Chapter 308: Kirin

Chapter 308: Kirin

After returning to the village by Portal, we immediately set out for Faubley.

“Firo’s carriage…”
“We had to leave it. There’s no helping it.”

I can’t warp while taking something of that size along.
So Firo will have to use one of the cheap carriages in the village.
One of the other Filo Rials will carry her’s back to the village later.

“Let’s do our best.”

I took whoever had high combat abilities with me.
The heroes were a given, and Fohl was included in that category now.
Raphtalia, Firo, Rishia, Kiel, Sadina, Taniko, Gaelion, and that Granny, whose combat experience is high (She apparently performed quite a bit in the previous battle, but I never saw it). Motoyasu’s three, and Female Knight were also brought along.
There’s also the Queen, and Trash. I don’t care about the latter, but the Queen will be useful in negotiating with their government.

“What sort of enemy is Kirin?” (Naofumi)
“I have knowledge of it from the game, but I can’t guarantee its accuracy….” (Ren)

Right… Ren’s right.
In the Houou battle, everyone’s info differed, and the real one was also different from all of them.

“Do you know anything, Queen?” (Naofumi)
“The tales describing Kirin? I’m knowledgeable of the legends, but… was it supposed to be in Faubley…?” (Queen)
“It wasn’t?”

The Queen is a lover of legends, right? At least from what I’ve seen.
Why doesn’t she know about it?
Perhaps the country of Faubley intentionally concealed the fact. It’s possible.
It’s a country made of the blood of Heroes.
There’s no way they didn’t know.

“Faubley’s gone through a long period of political upheaval, so I can’t deny the possibility of the information dying out. They also claim to be investigating the four beasts, so you may find something in their large national library.” (Queen)

National Library. I believe Melty was able to remember a bit of info from a book, but what book was it?
Ah, there were a lot of Seven Stars in Faubley, right?
I may end up fighting alongside them here.

… There may be the person who caused the incident mixed in as well.
If I find them out by how they attack, I may end up killing thme.
What’s more, if there are Seven Star Heroes summoned from another world, I may be able to ask it from them.
Not that I’m expecting anything great.

Our carriages proceeded at full speed, but…
The time came, and the hourglass in my vision enlarged.

This time, it displayed a 『9』.

But that doesn’t really matter.
The problem is what came afterwards.

I guess it was after about an hour.
Firo was surpassing her limits, and running at breakneck speed. We were storming down the streets of the country neighboring Faubley.
Suddenly… the number vanished.
I stopped the carriage, and called out to the Queen, and the heroes.

“What’s this about?” (Naofumi)
“What happened?” (Queen)
“Yeah, the hourglass vanished. As if the beast had already been defeated.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi, mine’s gone too.” (Ren)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

Faubley has their own heroes.
So it’s not impossible.
How many of them are there right now?
Um… Trash and Fohl are Seven Stars… what about Rishia?

Unlike Fohl’s, hers has settled into a translucent state.
I really don’t think it’s a Legendary Weapon, so what exactly is it?

Anyways, there are five more of the Seven Stars, so it’s not that strange if they were able to beat Kirin.
Then why would people with that sort of power refrain from participating in the Houou battle? It’s strange no matter how you look at it.

“Queen, does Faubley have all of the other Seven Star Heroes?” (Naofumi)
“I’ve heard that five of them mainly operate from their lands. Of course, they also visit other countries.” (Queen)

So Faubley has all of the rest.
And Trash and the Four Summoned are centered in Melromark.
It appears we were equal in numbers.

There’s someone among them that I can never forgive.
The enemies summoned in the wave… It’s possible that someone like Glass appeared there as well.
If that’s the case, they might be trying to get the Heroes to kill each other.
But I won’t stand by false charges.
I’ll deliver retribution unto the true culprit.

There’s one large problem.

The number on the blue hourglass is gone.
No, the blue hourglass Icon itself is gone.
In its place is the normal Red Hourglass, counting down time to the next wave.

