone, then we wouldn’t have to prepare to this extent.
But caution is important, so we should prepare whatever we can. If it’s stronger than our assumptions, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to deal with it.
If that were the case I would have no idea what to do.
I hope we’ll be able to beat it alone. However, if that’s not the case, we need to prepare for that too.

… I’m not placing much expectations on the allied army.
It’s good that they’re dabbling in a few things to get stronger. The problem is if they get conceited, and bite back at us.
If we just mildly regulate them, they may become like Itsuki’s subordinates.
That’s a troublesome problem.

The training finished, and night came.
I took the slaves from my village, and brought them to the temple with the Seven Star Gauntlet.

“Hmm… So this is the Seven Star Gauntlet, Nii-chan?” (Kiel)

Kiel seems somewhat excited as she gazes at the glove in the stone.

“Apparently.” (Naofumi)
“There was a long line of people here during the day.” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia was watching as well?
People who want to be heroes exist in all worlds, I guess.
I mean, everyone loves them. And right here’s a convenient sword in a stone.
Of course, I won’t say I hate such situations either.

“Will you challenge it too, Raphtalia?” (Naofumi)
“If that reduces the burden on Naofumi-sama from the world, then I’ll happily do it.” (Raphtalia)
“Right…” (Naofumi)

I don’t really want to see the sword-wielding Raphtalia beat up monsters with her fists, though. It would make me feel quite uncomfortable.

“Even if you’re chosen, can you fight? Your weapon will deviate from your specialty.” (Naofumi)

But as I said it, I remembered.
Hengen Musou doesn’t have a specified weapon.

“Yes, I think I will be fine.” (Raphtalia)
“I sense a power like the one from Naofumi-sama’s Shield.” (Atlas)

Both Atlas and Fohl are facing the weapon as well.
These two are my top choices, for obvious reasons.
Out of the slaves, they have the highest probability of being chosen.

“I see. Then I guess it’s real.” (Naofumi)

If it’s just an objet d’art, I pity those who have tried for it.
They depressed themselves over nothing.
But shouting something like, ‘This piece of trash didn’t select me, it must be a fake!’ would be futile regardless.

“Anyways, to let you guys try your hands at it, I got a slot at night, when it’s usually sealed. Everyone should try it.” (Naofumi)
“Yes!” (Slaves)

At least their responses are energetic.
I’m not expecting much.

“Then let’s start with Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
“Me!?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)

I get the feeling that Grappler Raphtalia would be a sight to see, but I kinda don’t want to see it, but still…
It’s that. She can use her illusion magic to create afterimages.
And maybe she’ll be able to shoot beams out of her fists.
Wait, Atlas and Fohl are already doing similar things.

“What about Firo?” (Firo)
“If you think you can fight with gloves, then try your hand at it.” (Naofumi)

She basically fights with kicks.
Will she stay in human form, and pummel the crap out of her enemies?
… That actually seems likely. It’s quite scary.
At the moment, Midori is the only Filo Rial that fights in Human form. He swings an axe.

“I’ll try~” (Firo)

The slaves started forming a line.
By the way, Ren, Itsuki and Rishia are already resting in the Inn.
Motoyasu arbitrarily followed us. No, he arbitrarily followed Firo.

“Now then, everyone form an orderly line~” (Sadina)

… Sadina’s really acting like these slave’s parents.
If a harpoon user like her got selected, how would she fight?
She does look kinda like a fighter, but something’s off.
I get the feeling she would appear on the figher training game.

“Gauntlets, is it…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia touches the gloves, and try to pull them out of the wall.
But the gauntlets show no change.
If someone gets selected, I expect a flashy light show, or something of the sort.
Do you have to defeat a powerful guardian monster to get accepted by it?
Eventually, Raphtalia gives up, and returns to me.

“It’s not possible for me.” (Raphtalia)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
“Firo’s turn!” (Firo)

Next was Firo, but the gauntlets didn’t react to her either.
She tries to pull the gloves out of the stone with all of her might.
Hey, don’t transform. Don’t use your feet. The stone will be the one breaking.
Luckily, nothing moved at all.

“They won’t summon a Hero for it in times like this?” (Naofumi)

I posed this question to the Queen. Why doesn’t this weapon have a weilder yet?
I heard before that because the world was experiencing such a calamity, the four heroes were summoned at once.
That means it isn’t strange for them to summon another to be the Hero of the Gauntlet either.
It seems that besides the Gauntlet, the other seven are already gathered.
So summoning another otherworlder doesn’t sound that bad of an option.
Though I’m worried that a harem bastard like the one who wrote that journal may be summoned.

“It appears that they performed the ritual to summon one again and again, but the results were none to favorable.” (Queen)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

The Last of the Seven Stars. The weapon that won’t call anyone from another world.
But its criteria for selection should be looser than that of the four.
The four apparently have to be otherworlders, but the Seven can be selected from this world as well. What’s more, they can be otherworlders as well.

“Ah, right. I have absolutely no idea what sort of weapons the Seven Star Weapons are.” (Naofumi)
“Is that so? I was sure Melty told you already.” (Queen)

Nope, didn’t hear anything from her.
She seemed to think that four heroes was enough. I’m not sure she had any interest in the seven.
I’ve only really talked to her about the village’s management, Filo Rials, peddling, and other business matters as of late.
She’s a kid. She needs to dream more.
No, have her dreams already been fulfilled?
She’s friends with the Filo Rial queens, Fitoria and Firo.

“Gloves are weapons… right? In the beginning, I had to beat up monsters with my fist, so I kinda understand.” (Naofumi)
“You sure did that…” (Raphtalia)

When Raphtalia became my slave, I mostly did that to relieve stress.

“The Gauntlets are closer to your Shield, Iwatani-sama. If I had to say, they are a Seven Star Weapon that focuses on defense.” (Queen)
“I see.” (Naofumi)

My Shield does have something on its back that covers my hand.
I think the categories are overlapping here. What does this mean?
It’s like my Frisbee Shield, and Rishia’s strange weapon.
By the way, Rishia can produce a throwing spear like Motoyasu’s.

“On the contrary, a Hero of the Claw also exists, you know.” (Queen)
“… Oy, oy, oy.” (Naofumi)

Aren’t those pretty much the same?
Please tell me the difference between a Gauntlet and a claw.
I really wanted to shout out, but I endured it.
… For now, let’s ask about the Seven Stars as a whole

“What weapons are there among the Seven Star Weapons?” (Naofumi)
“That’s right. I guess I should start from there.” (Queen)

The Queen began speaking in detail about the Seven Stars..

“First is the Cane.” (Queen)

The one in Trash’s possession.
For the Queen to start with this, I guess she still does care about the man.
Wait, when I first met him, perhaps he was holding something like that.

Trash is… I look around. He’s sitting in a corner, silently staring.
Who is he looking at?
I thought it would be Atlas, but his gaze is off.
… Why is he staring at Fohl?

“Iwatani-sama?” (Queen)
“A-ah, please continue.” (NAofumi)
“Next is the Hammer, the Projectile, the Gauntlets, the Claws, the Axe, and the Whip.” (Queen)

It’s a peculiar line up.
But the Four Heroes took the basics, so I guess the rest is a mismatched potpourri.
Especially the last one.

“Whip…” (Naofumi)

That’s quite a strange weapon.
Where would you attach the Gem?
The Handle?
It may be strange for the Shield to be saying this, but it sounds a little weak.
But in a game I know of, it’s the strongest weapon. (TL: Perhaps Castlevania)

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