Chapter 312: Stolen Power

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And I’d like people to remember that since he’s native to this world, he’s had, like, 15-20 years to level. Having graduated around 7-9, that leaves him 6+ years of adventuring, and leveling. He’s figured out how to break the level cap for non-heroes, so the fact that he only became a hero recently may be irrelevant. Naofumi and Co. have been here for around 5 months, and have reached around 120.

Chapter 312: Stolen Power

“A genius, you say? I can’t say I like the sound of that.”

The Granny uses this opportunity to enter the conversation.
First Itsuki, and then this old woman. These people sure love listening in on other’s conversations.
But why does the Hengen Musou Granny hate geniuses?

“…Why?” (Naofumi)
“The Hengen Musou style was brought to ruin through internal discord caused by such a genius.” (Granny)
“Is that so?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. There was a certain talented individual who came under the impression that he was the one worthy of ruling the world, and our teachings forbid such ways of thought.” (Granny)

I guess you can find them everywhere.
This is a bit late, but are there any decent people in this world?
With the way things are going, I don’t have high expectations of the Whip Hero.

“It’s said that geniuses govern the prosperity and decay of civilization. There’s always one or two present at the turning points of history. The Hero of the Whip has to shoulder everyone’s expectations and worry as he does his work.” (Queen)

And as we were talking, we reached the audience hall.
Is that pig king here?
I really don’t want to meet him, though.
Saying, ‘Oh, Hero of the Shield-san, we finally meet,’ he’d close in with his greasy body, and… I’m getting goosebumps.
… I turn my eyes to the throne, and see a young man I’ve never seen before sitting atop the throne. He has a crown on his head.

If I were to describe him in one word, I guess it would have to be ‘Bishonen.’ His face is well built. I think that his looks are in order, at least.
His hair is gold, and his eyes are blue. He looks like a stereotypical foreigner, but… the impression his eyes give off is a little strange.
It’s unpleasant, or should I say, they’re emitting a peculiar something that I haven’t felt from anyone else in this world.

He closely resembles the old Motoyasu. Under his calm and refreshing atmosphere, I sense some deep ulterior motives.
And like that, he looks down on all of us. Something’s pissing me off. I don’t know what, but for some reason, my mind starts to wonder whether or not he’s an enemy.

His clothing consists of a rough jacket and pants.
Since the city is quite modern, it doesn’t seem too out of place, but isn’t something off?
Under his crown is a bandana. It doesn’t fit the look at all.
His hair is cut short.

“Good job leading them here.”

The soldiers who led us here close the door behind us.
I’m also reminded of the old Itsuki. Is it the look in the soldier’s eyes…?


Gaelion, who’s wrapped in Taniko’s arms, lifts his head up and looks around.


At the same time, Firo tilts her head.

“If it isn’t the Hero of the Whip, Tact-sama. Where is the king?” (Queen)

So his name’s Tact?
This is the super genius… I can’t judge him by his appearance.
I thought he would look more studious, but, he’s without a doubt, a Bishonen.

“The King? Ah, that guy. Yeah, I already killed him.” (Tact)

The Hero of the Whip speaks with a nonchalant tone.
Even the Queen loses her calm composure. Her face is colored with confusion.

“… Could it be that I misheard? Please repeat that.” (Queen)
“That trash had no right to live, so I had him disappear from the world. The only thing he had going for him was his craftiness, so dealing with him was a bit of a challenge.” (Tact)

On his words, everyone, including me, raises their guard.

“… An insurrection? This is the first I’m hearing of it, though.” (Queen)
“Of course it is. I ordered the people of the castle into silence. And now, Melromark’s Vixen, you’re also not needed in this world!” (Tact)

Tact’s hand lets out a strange light.
He’s going to release something!
I immediately step in front of the Queen and hold up my Shield.

「Vanzin Claw」!

Yes, in Tact’s hand, an ominous, black claw settles into place.
And a familiar light shoots out, collides with my Shield, and… pierces straight through it.


It continued in a straight line through my left shoulder, and finally, it pierces through the Queen behind me.
Immediately following, an intense pain flows through my body, and blood flows out of my wound.


Everything’s happening in slow motion. I turn my eyes to my Shield… and the Queen.
It seems his attack only hit the two of us.

–I perceive everything changing around me.

The first to move are Raphtalia, Fohl, and Female Knight. They concentrate Chi in their legs and run towards their enemy.
Next is Firo, Gaelion, and the Granny.
Finally, Raph-chan, Kiel, Sadina, and Taniko make their move.

