Chapter 320: Raph-chan

Raph-chan’s gender is unknown, because he/she is always referred to in a gender-neutral fashion.

Chapter 320: Raph-chan

“Then what sort of ability do these children possess?” (Trash)

I turn my eyes to Rat.

“Their individual powers are all over the place. But… each one specializes in Illusion Magic.” (Rat)

Well they were modeled after Raphtalia.
And her specialty is illusions.
The specific category is apparently light and darkness, but she can become invisible, and affect enemy perception to lead them astray.
Raphtalia herself doesn’t use magic too much, though. She mainly focuses on sword skills.

“Users of Illusion Magic… I think I’ll be able to use them. And it looks like I can also depend on their strength.” (Trash)
“By the way, Marquis, about this child.” (Rat)
“What about him?” (Naofumi)

She speaks while pointing to Raph-chan.

“From what I see, that one seems a little different from the rest, but do you know anything about that?” (Rat)
“I’m not that knowledgeable either. He was hidden on the bottom of my carriage when we were going to Faubley. His level is also quiet high.” (Naofumi)

I look over his stats again.
… Why has it risen? It’s 90 now.

“Can I give it a quick examination? I don’t think it’ll let me hold it.” (Rat)
“Sure. Stay still for a bit.” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~?” (Raph-chan)

Rat begins performing light pulpations on Raph-chan.

“Its fur, and its reaction to magic is different than the rest. I guess I should compare it to a Filo Rial’s mutation to royalty.” (Rat)
“Mutation, like Firo.” (Naofumi)

So something influenced one of the Raphs I knew, and caused it to undergo a drastic change?

“What exactly is he?” (Naofumi)
“No idea…” (Rat)
“Hey, where did you come from?” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

He points in the direction of the sea.
In that direction is Sadina’s secret base.
No, I understand that that’s where you were made, but…

“It gives a proper response when asked. It seems quite smart.” (Rat)
“Can you understand what it’s trying to tell us?” (Naofumi)
“I can understand Mii-kun, and a portion of the monsters, but the Raphs you made purely from scratch are incomprehensible to me.” (Rat)
“Rafu~.” (Raph)

Raph-chan’s making various gestures to illustrate its origin, but I don’t believe the message is getting through.
However, I do hope that he never learns to speak like the Filo Rials.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. Can you do anything special? Are you the same as the rest? Is there a reason that you could use barrier magic back there?” (Naofumi)

I try asking.
Raph-chan tilts its head to one side, and begins thinking. He stands up on his hind legs, and crosses his front ones.
Uwah. That pose is cute.
Unlike a certain bird, he’s not showing an excess amount of pushiness.

“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

For some reason, Raph-chan points to Raphtalia, and starts walking towards her.

“Me?” (Raphtalia)

As he approaches, he swells his tail, and begins activating a skill.
All of the fur on its body stands on end…
With a poof… he transformed.


Standing there, was a Raphtalia, much like she was when I first met her.
How nostalgic.
I had forgotten that she looked like this.

“Rafu~!” (Raph-chan)

Raph-chan raises both of his arms, as if to ask me to praise him…
But that’s not the problem.

“Why are you naked!?” (Naofumi)

I avert my gaze.

“Is this a form of illusion magic?” (Rat)

Rat covers Raph-chan’s body with her lab-coat. Raphtalia begins calming her down.

“For now, learn how to wear clothes, and how to walk around in them.” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~?” (Raph-chan)

Smoke surrounds her body, and clothes much like the ones Raphtalia is currently wearing appear.
Is this also an illusion?
Rat tries touching Raph-chan’s face.

“Let’s see. Is this an illusion so advanced that it can even deceive the sense of touch?” (Rat)
“Rafu~…” (Raph-chan)

As Rat continually pokes her body, Raph-chan lets out a sound indicating her dislike of it.

“Amazing. It’s as if she’s really there.” (Rat)
“Rafu~!” (Raph-chan)

The mystery has deepened!
Just who is Raph-chan supposed to be?
His specs are much higher than any of the Raphs I know.
Rat may be correct in saying he’s a special variant like Firo.

“Ara? The quality of the clothing illusion isn’t that high. It’s as if I’m touching his skin.” (Rat)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

It looks like it tickles. Raph-chan in Raphtalia (Little Girl) form runs, and hides behind me.

“Arara, he ran away.” (Rat)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)
“Do you have any other abilities?” (Naofumi)

Raph-chan looks at Raphtalia again.