One Week.

It’s certain that something defeated the wave, be it the Seven Star Heroes, or something else. Then where did Ouryuu go?
I turn my eyes to Gaelion.

“KYUA!” (Gaelion)

Taniko’s cuddling with him.
I want to somehow call true Gaelion out, but…
From the start, he doesn’t come out before Ren or Taniko.

… Kirin’s gone. Ouryuu’s left.
Even if he is set to appear, I have no idea where it’ll be.
It would be troublesome if he appeared with little warning like this time.
I need to ask for the location.

“Ren, Itsuki, Motoyasu, where does Ouryuu revive?” (Naofumi)
“Over there.” (Ren)
“Here.” (Itsuki)
“That way, Father-in-Law.” (Motoyasu)

They each point in different directions altogether.
They’re all over the place…
We can’t determine its location. I never expected this.

“I-it seems we don’t know Ouryuu’s location.” (Ren)

Ren seems to be bewildered.
I mean, everyone’s disagreeing here.

There’s no choice.
We’ll put Ouryuu off ‘til later. I’ll get what I can from Gaelion.

“I’m going to ride Gaelion, and observe Faubley’s situation from the sky.” (Naofumi)
“What about Firo?” (Firo)
“You can come along if you want. Along with Gaelion.” (Naofumi)

Perhaps that was a bit forced. But since Ren and Taniko are with us, we’ll have to fly up high to speak.
Taniko tries to get on him, but Gaelion rejects her, and begins beating his wings.
I straddle Firo, and we lift off.

“… And? Tell me everything you know about Ouryuu.” (Naofumi)
“Sorry. I know nothing.” (Gaelion)

I look towards Faubley from up high.
I see something like a speck in the distance… Is that it?
I can’t tell what’s going down there.

“So you aren’t the dragon?” (Naofumi)
“It may be an assimilation of the Dragon Emperor cores…” (Gaelion)

Fumu… because Ouryuu’s seal isn’t breaking, the blue hourglass didn’t appear. Can I look at it like that?

After I conversed with Gaelion, we stopped by a small country.
To easily cross Faubley’s border, the Queen stopped by the castle of said country, and came out quickly.

“Iwatani-sama, I have found out what became of Kirin.” (Queen)

Well, it’s not like I didn’t hear any gossip on the city’s streets, but hearing the Queen’s, and Shadow’s information is for the best.

“The Heroes in Faubley led the army, and managed to subjugate it. The damage caused was 0. Absolutely none.” (Queen)
“I see… that’s good.”

Still, the one who killed off Atlas, and our armies may be there.
Just by thinking that, I feel I need to get there immediately, and make him taste the same, no an even greater pain than that he inflicted on Atlas.

“And? How many of their Seven Star Heroes participated?” (Naofumi)
“That’s the strange thing. Apparently, it was only one.” (Queen)
“One…?” (Naofumi)

One, is it? There seems to be a capable person among them.
But what the hell were the other heroes doing?
They didn’t even go help out with Houou. They didn’t fight the Kirin that appeared right next to them.
It’s as if they’re useless.

“We’re still going to confirm the truth. For Atlas, and the other’s sake as well.” (Naofumi)
“I understand. I’ve already sent messengers ahead to grant us an audience with Faubley immediately.” (Queen)

On the Queen’s orders, the country we stopped in sent messengers to Faubley.
They were on flying dragons, so they shouldn’t take long.
The problem is if we’re setting out yet or not…

“Should we rush there?” (Queen)
“Fue…” (Firo)

Firo’s collapsed on her own carriage.
She’s just fought a series of battles.
Though she claims she’s fine, she must be pushing herself.
We should rest, if only for a bit.
I bet Faubley will take a while to gather their Heroes as well, so we should rest when we have the chance.

“No, let’s rest, and recover our strength.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Queen)

Like that, the third of the four beasts was defeated, and the wave’s hourglass turned red once more.