Everyone enters a fighting stance.
The Granny lowers her hips, and Fohl follows suit.
Raph-chan rushes over to me.
The ones who are late to act are Ren, Motoyasu, Itsuki, and Rishia.
No, they prepared for battle at the same time as the Granny, but… the moment they saw the weapon in Tact’s hands, they froze.

“You–! You… Atlas–”

Tact dodges Fohl’s attack… no, before that, a blue shadow appeares in front of Fohl, blocking him.
Standing there is a Demi-human woman. She seems to be a cross between a human and a Blue Oriental dragon.
Her hair color is blue, and it is long. Her eyes are amber, as if they are the incarnation of the harvest moon.

“Oh, what are you trying to do to Tact-sama?”
“That’s right. What are you trying to do to our Tact?”

At the same time, in front of Raphtalia… a young girl with a fox-like tail stands with magic concentrated in both of her hands.
Her hair is black and glossy. Her clothes are that of a shrine maiden.
Her face did not lose to Raphtalia’s despite her age.

“Hakuko brat.”
“Aotatsu, move over!” (Fohl)
“Raccoon wench.”
“You’re in the way!” (Raphtalia)
“How rude are you being to the ones fighting for the world… base woman… Let’s go, Raphtlalia! We cannot allow such wickedness!” (Female Knight)

Raphtalia and Female Knight coordinate their attacks and let loose lightning-like swordplay.

“The place reeks of dog. Let’s take them out quicky.”
“Luka race… being on dry land like this must make you want to die.”

Interrupting Kiel and Sadina’s charge is a woman in a red hood, and a sharp-eyed woman with pointed teeth and ears that looked somewhat like the fins of a fish.

“What are you trying to do to Niichan!?” (Kiel)
“Ara…” (Sadina)

Trash embraces the fallen Queen and stares blankly into space.


His shaking hands are stained with blood, but they maintain a firm grip on her.

“Anyone!? Someone, please cast healing magic on my wife! Quickly!” (Trash)

Motoyasu’s three answer his call, and Midori starts chanting healing magic for me and the Queen.

“What are you doing all of a sudden!?”

Ren unsheathes his blade, Motoyasu begins casting a skill, and Itsuki pulls back his bow.
Since the situation came so suddenly, perhaps she was acting on pure instinct, but Risha threw her weapon at the curtain behind the throne, dividing the room.

I had found my hated enemy. My bloodlust begins to surge.
Injuries? Like I care.
I’m not going to fall here anyways.
I put my strength into my left foot, and forcefully raise my broken body. I glare at the bastard.

Him… because of him, Atlas… everyone…
I’ll kill him. I’ll definitely kill him!

Wrath Shield III has evolved!
It has changed to the Wrath Shield IV!
Wrath Shield IV has evolved!
It has changed to the Wrath Shield V!

Because of the Shield of Compassion, I can’t change my Shield to Wrath, but… To hell with compassion. I’ll change it anyways!
Even if it costs me my life, I’ll take out that man.

W-what? System Warning?
The Shield Icon seems to be getting smaller…

A high pitched sound rings out, and… cracks spread across the Shield. The Shield attached permanently to my arm falls to pieces.


Isn’t the Legendary Shield impossible to break!?
But more importantly, that man succeeded in breaking through my defenses and attacking the Queen behind me.
Just who the hell is he!?
My Shield withstood even Houou’s flames, but he easily pierced it!

“Ah… the Shield, is it? I really don’t need it, but I guess having it is better than not.” (Tact)
“What are you…”

I prevent myself from toppling over, and cast healing on myself.

「Zveit Heal!」

It starts taking effect immediately.
But, it won’t recover my lost blood.

“Naofumi-sama!? Are you alright!?” (Raphtalia)
“Don’t mind it! More importantly, that guy is Atlas’s killer! Kill him!” (Naofumi)

I give an order with an angry voice.
That guy. The attack he used was without a doubt, the flash that took out Houou.
Its output was quite something, and as I look behind me, I see that it burned a hole through the door and continued to precede forward.

“Understood, Niichan!”

Kiel changes to her dog form and rushes at Tact.
But Itsuki stops him.

“Wait!” (Itsuki)

Itsuki grabs her by the scruff of the neck and holds her up.

“What are you doing!?” (Kiel)
“He was able to pierce through Naofumi-san’s shield. If you attack him carelessly, you’ll be taken out immediately! And with him being the Hero of the Whip, aren’t you wondering how he pulled out the Claw!? Think before you act!” (Itsuki)

No, I know that.
I take one step forward.
But I can’t get any power into my body.
I look at my wound.
I already cast healing magic, but it’s not healing at all.