“I don’t know why, but I’m getting a bad feeling about this…” (Raphtalia)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

This time, she transforms to be identical to Raphtalia.
Amazing. His height and posture are identical to hers.

“Rafu~?” (Raph-chan)

I get the feeling that Raph-chan’s form is a bit less defined than hers.
Well, Tanukis are supposed to be good at transforming, so perhaps this is supposed to be normal.

But I don’t really like him taking on human form.
As if he had read my mind, Raph-chan changes back to Raph form.
Good boy. Unlike a certain bird over there, he can read the mood.

“So you can change into various things?” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

He gives a firm nod.

“I bet he’s making it look lilke that with magic.” (Rat)

Raph-chan turns his head, as if to deny the claim.

“Eh? Then you can actually transform?” (Naofumi)

Raph-chan shakes his head up and down.
Ku… that’s right. The other me conducted strange experiments to try to reproduce Raphtalia.
So Raph-chan might actually have the ability to become her.
If he also got the ability to talk, it would be the birth of a new type of Filo Rial.

… What is it? I have a really bad premonition.
I get the feeling that they’re going to be revered as divine beasts in the future.

“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

Raph-chan sticks out his chest with pride, but I really hope he continues speaking like that.

“Anything else?” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~?” (Raph-chan)

On my request, Raph-chan begins thinking again.

“Can you grow like Mii-kun?” (Rat)
“Don’t put in impossible requests.” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~!” (Raph-chan)

On Rat’s inquiry, Raph-chan transformed.
Oy… he turned into a bear-like Raph.
I think I saw a Raph like that in the village.

“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

To put it clearly, he did not have any slime-like functions like Mii-kun. Raph-chan continued to gesture.

“Hmm…” (Naofumi)

I feel that I would be able to ride his back.
I actually like this one better.
If Firo stopped talking, I feel that I would be able to lean on her, and take a nice nap. Now this one can take that role.
This form looks like your friendly neighborhood youkai. (TL: Specifically, a certain Totoro)
At least, he gives off a feeling like that.

“How versatile.” (Rat)
“Right.” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)
“…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia has a strange expression, and she hangs her head.
I mean, this monster was modelled after her, and heavily modified.
I kinda understand her feelings, but I don’t hate this Raph.

“It seems he has quite a few abilities.” (Trash)

Trash, who had been quiet up until now, spoke up.

“Yep.” (Naofumi)
“Then would he be able to do something like this as well?” (Trash)

Trash offers a proposal to Raph-chan. I was also in agreement with the contents.
If all goes well, Raphtalia and Raph-chan will become significant players in this battle.

The problem is that that Raphtalia’s expression seemed doubtful on hearing the plan.
If I were to be put in Raphtalia’s place, I think I would feel the same.
No, since Raph-chan is good with illusions, perhaps I can take her place.

“Are we really doing that?” (Raphtalia)
“If we succeed, won’t it be useful?” (Naofumi)
“Well, that’s true.” (Raphtalia)
“Rafu~.” (Raph-can)

This Raph doesn’t seem to call Rahtalia a fake.
Though he sometimes seem to come close to saying it.
After we practiced executing the plan, and managed to pull it off easily, Raphtalia’s expression became even more depressed.
If we had just done it without practice, it probably would have been fine.

“Next is my village’s fighting power. If you need anything built for the war, my Lemos should be able to make them.” (Naofumi)

I would put in a request to Imya and her uncle.
They’re skillful, and they’re trustful of me.

“If we get them to work with those at the castle… understood. Iwatani-dono, your forces will be taken into account.” (Trash)
“That helps. We’re all counting on your strategy.” (Naofumi)
“Leave it to me. Then after seeing your available combatants, let’s go to the castle once more, and put our ideas together.” (Trash)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)

Like that, Trash began selecting forces from my village to participate in the war.
Since we would be fighting humans, Trash said that there were quite a few people who shouldn’t participate even if they wanted to.
Since they did wish it, I went through some trouble calming them down.

But just as Trash said, many of their hands shook when it came down to it.
They’re fine with fighting monsters, but many people understood that they didn’t have it in them to commit murder.
And I once again had to sooth the ones who couldn’t go to war.

Looking at statistics, a large portion of our forces were unable to participate.
The ratio of women in out village was high to begin with.

And while the night was drawing on, we used Ren to return to the castle.

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