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  1. lygarx says:

    Well even if the light novel is licensed, the web novel is still fair game. In about two years, we may get an anime.

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  2. Jay says:

    What?! Tate no yuusha is abandoned?! Please tell me this is an early april fool! Seriously abandoned? Btw, what i mean is abandoned in baka tsuki


  3. Motoyasu Fan says:

    Please don’t abandon this.. would take years or decades for the translations to catch up and even that is only if they did not give up because of low ratings.. aw.. mo-chan…


    • That Guy says:

      I just want to hear yoraikun say that because baka tsuki is being dumb and that the light (illustrated) version of shieldbro is licensed doesn’t affect whether or not the translations of the web (all text) version will continue before I reach the stage of full blown panic.


      • kampmichi says:

        We had this discussion a few chapters ago.
        Yoraikun will keep translating. Go back a 2-4 chapters and there he will state it himself in the comments and at least as the overhead to one of the chapters.

        So … no worrys.



    Bahahaha no money and It would take forever for them to translate this far.


  5. Notice Me Senpai says:

    please dont stop translating this T_T
    your translation is the reason i wake up in the morning


    • xyabaix says:

      Tate no Yuusha no Narigari is being licensed, yes! And I’m sure Yora-kun won’t stop translating, this is the WN or the LN.


  6. kingk says:

    Well even if this is abandoned I already have good knowledge on how it ends just due to how the story is going plus their are other novels set in the relatively same setting with MCs that are cynical or realistic in thinking zhan long has a realistic thinking MC, wordmaster has a cynical MC both are good and still in their early stages well zhan long is, wordmaster I never bothered to see when it ends


  7. Matahari says:

    Sory for my bad english , i dont understand … Why baka tsuki abandon tate no yuusha because the LN got licensed . Everybody know that LN and WN is different
    And what bakatsuki doing is translating WN not LN

    I hope yoraikun continue to translate the WN
    And thx for ur hardwork


    • Rama says:

      Because baka tsuki dont want to take the blame of piracy, eventhough the translation use the raw WN version.


      • Hi says:

        The idea is that since there is going to be a translated version available to us, there is no need for the translations. Granted, Baka-Tsuki only has the web novel available, which is different from the light novel, but only in the respect that it is much more readily available for people to translate than the light novel. There are only slight differences between the story lines of the web novel and the light novel (not accounting for the new bits of plot added). On top of all of this, if the web novel were to be continued to be translated, it might affect sales negatively, and thus harm the author. So, that’s a fair reason in my opinion as to why they would do this.

        ….But I’m still so sad that it happened now T^T The translated web novels just got to a great great point in the story line and i just want more T^T


  8. Subsinexus says:

    Don’t know about you guys, but I’m downloading every single ‘full text’ page to my computer here and now, as a ‘noah’s ark’, just in case the worst comes to pass.


  9. Raiden says:

    anyone know where i can find untranslated versions? so i can try to use shity machine translators and just deal with that. Worst morning ever. sigh?


    • Yoraikun says:

      Me? I’m still translating, you know.

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      • Yabaibunni says:

        And it’s confirmed


      • Motoyasu Fan says:

        woohooo!!! now i can sleep better. it’s 12:13 pm :)


      • momfumi says:

        So its just baka tsuki that is shuting down the project?


        • Yoraikun says:

          I’ve said it again and again. I have no relation to baka-tsuki

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        • momfumi says:

          Just calming down by mind by asking even trought i know.


        • Exa says:

          If Yoraikun ever get a DMCA notice, that means they don’t know how to differentiate between Light Novel and Web Novel. I would like to sue them for being retards if they ever do it. They only have license for LN but not the WN which makes a big difference and we have been reading the web novel version since the beginning. I would bet that they have been licensing every single LN that have lots of readers. I’m willing to bet they gonna get a license for KnW, K&M, and Overlord in the future. Sooner or later, Yen Press gonna make a lot of enemies for making people stuck at cliffhanger for years. Do you want to be stuck at cliffhanger for years? I do not. I am not waiting for 2 or 3 years to read the next part. It’s suicidal for me.