Move. Move, and kill that guy.

“Ah, I thought you were all nothing but trash, so I thought to eliminate you all by exploding the bird, but I’m surprised you all survived. But, well, you were able to grant me some power, so I guess this outcome works too.” (Tact)
“Cut the crap!” (Fohl)

Fohl puts the Aotatsu woman into a judo lock, kicks off of the ground, and flies at Tact.

“Oh, my. Did you think that’s enough to beat me? I sure am being underestimated here.” (Tact)
“Acho!” (Granny)

At the same time, the Granny’s chi is sent flying at Tact.
He easily dodges and raises his hand. And a new enemy emerges from the curtain Rishia threw her weapon at.
The hidden women take out what seem to be assault rifles and point them here.
Oy… guns are dependent on Status, right?

「Meteor Shield」!

I swiftly deploy my useful Meteor Shield.
But nothing happens. Nothing changes.

「Hundred Sword」!
「Piercing Shot」!
「Erst Throw」!

The heroes counteract with their skills, but…

“What? Shield… Prison?”

A large cage appears around Tact and blocks everyone’s attacks.

「High Quick」!
「High Quick」!

A large shadow appears from behind the curtain and runs at Firo.
Something collides with her at high speed.

「Fire Breath」!
「Freeze Breath」!

Gaelion and Taniko also try casting their breath, but just as with Firo, something behind the curtain neutralizes their attack.

“I won’t let you get in Tact’s way.”

A Gryphon shouts out in human tongue and grapples with Firo.
A woman with a dragon’s tail and wings, with large breasts like Rat and a pipe in hand, comes out and opposes Gaelion and Taniko.
It appears that she’s the one who used Freeze Breath earlier.

“Right. I don’t like you, but I agree.”

The lizard woman who spewed out a breath lets out killing intent from every pore in her body and glares at Gaelion.

“Hmm. You’re also a Dragon Emperor… then I can’t really let you go here.”

And my hated enemy, Tact, calls out to his female army.

“Everyone, don’t kill the women and children. They’re just being used, you see.” (Tact)
“Don’t make light of us, we understand.”
“Yes, if they come to know Tact, they’ll understand.”

The gun-toting women pull their triggers at us.
Gunshots ring through the air.
Gu… ga… uu…

“Gu… ugu…”
“Ga… agu!”

My body was pierced from every angle.
I’m supposed to have the highest defense, so why am I taking this much damage?

“How does it taste? The assault of an army with the minimum level of 250?” (Tact)

What… 250!?
So he even knows how to break the level limit.
No wonder he was able to easily take out Kirin.

He’s essentially twice me… no, he said that was the minimum.
He probably has three times my level.
Motoyasu’s three stood in front of Trash and the Queen, so they didn’t take any damage, but everyone else is ridden with bullet holes.
Even Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu have taken great damage.
But as he said, the women and children… Raphtalia, Rishia, Female Knight, and Taniko, aren’t that greatly injured.

You hypocrite!
You’re going to slaughter the men, leave the women, and conveniently act like the gentle protagonist, aren’t you.
At the moment, Fohl, Firo, Gaelion, Sadina, the Three Filo Rials, and the Granny have taken heavy gun damage.
Kiel, who’s currently a dog, and who looked like a man beforehand anyways, is also included in the count.

I remember this style of fighting.
Before he became strange… I remember Motoyasu, when he had his ulterior motives clearly displayed on his face.
And everyone here’s asserting themselves as if they believe their actions are in the right.

Of course, they’re mainly targeting us heroes.
But perhaps that’s for the best.
If everyone were dealt that sort of damage, they would have died had they not been heroes.

Even so, this is bad… we’ll all die at this rate.
Is my Shield gone? Broken?
And Ren, Itsuki, and Motoyasu have four methods of strengthening here.
Normal attacks shouldn’t bother them at all!
Tact looks at me and gives a broad grin.

“It’s just that your levels are all way too low. Just quietly get beaten by the level 350 me.” (Tact)
“N-Naofumi-sama, look!” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia points to Tact with her shaking hand.
I lose my voice.
On Tact’s arm is… a very familiar Shield.

“Ah, you’ll probably hate dying with all of these questions on your mind, so I’ll tell you. I have the power to steal the power of the legendary weapons.” (Tact)

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  47. Termt says:

    Anybody else picturing him looking exactly like GoT’s Joffrey? The description seem to match him well enough…


  48. The author just loves introducing hateable characters, huh…


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