        • Alva says:

          Never read anything from them, but One peace books seems to have licensed it, they said they will release vol 1 in September and vol 2 the following month.


        • theperson084 says:

          Yoraikun, I think you should put that in the FAQ


        • scowly says:

          I guarantee you Yen Press and One Peace check Baka-tsuki to see what series has the biggest fan bases before they go out and licences it, they’re a bunch of rats. Worst part is, if they don’t get as much money as they thought they would, they end up dropping it and then we end up getting the short end of the stick.


        • Exa says:

          scowly, it not just BT, they directly check a translator’s website.


      • Yassin says:

        Thank you very much I really thought it would stop forever and I will never continue reading the story.


        • Anipaper says:

          Yes! Thank you yoraikun!

          But how come that although the bakatsuki page says that it will be taken down, it is still available?
          Not that I’m complaining.


      • 阮鄧雄心 says:

        If I were a girl I’d gladly have your babies.


      • Raiden says:

        oh! thank you kami sama. I thought oh kami sama im. I cant hold back my tears..


      • moesin says:

        And this made my day ty =)


      • Kalil says:

        thanks youraikun


      • Nub says:

        Thank you Sir! :D I read the abandonment and got scared Q-Q


      • SilverDragon says:

        Whew well thats a load off the mind, think i had one of those on the knees “nooooooooo!” moments thinking the translations would stop so close to the end, thanks for all the good work mate, will the translations continue to be posted here or elsewhere?


  10. Help save Tate no Yuusha! says:

    This is important, people. If you don’t want to see Tate no Yuusha removed from baka-tsuki, go to this page:

    And add your comment in the ‘shameless grovelling section’ at the bottom! I want at least one full page of ass-kissing!


  11. Corey says:

    Just visited Baka tsuki, the site said sheild hero has been abandoned. T.T does this mean you are abandoning it too?


    • odyssey says:

      yea good question. I mean I can understand (hate the reason tho) why you would abandon the series if you were translating the LN now that its being released in English but does a WN fall under the same scrutiny? I mean arnt WN for the most part free?


    • Ninjalucky says:

      Start reading the few comments posted above yours. You will see your answer.


      • odyssey says:

        no meant from a legal stand point jesh. If a LN gets licensed if translators like yoraikun would be slapped with a Cease and desist order. But since yoraikun translates the WN which are free(right?) then he’s in the clear right? that’s what I am fracking asking ninjalucky


        • Exa says:

          He’s in the clear. If they ever dare to slap him with such order, first thing first they need to learn the difference between LN and WN and second… I would like them to go ask the author, “Why you no take down the WN version? It’s a hindrance.”. By slapping WN translators with the cease and desist order, it makes it very clear that they saw WN translators as a hindrance, obstacle, and etc. Tbh, as a WN translator, its better if they host their translations in their own website instead of BT because of their pain in the ass rules which starting to make no sense. For LN translator, once the LN have been licensed, either stop or go private. Doing public translation without getting permission after all, is risky.


        • odyssey says:

          yea its like with mangas as well that why sites like mangastream only allow the 3 most current issues of a series to walk that fine line. Sites that host a complete series runs the risk of a C&D even more so if the series is being released in English/other language. But in a way sites like Baka-tsuki licensing companies and can get an idea how popular a series is for western audiences. Just I hate time lags…..take Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei I have read up to LN 14 if they release 3 a year that’s 4 yrs just to get close to where I was at and 15 is out but BT wont translate now and 16 is out this summer! oyvie


  12. RiceFTW says:

    Dude, I love you. I’m super grateful that you are going to continue translating this :)


  13. Kurogami says:

    if baka-tsuki take it down, we all can still read it here x)


  14. Tensei32 says:

    All Hail Yoraikun! Thank you for your translation work and continued works. Unlike some other baka(tsuki) :P


  15. SuperJiwon says:

    Huh, anti climactic end to the Kirin boss fight…


  16. Exa says:

    Can someone make a backup translations for Mushoku Tensei? Those who have been reading it since it’s first chapter was translated, you do know that it was translated from WN instead of LN since beginning right? So I do hope someone do a backup translations in case it’s gonna be licensed in the future. BT’s rules makes it not reliable to host the translations from their website. Once it get licensed, you can try host it somewhere else. The translations are safe to host. If they are not happy, just replace ‘english translated’ cover pages with ‘raw’ cover pages. The translation source itself came from WN and it’s impossible for them to say they have license for japanese version LN since it belongs to the japanese publisher. There’s a lot of new LN you’ve been reading actually were WN instead of LN.

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  17. Yao says:

    Ah… fak… dude that was wack…. Anyways Thanks for translating all this time yorai-kun.


  18. Ryner Lute says:

    I really do think you should continue translating the web novel, Yoraikun. The light novels and the web novels have differences, and what’s being licensed is the light novel. The web novels are fair game (I prefer the web novels anyway).


  19. Ryve16 says:

    From what i remember, baka tsuki only translates LN, they ignore WN. Yes there are WN that became LN, but they’ll only look at the LN side and not WN side…also the WN is being translated so it pretty much still free game, but dunno what yoraikun will do


    • Exa says:

      You know what? We all knows that in some LN, they have similar plotline to the WN but IT doesn’t make it the same hence there’s no fucking reason for them to give a cease and desist order. Why don’t you ask them to translate a chapter from WN and a chapter from LN. I hate BT a lot more after I read some idiot’s red colored chat in Onizuka page who didn’t actually try translate Tate’s WN and LN before answering. Storyline wise, yes there’s similarity for the first few volumes but it’s not exactly the same. If the author ain’t taking down their WN page then we are going to do the same. Some people need to learn how to think. Don’t be a the same as the retard who made red colored comment in Tate Takedown Protest section in Onizuka page.


      • ryve16 says:

        so uhh…where in my comment am I protesting? the only thing I mentioned are the fact that BT looks into LN more than WN, some WN became LN, and yoraikun can still translate Tate pretty much since hes translating the WN


  20. Caim says:

    I’m sorry for asking Yoraikun, but Ive been gone all day and am very confused by the other peoples comments. But since you don’t have any affiliation with Baka-Tsuki, does that mean you’ll still translate this story on your own time and pace?


  21. Asidesend says:

    I don’t know if it is just me, but the DMCA has been giving alot of websites the smack down lately like & a few others I won’t mention. Is this the FCC’s Net Neutrality regulation at work or something else. I really wish the dam government would stop messing with the free & open internet.


  22. zfpinoy says:

    Honestly I dont mind it being licensed and all but how long will it take before it even gets translated to the very end….. by the time it gets to the very end its already too late to bother. Log Horizon is only half way and still more to come… No game no life is only 1/4 the way and it just crushed everything. Now seeing Shieldbro LN get licensed thats strike 3. However i respect Yoraikun and other translators in general at least going the distance on this. Thanks Yoraikun and the other translators so far. =)

    P.S. The most popular LN’s tend to get the green highlight for a license while other still remain not even translated still in hibernation. =/


    • Exa says:

      I LOL’ed after reading this comment. I shall quote this part of your comment.
      “Honestly I dont mind it being licensed and all but how long will it take before it even gets translated to the very end….. by the time it gets to the very end its already too late to bother.” by zfpinoy.
      Indeed, it’s quite true. Which is why we should lay the traps on Yen Press by making a special negotiations with japanese publisher. Right now, we need to inform them a new version of contracts they should make with english publisher to prevent these hibernation. First, the limit of number of novel the publisher is currently translating. Second, the number of hibernation. Third, duration of hibernation. If they don’t do this, they gonna ruin a lot more titles. A lot more people gonna stop be bothered by those titles and they gonna stop making money. Who the heck they think they are? There’s 126 million populations in Japan and there’s not like there’s only 3 or 4 LN authors.
      There will always be an author that are lot more better than the author under their contract. Else, many humans already died from boredom.
      There’s a better way to crush Yen Press in their own game. What we have is human wisdom. And with it, we can always find a better solution to deal with. What Yen Press doing right now is what you called as greed. In the end, good company will end up rotten. This will always stay true. Either the change of personal caused it or their top people had a change of heart.


      • Exa says:

        Anyway, I forgot that it’s One Piece Books instead of Yen Press this time.


        • zfpinoy says:

          Exactly. Well said.

          Might as well finish the fan translation then just abruptly stop it. Reading the christmas arc revealed alot of spoilers for the end but in the end why bother anymore. Well too many potential LN’s remain untouched while the most popular ones get the eye candy for instant license.

          Hell i am amazed that Ore Imouto is still up on Baka Tsuki tbh ….


  23. Korihato says:

    I love you so much right now. Thank you so much for your decision of continue translating.
    Expect to see ppl check you website every day for a new release
    Again, Thank you So MUCH and I wish you luck in translating


  24. ShiroYasha says:

    All Hail Yoraikun


  25. Noval says:

    Yoraisama is Shield Hero in reality still continue this story. Bless you yoraisama.


  26. crossedunion says:

    OMFG. i almost had a heart attack… AND I’M JUST 21 YEARS OLD. GODDAMN THIS. srsly even if this was a joke it would verily kill me or at the very least send me trauma. i loathe yen press for this. first they took Mahouka then this?! Are they Reading my mind!? Is this personal!?

    still thanks yoraikun. i had to read the comments above as fast as i could just to know this WN status.


  27. yariel says:

    the one which get licensed is LN, and the story is GREATLY DIVERGE after Spirit Turtle arc …
    (not only that, several event BEFORE Spirit Turtle also different)
    I don’t think they have right to block WN version translation …


    • Exa says:

      Yes, it is different. Hence, ask them to tell the author to remove WN. If author ain’t doing it, then we ought to do the same. Reason? Author himself/herself knew the reason why.
      If they want to regret, they better regret for not checking the translator source itself either it is LN or WN. They brought the wrong license, why should we who are in the clear should be bothered? If they dare treat some LN and WN as the same then it means that, they are not a ‘GOOD’ translator because they can’t see the difference. There’s authors who removed the WN version after publish the LN version because they have very minor difference like 5% or less. Hence they need to learn how to think. If they dare to rip off fan translation like Animax and certain Malaysian comic artist who made a money by ripping off manga translation directly by translate it into Malay and submitted it to certain magazine publisher, I ought to send a notice. Those who was wondering who’s the malaysian comic artist, it’s one of the GEMPAK artist. He made money by indirectly sell Red Hawk Scans translation. I’m pretty sure all malaysian understand that english to malay translation are very direct unlike japanese to malay. You can even use google translation to verify it. =.=


  28. Yuraikun… Plsss update the translation before they catch us…. Hehe…cant w8 to read whats next… And i dont want to be left hanging… Huhu


  29. BeggingGuy says:

    Is yoraikun dropping the wn? If so please dont Q_Q even if the ln gets licensed isnt wn originally free anyway?


  30. henryqez says:

    images from the light novel


  31. logankun says:

    This is the first web novel ive ever read and its awesome!. Thanks Yoraibro for translating it for us.ive been readn some comments and im not whats happening but still just wanna say thanks ^_^. If anime happens im sure it should b R-rated lol.


  32. Enkida says:

    Just read about the change on BT. Thanks for translating so far and continuing to do so, I switched my bookmark to your blog now :-). Happy Holidays if you celebrate them!



    So sad boss is too busy to translate but boss has to take care of business first.


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